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AEW Dynamite live results: TNT title match, Deadly Draw finals


A TNT title match headlines tonight's special Saturday edition of AEW Dynamite. 

Cody will defend the TNT Championship against Mr. Brodie Lee. Cody has managed eight successful title defenses since becoming the inaugural TNT Champion at Double or Nothing in May. 

The AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament Final will take place tonight. The Nightmare Sisters will face Diamante and Ivelisse in the final of The Deadly Draw Tournament to determine the Cup winner.

The Elite will face off against The Dark Order in a six-man tag as The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega team against Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Alan Angels.  

The Lucha Brothers will tag up with The Butcher and The Blade against Natural Nightmares and Jurassic Express in eight-man tag action. 

FTR will face Private Party in a tag match. Darby Allin will also be in action against an unannounced opponent.

Orange Cassidy's first in-ring interview has been advertised for the show, as well as promos by Jon Moxley and MJF.

Our coverage begins following the conclusion of the NBA playoff game.


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Taz were the announce team for the show. 

The show began with the opening bell for the first match. 

FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) defeated Private Party

I was wondering if I had missed an angle with Blanchard joining up with FTR but apparently not. Here Tully was with an FTR jacket. 

The match started with a solid exchange, both teams trading offense. FTR eventually cut off Marq Quen. This was clunky at times as Quen is the greener half of Private Party. Harwood and Wheeler worked over Quen. 

They built to a hot tag to Isiah Kassidy. Kassidy hit a springboard cutter on Wheeler and a slingshot cutter on Harwood for a near fall. Quen blind tagged in and hit a springboard crossbody for another two count. 

Quen and Wheeler ended up the legal men. Kassidy tried a plancha to Harwood but Blanchard pulled Harwood out of the way and Kassidy crashed to the floor. 

Harwood tagged back in and FTR hit the Goodnight Express for the pin. 


The sound mix was way off for this show. The crowd sweetening was drowning out the announcers. 


Jon Moxley cut a good promo. He said MJF's campaign makes for good TV and it's entertaining but he doesn't need to hear his faults from MJF. He said if you want a list of his faults just ask his wife. 

Moxley said he doesn't like people who constantly talk about themselves like MJF does. He said all MJF's talking makes him think MJF is hiding something. 

He said he hopes MJF is who he says he is, the man to carry the company for decades. Moxley said he wants the company to succeed for years and years and most days Mox thinks he might not have another 18 months left he's so beat up.  He said he hopes MJF can also move out of his parents' basement and lose his virginity. 

Moxley promised to punch, kick, elbow and smash MJF's skull with his skull on September 5. He said MJF will be champ one day but that day won't be September 5. 


MJF cut a promo surrounded by his campaign staff and legal team. He was wearing a neck brace. 

MJF compared Dictator Jon to Nixon and Castro. He said that the Paradigm Shift is an abomination and has left him mangled. MJF said he wants to have a family one day, with kids, he clarified. He said he won't be able to play catch with his kids as a result of the Paradigm Shift. 

MJF's lawyer took over from there and cut a promo. He mentioned an online petition to ban the Paradigm Shift, which could be deadly according to some medical experts he's talked to. 

The lawyer said that if Mox doesn't agree to ban the Paradigm Shift from his title defense against MJF he'll sue him and wants him to sign the contract he's drawn up banning the move. 

This was a paint by numbers old school rassling angle the likes of which we rarely see any more. Good times. 


Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall defeated Butcher, Blade, Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.

This began with a wild sequence that saw Pentagon and Fenix hit stereo topes. The heels beat on QT for a bit. QT managed a tag to Rhodes. Rhodes got cut off and worked over through a commercial break. 

Luchasaurus got a hot tag after the break. Jungle Boy went for a tope suicida on Butcher but Butcher didn't catch him. Jungle Boy hit a tope suicida on Fenix, then a tope con giro on Butcher and Blade, showing tremendous confidence that they would catch him after dropping him moments before. 

Luchasaurus hit some kicks. He hit a rough looking chokeslam on Pentagon and a standing moonsault. Everyone jumped in for big moves. Dustin hit a destroyer but didn't get all of it and almost landed on his head. He should probably retire that one. 

Jungle Boy and Blade ended up the legal men. Blade and Pentagon argued over who should hit their finish on Jungle Boy, allowing Jungle Boy to roll up Blade for the pin. 


After the match, Lucha Bros and Butcher and Blade started pushing and shoving. 

Eddie Kingston entered and cut a good promo. He said that they all came from the indies and now they're on TNT. He said TNT knows drama but that doesn't mean there shoud be drama between the five of them. 

Kingston said the only thing holding them back from being champs was a lack of unity. He said to stick together and stick with him, so those five look to be a new group. 


They showed a Dr. Britt Baker vignette. Baker and Reba were in a gym with Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. Ford and Sabian were making out. Baker warned them that the number one cavity-causing bacteria is spread through human saliva and they've been spreading a lot back and forth. 

Baker offered them a year of free dental care if they joined Reba and her in a handicap match against Big Swole. Sabian and Ford didn't answer. 

Baker then offered a year of free makeup from Reba for Ford if they accepted. Ford agreed. All Sabian cared about was going back to making out. 


Tony Schiavone introduced Orange Cassidy. Cassidy came to the ring with Best Friends. Before he spoke, Chris Jericho interrupted. 

Jericho came to the stage and put Cassidy over with a total babyface promo. He said he's only been pinned three times in AEW and Cassidy has a win over him. 

Jericho challenged Cassidy to a rubber match at All Out. Jericho said he created one of the most famous gimmick matches ever involving a briefcase and a ladder. Jericho said he's done it again and threw to a video package.

The video detailed the rules of a Mimosa Mayhem Match. 

500 cases of champagne will be mixed in a tank at ringside with 80 gallons of orange juice. You win by pinfall, submission or throwing your opponent in the tank. 

Cassidy accepted the challenge.

Jericho came to the ring with champagne to toast Cassidy and Best Friends, but called out Inner Circle first. 

Inner Circle surrounded the ring and attacked on Jericho's signal. Jericho and Inner Circle left Cassidy and Best Friends laying and Jericho poured champagne all over Cassidy. 


The Elite defeated The Dark Order

This was a very good match. 

This started off as you would expect with The Elite taking most of the offense. Things turned when Matt's series of northern lights suplexes was interrupted. Matt was briefly victim of a 3-on-1 but managed a tag to Omega. Omega got cut off and worked over through an ad break. 

Nick Jackson's hot tag began during a commercial break which is just brutal timing. The Bucks went for an Indytaker but it was blocked. Silver got a near fall off a double stomp. 

The action really intensified near the finish. Nick hit a crazy series of dives. Omega helped The Bucks hit an assisted Indytaker on Angels. Omega then used the One-Winged Angel on Angels for the pin. 


Omega continued assaulting Angels after the match. The Bucks tried to talk sense to him but he acted unhinged before finally calming down. 

I'm not a fan of teasing dissent between members of The Elite. They have done this constantly for months and months, first with Page and now with Omega. This has to pay off at some point, right? 


Alex Marvez was with FTR and Blanchard backstage. 

Marvez announced a gauntlet match on next week's Dynamite to determine Page and Omega's challnegers at All Out. 

The match will begin with  fourth-ranked Natural Nightmares and third-ranked Young Bucks. The winner of that match will immediately face the second-ranked Best Friends. The winner of that match will face top-ranked FTR. 

Marvez then interviewed FTR and Blanchard. He asked what the relationship between them was. Wheeler said they want to learn from the best. Blanchard said he's going to take FTR from almost to crossing the threshold. 

Page entered and confronted FTR for attacking Rock 'n' Roll Express last week. They said that was their business and didn't concern him. Wheeler said they wanted to honor Rock 'n' Roll but they turned their backs on them. 

Harwood said he had to fake a knee injury because after seven years of The Bucks talking trash about FTR he had to know if he could trust them. He said when he was pretending to be hurt only Wheeler and Page came to check on them. 

Harwood then tried to convince Page that it would be best for him if The bucks didn't win the gauntlet because they'd keep him in their shadow. 

So the tease is that Page might turn on The Bucks next week on Dynamite so he and Omega can defend against his buddies FTR at All Out. 

There are about three months worth of storylines that have played out in about six minutes of TV with this FTR angle. 


Darby Allin defeated Will Hobbs

Allin ran in and attacked before the opening bell. He hit a tope suicida. Hobbs took over and hit a backdrop and a spinebuster. 

Allin answered with a springboard elbow and a Coffin Drop for the pin. 


Taz cut a promo from the announce desk immediately after the match. He said Team Taz is rolling. He introduced the newest member of Team Taz, Darby. 

Ricky Starks came out dressed as Darby. He cut a promo mocking Allin's persona. Taz did some obnoxious fake laughing. 

Brian Cage attacked Allin from behind. Starks then came to the ring and cut a strong promo on Allin before laying him out with a skateboard shot. 

Starks hit a Coffin Drop on Allin and the segment ended with Starks and Cage posing over Allin. 


They shot an angle during a commercial break. 

Sammy Guevara came to the stage with his Love Actually cards to send Matt Hardy a message. 

Hardy attacked Guevara with a chair and laid him out. 

Please don't shoot angles during commercials. Thanks. 

Hardy continued the attack after the break. He threw Guevara off the stage through a table. 

Hardy grabbed the same kind of chair that Guevara busted him open with a couple of weeks ago and threatened to use it but referees intervened. 


Schiavone threw to a pre-taped promo from NWA Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa. 

Rosa cut a great promo. She said she heard Shida's call for challengers and she's hear to help. Rosa said she will take Hikaru Shida's AEW Women's World Championship from her at the PPV. 

Rosa is a good worker and a good talker so that match should be something to look forward to. 


Veda Scott joined the announce desk for the Deadly Draw Finals. Shaul Guerrero was the special ring announcer. 


AEW Women's Tag Team Cup finals: Ivelisse & Diamante defeated Nightmare Sisters (w/ Natural Nightmares) to win the tournament

This match should not have aired on international television. 

Brandi and Ivelisse began and traded a couple of spots before Allie and Diamante tagged in. Diamante got cut off and worked over through a commercial break. 

Brandi and Ivelisse got tags. Brandi hit a spear. Allie and Diamante tagged back in. Allie hit Rabbit Hole for a near fall. Brandi teased a pedigree on Ivelisse but got tossed outside. 

Marshall jumped on the apron. Ivelisse bumped him off the apron. Diamante hit something resembling a cutter and pinned Allie. 


Madusa was their to present medals, flowers and the cup to the winners. Diamante and Ivelisse threw the flowers down and celebrated with Puerto Rican flags. 

All of this felt rushed and the match was awful. 

If you would like to look on the bright side, Veda Scott was good on commentary, no easy feat in that particular booth. 


Jericho on commentary, the tag team gauntlet match, Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara in a tables match, a Moxley/MJF contract signing and Big Swole vs. Britt Baker in a handicap match were announced for next week's Dynamite. 

The main event is next. 


TNT Championship match: Mr. Brodie Lee defeated Cody (w/Arn Anderson) to win the title

Cody tried a flurry of strikes at the opening bell. Lee came back right away with a dropkick before throwing Cody over the top rope to the floor. Lee sent Cody into the barricade and tossed some chairs around. 

Back inside, Lee hit a half-and-half suplex and a release German.

Lee hit a discus lariat. Cody took a flip bump and got pinned in a total squash match. 


Dark Order came to the ring to celebrate with Lee. Tony Schiavone went to the ring to interview Lee. 

Lee said he has the power and the say-so now that he has the TNT title. He says executives like Schiavone held him down and created him. 

Cody was in the background meanwhile being tended to by paramedics. They did a stretcher job complete with an oxygen mask for Cody. 

Cody gave a thumbs up as he was carted to the tunnel. Dark Order intercepted Cody. Arn started to fight his way through Dark Order but was quickly cut off and hit with a thrust kick by Lee. 

Dark Order dumped Cody off the stretcher and Lee continued to assault him. Lee hit Cody with a loaded satchel. We would see later that the satchel held the old TNT title.  

Dustin and QT came to the stage but were also laid out. 

Brandi entered and laid across Cody to try to stop the assault. Anna Jay attacked Brandi and choked her out. 

Lee dumped the old TNT belt in pieces on top of Cody and posed over the fallen Nightmare Family. 

The announcers put over that AEW changed tonight and it now belongs to Dark Order.