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AEW Dynamite live results: Full Gear go-home show


The show opened with Dasha Gonzalez interviewing Chris Jericho, Santana and Jake Hager. Jericho put over Hager's MMA win last week. 

MJF and Wardlow approached. Jericho called MJF soft and said he's not sure he has the killer instinct needed for The Inner Circle. 

MJF said to watch him. 


MJF & Wardlow defeated Sammy Guevara & Ortiz

MJF teased starting off with Ortiz but immediately tagge dout. Wardlow did some power spots and cut Ortiz off. MJF and Wardlow worked Ortiz over in their half of the ring. 

Business picked up once Guevara got a hot tag. He hit a corkscrew tope suicida and another crazy flip dive. MJF and Guevara ended up the legal men. They were having a nice exchange when MJF used a thumb to the eye. 

Guevara came back with a GTH. Wardlow broke up a potential pin. Ortiz and Guevara doubled up an interfering Wardlow. Ortiz and Guevara went for a tandem superplex on MJF. Wardlow cut them off and hit a stacked up superplex powerbomb 

Wardlow got a tag and hit an F-10 on Ortiz. Guevara broke up the pin with a frog splash. 

Guevara rolled outside and got a chair thrown into his head by some someone wearing a Serpentico mask. The attacker unmasked as Matt Hardy. 

With Guevara out of it, MJF used Salt of the Earth on Ortiz for the submission. 


MJF went after Jericho at the commentary desk after the match and had to be pulled off by referees. 


Tony Schiavone did a sit-down interview with Kenny Omega at a home. Omega said he's temporarily relocated to Jacksonville to focus on the tournament final on Saturday. 

Omega cut a heelish promo and said he was destined to win the tournament and become AEW Champion. 


Miro (w/Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford) defeated Trent (w/Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor)

They threw some backstory into this feud. They showed a highlight of a stream where Excalibur moderated a back and forth between Miro and Trent. Trent said Miro was his Young Boy when they were in FCW and he was going to make Miro his Young Boy again tonight. 

Trent was the star of this match and it got good once he made his comeback. 

Miro began dominating from the opening bell. Chuck and Sabian got into it on the outside. Chuck chased Sabian away. 

During a commercial break, Penelope and Orange confronted each other. Penelope slapped Orange. Orange put Penelope's sunglasses on. 

Also during the break, Dark Order ran out and attacked Cassidy. Miro ordered them away. 

After the commercials, Trent came back with a clothesline and a half-and-half suplex. He followed up with a tope con giro. 

Trent hit a tornado DDT and a running knee strike for a near fall. 

Miro cut Trent off with a high kick, then used Game Over for the submission. 


Chuck and Kip ran back in after the match. Sabian and Miro laid out Chuck and Trent. Cassidy hit a dive off the post to take out Miro and Sabian and make the save. 


JR sat down with Hangman Page earlier in the day. Page showed up with a drink in hand. 

Page said he was going to kick Omega's ass on Saturday. JR said he thought Page was nervous and trying to take the edge off with alcohol. 

Page admitted that he is nervous but tried to downplay it. JR told Page that moderation is important. 


A hype video played for FTR vs. The Young Bucks. Matt Hardy, Arn Anderson, Taz and SCU appeared as talking heads in the video. 


Taz came out for a promo with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. 

Taz said he had tried to get a word with Tony Khan all day but couldn't and a production assistant sent him away. 

Taz said he believes in Khan's ranking system. He said Cage is 10-1 and ranked number one. He said Starks should be ranked but isn't and it doesn't make any sense. Starks and Cage chimed in and agreed. 

Taz said it's Cody vs. Darby Allin on Saturday and they're both entitled. Taz addressed Cody. He said Cody talks about doing the work and Team Taz does the work. 

Taz promised a Team Taz presence at the PPV on Saturday. 


Private Party entered with Matt Hardy for their match with the Bucks. Guevara attacked Hardy.. Referees tended to Hardy during an ad break. 


The Young Bucks defeated Private Party 

There was some good action in this one but they were out there more to tell a story than to have the best matc they possibly could. 

The story here was The Bucks barely escaping with a win before their big match on Saturday. 

Both teams went back and forth and hit tandem offense. Private Party hit some cool tandem dives. The Bucks were in control before an ad break. 

Private Party started their comeback after the break and worked over Nick's back. Nick looked to make a tag but Matt's ankle was in bad shape and he couldn't tag in. Private Party hit Gin 'n' Juice for a close near fall. 

For the finish, The Bucks went for a Meltzer Driver. Kassidy pulled Nick off the apron. Quen and Matt traded cradles for a series of near falls. 

The Bucks finally hit the BTE Trigger and Matt pinned Quen. 


After the match, FTR and Tully Blanchard ran in. They teased Pillman-izing Matt's left ankle again. 

Hangman Page ran in for the save. Omega ran in late. Page had an opportunity to hit Omega with a chair but chose not to. 

Omega and Page stared each other down to end the segment. 


Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston face-to-face

They announced in the opening segment that if either guy touched the other the atch would be off on Saturday. 

The first thing Kingston did when Moxley entered was literally touch foreheads with him. I know the spirit of the idea was they weren't going to have a big brawl and I'm nitpicking, but I'm not the one who said if they touch the match is off. 

They had a strong promo segment where Kingston said he was going to take the title from Moxley and take it back to his mom and explain that she doesn't have a grandchild or a daughter-in-law because he's dedicated his life to winning the only title that matters in their sport. 

Moxley said he was happy for Kingston when Kingston signed but Kingston made a promise he couldn't keep when he told her he was going to bring her the title. 

Moxley said he'll win Saturday and make Kingston say "I quit."


A PAC video package aired. PAC said he has gotten bigger faster and stronger in isolation. This was well done. 


Alex Marvez was backstage with Natural Nightmares. Dustin Rhodes started to cut a promo. The Bunny walked in and thanked QT Marshall for the gifts but said his credit cards were maxed out. 

Butcher and Blade ran in and attacked Natural Nightmares with weapons. 

Butcher and Blade vs. Natural Nightmares was announced for next week. 


Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Red Velvet (w/Brandi Rhodes)

Hikaru Shida was in the front row for this one. 

Rose dominated with some power spots. Red Velvet tried a top rope rana. Rose caught her coming off the top and hit a Beast Bomb. Rose pulled Velvet up at the count of two. 

Rose then taunted Shida by hitting Shida's running kne strike finisher to pin Velvet. 


Vickie cut a promo after the match. She said Velvet was pathetic for coming out with Brandi and still losing. She said she had a new title for Brandi, CBSO, Chief Bullshit Officer. 

Vickie then cut a promo on Shida. Rose and Shida had a pull-apart. Vickie was great here. 


A hype video aired for Omega vs. Page. Lots of highlights of guys in their 30s being deep in their feelings, but this was cool. 


Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix was announced for next week. 


A Darby Allin hype video aired. Allin ran over a guy wearing a Cody mask with a car. 

Allin was then shown sitting in the crowd, doing his Sting bit. 

Dark Order entered for the main event, which is next. 


Cody, Billy & Austin Gunn (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Colt Cabana, John Silver & 10

Billy Gunn main eventing Dynamite. Hey, I get that this is a go-home show and the important things are the hype videos and promos. But maybe next time reward the audience for sticking around for two hours with not a Billy Gunn match?

Cody and Silver started off. Cody quickly took over. Austin tagged in and got cut off. Cabana and Austin did a comedy sunset flip spot during a commercial break. 10 tagged in. 

Billy got a hot tag and hit a Fameasser on 10 for a near fall. The match broke down and everyone hit a big move. Cody hit a dive to the floor on Cabana. Silver went for a tope on Cody but got caught and thrown into the crowd. 

Austin hit Cross Rhodes on Cabana, then hit Quick Draw on 10 for the pin. 


The rest of Dark Order appeared after the match and teased climbing in. Silver grabbed a chair. Cassidy ran out and hit Silver with an Orange Punch. 

Cody closed the show with a good promo on Allin. 

Cody said he doesn't like spreading false stories. He said that Allin's claim that TNT wouldn't want him to be the face of TNT by being their champion isn't true. Cody said TNT would love that and Cody would love it too if things were different. 

Cody said he's the one who floated Allin's name to the EVP's and had to wrestle him and prove that he could cut it. He said he's the guy who left the empire and went to war and that pisses people off and Darby needs to stop lying. 

Cody said Allin wants the Ace belt, but he's not The Ace.