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AEW Dynamite live results: Tag Team title tournament begins


Preview by Joseph Currier

The second episode of AEW Dynamite takes place at the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts tonight.

Following up on last week's show-closing angle, Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara will face Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes. A new stable led by Jericho formed last week, with Jericho, Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager laying out The Young Bucks, Cody, and Dustin Rhodes.

The Young Bucks will be in action tonight as the AEW Tag Team title tournament begins. They're taking on Private Party in a first-round match.

A number one contender's match is set for tonight, with the winner of Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc advancing to challenge for Jericho's AEW World Championship next week.

New AEW Women's Champion Riho will team with Britt Baker against Emi Sakura & Bea Priestley. Riho defeated Nyla Rose last week to become the inaugural AEW Women's Champion.

Plus, Jon Moxley faces off with Shawn Spears.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The broadcast team welcomed us to the show, then ran down the card for the evening. 

Excalibur then threw it to a Young Bucks vs. Private Party hype video. The Bucks said they're the best team in the world. Private Party said they're one of the best teams, if not THE best, and anything is possible. 


This was a hell of an opener. 

SCU and Jack Evans & Angelico were shown in the crowd. 

Isiah Kassidy and Nick Jackson started off with a series of counters and teases. Kassidy ducked under a superkick. Matt jumped in and hit a dropkick through the ropes, sending Marq Quen to the floor. 

The Bucks cut Kassidy off with a neckbreaker combo. Kassidy came back with an Asai moonsault, then tagged Quen. Quen ran absolutely wild with a springboard crossbody, a dive to each side of the ring, then hit a 450 splash on Nick for a two count. 

Matt cut Quen off with a superkick from the apron, then hit a sunset bomb on Kassidy on the ramp. The Bucks hit a sliced bread combination on Quen. Nick locked Quen in a sharpshooter, but Quen forced a rope break. 

The pace slowed, and Matt worked ovr Quen with stomps. The Bucks hit a double hip toss, then a double dropkick. Nick hit a springboard foot stomp. Nick missed a spear. Quen tried for a tag, but Matt cut him off. Matt hit a spear for a two count, while Nick took Kassidy off the apron with a superkick, preventing a tag. 

Kassidy got a hot tag. He took out both Bucks with a dropkick, then hit a double hurricanrana. He sold his back from the sunset bomb on the apron. Matt came back with three northern lights suplexes in a row on Kassidy, then hit a double northern lights on both members of Private Party. 

Matt locked Kassidy in a sharpshooter. Nick hit Kassidy with a facebuster while he was still in the hold, then hit a dive to the floor that the production team missed. 

Private Party hit Gin and Juice on Matt. Quen hit Nick with a poison rana. Quen hit Matt with a 450 for a two count. 

The Bucks went for a Meltzer Driver. Kassidy pulled Nick off the ropes to the floor. Inside, Quen used a cradle on Matt for the upset win. 

Private Party went into the crowd to celebrate as we reached our first commercial break. 


Jericho and his faction came out for a promo. Jericho said these men are his confidantes, they will continue to work together, and they have a name. 

Jericho put over Sammy Guevara as a "Spanish God", and said he was sexy, and a teenage heartthrob. He said Santana and Ortiz are killers that he personally recruited to AEW. 

The crowd began chanting "We the people" as Jericho started introducing "Jake HAGAR". Jericho said "We the people" sucks, it's dead and buried, a bad idea from bad creative. 

Jericho introduced the group as "The Inner Circle". He said he hates Cody and his family. He said Dusty was a jerk, Dustin is a moron, and he's going to beat Cody in Baltimore on November 9, then celebrate in the streets of Baltimore with a little bit of the bubbly. 

Jericho can't help himself with the cool heel lines that always end up turning him babyface, but aside from that, this promo was exactly what it should have been. It established his group, named them, and emphasized his match at the pay-per-view. 



Allin gets a title match against Jericho next week by virtue of this win. 

This was kind of a weird match. Havoc took the vast majority of the offense. These are two guys whose gimmicks are that they're ultra-violent, but they didn't do much violence. There was a lot of biting. 

Allin hit an armdrag and a back elbow. Havoc bit Allin, then suplexed him out of the ring to the floor. Havoc went to work on Allin's left hand. He stomped on the left arm, then bit the hand. 

Havoc used a sleeper hold in the corner, then hit a sleeper suplex. Allin rolled to the floor, and the show went to a commercial break. 

Back from break, Havoc hit a weak rolling elbow for a two count, then hit a DVD into the buckle for another. Havoc hit a tiger driver for a near fall. Allin used a crucifix for a two count. 

Havoc went for a lariat, but Allin bit his hand, hit a stunner, then hit a Coffin Drop for the pin. 



This was a good match. A minor complaint is that it felt as though they crammed a 20 minute match into a 10 minute window. 

Priestley had her right shoulder taped up and didn't work much, and she didn't do much in her match last week either, so she may be injured. 

Sakura hit a slam on Riho. Riho came back with a dropkick. Riho went for a slam, but failed. Sakura threw Riho across the ring by her hair. Sakura used a Romero Special, then tagged Priestley. 

Priestley went after Baker on the apron. They brawled to the floor, trading forearms. Sakura and Priestley hit a double suplex on the floor. Riho then hit a high cross off the post onto the other three ladies on the floor. 

The match continued picture-in-picture during an ad break. Riho hit a double stomp on Priestley, while Baker hit a draping DDT. Sakura countered with a Vader Bomb into an elbow drop for a two count. 

Baker hit a stunner on Sakura. Riho hit a double stomp to Sakura, then rolled outside to hold Priestley at bay bay. Baker used a swinging neckbreaker for a two count, then used her Rings of Saturn/Mandible Claw combo for the submission win. 

Priestley and Baker got into it after the match, but ref Aubrey Edwards quickly pulled them apart. 


We got a Best Friends hype video and promo. They were asked how they're feeling ahead of their match next week. 

Chuck Taylor said don't ask us, ask this guy how we're feeling, then stepped aside to reveal Orange Cassidy seated behind him. 

Cassidy gave a thumbs up. 



"The Bastard PAC" was on commentary. He made references to  AEW management holding him down, and wanted to know why he isn't getting a title shot. 

Spears went right at Moxley with forearm shots before the bell. Moxley came back with a penalty kick and an elbow drop. Tully tried to trip Moxley from the floor, but failed. 

Moxley tossed Spears outside, then ran him into the barricade. Tully grabbed Moxley, then made a hasty retreat. Spears couldn't capitalize on the distraction, and Moxley remained in control. 

Tully whipped Moxley into the steps, then took the referee. Spears sent Moxley into the barricade, then the steps. He then hit a Death Valley Driver on Moxley into the barricade. 

Spears continued working over Moxley during a commercial break. Spears locked on a single-leg crab as they returned from break. 

Spears sent Moxley outside, then hit a suicide dive. Moxley didn't sell it, then immediately hit his own suicide dive. Moxley hit a Regal Knee for a two count. 

They traded chops. Spears hit a pump kick, but Moxley put him down with a lariat. Spears popped up, then hit an Ushigoroshi for a two count. 

Spears taunted Moxley with his perfect 10 deal. Moxley threw Spears into the corner, then hit a Death Rider (double-arm DDT) and got the pin. 

Kenny Omega came out to the ramp with a barbed wire broom and a barbed wire bat. He threw the bat to Moxley. As they prepared to square off, PAC attacked Omega from behind with a chair, then left. 

Moxley refused to use the bat on Omega when he was down. He's a good guy.



Page and Dustin are already one of the best teams in the business in their first match together. 

Dustin went after Jericho. He dominated him on the floor, then sent him over the barricade. Guevara tried a clothesline off the apron but Dustin nailed him with an uppercut. 

Page hit a fall-away slam on Guevara, then hit a dive to Jericho. Page and Dustin doubled up on Guevara. Page hit a standing shooting star for a two count. 

Page went up top, but Jericho grabbed his ankle, cutting him off. Guevara climbed to the top with Page, then hit a pop-up TKO, dropping Page across the top turnbuckle. Guevara and Jericho took the advantage heading into the final commercial break. 

Back from break, Jericho worked over Page against the ropes. Jericho missed a running knee. Page tried to hot tag Dustin, but Guevara tagged in and made the save for his team. 

Guevara used a chinlock on Page. Jericho tagged back in and hit some slaps to Page's face. Jericho went for a Lionsault, but Page got his knees up. Page again tried for the hot tag, but again Guevara tagged in and cut him off. 

Page hit a discus lariat, then finally made that hot tag to Dustin. Dustin hit a Manhattan Drop, then an inverted atomic drop. He hit a twisting crossbody off the top to both Guevara and Jericho. 

Guevara got sent outside. Page hit him with a moonsault off the post, but then got taken out by Hager. 

Dustin hit a destroyer on Jericho. He set Jericho up for a Final Shot. Guevara jumped in and ate a powerslam. Guevara took the referee, and Hager ran in and dropped Dustin with a forearm. 

Jericho used the distraction to hit Dustin with a Judas Effect, then pinned him. 

Hager and Page fought to the back after the match, while Jericho and Guevara double-teamed Dustin. 

The lights went off. When they came back on, Cody was in the ring. He took out Guevara with a right hand. Santana and Ortiz ran in to cut Cody off. Jericho choked Cody with Cody's own tie. 

MJF ran down with a chair. He teased turning and hitting Cody with a chair, but instead used the chair on Jericho, Guevara, Santana and Ortiz. 

MJF posed for the camera. Jericho hit him with a Codebreaker. 

The Young Bucks ran down to make the save. They hit tandem topes to Santana and Ortiz. Dustin came to and took out Guevara. Jericho escaped and made it to the ramp. 

Jericho then went after referee Bryce Remsburg. Darby Allin rode down the ramp on a skateboard to make the save, nailing Jericho with a knee. 

Allin then hit Jericho with the skateboard, then posed with The Elite in the ring. 

Jericho took the mic and said that he'll see Cody on November 9, and he'll see Darby next week. "It's your funeral, bitch," he said. 

Final Thoughts - -

73 things happened in the main event and post-match, which is too busy for my taste, but they ended on a strong note with a cliffhanger for next week. 

The promo establishing The Inner Circle was well done.

The opener was the best match in the short history of the show. 

All in all, this was a better show than last week's debut.