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AEW Dynamite live results: Young Bucks & Dustin vs. Inner Circle


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the State Farm Center in Champaign, Illinois.

Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks will take on Santana, Ortiz & Sammy Guevara in trios action following their in-ring confrontation on last week's show. These three members of the Inner Circle enter the contest with a 1-0 record in trios matches, The Bucks each carry 2-1 trios records, while Rhodes will wrestle in his first AEW six-man. 

Jon Moxley (3-0-1 singles record) will face Joey Janela (1-3 singles) in singles competition. Moxley holds a victory over Janela in an unsanctioned match which took place at Fyter Fest in June. 

Trent (1-1 singles) will take on Fenix (1-0 singles) in singles action after Trent and partner Chuck Taylor defeated Fenix and Pentagon Jr. in a tag match last week. 

In the women's division, Kris Statlander will take on Hikaru Shida. Shida is currently ranked as the top challenger to AEW Women's World Champion Riho. 

Rounding out the card is Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon. Both men enter the contest with 0-1 records in singles matches. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.



The Bucks and Dustin ran wild at the outset. All three hit a triple superkick. Matt hit a high cross off the post to the floor onto all three opposing team members. Nick hit a corkscrew dive while Dustin hit a simultaneous flip dive off the apron. 

Matt tried a double northern lights suplex sequence and got cut off. Matt blocked a delayed vertical suplex from Guevara and made a  hot tag to Dustin. Dustin hit three powerslams and a crossbody, then hit Santana with a destroyer for a near fall. 

Dustin got cut off after a shot with the loaded sock from Proud and Powerful. Guevara hit a 630 senton for a near fall. Guevara hit a double stomp off the top onto Matt for a near fall. 

Guevara grabbed his phone and started live streaming. He jumped off the top into a double superkick. Nick hit a missile dropkick into a double piledriver combo and Matt pinned Guevara. 

A fun opener. There are always audio issues on Dynamite, but even by their standards, there were significant technical difficulties during this match. 



A good match, lots of good action, but not much heat for this. Kind of the story of Trent's career in a nutshell. 

I think there's far more upside in the Lucha Bros than in the Best Friends at this stage of the game. I hope last week's Best Friends win was an aberration. 

Fenix hit a dropkick. He teased a muscle buster, but Trent blocked. Trent teased a Dudebuster, but Fenix blocked. Fenix missed a 619, but hit one to Trent's legs on the second attempt. Fenix grabbed the right arm and worked it over as the show went to its first commercial break. 

During the break, Fenix used his springboard rope-walk spot, and hit a drive-by dropkick which led to a near fall. 

After the ad break, Fenix tried a tornillo. Trent blocked with a dropkick, then hit a half-and-half suplex. They brawled to the floor. Fenix sent Trent into the barricade. Trent came back with a spear on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Trent hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Trent tried a monkey flip. Fenix blocked and hit a powerbomb for a two count. Fenix hooked Trent's legs in the ropes. Fenix ran the top rope connected with a kick. Trent answered with a lariat. 

They traded chops on the apron. Fenix hit a springboard double stomp to the floor. Fenix then tried a springboard attack off the top. Trent got his knees up, then hit a stuff piledriver for a two count. 

Fenix hit a pop-up cutter, a rolling kick, then connected with a muscle buster and got the pin. 

Trent and Fenix continued fighting after the bell as the show went to commercial break. The announcers never called attention to this. If you're going to do stuff during commercials, it has to count. 



Cody entered for a promo. There was a lot of good stuff here but it was also disjointed. 

Cody mentioned the attack by Butcher, Blade and Bunny last week. He mentioned his wife cutting the hair of people in the women's division. He said what's really on his mind is MJF.He said he saw something in MJF when no one else did. He made a snide reference to MJF botching the Cross Rhodes and how it's now being botched on two channels, a shot at WWE. He said he knew MJF was a bad guy, but he was HIS bad guy. 

He said MJF says he'll never fight him. Cody proceeded to offer his truck, his watch, his shoes, and more than $50,000 to MJF for a match. Cody told him to name his price.


Alex Marvez was backstage with Joey Janela. Marvez wanted to know why Janela wanted to face Moxley again. Janela said this time if Moxley wants to beat him, he'll have to kill him. Moxley walked in, said "Kids," then walked off. 


Another Dark Order hype video was shown. This was good. 


Nyla Rose entered for a match with Leva Bates. During her entrance, they showed a video of Rose attacking Shanna at a pre-show meet and greet. 


Rose won with the Beast Bomb in a quick squash. The other librarian Peter Avalon tried to interfere, but Rose hit both with a double chokeslam. 

Shanna ran down after the match and got powerslammed for her trouble. 

During a commercial break, Rose set up a table in the ring, then powerbombed referee Rick Knox and Shanna through the table. Britt Baker was shown at ringside, distraught. The announcers referred to her as Adam Cole's girlfriend. The "Inside Baseball" stuff is counter-productive. Again, the announcers did not address the angle during the break on the TV broadcast. 



Jericho entered for a promo. He ran down Champaign. He said AEW is forcing him to wrestle one more time this year on December 18. 

Jericho introduced a list of people he would not face. The crowd popped at the mention of the list, so Jericho told them to get out of 2016. He introduced the Lexicon of Le Champion, a list of people he would not agree to face. Moxley was on the list several times. 

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt entered. Luchasaurus did some dinosaur humor. Jericho said children and dinosaurs were next on his list, in reference to Stunt and Luchasaurus. 

Jungle Boy stepped forward. Jericho said he knows everyone is pulling for the son of Hollywood royalty, everyone loves the Jungle Boy. Jericho said that's not the case. Jericho said Jungle Boy is "a piece of shit" who couldn't last ten minutes with him. 

Jungle Boy said he knows he can last ten minutes with Jericho and said he's going to kick Jericho's ass. Jungle Boy slapped Jericho. Jericho, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Jake Hager and Marko Stunt had a pull-apart. 



Statlander did a bunch of cartwheels. Shida responded with a chop. They traded heavy chops. Shida tried her springboard knee attack off a chair on the floor, but Statlander caught her coming in, tossed her inside, then proceeded to work Shida over. The bulk of this happened during a commercial. 

Shida hit an enziguri on the apron, then connected with a running knee off the apron to the floor. Shida hit a missile dropkick for a near fall. 

Cody and QT Marshall vs. The Butcher and The Blade was randomly announced in the middle of this match. 

Statlander rolled to the apron. Shida superplexed her back inside for a two count. Shida tried a running knee, but Statlander blocked. They traded enziguris. Statlander hit an electric chair drop, then a scissors kick for a near fall. 

Shida picked up two quick near falls off a cradle and a knee strike. Statlander hit a falcon arrow for a two count. Statlander hit a package tombstone and pinned Shida for the upset. This was a good match. 


After the bell, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong entered. Brandi introduced herself and Kong as the Nightmare Collective, an extension of the Nightmare Family. 

Brandi told Statlander to join her collective and they'll take care of her and protect her. Statlander hesitated. A plant from the crowd demanded to pledge to the collective. She climbed over the rail and had her head shaved DURING A COMMERCIAL BREAK, the theme of this show so far. 



Pentagon used a variety of kicks and enziguris to establish control in the early-going. There was another lengthy commercial brea during this match. 

They fought to the ramp. Pentagon teased a destroyer on the ramp, but Daniels blocked it. Daniels tried for a springboard facebuster but slipped on the ropes. They rolled back inside where Daniels made a comeback. Daniels hit a right hand and an Angel's Wings for a near fall. 

The finish saw Fenix run down with Daniels' mic stand. Both Daniels and Pentagon teased using it as a weapon, but ultimately neither did. Fenix took the referee, Pentagon hit a low blow, then used a package piledriver on Daniels for the pin. 

This had its moments, but has to be considered an in-ring disappointment given the talent of both guys. 


A Butcher/Blade/Bunny video package played. Allie said that they're sick of seeing Cody's face everywhere and they're in his house to cut the head off the snake.  



They began with some actual wrestling holds. Moxley used a waistlock takedown. Janela hit a double sledge off the top to the ramp. Moxely used a surfboard, then an STF. They brawled to the floor during the show's last ad break. 

Back inside, Moxley hit an x-plex for a two count. Moxley teased a Paradigm Shift on the ramp. Janela blocked, then hit a tornado DDT on the ramp. Janela hit a tope suicida. 

Moxley teased a Paradigm Shift off the second rope, but Janela countered into a crucifix bomb. They traded strikes and lariats. Janela suplexed Moxley into the bottom turnbuckle. 

Moxley rolled outside. Janela hit a senton off the post to the floor, which the cameras missed. Janela tossed Moxley inside and hit a top rope elbow for a two count. 

Moxley responded with a top rope Paradigm Shift. He then hit a second Paradigm Shift for the pin. This was a good brawl. 


After the bell, Jericho's music played. Jericho and the Inner Circle entered through the crowd. Jericho sated Moxley down, as Moxley did to him last week. They are on a collision course. 


I think this was the weakest Dynamite so far. They can't all be winners, but there are some fundamental things like not shooting angles during commercial breaks that need to be addressed. 

There is a way to achieve a sense of chaos and unpredictability, which I think they're going for, that doesn't require sensory overload or cramming so much into two hours that you have to shoot angles during commercials.