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AEW Dynamite live results: Omega vs. Sydal World title eliminator


Kenny Omega will face Matt Sydal tonight on AEW Dynamite in a Word title eliminator match. If Sydal wins, he earns a future AEW World Championship match against Omega. 

The TNT Championship will be on the line tonight as Darby Allin defends against John Silver of The Dark Order. This match was set up on last week's Dynamite when Allin issued an open challenge to any member of Dark Order. The faction decided that Silver should get the shot. 

The Pinnacle will see their first official action as a unit when members FTR and Shawn Spears take on Varsity Blonds and Top Flight's Dante Martin. 

In another trios match, The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler will take on Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero Miedo and the returning Laredo Kid. This will be Laredo Kid's first AEW action since Fyter Fest 2019. 

In the women's division, Nyla Rose will face Tay Conti. Jade Cargill may be in Rose's corner, as she appeared with Rose and Vickie Guerrero on this week's AEW Dark Elevation. 

Hangman Page vs. Cezar Bononi, A TonySchiavone interview with Britt Baker and a special announcement from Cody Rhodes and The Nightmare Family are also set for this evening.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) defeated Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal)

This was a fantastic opener and Sydal's best match in years.

If Sydal wins, he earns an AEW World Championship shot. Callis joined commentary for the match.

They performed chain wrestling to start. Omega tried to establish a power advantage, but Sydal used his agility to evade some holds. Omega eventually downed Sydal with a back elbow. He laid in a hard chop, but Sydal came back with a tijeras and forced Omega to roll outside to avoid a kick.

Back in the ring, Omega regained control and beat down Sydal with shoulder blocks. Sydal avoided a V-Trigger and landed a twisting moonsault for two, following it it up with corner knees. He went to the top rope. Omega tried to counter it, was taken down by a headscissor, but immediately popped up and leveled Sydal with a lariat.

Omega continued his beatdown with a suplex on the apron and a hard backbreaker. He went for a powerbomb, but Sydal escaped and landed a couple kicks to start his comeback. Sydal followed it up with a top rope hurricanrana and a Northern Lights bomb for two. He tried for another top-rope rana, but Omega escaped and Sydal was sent crashing to the mat.

The snap dragon suplex and Aoi Shoudou followed for Omega, but Sydal countered the V-Trigger into a cradle for a great near fall. A roundhouse kick and Lightning Spiral followed for another close near fall. Sydal went for a meteora, but Omega countered it into a buckle bomb, another powerbomb, and a V-Trigger, but Sydal kicked out just before three.

Omega hit another V-Trigger, but Sydal countered out of the One-Winged Angel with a reverse hurricanrana. He set up for the shooting star press, but Omega kicked the ropes, buying him some time. Omega then crushed Sydal with another V-Trigger, but Sydal landed a victory roll for a super close near fall. Omega had had enough, hitting another V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel for the win.


John Silver and the Dark Order were interviewed about whether Silver is ready for his title match against Darby Allin. They told Marvez to screw off and mocked the Coffin Drop. Hangman Page told Silver they'd be proud of him win or lose and wished him luck.


Hangman Page defeated Cezar Bononi

Page landed a boot and baited Bononi out of the ring, where he attempted a plancha. Bononi caught Page and dumped him onto the apron. He downed Page with a lariat, but Page popped right off and laid in a sequence of strikes. Bononi countered with a bodyslam throw. Page avoided a corner clothesline and downed Bononi with an exploder suplex. The Buckshot Lariat followed for the win.


Lance Archer addressed Sting in a video. He said he looked up to Sting, but it's Archer's time now. Sting's going to go down as one of the greatest ever, but people are going to remember Archer's name, and sooner or later, it'll be showtime.


A video recap of Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker played, including Rosa's emotional post-match comments.

Tony Schiavone then interviewed Baker. She admonished the fans for the lack of a warm welcome and called them dumb and delusional. Baker told Rosa she should be thanking her for creating the moment with her blood -- plus, everyone is talking about Baker. Even if Tony Khan is signing all the legends, the biggest one is already here. Baker put AEW on the map, but those three letters are secondary to D.M.D.


Christian Cage was talking to the Varsity Blonds and Dante Martin. Dasha arrived and asked what they were chatting about. Christian said they were talking shop and he was giving them some advice. 

Frankie Kazarian showed up and acted all offended that he hadn't been greeted yet. He said he lives the "Outwork Everyone" gimmick and was wondering when Christian would actually start to live up to the "work" part. Christian said it starts next week and offered to wrestle Kazarian next week. Kazarian accepted, noting that Christian hadn't wrestled in seven years.


The Pinnacle (Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, & Shawn Spears) (w/ MJF, Wardlow, & Tully Blanchard) vs. Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.) & Dante Martin

Garrison and Spears started off. The babyfaces controlled Spears in the corner with frequent tags, but Harwood eventually made a blind tag and downed Garrison with a lariat to take control. They got a taste of their own medison with a blind tag from Martin, who landed a springboard moonsault, forcing the Pinnacle to the floor. 

Martin & the Blonds looked to land dives, but Wardlow stepped between as the Pinnacle regrouped into a commercial break. During the break, the Pinnacle regained control with an attack on the floor after Tully got involved.

Harwood cut off a comeback attempt from Martin with a big brainbuster, and Spears hit the C4 for the win.

– After the match, Wardlow hit his corner turnbuckle drop finisher on Garrison. 

Tony Schiavone arrived to interview the Pinnacle. Wheeler said the Pinnacle isn't just a group, they're a family. Harwood called out Santana and Ortiz because the marquee says "professional wrestling." MJF called out Chris Jericho and demanded he and the Inner Circle come out right now. 

Schiavone tried to defend the Inner Circle, saying they were hurt two weeks ago, but MJF got in his face and said "when you're in the Pinnacle, you're always on top."


A Team Taz video played. Taz said everything is fine with Team Taz and that Brian Cage apologized for his actions last week. He then went around the group and asked if everyone was good, but Starks and Cage were hesitant.


QT Marshall was interviewed by Schiavone. He mentioned his wife in the crowd and said that aside from Tony Khan, nobody in the company works as hard as him. He then called out Cody Rhodes for his cushy life, getting to go to sleep next to his wife while Marshall works. Marshall wants to rid himself of the "Cody's friend" tag, so he challenged Cody to a singles match.

Cody came out with his headset on and a sling around his arm. He said he would accomodate Marshall's request with Arn Anderson as the referee. Cody patronizingly said that he's not going to hurt Marshall -- if he puts on the Figure Four, he'll let it go. Cody than accepted the challenge, calling Marshall his best friend.


The Lucha Bros, joined by Alex Abrahantes, cut a short video promo before the match.

Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fénix) & Laredo Kid defeated Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & Brandon Cutler

This was an all-action tag with more dives than you can count.

Fénix and Nick started. They performed a choreographed sequence, matching each other move for move. Matt and Penta tagged in with a nice sequence of their own, then Cutler and Kid entered the match. Kid starched Cutler with a kick and a slap before taking him down with a tijeras. The Bucks then cut off Kid's run with a double team before Fénix took both down with a springboard arm drag.

Penta crashed down on the pile on the outside with a step-up tope, then Cutler cut off a Fénix dive and landed one of his own. Kid concluded the run of dives with a top-rope Orihara moonsault to the floor. The Bucks hit a Made in Detroit for two as the match went to commercial.

A DDT allowed Kid to make his comeback after the break. Penta tagged in as the Lucha Bros hit stereo thrust kicks and an assisted splash for two. Kid tagged in with a springboard hurricanrana, Penta hit a diving foot stomp, and Fénix landed a senton atomico, but the pin attempt was broken up. Fénix then hit a step-up kick, but Nick countered the cutter into a big corner strike sequence.

Fénix and Nick traded super kicks until Fénix hit a heel hook and Nick hit a rebound lariat for the double down. Matt and Kid tagged in and traded right hands, but Matt countered a DDT attempt into a series of Northern Lights suplexes, taking Penta along for the ride on the last one. The Bucks then hit Risky Business and Cutler landed a springboard elbow drop for two.

Nick crushed Penta with a flipping senton to the floor, and Fénix was isolated in the ring for an Indytaker. Nick then hit an escalara dive to the outside and Matt took out Fénix with a springboard DDT, but Kid hit a top-rope Spanish Fly on Cutler for the win.

– After the match, Kenny Omega ran out and attacked Kid, his former AAA Mega Championship challenger. He took a mic and flashed back, acting unhinged. Omega said that three years ago, Omega made a choice to come to AEW because of the Young Bucks, with the mission of making it the best promotion on the planet -- but the Bucks just chose Brandon Cutler.

Omega said that even if Callis comes off as a little abrasive, he's gonna give them one more chance to do the Too Sweet. He said it was "now or never." The Bucks then turned their backs on Omega. Omega turned around into superkicks and the tag team finisher of the Lucha Bros and was left alone in the ring until the Good Brothers ran out. Omega was bleeding from the mouth.


A Jade Cargill video package played where she called out Red Velvet. She said Velvet was just a pit stop away from Cargill taking her thrown. They're both undefeated, but Cargill looks like money and she's damn good too. When Velvet steps in the ring with Cargill, she'll be stepping in the ring with "that bitch."


A new Cody and Brandi Rhodes reality show, called Rhodes To The Top, was announced for TNT. 


Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston spoke. Kingston said he broke something and that the Good Brothers and Omega would pay for this. Moxley asked how far they're willing to take this and if they're willing to get as bloody as he and Kingston are. Moxley doesn't know or like the Young Bucks, but he owes them one after last week. If the Good Brothers are going to play the game, they better be willing to get their hands dirty.


Tay Conti defeated Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

There were some rough spots, but Conti's offense looked great.

Rose immediately overpowered Conti with a slam. Conti tried to apply almost a seated octopus, but the two got tangled up and Conti was forced to adjust to an armbar. Conti landed repeated judo throws, but Rose came back with a spinebuster for two. Rose continued to use her power to maintain the advantage. She set Conti up for the draping diving knee strike off the top rope and nailed it for two ahead of a commercial break.

Back from commercial, Conti got the knees up on a senton and made her comeback with a series of corner knees. She then went for a hammerlock DDT, but Rose powered out. Conti dropped Rose into the ropes and hit a diving knee for two. She went to the top rope again, but Nyla avoided a dive and downed Conti with a lariat. 

Rose went for the Beast Bomb, Conti rolled through, but there was some miscommunication on what looked like a cradle attempt. Once they regrouped, Conti landed more strikes and the DD-Tay, a hammerlock DDT, for the win. 

– Rose and Guerrero looked to attack after the match, but Hikaru Shida ran out to make the save. The Bunny then ran out and attacked both Shida and Conti with the Matt Hardy stable looking on from the ramp.

Hardy called the Women's Eliminator Tournament a sham because the Bunny wasn't in it. He said his clients had been overlooked for far too long.


A video recapped the Miro, Kip Sabian, Chuck Taylor, and Orange Cassidy feud. Their upcoming match will be called Arcade Anarchy. 

Next week's Dynamite lineup:

  • Arcade Anarchy: Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy
  • Hikaru Shida & Tai Conti vs. Nyla Rose & The Bunny
  • Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid
  • Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshal w/ special guest referee Arn Anderson
  • Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian


A Scorpio Sky video played. He said this isn't a new side of him, just a side we haven't seen. He will face Mike Sydal on next week's AEW Dark: Elevation.


TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) defeated John Silver (w/ Dark Order)

Despite some moments that didn't quite stick, this was a big-time, high-impact main event and yet another great performance from both men. 

They established Silver's power advantage right away. After some chain wrestling, Silver just crashed into Darby, sending him all the way out of the ring. He followed it up with a massive biel from corner to corner, then a second right into the turnbuckle. He then exploded with a knee strike and a brainbuster for two. 

Through a commercial break, Silver continued to dominate, with Allin just ragdolling all over the place. The fight spilled to the floor, where Allin avoided an attack, sending Silver over the barricade to the ringside area. Silver almost didn't make it back to the ring, but Alan Angels took a bullet on a dive. Silver then followed it up with a German suplex on the floor.

Sting came out, I guess to even the odds against the Dark Order. With Silver and Allin both back in the ring, the challenger laid in strikes, but Allin rolled through with La Magistral for two. Silver countered the stunner into the rear naked choke, or Anna Jay's finisher, the Queenslayer. Allin rolled out with a cradle, forcing Silver to break, but Silver then hit a DDT for two.

Silver rolled Allin back to the ring as the announcers mentioned that there were only a few minutes left in the TV time limit. Silver hit a big palm strike and blocked a cradle attempt into one of his own for a good near fall. Allin hit a standing Coffin Drop, but Silver sent Allin flying with a pump kick before hoisting him to the top rope.

Allin countered a superplex and went for a Coffin Drop on the Dark Order at ringside, somehow splatting on the floor anyway. Silver than landed a top-rope F5, but Allin's feet were over the ropes on the pin attempt. He then set up for Mr. Brodie Lee's powerbomb, but Allin turned it into a Code Red to win and retain.

– After the match, Matt Hardy pulled out Allin out of the ring and sent him into the barricade. Hardy's associates all came out, leading to a free-for-all brawl as the show ended.