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AEW Dynamite live results: Fyter Fest week one

Fyter Fest kicks off with a World title eliminator, plus a TNT title match.

AEW Fyter Fest begins tonight with two title matches, plus a World title eliminator on Dynamite. 

Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley faces Konosuke Takeshita in a match where Takeshita can earn a title shot with a victory. 

The TNT Championship will be on the line, as Wardlow looks to make his first successful title defense against Orange Cassidy. 

The Young Bucks will defend the AEW World Tag Team titles in a triple threat match, facing Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, as well as Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks.

Claudio Castagnoli will be in action against Jake Hager of the Jericho Appreciation Society. 

Dark Order's Anna Jay will take on Serena Deeb tonight in a women's division contest. 

A promo by Chris Jericho has been advertised for the show. 

Luchasaurus will face an unnamed opponent, plus Christian Cage will speak. 

Our live coverage begins at at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

Before the match, Chuck and Trent had an inset promo where they revealed they finally got manager's licenses.

TNT Championship: Wardlow (c) defeated Orange Cassidy (w/ Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta)

Right at the bell, Orange did his hands-in-pockets schtick, so Wardlow straight-up tore the pockets out of his jeans. Wardlow fired up and pulled the straps down, so Orange mocked him by pulling them back up. The Best Friends tried to cheat with some wacky shenanigans, including producing a chainsaw, but they weren't good at it and subsequently got ejected.

Wardlow intercepted an Orange Punch and caught a tope suicida, but he couldn't corral Orange enough to land a big move. Wardlow somehow sense Danhausen under the ring and pulled him out. Danhausen teased a curse but thought the better of it, but the distraction was enough for Orange to hit an Orange Punch.

Back in the ring, Wardlow recovered to take out Orange with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. After a commercial, Orange started a comeback by chop-blocking Wardlow's knee. He wanted the Beach Break, but Wardlow was too strong. Orange reversed a powerbomb into a DDT and hit a spinning one to follow it up, but it only sent Wardlow down for a one count.

Wardlow avoided the Orange Punch and hit the F10, but Orange was the first person in AEW history to kick out of it. Wardlow then called for the Powerbomb Symphony; Orange eventually fought out of it with a hurricanrana and landed a tope suicida. He sent Wardlow into the ring post and brought him back into the ring.

The diving DDT from Orange was caught by Wardlow, but Orange recovered to hit the stunner, the Orange Punch, and the Beach Break for a good near fall. Wardlow caught another Orange Punch attempt and hit one powerbomb for the win.


PAC's defense of his All Atlantic Championship, taking on Shota Umino in RevPro, was recapped.


Chris Jericho promo

He came out alone. He said he stands in front of the crowd tonight as a living legend -- and as Eddie Kingston's superior. Jericho brought up Kingston's friendships, and how associating with Kingston always seems to end in disaster, especially with Ruby Soho last week. 

As for the Barbed Wire match, well, Kingston may be a mark for Onita and Sabu and Funk, but Jericho was the one who won the first ever Canadian Barbed Wire match at 22 years old. Jericho thinks people underestimate him because of his massive accomplishments and his movie star good looks. "Next week, you won't be able to underestimate Chris Jericho, because you'll be facing the Painmaker."

Jericho said that this would be the final fight in the Jericho-Kingston saga, and when it's over, Kingston will crawl back into his hole of addiction and depression. He will never be at Jericho's level ever. The only thing that will wash away Jericho's sins is a massive wave of blood. "You're not a liar, you're a loser."


After a commercial break, Kingston was backstage with Ortiz and Ruby Soho. He pointed out how he'd hurt them, and said he wanted the most violent version of Jericho out there next week.


William Regal joined commentary.

Interim AEW World Championship Eliminator: Jon Moxley defeated Konosuke Takeshita

Yet another awesome set of performances from perhaps AEW's two most consistently great TV talents in 2022.

They went back-and-forth with shoulder tackles and chops early on. Moxley got the upper hand for the first time with a big lariat and followed it up with a straight piledriver for two. Eventually they made their way to the apron, where Takeshita took Moxley out with an apron German suplex. On the way back to the ring, however, Moxley leveled Takeshita with a boot and maintained control through a break, where Takeshita was busted open.

Back from commercial, Takeshita started a comeback with his signature leaping clothesline. A straight drop brainbuster from Takeshita got two. Moxley got the knees up on a frog splash and cradled Takeshita for two before applying a rear naked choke. He transitioned into a cross armbreaker, forcing Takeshita to roll to the ropes and force a break.

Takeshita sent Moxley to the floor with a hurricanrana and followed it up with a great tope con giro. Back inside, the frog splash followed for a near fall. Moxley went for a sleeper, but Takeshita turned it into Blue Thunder Bomb, and they collapsed into a double pin for a near fall. 

Moxley blocked the jumping knee and spiked Takeshita with the Paradigm Shift. He wanted the Death Rider, but Takeshita flipped out of it and hit a German suplex bridge for a great near fall. Moxley fought out of a straitjacket German and hit the Death Rider. The hammer-and-anvil elbows followed by the Bulldog Choke gave Moxley the win.


A House of Black video promo aired. Brody King said he'd watched Darby Allin ascend for years, but now "I'm getting mine by taking yours." He attacked Darby at a signing this past weekend.


Christian Cage promo

The Varsity Blonds were already in the ring, with Griff Garrison dressed to wrestle (ostensibly against Luchasaurus). Christian said that just like Jungle Boy, Brian Pillman Jr. had a father who was a legend, but in Christian's opinion, he was average at best. He think's Pillman Sr. would be appalled knowing his lasting contribution was Pillman Jr. 

Christian said there was something about Griff that annoyed him, but then he realized it was because he looked like Jungle Boy. 

Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage) defeated Griff Garrison (w/ Brian Pillman Jr.)

Luchasaurus manhandled Griff and crushed him with a German. He beat on him against the ring post on the outside, then the chokeslam followed. Christian told him to hit one more, and Luchasaurus obliged before locking on the Tar Pit -- the modified Snare Trap -- for the squash win.

– After the match, Luchasaurus continued the attack on Griff. Pillman tried to save his partner, but Luchasaurus headbutted him before chokeslamming him onto Griff on the announce table. It didn't break the first time, so Luchasaurus did it again, where it did break.


Daniel Garcia and 2point0 of the Jericho Appreciation Society were backstage and asked about the shark cage next week. They didn't get what it was all about. Garcia said he understood why he's in the cage -- he's dangerous. He's also tired of YUTA doing a cheap Garcia imitation, and he'll take the ROH Pure title at Death Before Dishonor.


Hangman Page was backstage and asked about being eliminated in the battle royale a couple weeks ago. John Silver and Alex Reyonlds came up and said they were mad, and they challenged House of Black for Rampage.


William Regal joined commentary.

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Jake Hager

Claudio hit the running uppercut right at the bell and teased a giant swing, but Hager escaped to the floor, where he took out Claudio with a clothesline. Back inside, Claudio countered the Hager bomb and hit a tiger feint kick for two. He laid in strikes in the corner, then Hager turned the tables and did the same. They continued to trade offense until Claudio climbed the ropes and Hager cut him off. 

The Hager Bomb got two leading into a commercial. Upon return, Claudio landed a springboard uppercut to commence a comeback. He laid in multiple running uppercuts before a dropkick sent Hager to the floor, where he hit yet another running uppercut. A diving crossbody from Claudio got two. 

Claudio gave Hager the giant swing, then he locked on a Sharpshooter. He had Hager beaten, but Hager signaled for 2point0 to run down and distract the official. The distraction was enough to allow Hager to hit a big uranage for a near fall. 

Hager went for the Ankle Lock, but Claudio countered it and hit a big back suplex. He went for another Sharpshooter, but 2point0 hopped on the apron, so Claudio took them out. Claudio then hit the pop-up uppercut and the Ricola Bomb for the win.


HOOK was backstage and asked if he was going to go for a championship considering he's undefeated. He just walked away.


A video package recapped Miyu Yamashita's victory over Thunder Rosa in Japan.

Rosa and Toni Storm were backstage. She said Yamashita earned a title match, but in the meantime, ThunderStorm is ready to take on anyone. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter walked up. Britt said AEW was a disaster without her. Rebel came out with a sandbag, referencing "sandbagging" rumors regarding Rosa.

(In kayfabe, what would "sandbagging" mean? I don't get why they do stuff like that.)


Serena Deeb defeated Anna Jay

Jay hit some offense early on until Deeb was able to lock her into almost like a stump puller. Jay went for the Queenslayer early on, but Deeb broke out of it by dropping Jay over the rope. Deeb followed it up with a neckbreaker for two. 

After a break, Jay came back with running takeovers and a suplex for two. She wanted the Queenslayer, but Deeb caught Jay in a European Clutch for a near fall. Deeb spun Jay around and went for the Deeb-tox, but Jay fought out of it. Deeb locked on a wacky submission, almost like an inverted leg nelson, forcing Jay to escape.

Jay hit a low heel kick, but Deeb cut her off with a dragon screw. Jay surprised Deeb with the Queenslayer for a nice little dramatic moment, but Deeb was able to stand up out of it and apply the Serenity Lock for the win.

– After the match, Deeb wouldn't let go of the hold, so Mercedes Martinez ran out and tore her off. They will face off at Death Before Dishonor for the ROH Women's Championship.


Jade Cargill, Stokely Hathaway, and the Baddies were backstage. Jade said they weren't afraid of Athena or Kris Statlander, then mocked Leila Grey for being an "interim Baddie." Stokely cooled them off, then said they'd be watching Statlander and Athena on Rampage. Kiera said Leila would never be a Baddie.


AEW Rampage (7/15) lineup:

  • ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Lee Moriarty
  • The Gunn Club speaks
  • Lucha Brothers vs. Private Party

AEW Dynamite (7/20) lineup:

  • Barbed Wire Everywhere Deathmatch: Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho (w/ J.A.S. suspended in a SHARK CAGE)
  • Christian Cage & Luchasaurus vs. Varsity Blonds
  • Brody King vs. Darby Allin

ROH Death Before Dishonor (7/23) lineup:

  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler YUTA (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs. The Briscoes
  • ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Jay Lethal
  • ROH Women's World Championship: Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Serena Deeb

Jay Lethal and co. came out to the commentary desk and he said he'd embarrass Joe at Death Before Dishonor.


Anna Jay was being checked on backstage. Tay Conti showed up and acted all sad, but Jay pointed out she slammed Soho's hand in a car door last week. Conti said Jay needed to make better choices for her career.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve in our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (c) and Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs to win the championships

Incredible PWG-style spotfest main event. The near falls at the end were so great.

The rules were two in, one out as usual for AEW three-way tags. The Young Bucks and Swerve in our Glory wrestled to a stalemate, with Swerve and Nick performing a nice acrobatic exchange. Nick and Starks ended up meeting each other on a rope walk, slapping each other, and crotching each other over the top rope. 

Matt hit his repeated Northern Lights suplexes, but he failed when he tried on Lee and Hobbs. The two behemoths flattened him. Starks and Hobbs got control and worked together to beat down Swerve. Swerve took a beating through the commercial break, but eventually fought off the Bucks to tag in Lee.

Lee ran over everyone with tackles. He bieled Starks into the Bucks, then went for a dive, but Hobbs and Starks tripped him up. Nick went for a tope con giro, but Lee caught him and powerbombed him into his brother. Hobbs tagged in and faced off with Lee. They laid into each other with tackles before simultaneous running crossbodies took each other out.

Hobbs hit a lengthy frog splash on Lee for a near fall. He and Starks worked together to hit a doomsday cutter for another near fall. The Bucks dispatched Starks and Hobbs and started a superkick party on Swerve and Lee, but Lee fired up until a third superkick from Starks took him out. More superkicks allowed the Bucks to keep control, then Hobbs fell into the official for a ref bump.

The Bucks brought the belts into the ring, but Starks stopped them. Swerve grabbed the title belt and teased attacking Lee, but then he ran right into a low blow from Matt. Matt cracked everyone with the belt and covered Swerve for a good near fall. The BTE Trigger followed, but Starks broke up the pin at the last second.

Lee intercepted the Meltzer Driver, and he and Swerve hit the doomsday Swerve Stomp for an awesome near fall as Hobbs and Starks broke it up at the very last second. We got a parade of big moves with Hobbs hitting spinebusters on everyone. Starks rolled Swerve up for two, then crushed him with a spear for another close near fall.

Brandon Cutler distracted the official but inadvertently allowed Lee to hit the Bucks with Matt's shoe. Swerve hit a quebrada off Lee's chest, which was absurd, then Lee Pounced Starks like crazy before landing a preposterous flip dive onto everyone. Swerve then hit the Swerve Stomp on Starks to win the match and the championships.