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AEW Dynamite live results: Omega vs. Janela no DQ match


World Champion Kenny Omega will be in action in a no DQ match against Joey Janela on tonight's AEW Dynamite. 

Omega and Janela were originally scheduled to face off in the first round of the AEW World title eliminator tournament in October. Janela ended up being pulled from the tournament due to contact tracing. Omega went on to win the tournament, beating Hangman Page at Full Gear in the finals. 

Should Janela win, he will be granted a future title shot against Omega. 

A 12-man tag is also scheduled for tonight's show. Last week's battle between MJF and Orange Cassidy for the Dynamite Diamond Ring saw involvement in, or interference from, all fourteen competitors. The match will be Chris Jericho, MJF, Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager vs. Best Friends, Top Flight & Varsity Blondes. 

As The Dark Order continues to look to add to their ranks, Hangman Page agreed to team with Alex Reynolds and John Silver on tonight's show. They will face Matt Hardy and Private Party in trios action. 

Cody Rhodes will face Angelico this evening. SCU will also take on The Acclaimed. An appearance by Sting and promos by Dustin Rhodes and Eddie Kingston have also been advertised. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Show Report --

Matt Hardy & Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) defeated "Hangman" Adam Page & Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Page and Quen started off, but they wrestled to a stalemate, so Hardy tagged in. Hardy forced Page into his corner, but Page escaped a triple team and his team dispatched Hardy and Private Party. Silver celebrated by jumping on Page's back, so Page dropped him onto Kassidy and covered for two.

Reynolds made a blind tag and he and Silver nailed Kassidy with a double team. Page followed it up with a running Shooting Star Press for two. Kassidy escaped and reached Quen for a hot tag. Quen downed all three opponents and Private Party hit a double team sequence on Silver for two.

Hardy and Private Party maintained control by isolating Silver, who eventually countered a dive and hit a brainbuster, allowing him to reach Page. Kassidy also tagged in, but Page went on a roll with clotheslines and a fallaway slam before landing a plancha on Hardy.

Back in the ring, Page flattened Kassidy with a lariat for a near fall. Hardy made a blind tag and hit the Side Effect for two. Page fought out of the Twist of Fate and reached Reynolds for yet another hot tag. Reynolds ran wild with forearms and a neckbreaker, then he, Silver, and Page hit a nice combination of power moves. Reynolds had it won, but Hardy pulled him out of the ring before the three, and hit Silver with the Twist of Fate on the floor.

Reynolds was isolated in the ring as Private Party hit him with Gin 'n' Juice. Before they could cover, Hardy tagged in, and he covered for three.


The Inner Circle were interviewed about MJF's New York Times Best Performance award for the Dinner Debonair. MJF began to speak, but Jericho emphasized that he created the Dinner Debonair and was the co-star. MJF said that the Times got one thing wrong: he couldn't have done it without Jericho. MJF patronizingly said that he sees Jericho as a mentor, the GOAT, and his best friend. Through gritted teeth, all Jericho could say was "congratulations."


A video aired of Cody and Brandi Rhodes preparing for Christmas at home. A present arrived at their door, and inside the package was an ornament that read "We're expecting a new baby, due 2021."


Cody was billed as a "future father" from Justin Roberts' ring introduction.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Angélico (w/ Jack Evans)

They performed technical wrestling early on, but neither man could establish any sort of advantage. Angélico was able to match Cody move for move and taunted as Cody sold frustration. Cody took control with a dropkick after a lengthy rope-running sequence as we went to a break. During the break, Evans hopped up on the ring apron, but Arn pulled him off and shoved him down. Angélico controlled the whole way.

Back from break, Cody escaped out of a suplex and downed Angélico with a kick. Cody hit clotheslines and a powerslam for two. Angélico caught the Rhodes drop-down right hand and turned it into a grounded octopus. With his arms trapped, Cody had to use his teeth to get a rope break.

Cody hit a pump kick and went for a backslide for two, but Angélico countered the Disaster Kick into a dragon screw. Angélico locked on the Navarro Death Roll, but Cody was able to reach the ropes. Cody hit the drop down right hand and went for Cross Rhodes, but Angélico fought out. Cody then hit a step-up Cody Cutter from the top rope for the pin.

After the match, Team Taz came out to "congratulate" Cody on he and Brandi's pregnancy. Starks asked where this congratulations was when he and Cage made Cody and Darby Allin, who was watching from above, their sons. Taz said that Cage would whoop Allin's ass. Team Taz walked to the ring to attack Cody, but the lights went out and Sting made his entrance, bat in hand. He stared down Team Taz and then the segment just ended.

They advertised Sting's appearance tonight as "Sting Speaks," so unless that happens later, that segment will come across as treading water from prior weeks.


Miro was interviewed. It was revealed that Miro injured three AEW staff members and that he is being fined $75,000. Miro said that his problem with Orange Cassidy is that he doesn't care about all the important things like subscribers and ratings. He said that he'd face Sonny Kiss on AEW Dark next week, and Kip and Penelope would announce their wedding date on next week's Dynamite. 


Eddie Kingston came out to the ring and said he doesn't care about anyone in attendance. He's here to address his enemies. Kingston's first enemy is God, because he's still living. His second enemy is PAC, who he said went back home to nurse his injuries and that his career is done. He was about to talk about Lance Archer, but Archer immediately ran out to beat him down.

Butcher, Blade, and Bunny ran out to stop Archer's attack, but then the Lucha Bros arrived alongside PAC. They all beat down Kingston, Butcher, and Blade. Fenix took out Butcher and Blade with a tornillo. Archer was about to chokeslam Kingston, but PAC kicked Kingston out of his grip, and they exchanged words, but they and the Lucha Bros stood tall.


Dustin Rhodes was inteviewed by Dasha. Regarding Evil Uno's offer from last week, Dustin said that "7" is still a bad idea. He said that every single member of Dark Order will fall, and next week, he'll face Uno.


Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, MJF, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana, & Ortiz) defeated Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?), Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin), & Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.)

This was originally a 14-man tag with Wardlow and Brandon Cutler added, but Wardlow couldn't make the show due to a family conflict. Orange Cassidy joined commentary for the match, but he didn't say much.

Trent and Jericho started off, but Pillman wanted in. Pillman surprised Jericho after a strong lockup, so Jericho beat him down with strikes. Pillman fought back with chops and springboard moves. A springboard dropkick sent Jericho to the floor. Pillman dove with a rotating plancha, which nearly missed.

Garrison tagged in and landed a slingshot legdrop for two. Jericho was able to push Pillman into the Inner Circle's corner and Guevara tagged in. Garrison tagged in Daunte as two of the best athletes in the company faced off. Guevara flipped him off and downed him with a dropkick. Daunte surprised Guevara with a leg lariat and Top Flight tried a double team which didn't really land like they intended.

Guevara dropped Daunte with a right hand, leading to Trent and Santana tagging in. Taylor and Ortiz faced off as well as the Best Friends interacted with Santana and Ortiz for the first time since their parking lot brawl. Everyone entered the fray, but the face team sent the Inner Circle packing, and they all came together for a six-way hug.

Back in the ring, Santana hit the Three Amigos suplexes, with Ortiz joining for the third. MJF tagged in with a dive onto Trent's arm. The Inner Circle beat Trent down on the floor as their team complained to the official, and maintained their advantage through a commercial break. 

Guevara cockily went for a Shooting Star Press, but Trent rolled out of the way and hit a bicycle knee, allowing him to tag in Darius. Darius sent the Inner Circle off the apron and hit a Spanish Fly on Ortiz. He went for a dive, but was cut off, so Daunte made a blind tag and immediately dove onto the pile after.

Best Friends hit their half-and-half Soul Food combination and Garrison tagged in. Garrison cleared the ring but was cut off by a bat strike from Jericho. Hager tagged in and hit an awkward-looking F10 in a reference to Wardlow, then MJF tagged in to get the pin.

The teams brawled after the match, but Top Flight were the only ones left standing in the ring when it was all said and done.


Thunder Rosa was interviewed about Dr. Britt Baker. Rosa said that she's wrestled all over the world, and that it was Baker's fault that she lost her NWA Women's Championship match with Serena Deeb. She laughed at the idea that Baker said Rosa "doesn't belong." Rebel arrived and said that Rosa's laugh is terrible, and Baker attacked from behind. They poured water on Rosa's face, smearing her face paint, and Baker called Rosa ugly.


The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) defeated SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

The Acclaimed made their Dynamite debuts in this match. Caster's schtick is that he raps about his opponents before their matches in a very similar manner to Thuganomics-era John Cena, and he did the same to SCU. Kazarian grabbed a mic and returned the favor. I'll just say he's a better wrester than rapper.

Kazarian and Bowens started off. A Northern Lights suplex got Kazarian a quick two count. Daniels tagged in, and a double team got another two. Bowens powered out of a move and tagged in Caster, who was met with a diving dropkick from Daniels.

Bowens tagged in but was again met with an attack from Kazarian until Caster knocked Kazarian off the apron, allowing The Acclaimed to beat him down on the floor. The Acclaimed maintained their advantage for a long time, until Kazarian hit a slingshot DDT and tagged in Daniels. 

Daniels hit clotheslines and right hands on Bowens. He hit an STO on Caster and a Blue Thunder Bomb on Bowens for two. Daniels set up for the Best Moonsault Ever, but The Acclaimed cut him off. Bowens and Daniels fought on the top rope, but Daniels pushed Bowens down and landed a diving crossbody for two.

Bowens kicked out of an O'Connor roll, allowing Caster to hit Daniels with their boombox. Bowens followed it up with something similar to a Final Cut for the win, their eighth straight.

After the match, Caster took a mic and rapped about the Young Bucks, who were ringside, saying he and Bowens want the tag titles. Bowens grabbed the mic and laid down the challenge, saying that The Acclaimed have arrived.


Top Flight were interviewed about why they made the save against MJF and Chris Jericho after the match. Darius said that MJF was the hottest young star until Top Flight arrived. They're the coldest team in AEW, and they challenged MJF and Jericho to a match next week.


Big Swole & Serena Deeb defeated Ivelisse & Diamante

Ivelisse & Deeb started off. Deeb downed Ivelisse with a clothesline. Swole and Diamante tagged in, and Diamante was able to hit a German suplex. Ivelisse and Diamante kept up their beatdown on Swole through the break.

Deeb got the hot tag and hit a rope-hang neckbreaker on Ivelisse. She applied a figure-four leglock, but Ivelisse rolled to tag in Diamante. Ivelisse and Diamante flattened Deeb with a combination sidewalk slam for two.

Swole tagged in and laid in chops on Diamante, but missed Dirty Dancing. Ivelisse grabbed Swole's hair, but Swole was able to fight out of a Sliced Bread and hit a Tiger Driver. She followed it up with the Clearwater Cloverleaf, Deeb controlled Ivelisse, and Diamante tapped out.

Nyla Rose attacked after the match with Vickie Guerrero. They and Ivelisse and Diamante continued their beatdown, but Red Velvet ran out with a steel chair, sending the heels packing.


After the commercial break that occurred during the previous match, a video aired promoting AEW's new partnership with Rooster Teeth, headlined by Scorpio Sky.


The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy addressed Miro outside. They said they'd make an appearance at Kip and Penelope's wedding.


A video aired highlighting Jurassic Express, who will face "5" and "10" of the Dark Order next week. FTR and Tully Blanchard came out to commentary to complain, calling Jurassic Express a sideshow. They're offended that as the greatest tag team in the world, time is being sent on a gimmick like Jurassic Express.


Lineup for next week's Dynamite:

  • Young Bucks (c) vs. The Acclaimed for the AEW Tag Team Championships
  • Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Top Flight
  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Evil Uno
  • Jurassic Express vs. Colt Cabana, "5", and "10
  • PAC vs. The Butcher
  • Hikaru Shida in action

Also, Chris Jericho will be on commentary. Dynamite will air either at its normal time or immediately following the end of NBA on TNT.


No Disqualification match: Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) defeated Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss)

Janela tossed a garbage can in Omega's face during his entrance as Callis told Schiavone to get out of commentary so Callis could speak. Schiavone told Callis "kiss my ass." 

Janela landed a tope suicida and set up a chair, but Omega turned it into a Kotaro Crusher onto the chair. Omega hit a baseball slide and his Terminator dive as Callis called the match with a house microphone, calling it "personal commentary." Omega attacked Janela with a cookie sheet.

Callis handed Omega a microphone and Omega used it to amplify his attack as he and Callis bantered. Omega then landed a moonsault through a trash can. He continued his attack with chops and strikes with the cookie sheet before hitting a springboard stomp through the trash can. Omega set up for the One-Winged Angel, but Janela countered out with a reverse hurricanrana. 

Kiss set up a table on the outside as Janela looked for weapons. Janela set up Omega on the table and put him through it with a diving leg drop. Back in the ring, Omega rolled out of the way of a top-rope moonsault and landed two V-Triggers. The One-Winged Angel followed for the win in about six minutes.

After the match, Callis said that there are no more unanswered questions after the AEW Title eliminator tournament. The Death Triangle came out and PAC said that there was unfinished business, as Fenix never lost to Omega because he couldn't compete due to injury.

Callis said that wrestlers don't tell the world champion what to do, but PAC had already spoken to Tony Khan, and on December 30, Omega will defend the AEW Championship against Fenix. Callis and Omega berated them as the show closed.