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AEW Dynamite live results: Omega vs. Jungle Boy World title match


Kenny Omega defends the AEW World Championship against Jungle Boy on tonight's Saturday Night Dynamite.

Jungle Boy won a Casino Battle Royale on the May 30 Double or Nothing PPV to earn the title match. Omega has held the World title since defeating Jon Moxley for the belt at Winter is Coming in December 2020. 

Two of the top five contenders in AEW will go head-to-head in singles competition. Hangman Page will take on Team Taz's Powerhouse Hobbs. Page is ranked second in the men's division, while Hobbs is ranked fourth.

Top Flight's Dante Martin will face Matt Sydal in a rematch from AEW Dark. 

In the women's division, Kris Statlander will face The Bunny from The Hardy Family Office. The Blade will be in The Bunny's corner, while Orange Cassidy will second Statlander. 

Ethan Page will take on Bear Bronson of Bear Country.

A face-to-face interview between Konnan and The Pinnacle's Tully Blanchard has also been announced for tonight's show.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

Sammy Guevara talked to Alex Marvez earlier today but was ambushed by a chair shot from Shawn Spears. Spears said "Complements of MJF. Good luck next week," to set up Guevara vs. MJF.


Taz joined commentary for this match. No Cage, Starks, or HOOK out there with Hobbs.

Hangman Page defeated Powerhouse Hobbs

This was a really good slobberknocker to open the show.

Both men are ranked in the top 5. Hobbs forced Page into the corner at the start, driving his shoulder repeatedly into Page's midsection. Page turned it around and hit running clohteslines, but Hobbs wouldn't go down. Hobbs then avoided a Buckshot Lariat by rolling to the floor.

Hobbs attacked Page's right arm on the floor, wrapping it around the barricade. A vertical suplex followed once they returned to the ring. Page got his feet up on a Vader bomb attempt and went for ten punches in the corner, but Hobbs forced him down and sent him head-first into the corner post.

Out on the floor, Hobbs tried to toss Page into the corner post, but Page fought out and pushed him into it. Page had been busted open on the top of his head. Back in the ring, Page hit repeated boots and his springboard lariat to finally knock Hobbs down. A plancha followed out to the floor. 

Back in the ring, a top-rope moonsault to a standing Hobbs got two. Hobbs powered out of a suplex and leveled Page with a lariat. Page rolled out of the way of a diving headbutt and flattened Hobbs with a big lariat for two. Hobbs fought out of the Deadeye and took Page down with a running crossbody for two.

Ricky Starks and HOOK ran out with the FTW Championship, but Brian Cage ran interference and sent them packing. The distraction allowed Hobbs to hit a big spinebuster for a good near fall. They traded elbow smashes until Page avoided a running crossbody and hit a German suplex. The Deadeye followed for the win.


A very good video package played hyping Omega vs. Jungle Boy for later tonight. They set it up as one of the biggest matches in Dynamite history.


The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler cut a promo. Matt said they're the longest reigning tag champions in AEW history. Cutler started to talk but was told to shut up repeatedly. They listed all the people they've beaten, and next is Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo. They're not even real tag wrestlers. The Bucks are going to beat them because they're EVPs: Extremely Violent People.


Tully Blanchard & Konnan Interview

This was very strange. The performances were convincing but the content was non-traditional. 

Schiavone was the moderator. Tully let Konnan speak first. Konnan said he wasn't going to be intimidated by mind games, and neither will Santana & Ortiz. FTR tried to say they had the same upbringing as Santana & Ortiz, but North Carolina isn't the same as New York City. He brought up social issues. He said Tully's a mentor, but Konnan's a father. 

Tully said Konnan doesn't know who he's dealing with. Konnan's just going to make one big entrance on Dynamite before FTR ends the game.

Konnan brought Santana & Ortiz out. Tully pointed to the big screen, which showed Santana & Ortiz being beaten up. The Santana & Ortiz in the ring unmasked as FTR and hit the spike piledriver on Konnan.


Vickie Guerrero interrupted during Dante's entrance with her "excuse me!" schtick and brought out Andrade El Idolo. They were about to speak more, but was interrupted by Sydal's entrance.

Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) defeated Dante Martin

This was a rematch from a notable AEW Dark match from a couple weeks ago. They performed chain wrestlling to start before Dante hit a springboard dropkick for two. A standing twisting moonsault from Sydal got two ahead of the commercial break.

Once back, Sydal applied a modified Figure Four leglock, but Dante reached the ropes. Dante fought back with low kicks and caught Sydal with a fireman's carry slam for two. A springboard moonsault from Dante got two more. They fought on the top rope until Sydal forced him to the mat, following it up with a meteora for yet another near fall.

Dante hit a great sunset flip for a good near fall, followed by a flipping stunner for two more. He went back to the top rope, but Sydal avoided a stomp and hit the Lightning Spiral for the win.


Jungle Boy was about to talk about how tonight's going to the be the biggest night of his life. Christian Cage walked up and agreed. He said Jungle Boy shouldn't just be happy to be here, he should be a little bit pissed off because of what Omega's been saying. He told Jungle Boy to shock the fans again and win the title tonight.


Jade Cargill was with Mark Sterling, advertising the Jade Brand and a Shop AEW promo code. Cargill ripped up a Dark Order shirt and said she was "that bitch." 


MJF, Wardlow, & Shawn Spears were with Alex Marvez. MJF talked about attacking Jericho and having Spears attack Guevara. He doesn't understand why people are upset by him attacking Dean Malenko, an old guy with a bad heart and Parkinson's. MJF said the fans should be thanking him, because he gave Malenko an early retirement. Jericho and Hager ran in, leading to an all-out brawl. 

They all brawled out to the ring. The Pinnacle took control with the numbers advantage. MJF and Spears set up to destroy Jericho's arm with a chair, but Guevara ran out and took out everyone. He whacked Wardlow and Spears with the chair, with MJF fleeing up the ramp.

Guevara grabbed a microphone to loud "Sammy" chants. He said that AEW chose the wrong guy for the action figures and the posters. On Wednesday, Guevara will show MJF he's the best ever, and he knows it.


Miro thanked God for his power and for keeping his wie flexible. He addressed Brian Pillman Jr., saying standing between the righteous man and his path is like standing between the cleaver and its meat. Next week, he will find out why Miro is God's favorite champion. The bravest thing he's ever done in his life was thinking about attacking Miro; the stupidest was actually doing it.


Ethan Page (w/ Scorpio Sky) defeated Bear Bronson (w/ Bear Boulder)

Bronson forced Page into the corner but was met with a right hand, which only served to anger him. Bronson laid in repeated right hands and a back elbow, sending Page to the mat. Page stomped on Bronson's foot and mocked him, so Bronson hit a powerslam for two. Bronson sent Page from corner to corner and then the floor. He hit a big tope, but Sky pushed Page out of the way and took the bullet for him.

WIth the official distracted, Sky blindsided Bronson, allowing Page to take control into the break. Once back, Bronson fought out of the Ego's Edge and hit a running splash in the corner. Bronson clubbed Page with lariats and a spinebuster. Page avoided a running senton, but Bronson fought out of the Ego's Edge and hit a seated splash for two.

They fought on the top rope, where Page hit a superplex for two. Bronson came back with a black hole slam for two. He went to the top rope, where Sky tried to interfere. Boulder chased Sky off, but Page hit a low blow with the referee distracted. Page then hit the Ego's Edge for the win.

– After the match, Page said "I'm not stupid," which was met with "Yes you are!" chants. He's not stupid because he knows Darby Allin isn't done with him. Page is gonna be the nail in Allin's coffin, "so why don't I just put you in one?" He challenged Allin to a coffin match for July 7.


Britt Baker and Rebel listed things they'd ask for. They could think of a million things they'd ask for if Tony Khan owed them a favor, but Vickie Guerrero asked for a wrestling match. Baker's the face of a new era, one that doesn't have time for fun and games and old chicks. "Excuse me in advance for beating your ass." She'll send Vickie home with a prescription signed "D.M.D."


Guerrero said Nyla Rose is coming for Baker's title at Fyter Fest. Rose said that next week, Baker should watch out for the claws of the cougar.


Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated The Bunny (w/ The Blade)

Statlander had the power advantage early on. Bunny tripped her up and taunted, so Statlander took her down with arm drags. Bunny starched her with a slap, Statlander hit a gamenguiri and followed it with a vertical suplex. She went for a corner attack, but Bunny hit a thrust kick, sending Statlander to the floor. She followed it up with a running dropkick into the break.

Bunny clotheslined Statlander to the floor, where Statlander countered some running offense into a powerslam. Back in the ring, they traded strikes until Statlander hit almost a Michinoku Driver for two. Bunny fought out of the Big Bang Theory but was instead met with a Blue Thunder bomb for two. 

Statlander climbed to the top but was sent back to the mat with a German suplex. Bunny followed it up with a thrust kick for two. Blade distracted the official and slipped her brass knuckles, but Orange pocketed them and left. Statlander hit the Big Bang Theory for the win. 

– Blade attacked Orange after the match, with TH2 running out to join the beatdown. Blade got the knuckle duster back and knocked out Cassidy with them as TH2 held him up. 


QT Marshall was interviewed by Schiavone about Brock Anderson. He was upset that Brock got all these accolades for his debut. Marshall noted that Cody's not here, and he hopes it stays that way.


Brian Pillman Jr. addressed Miro. He thinks Miro's got a God complex. Pillman's got a complex too, and it's called fighting for everything he's ever had. On Wednesday, he's going to check Miro's ego and win the title.


Dynamite lineup for June 30:

  • Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Rebel vs. Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero
  • TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
  • MJF vs. Sammy Guevara
  • The Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo

For Road Rager on July 7:

  • Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall in a Strap Match


Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Alex Abrahantes spoke. Kingston learned something about the Bucks. It doesn't matter how much they get hit, because it's all about their ego. The only way to hurt them is to take those tag titles. Penta spoke in Spanish. "Penta says next week, we run over you." 


Don Callis joined commentary.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis & The Good Brothers) defeated Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt)

This was excellent, one of the best Dynamite matches all year. Jungle Boy is unbelievably popular; they showed his family looking on during the match.

The official immediately ejected Stunt, Luchasaurus, and the Good Brothers. Omega won a strong lockup, taunting Jungle Boy's long hair. They performed chain wrestling until Omega took Jungle Boy down by his hair. Omega laid in strikes in the corner, but then Jungle Boy turned the tables and did the same. Jungle Boy went for a step-up arm drag, but Omega caught him. Jungle Boy fought out and hit a springboard arm drag and then a dropkick, sending Omega to the floor. 

Omega stopped a dive and pulled Jungle Boy out of the ring, sending him into the barricade. He continued the beatdown through a commercial. During the break, Omega sent Jungle Boy into the crowd and waited for a countout, but Jungle Boy made it back in time. Jungle Boy avoided You Can't Escape, but Omega got the knees up on a senton attempt and hit a backbreaker for two.

The champ laid in chops and went for Aoi Shoudou, but Jungle Boy fought out and hit a brainbuster. Omega spilled to the outside, where Jungle Boy hit two suicide dives. Jungle Boy hit his float-in DDT, but Omega rolled to the floor, where Jungle Boy hit a tope con giro. Jungle Boy went to the top rope, but Omega chopped him down. Omega went for a superplex, and hit it after a long fight for two.

Jungle Boy avoided a V-Trigger and flipped out of a German. He hit a thrust kick, but Omega came back with a V-Trigger, a snap dragon suplex, and a second V-Trigger. Jungle Boy countered the One Winged Angel with a reverse hurricanrana, then a sliding elbow smash to the back of Omega's head got two. He went for a ripcord, but Omega turned it into a V-Trigger. A powerbomb and another V-Trigger got two. 

Omega went for another V-Trigger, but Jungle Boy rolled through and locked on the Snare Trap submission. The Good Brothers ran out but were immediately cut off by the Jurassic Express and Frankie Kazarian. Omega reached the ropes before the two traded forearms in the center of the ring. Omega hit a V-Trigger but Jungle Boy hit a rebound lariat. Omega hit a brainbuster for two.

Another V-Trigger followed, but Jungle Boy fought out of the One-Winged Angel and rolled Omega up for a great near fall. He locked on the Snare Trap once again. Omega grabbed Jungle Boy's hair, forcing him to break the hold. Jungle Boy perched Omega on the top rope, but Omega slid out and dropped him over the ropes. A V-Trigger to the back of the head followed, as did the Jay Driller for two. 

Omega then hit the One-Winged Angel to win and retain.

– After the match, Omega looked like he would use the belt to attack Jungle Boy, but Christian ran out and sent him packing. Matt Hardy & Private Party ran out and attacked Christian. Christian was about to counter the Twist of Fate into a Killswitch, but the Young Bucks ran out and crushed Christian with superkicks. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate. Omega posed with the belt to end of the show.