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AEW Dynamite live results: Full Gear go-home show


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from Bojangles' Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The show is the final AEW event before Saturday's Full Gear pay-per-view. 

"Hangman" Adam Page & Kenny Omega will team against Inner Circle members Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. Jericho & Guevara previously teamed in a winning effort against Page & Dustin Rhodes on the second episode of Dynamite. 

Before he challenges Jericho for the AEW World Championship on Saturday, Cody will be making what he calls "a career announcement" on tonight's show. The announcement was teased on Dynamite two weeks ago, before Cody was interrupted by the Inner Circle. 

Also, PAC will get a tune-up match against Trent tonight ahead of his Full Gear match with Page. Trent has yet to compete in an AEW singles match, while PAC holds a 2-0-1 record in singles matches for AEW.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with pyro and ring introductions for the first match of the evening. 


PAC got the best of the opening grappling exchange. PAC rolled to the floor, where Orange Cassidy stared him down. Back inside, Trent hit a back elbow, then hit a vertical suplex into a bridge for a near fall. 

They brawled outside, where PAC repeatedly sent Trent into the barricade. There were loud "PAC you suck" chants. PAC dropped Trent throat-first onto the barricade, then hit a tope over the top to the floor. 

PAC hit a missile dropkick for a one count, then used a chinlock. Trent took a Ray Stevens flip into the corner. PAC hit a bridging German for a two count. 

PAC clotheslined Trent over the top rope. Chuck Taylor took the referee, and Orange Cassidy jumped in. He hit his nonchalant kicks to PAC, but PAC retaliated with kicks. This bought Trent some recovery time, and he came back with clotheslines, a tope con giro, then hit a spear on the floor. 

Trent hit a running knee for a two count. PAC took a flip bump off a lariat. Trent hit a swinging DDT for a near fall. PAC slid outside. Trent followed, but PAC nailed a brainbuster on the floor. 

PAC tossed Trent back inside. He hit Black Arrow for a near fall, then used the Brutalizer for the submission win. This looked botched, as Trent didn't seem to kick out or get his shoulder up after the Black Arrow. 

PAC cut a short promo after the match. He promised to make an example of Hangman Page at Full Gear. 



Cody said the Inner Circle has been surgical in their attack on The Elite, but they were already looking for guys like that to match up with The Elite. 

Cody said he wanted to rattle off some names, like Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes. There was a loud "Dusty" chant. He said that those men were titans, but their legacy comes with an asterisk for some, because they were also executives, like himself. He said he's proud of being an executive, proud of what AEW is, proud of the pay, the schedule, and the freedom it represents for wrestlers. 

Cody said that if he doesn't defeat Jericho, he'll never challenge for the AEW title again. He said that Jericho dismissed him as a millennial bitch, but Jericho had the same privileged upbringing that he did. 

He called Jericho a dick, and said he's going to beat him for his mom, his sister, his wife, his family. He promised to eat the Inner Circle alive. 

Just a super promo here. Yes, Cody cursed, and that's guaranteed to get a reaction, but the promo wasn't great because of the cursing. It was a passionate promo based in reality. 



Grayson and Uno worked over Quen in their corner. Kassidy tagged in for a double stomp. Grayson hit a uranage and Dark Order went to work on Kassidy. Grayson hit a slingshot senton from the ring to the apron before a commercial break. 

Back from break, Uno was still working over Kassidy. Kassidy hit a vertical suplex into a double down. Quen got a tag, but Dark Order cut him off right away. Dark Order went for their tandem finisher, the Fatality. Quen escaped Uno, then hit a second rope moonsault. 

Quen hit a tope con giro, then hit a springboard crossbody on Grayson for a near fall. Uno tagged in and hit Kassidy with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Uno hit a cannonball on Kassidy, while Grayson hit a 450 on Quen for a two count. 

Dark Order again teased the Fatality. Private Party hit Silly String on Uno, then hit the Gin 'n' Juice on Grayson. Kassidy pinned Grayson. 



Guevara was offering Jericho his choice of bubbly, but Jericho was preoccupied. Guevara put Jericho over as the youngest champion in AEW history. 

They cut to Jake Hager, who just stared at the camera. 

Santana and Ortiz put Jericho over.

Virgil, billed as Soultrain Jones, said Jericho has been driven since he met him at twelve years old. Jones said Jericho is like Olive Garden breadsticks: unlimited. 

Patricia Bobski, Chris's aunt's friend from church. Bobski said Jericho will beat the shit out of Cody. 

Jericho said on Saturday, Cody will have a lot on his mind and lots of meetings. Jericho said he will have a lot on his mind too, like where in Baltimore to get the best bubbly. Jericho was seen bathing in champagne. He said it's tough to carry the weight of how great he is, but he does anyway, he's Le Champion. 

This was hilarious, but this is the kind of thing that's going to make Jericho a babyface. 



Riho and Sakura traded takedowns and pinfall attempts. Sakura threw Riho across the ring by her hair. Riho looked to tag out, but Hayter jumped in without a tag and cut her off. Riho hit Sakura with a knee strike, then tagged out. 

Shanna came in and hit Sakura with a knee for a one count. Riho and Shanna hit tandem offense. Sakura came back with an underhook backbreaker on Riho, then managed her first tag to Hayter. 

Hayter and Sakura used quick tags in working over Riho during a commercial break. Sakura used a Romero Special. Hayter used a camel clutch, then hit some stomps and right hands. Hayter hit a slam, then used a chinlock. 

Riho came back with a headscissors on Hayter, then a double stomp to Sakura. Shanna got a hot tag and hit a running forearm on Hayter for a two count. Hayter came back with a backbreaker over her knee. 

Shanna crawled to her corner to attempt a tag, but Hayter pulled Riho off the apron. Shanna hit a crossbody off the top rope, wiping out both Hayter and Sakura. Shanna hit a sliced brea, then used an Angel's Wings for a near fall on Sakura. 

Hayter and Sakura cut off Shanna again. Hayter hit a shining wizard for a two count. Hayter hit two lariats and made a cover, but Riho saved. Sakura hit Shanna with an underhook backbreaker and covered. Riho saved with a double stomp off the top. 

Riho got a tag. Riho and Sakura traded cradles for near falls. Sakura used a magistral cradle for the pin on Riho, so the challenger pinned the champ ahead of their title match at Full Gear. 

This was good, but it went too long. 



Brandi said she's been underestimated and dismissed her whole career no matter how hard she's worked. She's coming and she's bringing Kong with her. She said she needed to wait for a lapse in judgement before unleashing Kong. She said she's not a bimbo and asked who are the bullies now?

These videos are very strange. 



A quick squash.

They traded wristlocks. Spears hit a clothesline. Cutler hit a high kick, then a slingshot senton over the top to the apron. Spears cut him off, then sent him into the barricade. Spears hit a running knee against the barricade. 

Back inside, Spears hit a chop. Cutler came back with a series of kicks. Spears hit a pump kick, then used a DVD for the pin. 

Spears teased a DVD on a chair after the match. Joey Janela ran in to make the save for Cutler. Spears begged off. Janela vs. Spears looks to be a direction going forward.



They played clips from Moxley's promo on last week's show. Omega mocked the idea that Moxley was upset that the match is going to be a hardcore match. "What else were we going to do Jon, chain wrestle?" Omega said. 

Omega thanked Moxley for putting his back against the wall, because that's where he does his best work. Moxley said he's looking for people to bring out the worst in him, not the best in him. They used footage from Moxley on the indies going through tables and fighting with barbed wire. 



Guevara and Omega started off. Omega demanded Jericho tag in. Jericho did, but tagged back out immediately. 

Omega and Guevara traded wristlock takedowns. Omega hit a series of chops, a back elbow in the corner, then a back suplex, before tagging Page. 

Omega hit a Kotaro Krusher, then Page connected with a standing shooting star for a two count. Page hit a bridging fall-away slam for a two count. Guevara hit a kick, then managed a tag to Jericho. 

Jericho hit a missile dropkick off the middle rope, then used some ground-and-pound strikes. Jericho and Guevara used quick tags, working on Page. Page hit a clothesline on Jericho. 

Omega and Guevara tagged in. Omega hit a double sledge to the chest for a two count. Omega hit You Can't Escape for a two count. Omega tried a suplex, but Guevara landed on his feet. Guevara hit two enziguris. 

Omega kicked Guevara out of the air on a springboard crossbody attempt. Jericho tried to cut Omega off before a Terminator dive. Omega sent him outside and teased a dive to both Guevara and Jericho. Jake Hager jumped on the apron and hit Omega from behind, cutting him off. 

Guevara and Jericho worked Omega over during the last commercial break. Omega got a near fall off a backslide, but that was about it for his offense during the ad break. 

Back from commercial, Guevara choked Omega with the tag rope. Page got a hot tag and hit a fall-away slam on Jericho, then a plancha to Guevara. Page teased an Alabama slam, but Jericho blocked. Jericho went for the Walls, but Page blocked. 

Omega threw Guevara over the top rope, but Hager caught him. Omega hit a dive to both Guevara and Hager. Page hit a moonsault off the post on all three. 

PAC ran down and hit a low blow on Omega while Jericho took the referee. Jericho hit a Judas Effect on Page, then pinned him. 

After the match, the Inner Circle continued beating on Page. Cody ran down for the save. Cody hit an uppercut on Guevara. Jericho and Hager backed up the ramp. MJF entered with a chair, dropping Hager, then chased Jericho to the ring with a chair shot. 

Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Jericho and posed with the title belt. 

Moxley entered with a barbed wire bat. Jericho used the distraction from Moxley to go after Cody. Cody and Jericho, Hager and MJF brawled to the back. 

Omega and Moxley faced off in the ring with their respective barbed wire weapons. Santana and Ortiz ran down to attack both. The Young Bucks entered to attack Santana and Ortiz. The Bucks hit stereo suicide dives, then brawled up the ramp with Santana and Ortiz. 

Santana and Ortiz teased a powerbomb off the stage on Matt Jackson. Omega and Moxley saved. Omega hit a V-Trigger, while Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift on Santana and Ortiz. 

Everyone mentioned above continued brawling. Omega and Moxley brawled to the back. The Elite and the Inner Circle continued brawling around ringside as the show went off the air. 

Well, that escalated quickly. They are teasing a "match beyond" War Games-type deal between these two factions. But first, Full Gear. This was an effective go-home show with a hot ending.