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AEW Dynamite live results: The Young Bucks vs. Varsity Blonds


The Young Bucks will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Varsity Blonds on tonight's Dynamite. 

The Bucks have challenged Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston for the Double or Nothing PPV on May 30. That should be a title match should the Bucks retain on tonight's show. Moxley and Kingston will also be in action on Dynamite, facing The Acclaimed.

Two participants in the Double or Nothing Casino Battle Royale will face off on tonight's show, as Christian Cage takes on Matt Sydal. 

The Inner Circle will respond to The Pinnacle's challenge to face them in a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. 

New TNT Champion Miro will speak on tonight's show. 

Before he faces Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing, Anthony Ogogo will take on Austin Gunn tonight. 

AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida will face Rebel. 

Serena Deeb will defend the NWA World Women's Championship against Red Velvet. 

The full card for Double or Nothing will also be unveiled tonight. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz were the broadcast team for the show. 


Christian Cage defeated Matt Sydal

Really good opener with solid work from both guys. The story of the match was Christian going after Sydal's back. 

They began with some basics, including tackles and drop-downs. Sydal went for a springboard attack, but Christian cut him off with a kick to the leg. Christian hit a dropkick to the outside. Back in, he used a backbreaker for a near fall. 

After the backbreaker, Christian targeted Sydal's back with stomps and kicks. Sydal came back with a hurricanrana and a spin kick. Sydal went up top, but Christian landed a back elbow to put a stop to the attack. Sydal fought off a superplex attempt and hit a meteora for a two count. 

Sydal hit a series of kicks. Christian ducked a kick, but Sydal caught him with a lariat. Sydal hit a leg lariat and a bronco buster in the corner to get another two count. 

Christian hit a backbreaker over his knee. Sydal avoided a spear and hit a sunset flip for a two count. Sydal used a straightjacket submission hold, but Christian made the ropes. Christian missed with a frog splash. Sydal missed a moonsault. Christian hit a spear. 

Sydal blocked a Killswitch attempt. Cage got his knees up on a standing shooting star attempt, then hit the Killswitch for the pin. 

Cage helped Sydal to his feet after the match and they shook hands. 


Ricky Starks came to the stage after the match to cut a promo. He told Christian that he's his own man, but he'll be on the sidelines for a while. 

Starks gestured to the entrance, but Hook, Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs jumped Christian and Sydal from behind. 

Hangman Page sauntered in to make the save. Brian Cage blocked a Buckshot Lariat attempt from Page. Page blocked a Drill Claw. 

Page fell victim to the numbers game and Cage hit him with a powerbomb. 

Team Taz stood tall to close the segment. 


The announce team previewed the rest of the card. 


Varsity Blonds promo --

Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison cut a backstage promo. Pillman called the Bucks out for bringing up his late father. They said they won't stop until they become AEW Tag Team Champions. 


Moxley & Kingston, The Acclaimed promos --

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. The Acclaimed is up next. 

Moxley and Kingston cut a comedy promo. They asked about the Superkick Party and whether or not they needed to throw superkicks to go to the party. They promised to beat the brakes off The Acclaimed. 

The Acclaimed cut a short promo on Moxley and Kingston. 

Max Caster said the promo was a mic drop. 


Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston defeated The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

Caster rapped on his way to the ring. He said Moxley and Kingston exchange Valentine's gifts and said that Moxley's wife has been in his mentions trying to hit him up for some Oral Sessions. 

Moxley attacked Bowens as soon as he stepped through the ropes. Moxley and Caster began as the legal men. Moxley used forearm strikes to beat Caster down in the corner. Kingston tagged in for an STO and a delayed vertical suplex. 

Moxley and Kingston traded tags and continued working over Caster. Caster came back with a dragon screw off the middle rope to turn the tide before an ad break. 

Kingston made a hot tag to Moxley after the break. Moxley hit a German suplex and a piledriver on Caster. He choked Bowens out with a sleeper on the apron. Bowens popped back up and cut Mox off on the top rope. 

Caster hit a superplex. Bowens hit Moxley with a crossbody for a near fall with Kingston saving. Caster threw a chain to Bowens. The ref grabbed the chain. Caster went for a boom box shot on Kingston, but Moxley blocked and hit Caster with it. 

Kingston and Moxley hit a wheelbarrow into a Paradigm Shift and Moxley pinned Bowens. 


Chris Jericho backstage segment --

Chris Jericho was chatting with Dean Malenko backstage. Alex Marvez approached and asked Jericho if Inner Circle would accept The Pinnacle's challenge. 

Jericho said Marvez has to wait to find out with everyone else. He told Marvez to get out of there before he made the man of 1,001 holds angry. 

Jericho told Malenko that he'd forgotten a few holds. 


Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page call out Darby Allin & Sting --

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. 

Sky said that Sting isn't the man he used to be. Page said Allin losing the TNT title was at least partly Page's fault after he threw Allin down the steps. 

Sting and Allin entered and laid out Sky and Page. Sting used a Scorpion Deathlock on Sky. Allin held Page at bay with a skateboard. 

As Sky and Page retreated to the stage, Dark Order entered and chased Sky and Page away. 


The Pinnacle promo --

The Pinnacle were at a restaurant. Wardlow was drinking wine straight from the bottle. 

MJF cut a promo on Chris Jericho and his juvenile humor. Dax cut a promo about how The Pinnacle should be chasing every title in AEW, but they can't because they're busy dealing with The Inner Circle. Dax said Jericho has been making a mockery of wrestling for 30 years. 

Shawn Spears snapped at a waiter and slammed his face on the table. Tully tossed some money at the waiter and said that should take care of things. 

MJF said The Pinnacle is always on top. 


Hikaru Shida defeated Rebel (w/Britt Baker)

Shida quickly established the advantage. She put a glove on and teased using Baker's Lockjaw on Rebel. Baker took the ref. Rebel hit Shida with a crutch. Rebel hit something resembling a suplex and Shida kicked out. 

Shida used a stretch muffler for the submission victory. 

Baker attacked Shida after the match and hit a curb stomp on Shida on top of the AEW Women's World title belt. 


Kenny Omega & Don Callis try to talk Orange Cassidy out of the World title match at Double or Nothing --

Footage from last week was shown. Orange Cassidy was in the trainer's room being tended to after his injury. Kenny Omega and Don Callis chased Best Friends out of the room. 

Callis and Omega presented Cassidy with a document to sign. They said it would take him out of the match at Double or Nothing, but he would get a shot at Omega down the line when he was healthy. 

Cassidy tore up the document. 

Callis had another copy of the document ready and left it with Cassidy to think over. 


The Inner Circle respond to The Pinnacle's Stadium Stampede challenge --

The group was out to Judas. Santana was absent. 

Ortiz spoke first. He said talk is cheap, he's ready to fight. 

Sammy Guevara said everyone knows what his answer is. He said he'll spray bubbly on The Pinnacle or hit a shooting star press off the balcony on to their necks. 

Jake Hager said they would be bitches if they didn't accept. 

Jericho cut a serious promo. He asked if it was all worth it. Was it worth it to go through Blood & Guts, to dislocate his elbow, to scare his family and his kids, to fall off the cage. 

Jericho said it was worth it when he thinks of the revenge he wants on MJF.

Jericho said they accept the challenge. 

He said The Inner Circle is going to dance all over Pinnacle's faces and piss on their graves. 


Jade Cargill promo --

Jade was backstage with Tony Schiavone. Tony put her over as the hottest free agent in AEW. 

Mark Sterling interrupted and said that he wants to represent Cargill. He pitched her on Team Jade, saying it should be all about her. 

Jade sent him away and asked Tony who that guy was. 


NWA World Women's Championship: Serena Deeb defeated Red Velvet to retain the title

Velvet is still green, but she has improved tremendously this year. Deeb is always good and was good here. 

Deeb showed aggression right away with a series of forearms. Velvet came back by going after Deeb's left arm. Deeb hit an uppercut forearm and a dragon screw in the corner. Deeb was firmly in control before an ad break. 

Velvet made a comeback after the break. She hit double knees to the back and an iffy standing moonsault for a two count. Velvet tossed Deeb to the floor and hit a moonsault off the apron. 

Back inside, Velvet hit a kick for a near fall. They traded near falls after a missed high kick from Velvet and Velvet sitting down on a sunset flip attempt by Deeb. 

Velvet went for a moonsault off the top. Deeb got her knees up. Deeb hit a powerbomb with a stack cover for a near fall. Deeb used a half crab. Velvet reversed into an inside cradle for two. 

Deeb hit a chop block to Velvet's left leg, then used the Serenity Lock. Velvet tapped out. 


PAC promo --

Alex Marvez was with PAC backstage. 

He said he's tired of missing opportunities in AEW. He said he's got his World title match now and there's nothing that Omega, Callis, The Young Bucks "or any of those elitist pricks" can do about it. 

PAC asked what fool would bet against The Bastard at Double or Nothing. 


Anthony Ogogo (w/The Factory) defeated Austin Gunn (w/Cody Rhodes & Arn Anderson) 

Gunn hit a shotgun dropkick and a series of right hands. Gunn hit a blockbuster. 

Ogogo came back with a gut punch. Ogogo hit a second punch. 

Gunn began spitting up "blood" from internal bleeding after the punches. 

Ogogo hit a pop-up punch and the referee called for the stoppage. 

Ogogo teased spitting on an American flag after the match. Cody jumped in and referees ran in to keep The Factory and Nightmare Family apart. 


SCU promo --

Alex Marvez was with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Marvez asked Daniels to explain his cryptic tweet about possibly retiring. Daniels shook hands with Kazarian and said something to him, then left. 

Kazarian then cut a promo. He said Daniels has earned the right to call his own shots. Kazarian said he blames the Bucks, Gallows and Anderson, Don Callis and their entire group for ripping his heart out. He said he'll have his revenge and that's the gospel according to Frankie Kazarian. 


Miro promo --

Miro thanked Jesus Christ for protecting him, then thanked Jesus Christ for giving him strength and aggression to beat everybody up. 

Miro promised to defend the title on next week's show. 

Lance Archer came out with Jake Roberts. Archer said he's been a monster in AEW since Miro was still trying to have his own day. Archer said he'll make Miro his Bulgarian bitch at Double or Nothing and they'll give everyone a monster fight that hasn't been seen since Godzilla vs. Kong. 

Miro said Archer always hides behind Jake, but there won't be anywhere to hide at Double or Nothing. 


Next week --

  • TNT Championship: Miro vs. Dante Martin
  • Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela, 
  • Cody Rhodes & Anthony Ogogo weigh-in 
  • Jade Cargill open challenge
  • Evil Uno & Stu Grayson vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page
  • Inner Circle celebration of their greatest moments
  • Darby Allin vs. Cezar Bononi
  • Orange Cassidy responding to Kenny Omega's offer to defer his title shot and 
  • A celebration of Hikaru Shida's first anniversary as AEW Women's World Champion 
  • An announcement of The Buy-In match for Double or Nothing


Sting & Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page was announced for Double or Nothing. 

The main event is next. 


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (w/Brandon Cutler) defeated Varsity Blonds (w/Julia Hart) to retain the titles

This was much different than your standard Young Bucks match. They sold more at the outset and worked more as traditional heels with slower-paced offense. 

Nick bounced around like a ping pong ball for Pillman and Garrison at the outset. Pillman got cut off and the Bucks went to work on his back. Pillman was worked over through an ad break. Pillman tried a crossbody, but Matt side-stepped. Lots of mugging for the camera by the Bucks. 

Pillman hit a crossbody to Nick after the break. Garrison got a hot tag. Garrison ran wild with hip tosses, corner clotheslines, a double spear and a plancha. The Bucks blocked a super powerbomb attempt. Matt and Nick hammered Pillman with kicks to the back. 

Pillman hit a superkick for a near fall on Nick. Matt blind-tagged in and used a sharpshooter on Pillman. Nick sprayed cold spray in Pillman's eyes as Cutler took the referee. Matt sprayed cold spray in Hart's eyes. 

Pillman tried to break the sharpshooter, but Nick hit him with a facebuster as Matt maintained the hold. Pillman tapped out. 


Moxley and Kingston appeared in the ring and went after Matt and Nick. Moxley and Kingston used stereo sleeper holds. Moxley and Kingston removed the Bucks' Dior shoes. 

The Bucks defending against Moxley & Kingston for the Tag titles was made official for Double or Nothing. 

Moxley and Kingston posing on the stage with the Dior shoes closed the show.