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AEW Dynamite live results: Tag team battle royale

A TBS title match, a Face of the Revolution qualifier, plus House of Black vs. PAC & Penta are also set for tonight's episode.

AEW Dynamite is live tonight from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

A tag team battle royale will be held, with the winner earning a spot in the AEW World Tag Team title match at the Revolution pay-per-view on March 6. The Young Bucks, 2point0, Santana & Ortiz, Best Friends, Gunn Club, FTR, Private Party, John Silver & Alex Reynolds, The Butcher & The Blade, and Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly will be the participants. 

Jade Cargill will defend the TBS Championship against The Bunny on tonight's show. Cargill owns a career record of 27-0 in AEW. 

House of Black's Malakai Black and Brody King will face PAC and Penta El Zero Miedo in tag team action. 

Ricky Starks will take on 10 in a Face of the Revolution qualifier, with the winner advancing to the ladder match at Revolution. Keith Lee, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Wardlow have already qualified for the Revolution bout. 

Bryan Danielson will face Daniel Garcia in a singles bout, plus Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston will have a face-to-face confrontation on tonight's episode. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Show Report --

AEW tag champions Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus came out alongside Christian Cage to open the show and watch the tag team battle royal.

Battle Royale: Kyle O'Reilly of reDRagon last eliminated Matt Jackson to earn a spot in the AEW Tag Team Championship match at Revolution

The participants were Best Friends, Butcher & Blade, John Silver & Alex Reynolds, Gunn Club, FTR, Santana & Ortiz, reDRagon, 2point0, Private Party, and the Young Bucks.

Reynolds, Blade, and the Gunn Club were eliminated early on. Butcher got some shine taking out both Adam Cole-adjacent teams before being eliminated. Fish and O'Reilly worked together to send Chuckie T packing before Dax Harwood eliminated both members of Private Party. Matt Hardy walked out on them in response.

Santana eliminated both of 2point0, but then the Young Bucks eliminated Ortiz. The Bucks and FTR faced off, but then reDRagon interrupted and the teams reset. Not much happened for a while until FTR eliminated Nick Jackson. Orange Cassidy saved Trent from being eliminated before a commercial.

Fish was eliminated during the break. Once back, Tully Blanchard tried to help Cash eliminate Silver, but Silver turned it around and sent Cash packing. There was a parade of big moves until we got Santana and Trent staring each other down, reminiscent of their Parking Lot Brawl. They traded impactful strikes until O'Reilly and Matt Jackson eliminated them as they jockeyed for position on the apron.

The final four were Matt Jackson, O'Reilly, Dax, and Silver. O'Reilly and Dax fought on the apron until Fish returned and eliminated Dax without being in the match. Silver was a house of fire until he ran into a superkick from Matt and then a double team from him and O'Reilly. Matt eliminated Silver, but then O'Reilly eliminated Matt to win.

– After the match, the Bucks and reDRagon were heated. Hangman Page came out to attack reDRagon as revenge for their cheap shot last year, and the Bucks didn't really try to save them. Adam Cole came out and attacked Page from behind, but Page got the advantage. reDRagon pulled Cole out of the way of the Buckshot Lariat, but then Silver attacked them, allowing Page to hit the Buckshot on O'Reilly.

Page grabbed a mic and said it was story time. There once was a young man named Adam who won world championships everywhere he went, but he's drawing closer to a six-feet hole in the ground. 


Bryan Danielson was backstage. He talked up Daniel Garcia's talent, but was frustrated that Garcia didn't have a mentor like William Regal -- instead he's hanging around with geeks like 2point0. Danielson then said he'd give Moxley an answer soon.


MJF promo

He came out all sad and humble, fighting back against some "CM Punk" chants by practically begging the crowd to listen to him. His meeting with Punk as a child meant the world to him, and he loves pro wrestling. When MJF was a child, he had learning disabilities, and the only thing he was good at was football -- but he was harassed for being Jewish. 

The only thing that cheered him up was meeting CM Punk. He passed up scholarship opportunities to pursue professional wrestling, and he did it all because he wanted to be just like Punk. But in January 2014, when MJF needed Punk the most, he left -- so MJF put his dreams on pause.

When he saw a photo of Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson, he decided he'd become a pro wrestler in spite of Punk. At Revolution, MJF may be choked out and he might bleed buckets, but he'll never quit, because then he'd be just like Punk. "I'm Maxwell Jacob Friedland, and I'm better than you, and you know it."

Punk emerged and asked MJF if what he said was true, but MJF just left the ring and walked back up the stage.


Daniel Garcia and 2point0 were backstage. 2point0 said nobody cares about Danielson wanting to be Garcia's mentor, and Garcia said he was already ultra-violent.


Penta's got a new gimmick, Penta Oscuro, meaning "Dark Penta" (quite similar to Pentagon Dark in Lucha Underground). Alex Abrahantes was dressed like a vampire.

Death Triangle (PAC & Penta Oscuro) defeated Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brody King)

They brawled before the bell and Penta dove onto the Kings. PAC immediately hit a 450 splash on Black for two. King tagged in and took PAC down with a big clothesline for two of his own ahead of a commercial. Once back, King used PAC to take out Penta before landing a big-time tope suicida. Black tagged in and hit a German suplex bridge for two.

The Kings went for Dante's Inferno, but PAC broke it up. PAC landed repeated pump kicks and a German on King, but Black made a blind tag. He went for the mist, but Penta covered Black's mouth and rolled him up for the quick win.

– In a bit of WWE-style booking, the Kings immediately beat down their opponents after losing. Black produced a shovel. The lights went out and Buddy Matthews appeared to make his debut. He confronted Black before swerving and turning to attack Penta. King then wiped out all the security detail coming down to break it up. Matthews then curb-stomped Penta onto a chair.


A video package hyped Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa for the AEW World Women's Championship. Rosa said her win this time would finally count.


Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston confrontation

There was security in the ring, and Kingston was already annoyed. He didn't get the point of the confrontation in the ring. "I'm not a sports entertainer -- this is a wrestling company." Jericho said this sports entertainment will actually be entertaining. He's got a story.

When they signed Eddie Kingston, Jericho thought to himself, "Who's that?" It's because Kingston looks like a jobber. But then Kingston wrestled and talked, and Jericho realized he was special. He knew Kingston would become a big-time babyface." (Kingston: "What's a babyface?") Jericho continued to compliment Kingston in a backhanded way.

Jericho thinks Kingston is just jealous, because by the time Jericho was 38, he had done everything there was to do in pro wrestling. Deep down inside, Kingston doesn't think he'll get to Jericho's level. Kingston came back and said the only reason Jericho got all those accolades was because Kingston wasn't there. Kingston won't politick backstage like Jericho, so instead, "how about a fight?" at Revolution.

According to Jericho, Kingston has achieve-o-phobia. He's afraid of success. Kingston's very first hero was his uncle, and he was a failure. Same with his father. Deep down inside, Kingston thinks he's a failure too. Jericho said he's the top guy in this company, and if Kingston wants him at Revolution, he's got it. If Kingston wins, Jericho will look Kingston in the eye and tell him he's got his utmost respect. 

Kingston said that if they wrestle, he wants the classic Jericho -- the Jericho that Levesque hated. Jericho said he'd give Kingston that Jericho, and that he can see it in Kingston's eyes: he thinks he's a loser.


There was an odd Andrade and Matt Hardy backstage promo video. They had some disagreements, but the essence was that Hardy wants to team with Andrade and Isiah Kassidy to take on Sting, Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara in the first ever AEW tornado trios match at Revolution.


Taz joined commentary.

Face of the Revolution Qualifier: Ricky Starks defeated 10

They performed some back-and-forth wrestling to start until 10 hit a delayed vertical suplex ahead of a break. Starks gained control during commercial but was leveled with a shoulder tackle upon return. 10 locked on the full Nelson but Starks fought out by grabbing at 10's mask. The spear followed for the win.


Adam Cole and reDRagon were celebrating their win, but the Young Bucks showed up and called it a double cross. The Bucks stormed off and Cole implored reDRagon to get it together.


TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated The Bunny

Jade dominated from the start, taunting with pushups as she held Bunny in an armlock. Bunny avoided a strike and whiplashed Jade's neck over the ropes before sending her into the barricade with a Russian leg sweep. During commercial, Matt Hardy came down and said he'd "DELETE!" Sterling.

Once back, Bunny landed a knee lift, but Jade caught a Thesz press and turned it into a spinebuster. Hardy distracted the official and Bunny was tossed the brass knuckles, but Jade was given the championship belt. The belt had the advantage, and both Sterling and Hardy were ejected.

Bunny rolled Jade up for two and landed two thrust kicks, but Jade countered Down the Rabbit Hole into Jaded for the win.

– After the match, Jade asked, "who's left?" Tay Conti came out, saying she's not just next, she's the one who will beat Jade. They squared off, but the Bunny got involved. Conti hit her with the Tay-KO but was leveled with a pump kick from Jade. Anna Jay was too late on the save with a chair.


Keith Lee was interviewed backstage about the other participants in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. He said the only name he recognized was Ricky Starks. Starks walked up and said his piece, then Lee and Hobbs faced off.


AEW Rampage (2/25) lineup:

  • TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • Serena Deeb's five minute challenge
  • Face of the Revolution qualifier: Orange Cassidy vs. Anthony Bowens
  • Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa contract signing

AEW Dynamite (3/3) lineup:

  • Tag team Casino Battle Royale for a spot in the Revolution tag title match
  • Hangman Page, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole & reDRagon


Bryan Danielson defeated Daniel Garcia

This was a mildly disappointing main event, as it didn't get a ton of time the crowd didn't seem to care until the final minute.

Danielson just barely out-wrestled Garcia early on, with the youngster holding his own. Garcia chopped out Danielson's leg ahead of the commercial. Once back, they jockeyed for position on the apron and Danielson suplexed Garcia to the floor before landing a diving knee.

Back in the ring, Danielson continued to dominate with suplexes and stomps. He hit a tiger suplex bridge before transitioning into Cattle Mutilation. Garcia powered out and applied an ankle lock. He tried to keep up the attack, but Danielson countered a dragon screw into kicking Garcia's head in before locking on the triangle for the win.

– After the match, Danielson asked the crowd if they thought Garcia was violent enough. 2point0 attacked Danielson, but then Jon Moxley's music played and he dispatched them easily. Garcia was about to smack Moxley with a chair, but Danielson stopped him, and Garcia ate a Paradigm Shift for his trouble.

Danielson grabbed a mic and accepted Moxley's challenge for Revolution, but "don't be surprised if you're the only one bleeding."