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AEW Dynamite live results: Moxley vs. PAC, tag tournament semifinals


AEW rolls into Pittsburgh tonight, as the fourth episode of Dynamite emanates from the Petersen Events Center. 

Last week's show saw Jon Moxley and PAC teaming. That uneasy alliance ended with Moxley hitting his Paradigm Shift finisher on PAC and walking out on the match. As a result, the two will face off in singles competition tonight. 

A promo segment featuring Cody has been advertised for tonight's show. Cody is set to challenge AEW World Champion Chris Jericho at Full Gear on November 9. 

Joey Janela will make his Dynamite debut, taking on Kenny Omega in a rematch of their acclaimed AEW Dark match from earlier this month. 

The AEW Tag Team Title Tournament continues with two semifinal matches. The Lucha Bros will face Private Party, and SCU will take on Dark Order. 

Also on the show, Britt Baker, wrestling in her hometown, will take on the United Kingdom's Jamie Hayter.  

In a matchup of two teams that have been eliminated from the tag tournament, The Young Bucks will take on Best Friends. Both teams have 2-2 records in AEW tag matches. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show started with the ring introductions for the first tag tournament semifinal. 


This was an insanely hot opener. Big move after big move after big move. They worked a crazy pace and didn't sell much. A very modern match. 

Quen and Fenix began. After a series of drop-downs and leapfrogs, Quen hit a dropkick. Fenix came back with a German suplex, and the Lucha Bros. isolated Quen. 

Quen came back with a pop-up double stomp, then tagged Kassidy. Kassidy hit an enziguri, followed by another double stomp from Quen. Quen hit a springboard tope to the floor on Fenix. Kassidy and Quen hit Silly String on Pentagon. Quen hit Pentagon with a 450 for a near fall. 

Pentagon came back on Quen with a series of kicks. Fenix tagged in and hit a double stomp to a standing Quen. The Lucha Bros. hit a tandem pop-up dropkick/poison rana move. Fenix hit a springboard dive to the floor. Pentagon used a package driver on Quen for a two count. 

Quen hit a headscissors on Pentagon, stood up out of a headscissors attempt by Fenix, then managed a tag to Kassidy. Kassidy hit a variety of flying headscissors on Fenix, then took out Pentagon with an Asai moonsault. 

Kassidy hit a tornillo on Pentagon. Quen and Kassidy hit a tandem cutter on Fenix for a two count. Kassidy hit a blockbuster on Fenix. Quen hit a 450 on Fenix for a near fall. 

Fenix hit a Gory Bomb/legdrop combo on both Quen and Kassidy. Pentagon hit a lungblower on Kassidy. Lucha Bros. went for their finish, but Quen fought it off. Kassidy hit a pop-up cutter on Fenix. Pentagon hit Kassidy with a destroyer. 

Fenix ran across the top rope and hit Quen with a kick. Pentagon used an armbreaker on Quen. Fenix and Pentagon hit their double stomp/package driver finish on Quen. Fenix hit a tope con giro on Kassidy, allowing Pentagon to cover Quen for the pin. 


A hype video played for Wardlow. He lifted weights and flexed. Wardlow is coming. 


The broadcast team gave an update on Christopher Daniels. He's expected back in 6-8 weeks after suffering a pinched nerve in the attack by the Lucha Bros. last week. 


Uno and Grayson dominated the early-going with very basic offense. Sky got a couple of hope spots in against Uno, who tagged Grayson. Sky made a comeback on Grayson with a double stomp, then tagged Kazarian. 

Kazarian and Sky used quick tags, but Grayson came back quickly with a backflip kick on Kazarian. Uno rammed Sky into the ring steps. Dark Order continued working over Sky in the ring during a commercial break. 

Grayson worked a chinlock as they returned from commercial. Sky came back with right hands on Uno, but Uno cut him off and used a rest hold. 

The Inner Circle appeared in the crowd during the match, and everyone stopped paying attention to the match. Jericho and company walked through the crowd and sat in a suite. 

Kazarian, meanwhile, was making one of the greatest comebacks no one has ever seen. It didn't matter. He got cut off. Grayson hit him with an overhead belly-to-belly for a two count. Uno hit him with a powerbomb for another two count. 

Sky blind-tagged himself in. Kazarian and Sky used tandem dragon sleepers. Grayson threw Kazarian off and broke both holds. 

Grayson tried a top rope rana on Kazarian and sent him outside. He then hit a tope over the post to the floor on Kazarian. Uno hit a DDT on Sky for a near fall. 

Kazarian recovered and jumped back in. Sky and Kazarian hit the SCU-Later on Grayson. Kazarian held Uno at bay, while Sky covered Grayson for the pin. 

This was a chaotic segment. I see no reason why Jericho and company couldn't have come out at the end of the match instead of in the middle of a great comeback. Dark Order just isn't over. Their act has never really been explained, and the right call was made as to the winner here. 


They showed clips from the AEW Dark match between Kenny Omega and Joey Janela a couple of weeks ago. 


They began with some catch-as-catch-can grappling. They traded holds. Omega hit a running boot and sent Janela outside, then hit a pescado. Janela came back with some right hands, then hit a crazy high cross off the post to the floor. He then threw Omega back inside for a two count. 

The two traded chops, and we got a commercial break. This was the first break during the show that didn't have the live feed picture-in-picture on the screen. 

Bac kfrom break, Omega hit You Can't Escape. He went for the follow-up moonsault, but Janela got his knees up. Janela suplexed Omega into the bottom buckle, then hit a top rope elbow for a near fall. 

Janela teased a top rope rana, but Omega slipped out and dropped his face across the top rope. Omega hit a V-trigger for a two count. 

Omega went for another V-trigger. Janela hit a German, but Omega rolled through. They traded high kicks. Omega hit a standing knee strike. Janela hit a fisherman buster, then used a big lariat for a two count. 

Omega rolled to the apron. Janela tried a swanton bomb off the post, but Omega rolled away, and Janela crash landed on the apron. 

Omega hit a V-trigger, then hit the One-Winged Angel for the pin. 

This was good. The crowd was super into it and chanted "this is awesome." That might be a stretch, but it was a good match. 


Cody came out for his big announcement. tony Schiavone conducted the interview. Cody said he grew up in front of the world so it's only appropriate that he share his news with all of us tonight. 

Jericho, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara started sounding air horns from their seats. Cody said AEW wasn't like the other wrestling company that he and Jericho came from, there's not an invisible wall around the ring, and he can come up there and fight Jericho. 

Jericho said Cody is a stupid coward, and an entitled little millennial bitch, and if he fought him it would be 4-on-1. 

Dustin Rhodes' music played. MJF came out. Jericho made fun of MJF's scarf, and asked what kind of idiot wears a scarf. Diamond Dallas Page entered. Cody, Dustin, MJF and Page entered the crowd and went up to Jericho's box. Jericho and company locked themselves in the box. Cody broke the glass, and the brawl was on. 

The two sides brawled through the luxury box, out onto the concourse. Cody and his team were getting the best of the brawl, until security and police intervened. Cody and company were escorted away, while Jericho waved his ticket in the air and said that's what happens when you mess with The Inner Circle. 



Orange Cassidy came out with Best Friends. He threw an Orange Cassidy version of a superkick at both Bucks, and the Bucks responded by hitting him with double superkicks. 

As the match began, the Bucks asserted themselves. Nick hit his facebuster/tope combination to both Best Friends. The Bucks mocked the Best Friends hug. 

Trent and Taylor made a comeback on the outside, whipping both Bucks into the barricade. Taylor hit a doomsday knee to the floor. Matt came back with a springboard DDT over the top to the apron on Taylor. Trent came back on Matt with chops, then sent him over the top rope. Best Friends were in control going into a commercial break. 

Back from break, Nick missed a 450 and tagged Matt. Matt hit a roundhouse kick on Trent. Trent no-sold and hit a German on Matt, then tagged Taylor. 

Taylor hit a suplex on Matt, a then used a powerbomb for a two count. Taylor then hit a falcon arrow for a near fall. Taylor went up top. Matt tried to cut him off, but Trent jumped up and suplexed him off the top. 

Best Friends hit a Soul Food/suplex combo. Best Friends hugged and took the ref, while Cassidy hit a dive off the post onto both Bucks. Best Friends hit Strong Zero, but Nick broke up the pinfall with a 450. 

Trent hit a doomsday knee to Matt, but Matt landed on his feet. The Bucks ran wild with superkicks. Nick took out Cassidy and Trent with a crazy dive to the floor. 

The Bucks then hit More Bang For Your Buck, and Matt pinned Taylor. This was another very good match. The level of the in-ring on this show every week is kind of crazy. 

After the match, the Bucks accepted Santana and Ortiz's challenge for Full Gear. 


They played a hype video for Britt Baker, focusing on her connection with her hometown of Pittsburgh. 

Britt said you have to keep working hard. She put over her connection growing up rooting for the local sports teams, and welcomed us to Brittsburgh. 



Baker came out with a Pittsburgh Steelers mascot and Pittsburgh-themed gear. 

Hayter took the early advantage with strikes, then sent Baker outside. She whipped Baker into the barricade. Baker came back with a slingblade on the floor. 

The match continued during a commercial break. Back in the ring, Baker hit a neckbreaker. Hayter hit some punches, choked Baker with the ropes, then used a camel clutch. 

Hayter took Baker's back and applied a rear naked choke. Baker broke the hold, hit strikes in the corner, then hit another slingblade for a two count. 

They traded strikes. Hatyter hit a falcon arrow for a two count. Hayter tried a powerbomb, but Baker backdropped out. Baker hit a second rope superplex, which Hayter basically no-sold. Hayter then hit a chokeslam for a two count. 

Baker hit a big right hand, a cutter, then used a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Baker hit a superkick, then used the Lockjaw for the submission. 

This was pretty much exactly what it shoud have been. A nitpick is that it seemed as though they were rushing to get all of their planned spots in. 


The broadcast team plugged next week's show and the pay-per-view, then threw it to Jenn Decker, who was set to interview Hayter. 

Decker got one question out. Hayter started to answer, when Brandi Rhodes attacked and left her laying. 

Decker tried to get a word with Brandi. Brandi got in Decker's face, but then walked off without saying anything. 


PAC hit Jon Moxley with a chair as Moxley made his entrance. PAC then choked Moxley with his own jacket. 


PAC hit an enziguri at the opening bell. He went to the top for a Black Arrow, but Moxley rolled outside. PAC hit a space flying tiger drop, then threw Moxley back inside for a two count. 

Moxley made a comeback. He hit a series of stomps in the corner. PAC regained the advantage with a one-legged dropkick to the head for a two count. 

Moxley stepped to the apron to try to avoid PAC's offense. PAC sent him off the apron into the barricade with a running shoulder block. 

PAC used a chinlock, then hit a series of mid kicks. PAC used a standing shooting star press for a two count. 

Moxley again went to the apron. PAC tried a German on the apron. Instead, Moxley hit an X-plex on the apron, and PAC crashed to the floor. 

Back inside, they exchanged strikes. Moxley hit a clothesline. PAC came back with kicks. Moxley hit another clothesline, and PAC took a flip bump. Moxley then hit an X-plex for a two count. 

Moxley teased a Regal knee, but PAC rolled outside. Moxley then hit a suicide dive. Back inside, Moxley hit a black hole slam for a two count. Moxley hit a Regal knee for another two count. 

Moxley locked on a cloverleaf. PAC reached the ropes, forcing a break. Moxley went to the top rope. PAC crotched him, then hit a top rope falcon arrow for a two count. 

Moxley used a cradle for a two count. PAC low-bridged Moxley to the floor. PAC then hit a 450 off the apron to the floor. PAC tossed Moxley back inside. He went for Black Arrow, but Moxley rolled out of the way. 

Moxley crawled over and made a cover, but PAC kicked out at two. Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift, but PAC kicked out at two. 

TV time expired, and the match was ruled a draw. 

Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift on the referee, and the show ended. 

The crowd didn't react well to the draw, but educating the audience that it's a viable finish is important and has to be done. 

FINAL THOUGHT: This was another good night for AEW in front of another hot crowd.