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AEW Dynamite live results: Jay Briscoe tribute match

The TNT title is also on the line on tonight's show.

In a tribute match for his late brother Jay, Mark Briscoe will make his AEW debut on tonight's Dynamite.

Mark faces another talent that spent the bulk of their career in ROH, Jay Lethal. The match takes place just over a week after Jay's passing in a car crash in Delaware.

Today would have been Jay's 39th birthday. 

The TNT Championship is on the line, as Darby Allin defends against Buddy Matthews of House of Black. 

Bryan Danielson will face Brian Cage a week after Cage and Prince Nana accepted an envelope full of cash from MJF to break Danielson's arm. 

Toni Storm will take on Ruby Soho in a women's division contest. Storm seemingly turned heel and aligned with Saraya on last week's show. 

The Acclaimed, The Gunn Club, and Billy Gunn are set for a family therapy segment on the show.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara will team against Action Andretti and Ricky Starks. 

JungleHook will also be in tag team action against Ethan Page and Matt Hardy. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Judas already playing as Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara make their way to the ring with Daniel Garcia by their side.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara (w/Daniel Garcia) defeated Ricky Starks & Action Andretti

(Much needed victory for the Jericho Appreciation Society over the two who have been thorns in their side this year. I liked this opener was shown in its entirety and not broken up by picture in picture or commercials. This made the match far more enjoyable.)

Andretti & Guevara showed off their speed early on with a series of counters before Andretti tried a standing moonsault, Guevara moved and we had a face off. Guevara popped Andretti with a superkick, but Andretti responded with a head scissors to send Guevara to the floor. Guevara quickly returned to the ring and hit a back flip into his corkscrew dropkick. Guevara took his eyes off Andretti, who wiped out Garcia with a dive, while Guevara took out Andretti with one of his own. Guevara tried a top rope hurricanrana, but Andretti landed on his feet into a standing Spanish Fly for two.

Jericho & Starks made their respective tags and immediately had a chop battle, as Starks did his top rope strut, only to be caught by a flying Guevara cutter in mid air. Jericho & Guevara took turns picking Starks apart and did their Le Sex God pose for the crowd. Starks got the double boots up on a diving Guevara, as Andretti made the hot tag with multiple back breaker neck breaker combos and topes. Starks hit a swinging DDT on Guevara, while Andretti hit a springboard moonsault for two. Andretti & Guevara collided on a double cross body, as Jericho & Starks again tagged in. Starks caught a Spear for a close two, as Jericho tried a Code Breaker, but Starks countered into a Liger Bomb.

Andretti tried a split legged moonsault, but Jericho got the knees up, as Guevara made the tag, couldn’t get the GTH and ate an enzugiri. Jericho ran distraction and brawled with Starks outside, as Andretti hit a Poison Rana and hanging neck breaker for two. Starks was able to hit Roshambo on the floor on Jericho, as Guevara tried a springboard cutter, missed, as Garcia smacked Andretti with the baseball bat as referee Aubrey’s attention was turned. Guevara hit the GTH and got the pin on Andretti.

-Excalibur threw it to a tribute video for Jay Briscoe showcasing The Briscoe Brothers rise in Ring of Honor and had clips of Jay’s family and daughters as well. This was a beautiful tribute, one you need to go out of your way to check out.

Buddy Matthews made his way to the ring with Julia Hart before break, as the TNT Title match is coming up next.


Darby Allin (w/Sting) defeated Buddy Matthews (w/Julia Hart) to retain the TNT Title

(Allin’s fourth successful title defense in four weeks, as this was a really good match. Matthews got to show what he’s capable of as a singles, while Allin was really selling his leg from his recent schedule.)

Allin’s leg is taped up from his match in Japan for The Great Muta Final Bye-Bye this past weekend. Matthews has half his face painted as well, as Hart ran distraction immediately and Allin was flattened with multiple back suplexes onto the edge of the apron. Allin countered a powerbomb into a hurricanrana to the railing, as Matthews was able to target the bad leg of Allin by sweeping the ring apron out from under him. Nasty Meteora from the top rope onto the edge of the ring, but Allin fought back with an over the top Stunner and Coffin Drop to the outside.

The lights went out and when they came on, Brody King & Malakai Black were on the ramp staring down Sting. Ortiz ran out from the back with a kendo stick, as he & Sting brawled with Black & King up the ramp. Matthews hit a high stack powerbomb for a near fall as Allin responded by fighting off an electric chair into a Poison Rana. Allin hit a nice crucifix bomb as both men slowly rose to their feet with strikes until Matthews blocked a Code Red into a back slide, pump knee, buckle bomb and Curb Stomp for two.

Matthews tried his Pump Handle Driver, but Allin countered into Code Red for two. Allin was cut off in the ropes, as Matthews tried a superplex, but Allin countered into a Scorpion Death Drop in mid air, the same way he countered Juice Robinson in their match on Rampage. With Matthews hung up in the ropes, Allin hit a Coffin Drop to retain his title.

Tony Schiavone came to the ring post match to run down Allin’s recent accomplishments, but before he could say a word, Samoa Joe interrupted on the big screen. Joe is coming to take everything from Allin and he’s coming to take back what is rightfully his. Allin winning that title is the biggest mistake of his career, as the King has spoken. So anticipate the rubber match coming soon between Joe & Allin.

-We get a highlight video on Adam Cole’s return a few weeks ago and footage of him training in the ring prior to the show. He’s shown looking at the banner for Revolution, so I think it’s safe to assume Cole is returning on that show.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry & FTW Champion HOOK defeated Ethan Page & Matt Hardy (w/Stokely Hathaway & Isiah Kassidy)

(This was the tag match that suffered from picture in picture. It would’ve been nice had they explained the relationship between Page, Hathway, Hardy and Private Party more, as this storyline has been barely talked about on Dynamite, only being really on Elevation and Rampage.)

Similar to recent weeks, Hathaway & Page talked down to Hardy & Kassidy during their entrance. Perry fired off a quick hurricanrana on Page, who ditched Hardy during a four man face off. Page pie faced HOOK and bailed on his partner again to get beat up. Perry hit a dive on Page outside, but was tripped up and allowed Hardy to take control. Perry was isolated during break and HOOK made the hot tag with the El Camino and overhead throw on Page.

HOOK was pulled to the floor by Hardy, as Page stumbled into a blind tag. Hardy flattened Perry with a Side Effect, but as he was about to hit a Twist of Fate, Page demanded the tag. Perry countered a Page Twist of Fate into the Snare Trap, as Hardy lightly reached for the tag, but HOOK pulled him off the apron, as Page tapped.

-It’s now time for Family Therapy with The Acclaimed, Daddy Ass & The Gunns as a therapist is with them. Austin & Colten said they always came second to their father, his career was always first. Caster & Bowens called them jealous of their relationship with their father, saying they can’t do what they do. Austin said they pushed Bowens in his wheelchair when injured and was hit with the crutch when he was all healed up. Colten said their faults as sons were because of their father. The AEW Tag Team Titles will make them happy, as they stormed out. This was short, that’s about the only positive thing I could say.


-Backstage Renee Paquette is with Hangman Adam Page and she asks about his vague response last week into what’s next. Page said as much as he wants to look forward, he can’t help but look back to Ohio. He & Moxley are 1-1 in their series and when they are in Dayton, Ohio next week, he wants to knock out Jon Moxley. Wheeler Yuta comes into the shot and says Moxley accepts, challenging Page to a match on Rampage. Page asks what makes Yuta think what happened to Moxley won’t happen to Yuta?

Bryan Danielson defeated ROH Six Man Tag Champion Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana)

Excalibur told us if Cage wins, due to his win-loss record, he’ll be the new number one contender for the AEW World Title, which is questionable in my opinion. Danielson was able to get an early crucifix into the anvil elbows, as the LeBell Lock was applied, but Cage got the ropes. Danielson hit a dropkick through the ropes, tope and top rope cross body to the floor. Back inside, Cage caught Danielson with a gorilla press and tossed him into the corner with Danielson landing awkwardly. Cage followed with a release German suplex and driven down on the edge of the apron.

During commercial, Cage really zoned in on the arm of Danielson that he promised MJF last week he would break. Danielson escaped a bearhug, tried his corner moonsault, but Cage caught him into a shoulder breaker. Cage did his suplex from the ring apron into the ring, and followed with a German suplex from the outside in for two. With Danielson hung up in the corner, Cage tried an avalanche powerbomb, but Danielson fought free with a charging dropkick and superplex. Yes Kicks connected, as Danielson tried a triangle choke, but Cage easily powered out. Danielson countered into an ankle lock and leg trap German suplex. Cage & Danielson traded home run shots until Cage hit a buckle bomb, powerbomb, tried for a third, but Danielson got the roll up for the flash pin.

Post match, Cage attacked and hit Weapon X as MJF walked to the ring, shoved a ring attendant down and took his chair. Cage put Danielson’s arm through the chair and posted it, as commentary talk about the Bounty that Cage collected. MJF beat down Danielson and was about to Pillmanize his arm when Konosuke Takeshita made the save, as MJF bailed like a coward while Cage was laid out with a running knee. Takeshita & the doctor checked on Danielson.


-Renee Paquette goes backstage to the doctor with Bryan Danielson and said he there was a dislocation. Danielson doesn’t care, as he’s wrestled an hour injured before and he’s going to expose MJF for the fraud he is. The doctor will not stop Danielson from wrestling ever again, as he’s going to become the AEW World Champion.

Ruby Soho defeated Toni Storm

(A hard hitting match and another chapter in this new Originals vs. Outsiders kind of storyline in the women’s division. It’ll be interesting to see which woman takes which side going forward.)

Storm cut an inset promo during her entrance and complained about Ruby Soho helping the home grown idiots, as that’s not who she is, she’s a misfit. Soho’s inset was her saying she has worked her ass off to get to this spot in AEW and won’t look down on the women here like Storm does. Tony Schiavone said the line has been drawn between AEW Originals and the ladies who didn’t get their start here. After bailing early, Storm caught Soho with a superkick, but Soho battled back with forearms and strikes. Soho was sent to the floor with Sweet Cheek Music and Storm kept pouring on the attack.

Storm controlled the entire break until Soho got her face buster in the corner and Saito suplex. Soho missed Destination Unknown, as Storm got a roll up with the tights for two. Soho answered with No Future for a close two of her own and went up top, rolling through a senton attempt. Storm acted like her nose was hurt and the ref called for a stop, as Soho fell for it, as Storm pulled Soho into the ropes, hit a nasty Sweet Cheek Music and corner DDT for two. Britt Baker’s music hit and she walked out not looking very hurt to me. The distraction for Storm was enough for Soho to hit Destination Unknown and get the win.

-MJF is in a dimly lit room, runs down Takeshita, saying he’s talented, but to stay out of his way. Despite being injured, Danielson will keep marching to Revolution like a hero. That’s what the fans think, but not MJF, as his Triple B is what makes him get out of bed in the morning. The belt makes him better than you and you know it. MJF asks if Danielson he has a whole in his soul and trying to fill it with this title. Physical pain is fleeting; mental pain will leave a scar. Next week on Dynamite, Danielson will face a man who enjoys pain, Timothy Thatcher, who had clips shown of his time in Pro Wrestling NOAH using the Fujiwara Armbar.

-Taz & Tony Schiavone tagged out for the main event and Excalibur is joined by Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman. An emotional Sonjay Dutt gave Jay Lethal a hug during his entrance prior to commercial.


Ian Riccaboni did a great job talking about Mark’s journey through ROH with his brother during his entrance, as Bobby Cruise gives us the introductions. Mark has both ROH Tag Titles with him.

ROH Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe defeated Jay Lethal

(In a match I never wanted to end, this was a beautiful tribute to Jay Briscoe from start to finish. The commentary was excellent, the finish was perfect and the final shot of the show was incredibly emotional. Bravo to everyone involved.)

Both men adhered to the Code of Honor, as Lethal is visibly trying to keep it together. Lethal tried to use his speed early, firing off a quick arm drag into a stalemate. Each man take turns chopping away and to the delight of the other, as Briscoe hit a snap mare into a snap dropkick. Lethal tried to fight back, but was planted with a Briscoe neck breaker for two. Both fought to the ring apron and had a forearm and chop battle until Lethal took out the leg and hit a tope.

Lethal kept Briscoe grounded until Briscoe used his redneck kung-fu with a top rope chop. Enzugiri sent Lethal to the corner where Briscoe hit a splash and Iconoclasm. Briscoe tried for a Jay Driller, but Lethal fought out into Lethal Combination. Briscoe got a roll up off a Figure Four attempt, as Lethal responded with a front face suplex into the Lethal Injection, but Briscoe wisely rolled to the floor. Lethal followed out after and set up Briscoe on the time keepers table, as Lethal went to the top. Briscoe cut him off and hit a dropkick through the ropes. Briscoe hit a blockbuster off the apron, set up Lethal on the table and drove Lethal through it with a Froggy Bow off the top rope to loud Holy Shit and This Is Awesome chants.

Lethal kicked out at two back inside, as Lethal bridged out of a Jay Driller attempt for two, but Briscoe responded with a lariat that turned Lethal inside out multiple times. Briscoe successfully hit the Jay Driller and got the win in an incredibly emotional main event. Mark looked into the camera and told his family to keep their heads up and told his brother he loved him. The AEW locker room came out to the stage to applaud Mark as he hugged Lethal, who gave him the ring. Mark soaked in the applause, and walked up the stage to hug Christopher Daniels, Rush and BJ Whitmer, as he held up the ROH Tag Titles to go off the air.

AEW Rampage 1/27/23

· Hangman Adam Page takes on ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta

· Powerhouse Hobbs in Action

· Jamie Hayter against Emi Sakura in an AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Match

AEW Dynamite 2/1/23

· Bryan Danielson takes on Timothy Thatcher

· Hangman Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley

· The Acclaimed will be in Action

· Darby Allin defends the TNT Title against Samoa Joe in a No Holds Barred Match