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AEW Dynamite live results: Jon Moxley returns to action


-1's birthday celebration will take place on tonight's AEW Dynamite.

In the official -1 birthday celebration match, The Dark Order's John Silver, Alex Reynolds and Colt Cabana will team with Hangman Page against Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) and The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico). 

It was teased on this week's Being The Elite that Page would decide whether or not to join Dark Order permanently tonight. 

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will appear on the show to "reflect on his dominance." Omega pinned Impact Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann in a six-man tag match on Saturday's Impact Hard to Kill PPV.  

Sting is set to make an appearance on tonight's show, congratulating Darby Allin on his successful TNT Championship defense last week. 

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Santana & Ortiz vs. Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager  will be held to determine which Inner Circle tag team will get to represent the group in an effort to claim the AEW World Tag Team titles. 

Cody Rhodes vs. Peter Avalon, Matt Hardy & Private Party vs. Top Flight & Matt Sydal, Penelope Ford vs. Leyla Hirsch, Jon Moxley in action, plus an update from Miro and Chuck Taylor have also been advertised for tonight's show. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Brodie "-1" Lee, Jr. came out on Preston "10" Vance's shoulders with the rest of the Dark Order for his celebration. A birthday cake was set up on the ramp. They showed -1's mother and brother in the crowd.

John Silver grabbed the mic and said tonight was a special night: first, because they were about to get a new recruit in Hangman Page, and second, because it's somebody's birthday. The cake was making him "Johnny Hungie." He led the audience in a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) interrupted. Luther said that they didn't care about the party, and that AEW had become nothing more than a daycare center. He couldn't believe that -1 could say that he (Luther) could possibly look stupid. He called -1 a doofus and said that Chaos Project doesn't like children, and that they would ruin -1's birthday.

It broke down into a brawl with TH2 entering the fray, but Hangman Page's music played and he ran out and dove onto the pile.

Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds, & Colt Cabana) & Hangman Page defeated Hybrid2 (Jack Evans & Angélico) & Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

The match began with the heels beating down Silver. Luther displayed some signature offense, using his teammates as weapons. A flapjack allowed Silver to reach Page for a tag.

Page ran wild on all of his opponents, catching a dive from Serpentico and nailing a suplex. The match broke down and Cabana landed the Flying Apple on Serpentico. Page missed a dive on the outside, but Silver made up for it with a cannonball senton before Reynolds hit a flip dive of his own. Page concluded the sequence with an Orihara moonsault onto everyone.

Reynolds and Silver both hopped onto Page's back, so Page fell backwards onto Serpentico for two. Luther cut off a dive and Reynolds fell victim to a series of offense, concluding with a springboard 450 from Evans for two. Page powerbombed Evans into the crowd.

Luther set up to powerbomb Cabana onto the birthday cake, but -1 hitting Luther with a kendo stick allowed Cabana to power out and send Luther face-first into it. Back in the ring, a Buckshot Lariat into a German suplex followed by a jackknife pin from Reynolds on Serpentico got Dark Order the win. That's a great trios finisher.

– After the match, -1 hit Serpentico with the kendo stick before scolding everyone because "his birthday was three days ago." He then tossed papers into Serpentico's face, just like his dad.

Silver preceded his offer for Page to join the Dark Order by complimenting him like it was about to be a marriage proposal. Page said "I can't," but they had prepared for dancers to come out in a comedy moment. Page was very apologetic, but he said that he had already been in a group, and it didn't work out. He grabbed a bottle and left.


Chris Jericho and MJF were interviewed by Alex Marvez. He asked for their thoughts on the Inner Circle tag team challenge, but MJF insulted him and asked if Jericho was worried about dissension within the group. Jericho said that no matter what happens, the Inner Circle will move on as a unit. He predicted that he and MJF would win, and MJF said that they would be the next AEW Tag Team Champions.


Sting congratulates Darby Allin

Tony Schiavone introduced Sting, who came out wearing the Brodie Lee tribute shirt, before bringing out TNT champion Darby Allin.

Sting said that there's something about Allin that reminds him of himself. He wanted to be the first to publicly congratulate Allin on retaining his championship. He was about to say that he didn't want to get involved in the match, but Taz interrupted over the video board.

Taz pointed out that Sting attacked Ricky Starks and Allin used his belt on Cage. Allin and Sting want to be "street fighters," but Taz grew up in the streets. Starks suggested that they take it to the streets, and Taz said that the ball was in their court.

Allin told Team Taz to be careful what they wish for, because it just might happen. 


There was a meeting among members of The Elite at Kenny Omega's house. Alex Marvez was there with a camera, and they followed the Bucks into the house. Michael Nakazawa acted like a secretary and brought them into a living room, where there was a giant oil painting of Omega and Don Callis, both shirtless and shredded. Callis got it for Omega for his birthday, even though it was back in October.

Callis struggled to explain the miscommunication about the Elite match from last week. The Bucks had been trying to contact Omega, but he had changed his phone number without telling them. Nakazawa escorted Marvez to the "dungeon," but the camera was left on and Callis acted like they were in private.

With them "in private," Callis cut a couple checks for the Bucks, essentially bribing them to leave Omega alone – but the checks weren't for much money. Callis said that the Bucks were good friends to Omega, but now, they're holding him back. Matt said that they used to work for the company that Callis works for, and they know those checks are worthless. It looked like the Bucks were about to attack Callis as the segment ended.


Cody came out to his Snoop Dogg music, which looks like it might be his regular entrance theme from now on.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Peter Avalon

Despite the talents of both men, this match didn't really work, and it had a completely preposterous finish.

Cody said on Twitter that he'd beat Avalon in under a minute, so he hit Cross Rhodes right away. Before he could cover, Jade Cargill interrupted, and Avalon dropped Cody with a low blow. Avalon then targeted Cody's knee with kicks. Cody fought back with a right hand, but Avalon covered up, so Cody landed the Rhodes drop-down right.

They fought up top, leading to Avalon hitting a superplex. Cody rolled outside and they fought on the floor. Back in the ring, a vertical suplex just got Avalon a one count leading into a commercial break.

After the commercial, Avalon attempted a moonsault, but Cody rolled out of the way. Cody went for a leapfrog but Avalon didn't get through in time. It looked like that was a mistake, but Cody did a good job quickly recovering and selling his knee.

Avalon sent Cody to the outside and landed a tope. He tried to follow it up back in the ring, but Cody countered with a cutter and a powerslam. Cody locked on the Figure Four until Cody reversed the pressure onto Cody's hurt knee. Avalon slapped Cody, so Cody was about to slap him back, but "Pretty" Peter didn't want his face slapped, so he immediately tapped out. 


A video played where FTR and Tully Blanchard talked about how they were #1 in the ratings last week, meaning they should be champions. Jurassic Express interrupted, and Jungle Boy said that FTR might just be the best tag team in the world, but he could beat them. Harwood accepted the challenge without Wheeler or Tully, and Luchasaurus said he'd make sure nobody gets involved.


Jon Moxley defeated Nick Comoroto

This was the return match for Moxley, and it was also the Dynamite debut for Comoroto, who has looked impressive on Dark (and looked impressive here, too). The story that the announcers told was that Comoroto was the only one crazy enough to agree to a match with Moxley.

Moxley headbutted Comoroto right away and attacked with a long series of strikes. He went for a running crossbody, but Comoroto caught Moxley and downed him with a slam. After a beatdown, Moxley tried to make his comeback by biting at Comoroto's face and following it up with forearms, but Comoroto caught him yet again and hit a ushigoroshi.

Comoroto went for a spear, but Moxley moved out of the way and laid in mid kicks. He rebounded Comoroto off the ropes and hit a German suplex. Comoroto shrugged off a lariat, but Moxley transitioned into a rear naked choke, forcing a referee stoppage.

– After the match, Moxley soaked up some applause before taking a mic. He said that anything can happen on Dynamite. Things are getting crazy, and he can't keep track of it all, but he doesn't really care. Kenny Omega brought the Good Brothers to help him, but Moxley said that just makes it more fun and more violent. He said that the bigger the climb, the more satisfying it is. You can bring anyone from around the world, but all roads in professional wrestling lead through Moxley.


Eddie Kingston and his associates were interviewed by Dasha, where it was announced that Kingston would face Lance Archer one on one. Kingston was about to talk about PAC, but had to stop himself to address Archer, who interrupted with Jake Roberts. They had a shouting match until Roberts told Kingston to wrestle without Butcher and Blade backing him up. The segment ended with Roberts telling Kingston "Bite me." 


Kenny Omega was interviewed by Alex Marvez about the events at his house earlier today, but Omega didn't even know about it. Omega met Callis in the locker room, where Callis had a bad face wound from the Bucks' attack. Omega tried to get to the bottom of it, and Callis said "Nick and Matt" in passing, making it seem like they attacked him unprovoked. They sent Marvez away to end the segment.


Matt Hardy & Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) defeated Matt Sydal & Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

Private Party completed their heel turn in this match. They were also announced as the IMPACT no. 1 contenders.

Quen and Dante opened the match with a handshake and an athletic sequence. Dante got the upper hand, and his brother ran interference as Kassidy and Hardy tried to get involved. Sydal and Top Flight had a triple leapfrog spot that didn't really work until Sydal hit a corkscrew moonsault for two.

Private Party showed more aggression with an intense beatdown, but Sydal and Top Flight applied a wacky double crab on both members. Hardy struck Sydal behind the official's back, allowing Private Party to take advantage with a diving crossbody for two. They maintained control on Sydal through the commercial.

Sydal fired up with chops, but Hardy was able to reach Kassidy to stop his comeback. A double hurricanrana on Private Party allowed Sydal to reach Darius for the hot tag. 

Darius ran wild on everyone, hitting a Spanish Fly on Kassidy and sending Hardy to the floor, where Darius drilled him with a tope. Private Party went for the Silly String, but Top Flight countered it into a European Clutch for two. 

Kassidy countered out with a roll and tagged in Hardy, who hit Side Effects on both of Top Flight. He caught a Sydal dive and hit a third Side Effect, but the cover only got two. Quen tagged in and caught Sydal with a wacky spin kick, but Sydal hit a roundhouse kick of his own, allowing him to reach Dante for a tag.

Top Flight and Sydal triple treamed Quen, concluded with a top-rope hurricanrana from Dante, but Kassidy broke up the pin. Top Flight went for another top-rope move, but Hardy sent Darius to the floor and distracted the official while Kassidy hit Dante with a chair, solidifying the heel turn. The shooting star press from Quen finished it.

After the match, Private Party continued the attack on Top Flight and Sydal before Hardy hit Twist of Fate twice. 


MJF and Wardlow went into Chris Jericho's locker room, where the rest of the Inner Circle were waiting. MJF said that if he were the leader, this match might not happen, but what Jericho says, goes. Sammy Guevara got in MJF's face and said that if he were in charge, a lot of things would change. MJF calmed everyone down and asked everyone to just get out there and get this match out of the way. He fist bumped everyone but Guevara, who refused.


Chuck Taylor is now Charles Taylor, as he has to be Miro's butler until Sabian and Ford's wedding. Orange Cassidy looked on from the crowd.

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian, Miro, & Charles Taylor) defeated Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch tried to control early on with her amateur wrestling background. Ford escaped with a kick to Hirsch's knee and a shoulder block, but Hirsch popped up and ran the ropes. Taylor tripped Hirsch at Sabian's request, but she was still able to lock on an armbar. Sabian distracted Hirsch, but Ford blindsided her with a pump kick on the floor before sending her into the barricade.

After the break, Hirsch caught a kick and landed a running knee strike before flattening Ford with a German suplex. She followed it up with running knees for two. Hirsch went up top, but Ford pulled her down, where she avoided the axe kick. It looked like Hirsch would go for her springboard moonsault, but she audibled into diving onto Sabian and Taylor outside. 

Back in the ring, Ford caught Hirsch with a big boot, and Sabian held down Hirsch's foot during the cover, leading to the pinfall.

– After the match, Miro grabbed a microphone for his update with Taylor. He wants to take Taylor places he's never gone before, but to do that, he needs Taylor to tell Orange Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Taylor thought about it for a long time, and with a sullen look in his eyes, said that Miro was his best friend. Cassidy put his sunglasses back on and made his way back up the steps.


The show cut backstage, where the Good Brothers were beating up the Lucha Bros. Kenny Omega showed up and got involved, with Don Callis directing traffic. Karl Anderson choked Penta with some sort of cable while Omega attacked him with a boot.


Next week's AEW Dynamite lineup:

  • Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jungle Boy
  • Young Bucks & Good Brothers vs. Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds)
  • Cody responds to Shaq

Beach Break in two weeks:

  • Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley, PAC, & Rey Fenix
  • Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford's wedding, with Miro as the Best man
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Penelope Ford
  • Tag Team Battle Royal for a championship match at Revolution

Also announced was an upcoming AEW Women's Championship Eliminator Tournament, with participants to be determined. There was a prominent Japanese flag shown as part of the graphic, so there will probably foreign talent joining the tournament. 


A video from Sammy Hagar played hyping up the team of Sammy/Hager: Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF) defeated Inner Circle (Santana & Ortiz) and Inner Circle (Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara)

This was a great main event with some exciting multi-man tag wrestling and a phenomenal performance from Guevara.

The winner of this match becomes the Inner Circle's designated tag team. The match was two in, one out rules, with anyone being able to tag in and out from anyone else.

Jericho and Guevara started off, and Guevara easily got the upper hand with strikes. It looked like he would dive on Jericho, but instead, he posed in the ring as Jericho regrouped.

Hager and Santana tagged in, and Santana and Ortiz took control, but Jericho made a blind tag on Hager. Santana hit a springboard crossbody followed by a senton/moonsault combination for two. During the break, Santana and Ortiz kept up their advantage after Guevara tagged in, before Jericho blind tagged himself in.

Guevara fired up on Jericho as the announcers pointed out that MJF hadn't entered the match yet. Hager and MJF each tagged in, and Hager ran wild on everyone, flattening MJF with a spinebuster. Guevara hit a springboard cutter before superkicking Jericho on the floor. 

Santana and Ortiz cut off a Guevara dive before hitting topes of their own. Guevara then hit a corkscrew tope on MJF. In the ring, it was Guevara and Ortiz, and the former went to the top rope but was cut off by Santana. MJF pulled Guevara off the top rope into the electric chair, but Guevara turned it into a reverse hurricanrana before landing a top-rope Spanish Fly on Ortiz for two.

MJF distracted the official as Jericho called for Floyd the bat, but Hager just booted Hager down. MJF then tried to use the Dynamite Diamond Ring, but Hager downed him with a right hand.

A running shooting star press from Guevara got two, but MJF cut him off and allowed Jericho to tag in. A powerbomb from MJF and Lionsault from Jericho on Guevara got two. Ortiz got another hot tag as he and Santana flattened Jericho with an inside-out suplex, but Jericho kicked out at two and hit a Codebreaker for a great near fall. 

Ortiz hit a double DDT on MJF and Jericho, Hager tagged in and hit the Hager Bomb on MJF, and Guevara landed a senton atomico, but Ortiz broke up the pin. Guevara blasted Jericho with the GTH, fought off everyone else, but Wardlow distracted him and MJF rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win.