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AEW Dynamite live results: Jericho Cruise episode


AEW Dynamite airs a taped show tonight from Chris Jericho's Rock 'n' Wrestling Rager at Sea. 

A number one contender's match headlines the episode, with first-ranked Jon Moxley taking on fourth-ranked PAC. The winner will face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship at Revolution on February 29.

The AEW World Tag Team titles will be on the line when the SCU team of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky defend against Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Omega and Page earned the title shot with a win over Best Friends, Young Bucks, and Santana and Ortiz last week. 

Jericho will be in action in a six-man tag, teaming with fellow Inner Circle members Santana and Ortiz. They will take on the Jurassic Express trio of Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. 

MJF will take on Joey Janela in singles competition, and Britt Baker will face Priscilla Kelly to round out the card.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 



Kazarian and Page began. Kazarian grounded Page with a side headlock. Omega and Sky tagged in. Omega worked on Sky's left arm. They did a tackle, drop-down, leapfrog, tackle sequence. Very basic offense from everyone in the early part of the match. 

Page hit a fall-away slam on Sky. Kazarian blind-tagged himself in and hit Page with a leg lariat and a legdrop for a near fall. Kazarian dumped Page right on his head on a suplex. Omega broke up the ensuing pin attempt. 

Kazarian hit Page with an unprettier. Both hit a simultaneous clothesline, into a double down. Omega and Sky tagged in. Omega hit Kazarian with a snap dragon. Omega hit Sky with you can't escape, aided by a standing shooting star from Page. Page hit Kazarian with a crossbody off the post and they flew over the barrier into the crowd. 

Omega hit Sky with a buckle bomb. Sky ducked one V-Trigger, but Omega hit a second. Sky avoided the One-Winged Angel and hit a top rope frankensteiner. Page accidentally hit Omega with a Buckshot Lariat. Sky hit Omega with a TKO for a near fall. 

Page hit a tope suicida on the ramp during a commercial break. Sky and Kazarian continued working Omega over during the commercials. Omega hit another V-Trigger on Sky into a double down. 

Back from break, Page and Kazarian tagged in. Page hit a fall-away slam off the second rope. Page hit Sky with a German. Omega hit a tiger driver on Kazarian for a two count. 

Sky and Kazarian hit SCU Later on Omega. Page broke up the pin, shoving Sky into Kazarian. Page hit a discus lariat and a powerbomb on Kazarian. He then hit a Buckshot Lariat to Sky on the ramp. Page then jumped back inside and hit Kazarian with a Buckshot for the pin. 

This started off very methodically but turned into a good match by the end. 

The Bucks came out to celebrate with Omega after the match. Rather than celebrate with The Elite, Page drank and crowd surfed. 


Baker used three quick pinning combinations for near falls right off the bat. Kelly grabbed a chinlock and hit some strikes to the back during a break. Kelly remained in control through the ad break. 

Kelly hit a dropkick as the show returned from commercials. They did a series of misdirection spots that were a good idea, but were executed practically in slow motion. Baker hit a slingblade. 

They traded near falls, then Baker applied Lockjaw. She used the ropes to push off and keep the hold applied in the center of the ring, and Kelly tapped out. 

I find that with most of Baker's matches, there are a lot of good ideas and they're laid out very well, the execution is just a little slow. She'll improve and be very good in a matter of time. 


After the match, Tony Schiavone interviewed Baker. He questioned her use of the ropes. Baker heeled on Tony. She mocked him for taking a job at Starbucks at one point before coming to AEW. 

Baker said she's a role model and the hottest girl on this boat. She said she's smart, educated, brilliant, and a dentist. She was still heeling on Tony as the show went to break. 


They showed a replay of Jungle Boy going to a ten minute draw with Jericho last month. 

Jericho entered and the crowd sang along with Judas, which was incredible.


This was all Jurassic Express at the outset. They first cut off Ortiz with tandem offense, then Santana. Ortiz made a comeback on Jungle Boy, cutting him off with a leg sweep off the second rope. Jericho got a tag and hit Jungle Boy with two slams during a break. 

Inner Circle continued working over Jungle Boy for several minutes. He got a brief hope spot in hitting a crossbody off the second rope on Jericho for a near fall. 

Jungle Boy finally managed a tag to Luchasaurus, who hit a tail whip on Santana, a shining lizard on Ortiz, then a double chokeslam. Luchasaurus hit a standing moonsault on Jericho for a near fall. 

Jake Hager interfered. Luchasaurus tagged Stunt, then brawled with Hager to the back. Stunt hit a 450 on Jericho for a two count. Stunt got two more quick near falls off cradles. Jericho then hit the Judas Effect and pinned Stunt. Jericho popped open some bubbly after the match. 

This was a fine little six-man. 


They recapped the MJF and Cody feud with a video package. 


MJF offered a handshake. Janela accepted, then MJF spit in his face. MJF used some other classic heel tactics. He bailed outside to stall, then raked Janela's eyes. MJF worked Janela over with some very basic offense through a commercial break. 

After the break, Janela was in control. He hit a superplex for a two count. Janela was distracted as Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford came to the stage and started making out. Janela missed a top rope elbow. MJF hit him with the Double Cross for the pin. 

MJF cut a promo on Cody after the match. He called Cody a poet but reminded him that if he's writing a book, MJF is the last chapter. 

Cody entered. MJF reminded him that he can't touch him or else their match is off. He mocked Cody's lisp. He offered Cody the mic, then dropped it on the mat. He kicked the mic away from Cody, trying to bait him into a fight. 

Cody said, I can't touch you, but Matt and Nick can. The Young Bucks entered and hit a double superkick on MJF, then threw him into a swimming pool. 

The heel work from MJF was great, but the wrestling here was not. Still the segment was a massive win, because swimming pool bumps are always incredible. 


Schiavone interviewed Page and Omega. Omega said he was thrilled to be tag champs with one of his best friends. Page said he had vowed to kick SCU's asses and he did. The Bucks celebrated with Omega. Page said he was surprised that he won the tag titles before the Bucks did, then walked off. 


Young Bucks vs. Butcher and Blade, Cody vs. Kip Sabian, and a promo from the winner of tonight's main event were advertised for next week's show. The main event is next.


Jericho joined the commentary desk for the main event. 


They began with chain wrestling. Moxley hit a release German. PAC began hitting strikes to Moxley's bandaged eye. They rolled outside where PAC continued working on the eye. 

Moxley made a comeback during a commercial break and they brawled up, down and all over the ship. They made it back to the ring as they returned from the break. 

PAC hit a missile dropkick. Moxley no-sold it and hit a lariat. They traded strikes. Moxley hit an x-plex for a near fall. 

PAC hit a jawbreaker. They fought on the top rope and Moxley got the best of it. He shoved PAC off and hit an elbow. Moxley sold the elbow on landing, the announcers reminded us that was his staph elbow. 

PAC used a Brutalizer. Moxley rolled him over into a pinfall attempt. PAC kicked out and hit some Kawada kicks. 

PAC went for Black Arrow. Moxley got his knees up and used a cradle for a near fall. PAC hit a release German. PAC tried another Black Arrow, but missed this one entirely. 

PAC hit a superkick. He tried another, but Moxley blocked and hit a double-arm DDT for a two count. PAC rolled outside. Moxley went out after him and threw him back inside. PAC hit a superplex. 

PAC again applied a Brutalizer. They did a long tease, but Moxley reached the bottom rope for a break. PAC ripped Moxley's bandage off. Moxley used a cradle for a near fall. 

The finish saw Moxley hit a double-arm DDT out of nowhere. He followed up with the Paradigm Shift and got the pin. Jericho stared down Moxley from the ramp as the show closed. 


The wrestling on the show was not nearly as spectacular as it normally is given the setup and limitations of doing a wrestling show on a cruise ship. Still the pacing of the show was worlds better than it has been of late, and the few angles they shot were very well done. This was a thumbs up show.