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AEW Dynamite live results: Revolution go-home show


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, Missouri. 

This is the go-home episode before Saturday's Revolution pay-per-view, and will be followed by a one-hour Countdown to Revolution show on TNT in the United States and on TSN2 in Canada. 

For Dynamite, the official weigh-in for the AEW World Championship match between champ Chris Jericho and challenger Jon Moxley has been advertised. 

PAC and Kenny Omega are set to face off in a 30-minute iron man match. PAC and Omega have squared off twice before in AEW. PAC defeated Omega at All Out in August, while Omega won the return match on Dynamite in November.

Omega and Hangman Page will defend their AEW Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks at Revolution.

The Butcher and The Blade vs. Best Friends in a tag match is also set for tonight, along with Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz vs. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt in a trios match.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 



These guys had a very high level match. They worked it like a state of the art, big time main event. 

The Bucks accompanied Omega to the ring. 

They opened by locking up, then trading strikes. Omega hit a hurricanrana and sent PAC to the floor. Omega hit a terminator dive, then threw PAC back inside for a kotaro krusher and a near fall. 

Omega hit a snap dragon suplex. He teased a V-Trigger in the ropes, but PAC rolled to the floor. PAC hit a moonsault press off the apron into a DDT on the floor. PAC hit an avalanche brainbuster. but could not follow up with a cover. 

PAC hit a missile dropkick for a two count. After a sequence of teases, PAC hit a slingshot cutter for another near fall. PAC used a chinlock. They traded strikes. Omega hit a pair of knee strikes and hit a tiger driver for a near fall. 

Omega tried a One-Winged Angel. PAC blocked, so Omega had to settle for a deadlift German for a two count. Omega hit a V-Trigger in the corner. He teased a top rope One-Winged Angel, but PAC reversed into a powerbomb. Omega hit a snap dragon for a two count. 

PAC rolled outside. Omega went out after him. PAC used a chair on Omega with 14:06 left for a DQ. 

The Bucks took the referee, so PAC continued using the chair in the ring. PAC hit Black Arrow for a pin with 13:21 left. 

The match continued picture-in-picture during a commercial break. 

After the ads, PAC hit a falcon arrow off the apron to the floor. As the ref and the ringside doctor attended to Omega, PAC hit a Woo dropkick, sending Omega into the referee, who took a bump on the floor. 

With the ref out, PAC set Omega up on a table on the outside. PAC hit a shooting star press off the post to the floor. That was nuts. 

They teased a double countout. PAC made it back in at 8. Omega made it back in at 10, but the ref held up the count, leaving the announce team to try to cover for him. Bad refereeing. 

PAC tried a Black Arrow, but Omega got his knees up. Omega hit two V-Triggers, then used a uranage backbreaker for a two count 

Omega hit another V-Trigger, then went for a One-Winged Angel. PAC reversed into a poison rana. PAC hit a swing DDT, then locked in the Brutalizer. Omega rolled through, but PAC kept the hold applied. Omega finally forced a rope break. 

PAC used a crucifix hold on the mat with under two minutes left. Omega  refused to tap, and the clock ran out. 

PAC hit the ref with a forearm shot. 

Justin Roberts announced that the match would continue in sudden death. Aubrey Edwards ran down to officiate. 

Right away, Omega hit a V-Trigger, a Kamigoye knee to the face for a near fall, then hit One-Winged Angel for the pin. 


After a commercial break, Tony Schiavone interviewed PAC on the stage. Tony asked PAC what it meant to come up short after attacking Omega's friends and talking smack for so many months. 

PAC asked Schiavone what he was trying to accomplish. Orange Cassidy then entered and took off his sunglasses. PAC decked him with a forearm shot and walked off. 


Lexy Nair was backstage, trying to get a word with Chris Jericho outside his locker room. She knocked on the door and Jake Hager answered. She asked to speak to Jericho. Hager stared at her, then shut the door in her face. 



This was all action. 

Jungle Boy came out firing, hitting a pair of topes. Luchasaurus hit a standing moonsault and looked better and more mobile than he has since getting injured months back. 

Stunt tried a dive, got caught, thrown into Jungle Boy, and that was the turning point. Santana, Ortiz and Guevara worked on Stunt through a commercial break. Santana hit a cannonball in the corner. Guevara hit a springboard double stomp. 

Stunt made a hot tag to Jungle Boy. Guevara tried to use a loaded sock on Jungle Boy. Darby Allin appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the sock, Jungle Boy hit a hurricanrana, then pinned Guevara. 

After the match, Allin sent Guevara over the top rope with a back drop. The fans loved Allin. 


A Cody/MJF hype video played. It was very well done. 



Taylor got cut off by Butcher and Blade, who proceeded to work him over in a dull manner. It was all worth it for what was coming next. 

Trent got a hot tag and brawled with Blade on the floor, including hitting a spear. 

This built to a comedy sequence between The Bunny and Orange Cassidy. 

Bunny and Cassidy squared off in the ring. Cassidy blocked a low blow. Bunny stole his sunglasses. Cassidy stole her bunny ears, then shoved his hands in his pockets. An all-time great comedy spot. 

Cassidy hit a tope suicida to Butcher, allowing Trent and Taylor to hit their version of Strong Zero for the pin. 


Schiavone interviewed Cassidy and Best Friends after the match. Tony said that Orange Cassidy vs. PAC has been signed for Revolution. 

Taylor cut a promo said that if PAC thinks Cassidy is a joke, the joke is on PAC, because this time, Cassidy is going to try. 

Trent said he's not sure if Cassidy is going to try or not. Tony asked Cassidy, who gave his trademark thumbs up. 

The crowd chanted "he's going to try!"

During a commercial break, Schiavone put on the sunglasses and gave a thumbs up. 

Seven star segment. 



Lots of creative three and four-way spots in this one. A good match. 

Sakazaki broke up a triple test of strength. Everyone traded scradles. Swole got some shine with a flatliner, a high kick to Shanna, then a springboard cutter. 

Sakazaki hit Shida with a sliding lariat. Shanna hit Swole with an Angel's Wings for a near fall. 

The finish saw Shida slam Sakazaki onto Swole. She covered both for a near fall, then hit a running knee to Swole for the pin. 

Commentary put over that Shida will be looking to meet the winner of Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose. 


A Dark Order promo played. Evil Uno said that The Exalted One is coming and has given his marching orders. He said that Scorpio Sky and Kazarian are in for a rough night at Revolution, and Chris Daniels will find out what he will soon be...



Jim Ross conducted a sit-down interview with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. 

Ross put over the Bucks as the best tag team in the world, then asked them why they haven't been tag champs yet. Omega interrupted and said that the Bucks are the best, and that he and Page just stumbled into something together. 

Page, glass in hand, acted offended. Ross asked why he was fidgeting in his seat. Page said the Bucks don't care about him. The Bucks said they're taking the tag titles, but they'll all shake hands at the end, because friendship and The Elite is bigger than a wrestling match. Omega agreed. 

Page said he tried to leave The Elite months ago and no one listened to him. He said he finally achieved something and the Bucks want to take it away from him. 

The Bucks said Page was a nobody and a jobber in ROH before they brought him into Bullet Club. Page walked out. 

Ross said that their match at Revolution will be personal. 

I liked this segment. They touched on some insider stuff, but not so much that if you were watching for the first time you wouldn't be able to track with what's happening. 


I loved this go-home segment. 

Tony Schiavone introduced Gary Michael Cappetta as the special guest ring announcer for the weigh-in. 

Moxley entered. Jericho entered with the Inner Circle, dubbing them the "Painmaker Posse," wearing matching tracksuits. 

Cappetta asked Jericho to step on the scale first. Jericho said Cappetta was a weird little man, and judging by his technique, no wonder WCW went out of business. Jericho said the champ goes last. 

Moxley weighed in at 234 pounds. I call shenanigans. 

Jericho made a big show of handing over his title belt, his glasses, his bandana, then his jacket, stalling. 

Moxley hit Jericho with a headbutt and all hell broke loose. 

Jericho bled from the bridge of the nose. Inner Circle went after Moxley. Dustin Rhodes ran in and took out Hager, and they brawled to the concourse. 

Darby Allin rode in. Guevara broke a skateboard over his head. 

The brawl came down to Jericho and Moxley. Jericho hit a low blow, a Judas Effect, then hit the Paradigm Shift on Moxley on the scale, leaving Moxley laying. 

The show ended with Jericho standing over a fallen Moxley, raising his championship belt. 


This was close to a perfect go-home show. Good wrestling, good angles, good comedy, what more do you need?