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AEW Dynamite live results: Jericho vs. Jungle Boy, Tag title match


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the American Bank Center Arena in Corpus Christi, Texas. The final AEW event of 2019 features a stacked lineup. 

The show will see SCU defend their AEW Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks. The Bucks scored a victory over Proud and Powerful last week to earn the title shot. 

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho will face Jungle Boy in a non-title match with a 10-minute time limit. Jungle Boy is still searching for his first AEW victory. 

In the opening match, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega will take on The Lucha Bros in tag team action. Page and Omega teamed last week in a victorious effort against Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears. Even in victory, there was dissension teased between Omega and Page, as Page looks to be headed for a heel turn. 

Britt Baker and Kris Statlander will square off to determine the number one contender for the AEW Women's title. Baker is 4-2 in AEW singles matches, while Statlander brings a 2-0 singles record into the contest. 

Cody and Darby Allin will team against The Butcher and The Blade. Allin came to Cody's rescue last week after a post-match beatdown by Butcher and Blade.

Also advertised is Awesome Kong in singles action.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 



This was a great opener. The post-match angle was really strange. 

Fenix and Omega began with a nice little sequence. Omega went for the One-Winged Angel twice, but Feniz blocked both. Fenix used a springboard off the bottom rope to escape an arm wringer. Omega hit a Kotaro Krusher. 

Page and Penta tagged in. They did some crowd work, trading taunts. Omega got a tag. Penta raked Omega's eyes. Omega hit a snap rana and a terminator dive. Page tagged back in and got cut off. Fenix hit a spectacular springboard double stomp off the top. 

Penta continued working over Page. He used a codebreaker, then strikes in the corner. Page hit a flatliner into a double down. Omega got a tag. He tried You Can't Escape, but Penta got his knees up on the moonsault attempt. 

Fenix hit a tope suicida. Penta hit a double stomp off the top for a near fall. Fenix tagged in and tried a rana but Omega turned it into a powerbomb. Omega managed a tag to Page. Page hit a plancha to Penta, a tope to Penta, then a tope to Fenix in succession. 

Page used Penta as a springboard to hit a standing shooting star on Fenix. Fenix responded with a spin kick in the corner, then a crazy facebuster for a two count. 

Page hit a fall-away slam off the second rope on Penta. Page hit a discus elbow on Fenix. Omega hit a powerbomb on Penta. Fenix hit Page with a superkick. Omega hit a snap dragon. After this flurry, Omega was the only man left standing. 

Page tried to hit Penta with a Buckshot Lariat. Penta ducked. Page hit Omega with the lariat. The Lucha Bros followed with their double stomp/package piledriver combo, then Penta pinned Omega. 


After the bell, Omega and Page shoved each other in the ring. It looked as though they were about to trade blows when PAC appeared on the video wall. 

PAC said that Omega must've forgotten who he is and what he's capable of. PAC entered the locker room and approached Michael Nakazawa from behind, then closed the locker room door. 

The show went to a commercial break. During the break, Omega left the ring to look for PAC. He got laid out backstage by the Lucha Bros. Page made the save for Omega. Omega and Page then went off together looking for Nakazawa and PAC. 

After the break, the announcers ran down the rest of the card for the evening, making no mention of anything that happened during the break. 




Allin blind-tagged himself in immediately to face off with Butcher. The announcers pointed out that Butcher weighs 100 pounds more than Allin. Butcher tossed Allin around, then tagged out. Why did he tag out? He was winning. 

Blade tagged in and Allin hit him with a sweet springboard armdrag. Cody taged in and got cut off. Butcher and Blade worked Cody over through a commercial break. 

Allin got a hot tag, but Butcher cut him off, then locked on a cloverleaf. Cody and Blade brawled to the outside. Allin hit a stunner and tagged Cody. 

Cody hit Blade with Cross Rhodes and made a cover. The Bunny took the referee, who missed Cody's pinfall. 

Cody and Allin hit stereo suicide dives. Allin dove through the middle and bottom ropes and almost killed himself. Allin then hit Butcher with a Coffin Drop on the apron. Cody then hit the Cody Cutter on Blade for the pin. 

No MJF appearance here, no promo by Cody, no follow-up on that angle. 


We saw a Jungle Boy training video. 



Kong hit a spinning backfist and won with her double underhook facebuster, then cut Alicea's hair. 

Brandi Rhodes cut an inset promo during the match teasing Kris Statlander joining her group later. The mystery bald guy was shown in the promo. The match was a squash. This angle isn't good. 


We got a snippet of a sit-down between JR and Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy said he's going to try his best and make his dad proud. Jericho vs. Jungle Boy is next. 



Jungle Boy used a schoolboy for an early near fall. Jericho tried for the Liontamer. Jungle Boy used another quick cradle for a two count. Jericho hit a codebreaker, then another. He had Jungle Boy pinned, but pulled him up at two. 

Jericho threw Jungle Boy outside. Hager went after him. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt made the save. Hager killed Stunt with a forearm shot. Aubrey Edwards kicked Hager out from ringside. Luchasaurus carried Stunt to the back. 

Jericho tried his springboard dropkick to the apron, but Jungle Boy moved. Jungle Boy hit three consecutive topes, then used a DDT for a great near fall. Jungle Boy hit a backstabber for another near fall. 

Jericho hit a back elbow, but missed a Lionsault. Jungle Boy answered with a Lionsault for a two count. 

Jericho hit a lariat and Jungle Boy took a flip bump. Jericho covered for a two count. 

They traded strikes. Jericho hit a powerbomb, then used the Walls of Jericho with a minute left in the match. Jungle Boy survived the last minute. 

Jericho acted like Jungle Boy tapped. He was told that the match was a draw, so Jericho demanded five more minutes. Apparently this is a Justin Roberts call, as Roberts agreed and the bell rang. 

Jungle Boy used a hurricanrana and a crucifix for two quick near falls, so Jericho just walked out on the overtime period he called for. They never officially rang the bell, so it's as though the overtime period never happened. 

The first part of this was exactly what it should have been. The post-match had some wonky execution. 


Jericho came out during the commercial break and jawed with Jungle Boy's family at ringside. Back from break, Tony Schiavone interviewed Jericho. 

Jericho said he said Jungle Boy couldn't beat him. Schiavone said no, you said he couldn't last ten minutes with you. They did some comedy. Jericho then said he would get to the point, which was to hear from Moxley on his decision on whether or not to join Inner Circle. 

Jericho said he and the Inner Circle will have a surprise for Mox on January 1, and wished him a merry Christmas. Aw. 


Jenn Decker interviewed SCU. The Lucha Bros interrupted. Pentagon told Chris Daniels that he doesn't have it any more and showed video of their match last week on his phone. 

Kazarian told Daniels to show Penta that he still has it, but Daniels just walked off instead. 



The bulk of this was a nothing-doing striking battle during an ad break. Baker worked on Statlander's legs a little bit with kicks. Baker hit a running knee in the corner. Statlander came back with a top rope missile dropkick. 

Baker hit a slingblade. Statlander hit a lariat. A crawl for the Dark Order website appeared on screen. JR spent the next minute plugging his barbecue sauce on his own site. 

They traded strikes. Baker hit a swinging neckbreaker. They traded superkicks. Baker tried for Lockjaw. Statlander rolled through, hoisted Baker up into a fireman's carry, then moved to a spike package piledriver position. Statlander hit the spike, then got the pin. 

This picked up towards the end. Statlander has a special charisma. 

Riho was shown at ringside reacting? to the finish. 


Tony Schiavone went to ringside to interview Statlander. Statlander booped him. Brandi entered. She cursed at Schiavone for leaving her a bad mic or something. 

Brandi asked if Statlander was joining her Nightmare Collective. Statlander said no. Kong and Melanie Cruz came out and beat down Statlander. Brandi spiked Statlander in the eye with a high heel. Sadie Gibbs ran out to make the save. 



Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard were shown backstage. They hyped their search for a tag partner for Spears. 


The Young Bucks did a pre-taped promo promising to win the tag titles and display them for their family at Christmas dinner. 



The Bucks got some shine at the outset. They hit some tandem offense. Sky cut Nick off with a rana off the apron to the floor. Nick came back with a springboard rana off the top rope. Matt hit a top rope elbow on Sky for a two count. 

Matt sold his right elbow and the announcers pointed out that this was a result of the street fight last week. Nick hit a crazy escalera to the floor on both Kazarian and Sky. 

during an ad break, Sky and Matt traded strikes. Matt used a sharpshooter. Kazarian broke the hold with a DDT. Kazarian got a tag and ran wild on both Bucks. He connected on a double lariat. Kazarian hit a pullover rana to the floor. Sky followed with a tope con giro. 

Sky tried a TKO on Matt. Matt escaped, then hit a spear. Nick got a tag and tried a springboard off the top, but Sky caught him coming in with a cutter. 

Sky and Kazarian used tandem dragon sleepers. The Bcuks escaped. Nick hit a DDT on the apron on Kazarian. Matt used a cradle on Sky for a near fall. Sky hit Matt with a TKO. Sky and Kazarian hit the SCU Later on Matt, and Kaz got the pin. 

This was good, but the finish felt like it came out of nowhere. 


After the match, the Creepers came to the ring. The lights went out. Dark Order appeared on the stage. Uno cut a promo. He congratulated SCU. He said he would recruit The Bucks another time, but tonight was an initiation. 

Reynolds and Silver jumped the Bucks and SCU. The Creepers and Reynolds and Silver beat down everyone. Omega ran out for the save, but fell victim to the numbers game. 

Cody and Dustin Rhodes ran down and got beat down as well. The announcers called attention to the fact that Hangman Page was not there. Uno put his hand in Matt's mouth and ripped away at something, then pulled his bloody hand out. 

The show ended with Dark Order standing tall. 


Final thoughts: 

This was a night of good-to-very good in-ring work, and some bad angles. 

The only significant angle that ran during an ad break this week was the first one. My theory is that the opener ran long, and that the angle was not supposed to take place during the break. 

The Dark Order came closer to being over tonight than at any point in their AEW tenure. 

The crowd was hot for the opener, but seemed to get turned off by everything else in the first hour. Jericho and Jungle Boy got them back. The angle after the Statlander/Baker match lost them again to the point that Matt Jackson was begging for reactions in the main event. 

The people are speaking. They love the in-ring. Your angles are turning them off. Let's take a break, regroup, and meet back here January 1. Happy Holidays, everybody.