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AEW Dynamite live results: Omega & Hardy vs. Santana & Ortiz


AEW Dynamite returns tonight from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy vs. Santana and Ortiz highlights the announced matches. Santana and Ortiz interfered in last week's Dynamite main event street fight. That match saw Omega and Hardy team against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in a losing effort. 

Mr. Brodie Lee will be in action against SCU's Christopher Daniels. Lee laid out Daniels with a chair shot on last week's episode to set this match up. Lee will challenge AEW World Champion Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing 2 on May 23. 

A four-way match in the women's division will take place tonight. Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander, Penelope Ford and Dr. Britt Baker will face off. While not officially announced as a number one contender's match, it would make sense that the winner of this match will be next in line to face AEW Women's World Champion Nyla Rose. 

Chris Jericho vs. "Pineapple Pete" Suge D, MJF returning to in-ring action against an unnamed opponent and a Jake Roberts and Lance Archer promo have also been announced for tonight's show. 

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


The show opened with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer out for a promo. Archer beat up a jobber on the stage on his way to the ring. 

Roberts said that he had been asked to make an apology for his actions last week. He said he'll apologize as soon as Brandi kisses his ass. 

Roberts said that when you step into the ringside area you enter Archer and Roberts' world. You enter a book where they are the authors. 

Roberts said as far as he's concerned, women are good at home wiping baby's butts, cleaning, cooking, and occasionally keeping him warm if it's really cold outside. Roberts said he has a woman who comes to see him but she makes sure he watches Archer matches because they get him excited. 

Roberts said Cody has run out of time and run out of people to hide behind. 

An engine revved and Cody drove a truck to the arena. This was supposed to be cool and badass but the big high spot for the truck was gently knocking over a barricade. 

Cody got out with his fists taped and approached the ring. Archer and Cody had a strong brawl around the ring. Archer tripped Cody on the apron and Cody took a bump. Cody choked Archer with Archer's hair braids. 

Roberts told Archer to pull back and fight another day. 

This was a good segment. The truck spot was a good idea that had some issues in execution. 


The announce team previewed the card for the evening. They then threw to a video package highlighting the teams in the tag division. 


Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) defeated Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy (w/Marko Stunt)

This was a good opener. All action. 

Taylor and Jungle Boy kicked things off and grappled to a stalemate. Trent and Luchasaurus got tags. They traded power spots. Jungle Boy tagged back in and Trent cut him off with a backdrop driver. 

Taylor accidentally aided Jungle Boy in hitting a doomsday device missile dropkick on Trent. Best Friends suplexed Luchasaurus on the floor. They hugged on the floor but were wiped out by a Jungle Boy tope con giro, leading to a commercial break. 

After the break, Luchasaurus was working on Trent. Trent hit a spear and both tagged out. 

Taylor and Jungle Boy traded strikes. Jungle Boy dropped Taylor with a lariat. Trent took out Jungle Boy with a one-legged dropkick. Luchasaurus hit Trent with a question mark kick. 

The finish was chaotic. 

Orange Cassidy teased a dive from the stage to the ring. Rey Fenix entered and took out Cassidy with a kick. MJF jumped out of the crowd and posted Jungle Boy. 

Taylor then hit an Awful Waffle on Jungle Boy for the pin. 


After the match, Wardlow jumped the rail and beat up Marko Stunt.


The announcers threw it backstage to Alex Marvez who tried to get a word with Jon Moxley as he arrived at the building. Moxley ignored Marvez and pushed the camera operator aside. 

Marvez said they might need some extra security backstage as he's never seen Moxley so upset. 


Hikaru Shida defeated Penelope Ford, Britt Baker & Kris Statlander

This had a lot of good action but was also sloppy at times. 

Shida and Statlander worked in tandem at the outset. Baker teased a curb stomp on Shida in the ropes but Statlander saved. Statlander and Shida hit a double backbreaker on Baker. 

Ford hit a crossbody to Shida and Statlander but they kipped up out of it. Baker tried for Lockjaw on Shida but Statlander saved. Statlander fish-hooked Baker's nose. 

Statlander and Shida hit a stacked up superplex on Baker. Ford climbed to the top rope and Statlander just powerlifted her off the top and dropped her on Baker. Shida hit a high knee on Statlander and all four were down before an ad break. 

Statlander was going for a Big Bang Theory on Shida as the match resumed. Baker blocked and hit a destroyer. Ford hit a back handspring cutter on Baker for a near fall. Statlander hit a Michinoku driver. 

Shida tossed Statlander and Baker outside. Ford hit a missile dropkick on Shida for a two count. Sabian jumped on the apron and made out with Ford. Shida used a sloppy cradle on Ford for a two count. 

Shida hit a falcon arrow. Baker used Lockjaw on Statlander on the floor. 

With Statlander and Shida on the floor, Shida hit a backbreaker and a running knee on Ford, then stacked her up for the pin. 


The announcers put over the win by Shida but emphasized that Baker was more intent on damaging Statlander than winning the match. 


A Suge D video promo aired. He said he's spent sixteen years trying to claw his way to the top. He said Jericho has such little respect for him that he called him Pineapple Pete. 

Suge said that since Jericho started calling him Pete, life has been sweet. He drank from a pineapple. Awesome. 


Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's World Championship was announced for Double or Nothing. 


Omega entered for the next match but was jumped by Santana and Ortiz as he entered. 

Matt Hardy entered in his Damascus persona and made the save. Hardy bit Santana and brawled with him around ringside. 

Matt Hardy & Kenny Omega defeated Santana & Ortiz

As the match began, Omega countered some Ortiz offense. Ortiz hit his tiger style move and JR crapped on it. 

Omega hit a double Kotaro Krusher on Santana and Ortiz. Hardy got a tag and hit a side effect and a legdrop on Santana for a near fall. 

Santana took the referee and Ortiz tripped Omega on the apron to get the heat before a commercial break. 

After the break, Santana used a crab, a thumb to the eye and an abdominal stretch on Omega. Santana and Ortiz hit a double northern lights suplex on Omega. Ortiz used the move for a two count. 

Omega and Ortiz traded strikes. Omega hit a snap dragon suplex and made a hot tag to Hardy. 

Hardy used another side effect on Santana for a two count. Hardy got whipped over the top rope and took a nasty hit on the apron on his way to the floor. Those bumps don't look like the worst but similar bumps ended Rick Rude's career and sent Shawn Michaels to retirement for four years. 

The match broke down. Omega hit a plancha to Ortiz. Hardy hit Santana with a Twist of Fate but Ortiz broke up the pin. 

Santana used Ortiz as a launch pad and hit a cannonball on Omega for a near fall. Omega countered out of a Street Sweeper. 

Hardy got a tag and used a hanging guillotine on Ortiz. Sammy Guevara limped to the ring in a neck brace, holding a steel chair. Guevara got in the ring but ate a Twist of Fate on a chair. 

Hardy teased a superplex on Ortiz. Ortiz blocked but Omega hit him with a v-trigger as he sat on the turnbuckle. Hardy then hit a Twist of Fate off the buckle and got the pin. 


Taz spoke with Darby Allin backstage. Taz said Cody beat Allin with a basic amateur wrestling move. He said he can offer Allin some tips. 

Allin said he knows how Cody beat him. Allin said he placed third in the state of Idaho in amateur wrestling one year and walked off. 


Lexy Nair interviewed Shida. Shida's English has improved tremendously in a short amount of time. 

Shida said she's excited and the best thing she can do is win the championship. 

Nyla Rose appeared and said she was there to give Shida something she's been missing. Rose pulled out a kendo stick and left Shida laying with it. 


Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix was announced for next week. 

Private Party vs. Best Friends for the number one tag team contendership was announced for the Double or Nothing Buy-In. 

Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander was announced for Double or Nothing.


MJF defeated Lee Johnson

MJF won a squash by submission after hitting a clothesline, strikes, a powerbomb on the apron, a shoulder breaker and using his fujiwara armbar. 


MJF cut a promo. He said he's looking forward to facing Jungle Boy. He said he needs a tune-up match and noticed that Marko Stunt has an open match contract. 

MJF said he and Stunt will have some fun and that he's better than us and we know it. 


Chris Jericho (w/The Inner Circle) defeated Pineapple Pete

Jericho wrestled in a Pineapple Pete shirt. 

Jericho slapped Pete. Pete fired back with a flurry of strikes and two back elbows in the corner. 

Pete went for a third back elbow but Jericho cut him off with a Judas Effect and covered for a three count.


Jericho cut a promo. He said now that the Pineapple Pete threat has been done away with it's time to turn to The Elite. 

He said The Elite are licking their wounds and pouting. He said Hangman Page has been living in the woods. The Bucks have been off feeling sorry for themselves. 

Jericho said The Inner Circle challenges The Elite to a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. He said if you thought the street fight last week was something, wait until you see a Stadium Stampede. He said he'll be there waiting for The Elite to accept. 

Vanguard One flew in. Vanguard returned the tiny Inner Circle shirt he took from Jericho weeks ago. 

Jericho said it's a good thing because he had warrants out for grand larceny in seven states against Vanguard. 

Jericho said that Vanguard must be there to accept the challenge on behalf of The Elite and the answer must be yes. 

Jericho then asked Vanguard if he had given any more thought to his offer to join The Inner Circle. 

Jericho then said that the offer has been rescinded, as Inner Circle has its sixth member, Floyd the baseball bat. 

Inner Circle proceeded to destroy Vanguard with the bat. Hardy ran in for the save but was too late. Inner Circle bailed and Hardy looked at Vanguard sadly. 


The announcers informed us that Shida vs. Rose at Double or Nothing will be a no countout, no disqualification match. 


The announcers recapped Brodie Lee attacking Moxley last week and taking his title belt. 


MJF vs. Marko Stunt, a face to face interview between Arn Anderson and Jake Roberts, Rey Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy, Jon Moxley vs. 10, Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy were announced for next week. 


Mike Tyson presenting the TNT Championship to the winner was announced for Double or Nothing. 


Mr. Brodie Lee came to the ring for the main event with Moxley's title belt. He demanded to be announced as the self-proclaimed AEW Champion. 

Mr. Brodie Lee defeated Christopher Daniels

Lee gave Daniels quite a bit and Daniels was protected in losing. 

Lee used a variety of power moves in dominating the first segment of the match. Daniels hit one tope but it was all Lee aside from that. Lee would occasionally ominously stare at the other members of SCU as they sat in the crowd. 

After the break, Lee hit a slingshot senton for a near fall. Daniels came back with a DDT and a frankensteiner.

10 jumped on the apron. SCU jumped the rail and went after 10. The referee paid attention to the skirmish on the floor. Lee brought a chair into the ring. 

Lee tried to use the chair on Daniels. Daniels kicked the chair into Lee's face. Lee got his hands up on a chair shot to the head. Daniels hit a flatliner. 

Daniels applied a Koji clutch. Three members of the Dark Order jumped in the ring to break it up. Colt Cabana and SCU jumped in the ring to dispatch of Dark Order. 

Daniels escaped a chokeslam and hit an Angel's Wings. Lee kicked out at one. 

Daniels went for another Angel's Wings but it was blocked. Daniels hit a BME for a two count. 

Daniels went for a flying headscissors off the top but Lee dropped him with something resembling a powerbomb. 

Lee then hit the discus lariat for the pin. 


Moxley entered through the stands, attacking members of Dark Order on his way to the ring. Lee threw a member of Dark Order at Moxley. Moxley nailed the masked man with a Paradigm Shift. 

Lee and 10 left the arena with the title. 

Moxley cut a promo. He said he doesn't suffer disrespect or fools. He said Lee made a foolish mistake and will pay for it with interest. 

Moxley said the championship is more than a piece of metal. He promised a hailstorm of violence at Double or Nothing. 

He said Lee might find out that his AEW career is over before it started at Double or Nothing. 

Moxley destroyed the ringside area as the show ended.