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AEW Dynamite live results: Parking lot fight


Dynamite opened with Jurassc Express in the ring for their match against FTR. 

The Young Bucks entered and hit the referee with superkicks. The announcers pushed that the Bucks have a new edge to them since Hangman Page turned on them and speculated as to how much they might be fined for their actons. 

The Bucks made their way to the back and threw a stack of bills at Tony Khan, paying their fine in advance. 

The Bucks crossed paths with FTR as the AEW Tag champs prepared to enter for the opener. FTR mocked Matt and Nick. 


FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) defeated Jurassic Express

Excellent action in this opener and a finish straight out of a Demolition match in 1988. 

Jungle Boy and Dax kicked things off and traded hip tosses. Luchasaurus and Cash entered. Cash tried to distract the referee. Luchasaurus overcame the distraction. Jurassic Express hit some tandem offense. Jungle Boy hit a senton off Luchasaurus's back. 

Cash and Jungle Boy ended up the legal men. Cash cut Jungle Boy off with a powerslam. FTR isolated Jungle Boy and worked him over. 

Luchasaurus got a hot tag and ran wild with pump kicks. He connected with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Jungle Boy blind tagged in. Luchasaurus hit a tail whip on Dax and Jungle Boy covered for a two count. 

FTR gave Jungle Boy about a million different near falls off a variety of cradles. Jungle Boy hit a high cross. Dax rolled through and held the tights but Jungle Boy reversed into another two count. 

Jungle Boy and Dax traded strikes as Cash and Luchasaurus brawled to the floor. Jungle Boy got yet another near fall after an inside cradle. 

Cash launched Luchasaurus over the barricade. Jungle Boy hit a tope suicida to Cash. 

For the finish, Jungle Boy tried a sunset flip near the ropes. Cash and Blanchard flipped Dax over, reversing the cradle. Dax pinned Jungle Boy. 


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur previewed the rest of the show. 


To the back -- 

Alex Marvez approached a fallen Matt Hardy. Hardy was laid out selling his left knee. Private Party said they were about to talk strategy for their match with Hager and Jericho when they found Matt. 

Jericho and Hager entered. They mocked Hardy and Jericho was carrying Floyd the baseball bat. The clear implication was that it was Jericho who attacked Hardy. 


Kenny Omega joined the commentary desk for the next match. 

Schiavone said that Omega had been offered a chance to make the match a tag match but he refused. Omega said he's a singles competitor now. 

Hangman Page defeated Frankie Kazarian

This was another good match. 

They opened with a striking exchange. They had a loud chop battle. Hangman hit a springboard clothesline and a plancha. Page was firmly in control before an ad break. 

Kazarian worked Page over during the commercials, including hitting his leg slice in the ropes. Kazarian fought for a fisherman's suplex forever but Page kept blocking. Kazarian finally hit the move for a two count. 

Kazarian grabbed a front facelock. They traded clotheslines. Page blocked a swing DDT and hit a fall-away slam and a standing shooting star for a near fall. 

Kazarian blocked a springboard clothesline and hit a slingshot DDT for a two count. Each guy fought for a backslide. Kazarian reversed a backslide attempt into an unprettier for a two count. 

Page hit a sliding lariat and a DVD for a two count. Page teased a Buckshot. Kazarian countered into a slingshot cutter for a two count. 

Kazarian tried a springboard attack. Page blocked and hit a Liger bomb for a two count. Kazarian avoided another Buckshot attempt. Kazarian avoided a moonsault off the apron and hit a right hand. Page hit a clothesline on the floor. 

Kazarian climbed back inside. Page was on the apron. They traded strikes. Kazarian tried another leg slice in the ropes but Page blocked, shoved Kazarian off and hit a Buckshot Lariat for the pin. 


Omega left the commentary desk without congratulating his former partner. Page drank a beer in the ring after his win. 


A video package played hyping the parking lot fight. 


MJF (w/Wardlow) defeated Shawn Dean

Dean had his left arm taped up. MJF used a thumb to the eye and a Salt of the Earth to win in seconds as Dean immediately tapped out. 


Wardlow continued beating down Dean after the match. 

MJF cut a promo. He said he's an honest man, unlike that cheater Jon Moxley. MJF demanded that Justin Roberts introduce him as the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned champion of AEW. 

MJF said to get any attention on Dynamite you have to be in a stable. He said there's a new faction every week. He's not wrong. 

MJF said whether he picks a group to be a part of or not it doesn't matter because he's better than you and you know it. 


Taz broke down the offense of Ricky Starks. 


Eddie Kingston was in the ring with Penta and Fenix. Butcher and Blade paced around the ring while Kingston cut a promo. 

Kingston said he never lost the Casino Battle Royale. He said his group isn't a faction or a stable, they're a family. He said after they fight, some families go to dinner. He said his family celebrates with violence. 

Butcher and Blade pulled Griff Garrison and another jobber out of the crowd and beat them up. 

Kingston told Blade it was time for him to get his house in order. 

And the segment ended. 

Kingston is a gifted promo. The inside baseball stuff about Blade and his wife is awful. 


Private Party entered. 

The announcers used Private Party's entrance time to announce that Jon Moxley and Lance Archer will be on opposite sides of a six-man tag next week and will be picking their partners tonight. 


Chris Jericho & Jake Hager defeated Private Party

This was more formulaic than the tag team opener but a good match. Much like the FTR match this was a case where the established veterans gave the young guys a ton before coming away with the win. Kassidy got at least two near falls on Jericho and Jericho bumped all over for him. 

Quen and Kassidy hit tandem dives to start the match off hot. 

Quen got cut off and worked over during a break. Hager hit some of his lumbering offense. Kassidy got a hot tag and Private Party hit Silly String on Hager for a near fall. 

Jericho got a tag. Kassidy ducked a Judas Effect and hit a springboard cutter for a two count. Quen and Hager brawled to the floor after a double clothesline over the top. 

Kassidy went for a senton atomico but Jericho moved out of the way. Jericho hit the Judas Effect for the pin. 


Jericho put Kassidy in the Walls after the match. Quen made the save and hit a Pele kick, sending Jericho packing. 


They announced Scorpio Sky vs. Ben Carter, Anna Jay vs. Brandi Rhodes, plus Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears for Late Night Dynamite, airing Tuesday after Inside the NBA on TNT.


NWA World Women's Championship: Thunder Rosa defeated Ivelisse to retain the title

This was a back and forth match with very little flow to it. Just move, move, move, move, move. 

Rosa's offense looked good, Ivelisse's did not. 

They showed Hikaru Shida in the crowd watching the match. 

Rosa hit a jumping clothesline and a meteora in the corner. Ivelisse hit a tiger driver.  Rosa used a crossface. Rosa blocked a springboard attack and hit a DVD. 

Rosa used a tombstone for the pin. 


Diamante ran in after the match and attacked Rosa. Shida jumped the rail to make the save, then left the ring to Rosa to take a bow. 


Miro was bench pressing. He asked Kip Sabian to let him get in the ring and devour somebody. 

Sabian said Miro has to throw him a bachelor party first. Miro promised the best bachelor party ever. Sabian and Miro fist bumped Penelope Ford. 


Jake Roberts and Lance Archer entered for a promo. 

Archer pulled someone out of the crowd and beat him up. 

Jake cut a creepy promo about being in bed with the Tasmanian devil. 

Taz entered. Taz said he and Jake made a deal that Ricky Starks and Brian Cage will be Archer's partners next week provided Cage gets the first shot at Archer when Archer wins Moxley's title. 

Moxley entered but got jumped by Cage and Starks. Will Hobbs made the save for Moxley with a steel chair. 

Moxley put Hobbs over strongly on the mic. Moxley called on Darby Allin who he knew was watching at home to join his team next week. 

Really good promo from Moxley. Hobbs looked great. 


Archer, Cage & Starks vs. Moxley, Hobbs & Allin, Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Orange Cassidy for the TNT title, Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Diamante & Ivelisse, plus a Chris Jericho promo were announced for next week's Dynamite. 

The main event is next. 


Parking lot fight: Best Friends defeated Santana & Ortiz

These guys beat the hell out of each other in a brutal, violent main event.

They hit each other with car hoods, a police baton, a sledgehammer, a door, a dustpan, a baseball bat, a board and a pipe. 

Santana took two sentons while trapped under the hood of a car and bled. Taylor took a suplex and a splash on the roof of a car. Taylor suplexed Ortiz on a guardrail. 

Ortiz hit Trent with a low blow and a powerbomb on a car roof as Santana and Ortiz doubled up on Trent. Trent got launched into the back window of a car and came up with his back all cut up. 

Taylor fired back with a bat before taking a backdrop on a trashcan before he was cut off. 

Santana teased a pipe shot to Taylor. Orange Cassidy jumped out of a car trunk and hit an Orange Punch with a chain. Taylor hit a piledriver on the hood of a car on Santana. 

Trent hit a crunchie on Ortiz through a plywood board and pinned him in the bed of a pickup truck. 


Sue showed up in her van and drove the winning team away to close the show. Sue flipped the bird as she drove off.