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AEW Dynamite live results: Miro vs. Sammy Guevara TNT title match


Miro will defend the TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara on tonight's AEW Dynamite. 

Miro has managed eight successful TNT title defenses since winning the belt from Darby Allin in May. The match will be Guevara's first on Dynamite since defeating Shawn Spears on the August 18 edition of the show. 

Adam Cole will be in action against Jungle Boy. Cole and The Young Bucks defeated Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage on last week's AEW Rampage Grand Slam. 

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson of The Nightmare Family will team against Matt Sydal and Top Flight's Dante Martin. 

Penelope Ford and The Bunny will face Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Ford defeated Jay on last week's Rampage. 

Tonight's show will be held in Rochester, New York, the hometown of the late Brodie Lee. Tony Khan announced on Twitter that the show will be dedicated to Lee's memory.

Under the leadership of Brodie Lee Jr., Dark Order will face the Hardy Family Office in a 16-man tag match tonight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Show Report --

There was an "In Memory of Brodie Lee: 1979-2020" graphic before the opening theme. 


CM Punk was the show's guest commentator. He made a full entrance to open the show.


Adam Cole defeated Jungle Boy

This was a really excellent match all around. Both men have some pretty remarkable chemistry already. I'm exasperated with low blow endings from the Elite, however.

They wrestled around early on with some back-and-forth exchanged but neither man could establish an advantage. Jungoe Boy got the first big shot with a shoulder tackle. He later hit his step-up arm drag followed by a dropkick, sending Cole to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy tried to fight off an attack by scaling the turnbuckles, but Cole pushed him down, sending him crashing to the floor. Cole slowed down the pace of the match, repeatedly whipping Jungle Boy into the turnbuckles. Jungle Boy fired up with a strike sequence and a rebound lariat.

They traded big strikes in the center of the ring, concluding with thrust kicks. Jungle Boy hit a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a German, bridging for two. He perched Cole in the tree of woe and closed in with a basement dropkick for two. 

A cradle from Cole bought him some space for a two-count. Cole then hit a backstabber and the ushigoroshi for a near fall. Cole taunted, but Jungle Boy popped up with a reverse hurricanrana and a sliding forearm for a near fall. Jungle Boy then hit almost a modified Death Valley driver for another near fall.

Cole surprised Jungle Boy with a superkick, sending him to the floor. He thought about Panama Sunrise to the floor, Jungle Boy went for a dive instead, but Cole cut it off with a dropkick. Jungle Boy hit a sick hurricanrana over the top rope that sent Cole to the floor.

Upon re-entry, Cole crushed Jungle Boy with a superkick. He then hit the Panama Sunrise for a good near fall. He moved the knee pad and went for the Last Shot, but Jungle Boy avoided it and locked Cole in the Snare Trap. Jungle Boy had to re-apply his grip, and Cole used that separation to mule kick Jungle Boy low with the referee's view obscured. Cole then hit the running knee (the former Last Shot) for the win.

– After the match, the Elite came out to celebrate with Cole through a commercial break. Once back, Karl Anderson talked up the Elite. To be Elite, you need to be the AEW World Champion or the greatest tag team of all time. 

Cole said that he called his shot, beating Jungle Boy by himself. He's undefeated. Brandon Cutler tried to say something but was cut off by Nick Jackson, who gave the mic to Michael Nakazawa, leading to "CM Punk" chants. Nakazawa said he had nothing to say.

Omega talked about all the positive response and accolades about how great his match with Bryan Danielson was. He said Danielson couldn't get the job done, and he's not getting a rematch. Loud "Yes!" chants.

Danielson's music played and he walked out. He asked the fans if they wanted to see a rematch between him and Omega. They do, in fact, want a rematch. Danielson said Omega doesn't have the balls. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Kenny 'No Balls' Omega." Omega was livid. Danielson challenged any member of the Elite for a match at Rampage. 

Omega said, "how about right now?" Danielson obliged, but said he wasn't coming alone. Frankie Kazarian, Jurassic Express, and Christian Cage came out for backup as the Elite escaped up the ramp. 


The Lucha Bros were backstage. Andrade El Idolo walked up and congratulated them on their championships before asking where PAC was. Andrade's assistant pointed out they hadn't defended the AAA tag titles in a long time. Fénix said they'd defend them anytime, anywhere.


Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson (w/ Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson) defeated Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

This match had phenomenal intensity. All four men were extremely motivated tonight for whatever reason. The post-match was enthralling.

Cody, Johnson, and Arn were selling discontent from the very start. Cody and Dante started off and wrestled around before tagging in their partners. The high-flyers had the upper hand on Cody and Johnson for a moment. Dante and Johnson had a really entertaining athletic exchange before it broke down ahead of the break.

Johnson was in control on Sydal upon return. A dropkick bought Sydal enough time to tag in Dante as Johnson tagged in Cody. Cody's snap powerslam got two, but then Dante's tijeras took Cody down. A Disaster Kick took out Sydal. Cody then hit Din's Fire for a near fall.

Sydal took out Johnson, then Dante came in with a springboard missile dropkick on Cody for two. Dante followed it up with a double-springboard moonsault for two more. Johnson forcefully tagged himself in and booted Sydal in the jaw. Dante rolled Johnson up for a good near fall. Johnson came back with a shoulder breaker for the win.

– After the match, Schiavone entered the ring to interview the winners. Cody challenged Malakai Black to come out, but Arn talked him down and told him to stop talking. Arn said that Black systematically destroyed every one of them. He told Cody that he should've finished that fight. He got into a metaphor about Cody being too passive. Arn's not going to coach a loser; "Come with me, Lee." Arn and Johnson left Cody in the ring.


Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, & Darby Allin (w/ Sting) defeated Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) & Anthony Greene

The babyface team attacked before the bell. Allin immediately rolled up Greene with La Magistral before taking him down with a deep arm drag. Kingston hit the Kitchen Sink. Moxley and Boulder tagged in. Boulder shrugged off some shoulder tackles and a slap, catching a crossbody and planting Moxley with a powerslam. Bronson landed a running senton for two.

Kingston cut off a double team from Bear Country and just crumpled Bronson with a German suplex. Moxley did the same to Boulder. Greene tagged himself in as Allin took out Bear Country with a Coffin Drop. Moxley and Kingston shrugged off a springboard crossbody from Greene and hit the Violent Crown for the quick win.

– After the match, Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Greene.


A video package recapped Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho from last week. 


Hardy Family Offices were in the ring. Hardy said that a year and a half ago, he was supposed to make his debut in Rochester. That was deleted, because Rochester is an awful town and doesn't deserve a legend like Hardy. Orange Cassidy's music interrupted and he and the Dark Order made their entrances. Brodie Lee Jr. (-1) posed with the Dark Order on the apron.

Orange Cassidy & Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Alan Angels, 10, and Colt Cabana) defeated Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Butcher, Blade, Angélico, Jack Evans, & Jora Johl)

Much like the Brodie Lee memorial show, this match could not have possibly been done better.

Dark Order showed disagreement right from the start. Angels unmasked himself and argued with Uno, allowing Butcher and Blade to hit a double team suplex for a quick near fall. Private Party hit an assisted bulldog flapjack for another two. Orange tagged in and put his hands in his pockets, taking down both members of Private Party with a dropkick. The match broke down into a sixteen-way ahead of the commercial.

Reynolds got a hot tag upon return. He and Uno tentatively worked together to take out Angélico, but more miscommunication got in the way. Orange tagged in and hit a top-rope splash for two. Uno walked out on his team. The match broke down once again.

-1, Amanda Huber, Tay Conti, and Anna Jay walked out to talk some sense into Uno and company. -1 tossed a paper into Uno's face and they ran back into the ring. Everyone in the Dark Order landed dives followed by 10 hitting an insane spear through the ropes to the floor. Silver brought out the most ridiculous sequence of offense you'll ever see, taking out everyone.

10 planted Johl with a spinebuster, Orange took out Hardy with the Orange Punch, Silver and Reynolds hit their combo offense, and Uno and Grayson hit Fatality for the win.


A Lio Rush promo aired. He said Tony Khan's been calling him nonstop. He's got a stock market speculator gimmick. "L.B.O. Lio."


FTR and Tully Blanchard cut a promo. Dax said they are revitalized, rejuvenated, and re-focused -- that's bad news for the rest of the division. "Top guys, out."


Dan Lambert was in the ring with the Men of the Year. He said he was here to pay Chris Jericho a compliment. He took this terrible company, joined it, and somehow it's still standing. When Jericho decided to confront America's Top Team, that was the end of his career. They've chopped off the head of the AEW snake, and made it more difficult for Tony Khan to peddle his snake oil. Loud "Shut the f*ck up" chants.

Scorpio Sky mentioned he was one of the first champions in AEW and won the Face of the Revolution ladder match -- and it still wasn't good enough. Lambert was paying attention, and he sees what the fans ignore: that Sky is a main eventer. Page has two black belts and has never been pinned or submitted in AEW. They're done being overlooked. America's Top Team and Men of the Year are *the* top team.


A miraculous Hikaru Shida promo aired. She's trying for her 50th win in AEW, and she will face Deeb. Deeb called herself the "woman of 1000 holds," saying she'd submit Shida. They will face off at next week's Dynamite Anniversary.


Anna Jay & Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford & The Bunny

Jay and Conti attacked before the bell and suplexed their opponents out on the floor. Conti hit repeated judo throws and tagged in Jay. They hit combination offense, but Ford and Bunny sent Conti to the floor and used the numbers advantage to isolate Jay in the ring.

Upon return, Conti got the hot tag and ran wild on Ford. She landed a nice springboard crossbody and hit an assisted suplex for two. Ford used a backbend to avoid a clothesline from Jay and hit a stunner followed by a fireman's carry gutbuster for two. Jay rolled out of the way of a moonsault attempt as Conti hit the Tay-KO on Bunny on the floor. Jay then hit the Dangerous Jay kick followed by the Queenslayer sleeper for the win.


Jade Cargill vs. Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose in a no disqualification three-way match was announced for Rampage this Friday. They each cut brief promos.


MJF came out with Wardlow. He wants to make this company successful as long as he's given what he deserves. He brought up the concept of AEW's four original future star pillars: Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and the most important, MJF. Without MJF, this company "ain't sh*t." He deserves to be AEW world champion.

He called out Tony Khan, saying he needs to start to listen to MJF's demands. He teased bringing out Bruce Prichard, but then Darby Allin's music played and he interrupted. MJF cut Allin off before he could speak, saying it'd be fine to just be a #2 guy. Allin's Pippen, but MJF's Jordan.

Allin asked if he was done talking and demanded that MJF leave if he doesn't get what he wants. Nobody will care. "How can you be a pillar if I'm the only one who's won a championship?"

MJF got hot and asked if the crowd knew why Allin is straight edge: because when Allin was a kid, his uncle died in a drunk driving accident with Allin in the car. MJF said that that night, the wrong man died, and demanded that Allin hit him. Allin wouldn't budge, telling MJF to keep talking. MJF and Wardlow slinked off without a fight.


This Friday's AEW Rampage lineup (9/29):

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson
  • No Disqualification Three-way: Jade Cargill vs. Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose
  • Hair vs. Hair: Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

AEW Dynamite: Anniversary lineup (10/6):

  • The Elite (Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, & The Young Bucks) vs. Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, & Jurassic Express
  • Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
  • Casino Ladder Match


A video promo recapped Miro vs. Fuego Del Sol and hyped up Miro's upcoming match against Sammy Guevara.

TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara defeated Miro (c) to win the title

This was a wonderful title match with a thrilling title change.

Miro avoided a running knee right at the start and countered a second before laying in stomps and strikes. Guevara got some brief offense but was immediately cut off with a back elbow. Miro used Guevara's chain to choke him. Guevara fired up and used a high crossbody to send both men crashing to the floor. Guevara sidestepped a running attack from Miro, sending him hard into the ring steps. 

Back in the ring, Guevara went for a shooting star press. Miro somehow caught it and turned it into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex ahead of a commercial. Miro was firmly in control upon return to the broadcast. He countered the jumping knee once again with a German suplex. Guevara finally started his comeback with a standing Spanish Fly.

Guevara flipped out of a German and avoided a corner splash, sending Miro to the floor. He then landed an insane running dive over the corner post to the outside. Back inside, Miro avoided a crossbody and hit a black hole slam for two. He called for Game Over, but Guevara surprised him with two rising knees. He climbed the ropes, but Miro cut him off as they jockeyed for position. 

Miro was sent crashing to the mat and Guevara landed a diving uppercut. Guevara wanted the GTH, but Miro fought out and hit his signature thrust kick for a near fall. Miro was frustrated as he started ripping turnbuckles off. Fuego Del Sol ran out and got in Miro's face. The distraction allowed Guevara to hit the rising knee, sending Miro into the exposed turnbuckle.

Guevara hit the tornado DDT aand the GTH. He then scaled the ropes and landed the 630 senton to win the match and the championship.

– Confetti fell from the rafters as Guevara celebrated with Fuego and company to end the show.


Final Thoughts --

I don't often do a "Final Thoughts" section on these reviews as I'm just a recapper, but I wanted to highlight how excellent this show was: This was one of the best editions of Dynamite in history. There were four thrilling matches, entertaining promo segments, returns, and surprises. Above it all, Tony Khan continued his unbelievably perfect treatment of Brodie Lee's memory with that beautiful, emotional Dark Order match. After a run of middling shows (in my humble opinion), this show has me buzzing.