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AEW Dynamite live results: Jericho, Cody, Young Bucks in action


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Jon Moxley promo has been advertised. Moxley defeated PAC on last week's show to retain his number one contender status, and will challenge Chris Jericho for the AEW World title on February 29 at AEW Revolution. 

Cody is set to take on Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) in a singles match. Cody is feuding with MJF, while a program between Sabian and Joey Janela has had a couple of starts and stops. 

A tag match between The Young Bucks and The Butcher and The Blade will take place. Butcher and Blade have acted as hired guns for MJF, while an angle was shot on last week's Dynamite that saw Hangman Page mocking the Bucks, as he and Kenny Omega claimed the AEW Tag Team titles before they did. 

In trios action, Jericho, Santana and Ortiz will face Darby Allin and Private Party. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Moxley came out for a promo. He said Jericho is the kind of man who slams Dustin Rhodes' arm in a car door, and the kind of man who tried to take his vision by slamming a metal spike in his eye. 

Moxley said he'll have to keep his one good eye in the back of his head, watching his back until he takes the AEW title from Jericho on February 29. He said Jericho might not make it to Revolution, and told Jericho to come out and take his beating like a man for once in his punk-ass life. 

Jericho entered. The crowd sang along to his entrance music. Jericho called the fans typical Cleveland idiots. He told Moxley he saw Mox's mom backstage and she looked fetching. He said he might call her later. He said he apologized to Moxley's mom for what he did to him, but explained to her that it was Moxley's fault. 

Jericho called out the Inner Circle and challenged Moxley to a 5-on-1 fight. Moxley said it wasn't 5-on-1, but 5-on-the entire arena, because Moxley was born and raised in Ohio. Jericho said Santana and Ortiz brought along five street thugs from The Bronx, so it was actually 10-on-1. 

Moxley took his jacket off and laid out one of the thugs. Security and referees ran down to break things up. They did a pull-apart between Moxley and Inner Circle, before Moxley retreated through the crowd. 

A fun little segment. 


Nyla Rose and Big Swole was announced for later, as well as the previously announced lineup for the evening.


Jim Ross threw to a video package from MJF's camp. MJF and Wardlow entered a slaughterhouse, where Bunny, Butcher and Blade were hanging out, tossing meat around. 

MJF handed Bunny an envekope, presumably full of cash, with Young Bucks printed on it. The announcers put over that Butcher, Blade and Bunny are hired mercenaries of MJF, and he wants revenge on the Bucks for throwing him in the swimming pool last week. 

The Bucks vs. Butcher and Blade is up next. 


MJF joined the commentary desk for this matchup and did a fine job. 


The story of the match was the speed of the Bucks versus the power of Butcher and Blade. The Bucks hit some kicks early. They tried a stereo kip-up, but got hit with lariats. Nick got tripped on the apron by Bunny, and Butcher and Blade worked over Nick for the heat. 

Butcher and Blade traded quick tags during an ad break, isolating Nick in their corner. After the commercials, Butcher hit a doctor bomb for a near fall, as Matt saved for Nick. 

Matt got a tag and ran wild. He hit a standing sliced bread on Blade. He hit a dropkick through the ropes to Butcher. He used a top rope elbow on Blade for a two count. 

Nick got a tag and hit a senton for a two count as Butcher saved. Bucks hit double superkicks on Butcher. The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Blade for the pin. A fine, quick TV match, but nothing special. 

Butcher and Blade attacked Matt and Nick after the match. Kenny Omega ran in to make the save and hit a V-Trigger on Blade. Hangman Page walked to the ring with a beer in hand. He asked Matt to hold his beer, hit a Buckshot Lariat on Butcher, then chugged the beer. 

Omega and the Bucks celebrated in the ring, while Page walked to the back. 



The bulk of this took place during a commercial break without the picture-in-picture gimmick. That's probably best. I've seen Rose in good matches and Swole has a ton of potential, but this was slow and clunky. 

Rose beat on Swole and posted her right arm before the break. After the break, Swole made a comeback with a guillotine choke, then hit a springboard cutter for a two count. 

Swole tried a sunset flip, but Rose blocked. Swole hit a flatliner. Rose hit a spear and a sit-out powerbomb for the pin. 



Sabian hit a shotgun dropkick at the opening bell, then a gutbuster. Cody came back with right hands. Cody hit a dropkick. Sabian rolled outside and started jawing with Anderson. 

They brawled on the outside. Ford sold as though Cody knocked her out with a back elbow as he went for a right hand to Sabian. Cody picked up Ford, and Sabian hit a running kick from the apron. Ford popped up, and Sabian went to work on Cody. 

During a commercial, Sabian sold as though his knee went out as Cody started to make a comeback. The ringside doctor examined him. Sabian was about to connect on a springboard DDT when the picture-in-picture cut away, so your guess is as good as mine as to what happened. 

After the break, Cody hit a lariat, punches in the corner, and a powerslam. Cody took off his weight belt, but Ford grabbed it away from him. Cody hit Sabian with a Disaster Kick. Ford threw one of her shoes in the ring, causing a brief distraction. Cody made a cover, Sabian kicked out. 

Anderson climbed into the ring to protest. He threw Ford's shoe into the crowd. Anderosn bumped the referee, who ejected him. 

Ford hit a flying headscissors off the steps to Cody. Sabian followed with a tope con giro. Sabian and Ford tried to kiss near the guardrail, but Joey Janela jumped out of a seat and stuck his face between them. Cody used the distraction to hit a tope suicida. 

Cody teased a slingshot back into the ring, but Sabian cut him off and hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Sabian tried a superplex, but Cody blocked. Sabian hit a springboard bulldog. 

Sabian tried for Deathly Hallows. Cody blocked, hit a Cody Cutter, then hit Cross Rhodes three times. Cody covered for the 1-2-3. 

There was an awful lot of gaga here for a twelve minute TV match, but that's the best way to utilize Ford, so you have to expect Sabian matches to go like this. 


They replayed the Britt Baker and Tony Sciavone segment from last week. Tony then interviewed Baker on the stage. He addressed her as Britt. She corrected him, and said it was Dr. Baker. 

Baker said she was the star of the show last week, and Tony held the microphone. She called Tony "Mr. Starbucks,"and said judging from the stench of his gums, he has gum disease. She told him to pick up a toothbrush. 

Baker heeled on JR for interrupting her segment last week, collecting a huge paycheck, not getting names right, and for only talking about her being a dentist during her matches. Taking jabs at Ross for his commentary in 2020 is not a way to get heel heat in my eyes. 

She took a shot at Riho for not being there.

She then told the people of Cleveland that they finally have a Baker that they can believe in. (The quarterback of the Cleveland Browns is Baker Mayfield, who had a disappointing season.)


JR threw to Lexie, the newest of the 914 backstage interviewers employed by AEW. She interviewed the Bucks and Omega. Matt and Nick put over their big win. 

Page stumbled in with a beer and showed off his new nameplate for his tag belt. He gave the Bucks their own nameplates, rubbing in that he and Omega are tag champs and the Bucks aren't. 

Omega said that the Bucks will be champs soon enough, but next week, he got them all a match together. It will be Page, Omega and the Bucks against Butcher, Blade and a team of their choosing.


SCU entered wearing Kobe Bryant jerseys. 


Kazarian and Sky grounded Angelico, working him over with suplexes and chinlocks. Sky hit s double stomp to the back of Evans. Kazarian hit a release German on Evans. 

Evans and Angelico cut off Sky. Evans hit a kick for a two count. Angelico hit a PK for a two count. TH2 continued working over Sky through a commercial break. 

Sky and Evans traded strikes. Sky hit a suplex, then made a lukewarm tag to Kazarian. Kazarian hit a dropkick on Angelico, a hip toss on Evans, and a cutter on Angelico. He covered, but Evans broke it up. 

Evans hit a slingshot double stomp to Kazarian. Evans missed a space flying tiger drop. Kazarian and Sky hit SCU Later on Angelico, and Sky covered for the pin. 

This fell apart towards the end and didn't have a lot of heat. 


A Dark Order video interrupted SCU's post-match. Uno said the Exalted One is mad at Christopher Daniels for turning them down and has ordered Dark Order to target his friends in SCU. Grayson said he doesn't care who they go after first. 


A PAC video played. PAC said maybe he'll go after Moxley if Moxley wins the title. Then he called out Omega. He said Omega is finally listening to him, and from now on they're doing things on PAC's timetable. He said he's coming after Omega next week. 


Jon Moxley vs. Ortiz, Yuka Sakazaki vs. Britt Baker, Young Bucks and Omega and Page vs. Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Bros. were announced for next week, as was Cody receiving ten lashes from MJF.



Allin and Jericho began. Allin hit a springboard armdrag, so Jericho begged off. Ortiz and Kassidy entered. Quen tagged in for a double team spot, then got cut off. Jericho, Ortiz and Santana worked over Quen. 

Kassidy got a tag and used some amateur wrestling moves and a crucifix on Ortiz for a near fall. Jericho tagged in and hit a missile dropkick. Kassidy flew to the floor, where Santana hit a suplex. 

During a commercial break, Inner Circle passed Kassidy around in vertical suplex position, before Jericho completed the move. Santana and Ortiz hit an assisted senton. Jericho hit a Lionsault. Ortiz hit a pencil splash for a near fall. 

Kassidy finally managed a hot tag to Allin. Allin hit a dive to Jericho, then hit a destroyer on Santana. 

The match broke down. Kassidy hit a crucifix bomb on Ortiz. Quen hit a pop-up kick to Jericho. Allin hit Jericho with his own quebrada for a near fall, then hit a Coffin Drop off the post to Jake Hager on the floor. 

Kassidy got a tag and hit a senton atomico on Jericho for a two count. Jericho reversed an Irish whip, hit the Judas Effect out of nowhere on Kassidy, then pinned him. 

A fun main event, but it could have used a couple of more minutes to build. 


The Inner Circle attacked Private Party and Allin after the match. They tossed Private Party out of the ring, then went after Allin with his own skateboard, including ramming him throat-first into the board. 

Moxley ran down for the save with a baseball bat. Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz all ate bat shots, but Jericho escaped. Moxley stood on the ropes, pointing the bat at the retreating Inner Circle as the show closed. 


This was another thumbs up show. The wrestling didn't blow me away for the second week in a row, but the angles were mostly excellent.