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AEW Full Gear live results: Five title matches, Omega vs. Page


The Buy-In Pre-Show:

The pre-show started with a series of video packages hyping tonight's major matches, all of which got plenty of time. They were all well-made, with the Jericho vs. MJF and Moxley vs. Kingston ones being particularly excellent.

Additionally, the characterization of Darby Allin as they discussed his TNT title challenge was incredible, showing a much more human side than his wild stuntman moments. The dynamic between him and Cody is uniquely compelling.

Omega and Page's video was the classic pro wrestling camp we saw with the Cinderella-soundtracked highlight package from this week's Dynamite.

They gave it an admirable effort, but the good video packages didn't seem to make up for the lackluster build to FTR vs. Young Bucks and Shida vs. Rose. 

It's remarkable that in a world championship match against top star Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston is the focus. They've done a great job convincing viewers that Kingston has a real shot tonight. The promo buildup for this match has been as good as any in recent memory, and this video package was yet another extenson of that.


Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were the commentary team for the pre-show. They ran down tonight's card before transitioning into more hype videos.

MJF, flanked by Wardlow, was interviewed earlier today. He wears expensive suits and Burberry scarves, but don't get it twisted: he's the toughest competitor in AEW. He called the match with Jericho the most important match of his life. Wardlow was asked how he would fit into the Inner Circle, but MJF stepped in before he could answer.

NWA Women's World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) defeated Allysin Kay

This was Kay's AEW debut. She's also a former NWA women's champion. The match started slow but built nicely to a good finish.

Neither competitor could gain an advantage as they exchanged holds to start, before Deeb grounded her opponent with arm drags and dragon screws. Deeb applied an awkward-looking inverted Romero Special, but Kay reached the ropes before the Serenity Lock could be locked on.

Kay fired up with strikes and a Thesz Press. She missed a boot and was the victim of a rope-assisted neckbreaker. Deeb followed it up with a Gedo Clutch for two before Kay downed her with a boot. Deeb made a comeback with a backstabber and went for an octopus hold, but Kay powered out and hit a powerbomb for two. Simultaneous clotheslines followed for the double down.

Deeb came back with strikes and a couple neckbreakers for two. Kay hit an Alabama slam for another near fall and attempted the AK-47, her finisher, but Deeb rolled out of the ring. As they made their way back in, Deeb hit Kay with a dragon screw and a modified Styles clash for two. She then applied the Serenity Lock and Kay tapped out.

Post-match, Thunder Rosa's music played and she got in Deeb's face, laying down the challenge for a rematch.


Earlier today, Eddie Kingston and his Family (the Lucha Bros, Butcher and Blade, and the Bunny) were interviewed. Bunny was asked whether Kingston has what it takes to win, and she said that it was a stupid question. The Lucha Bros answered a question in Spanish.

Kingston said that there was nothing more important to him than the AEW World Championship. Kingston was then asked about Lance Archer potentially being his first challenger if he were to win, and he simply said that he doesn't care.


AEW Full Gear:

Jim Ross joined Excalibur and Schiavone on commentary. After running down the card, it was revealed that Don Callis would be joining the commentary booth for the opener. He said that Omega requested his presence. Notably, Callis was billed as the Impact EVP and he mentioned Impact by name. He added great levity and insight to the match.

Kenny Omega defeated Hangman Page in the finals of the AEW World Championship Eliminator

This was absolutely phenomenal. It was a bit different than you might have expected –– they didn't go for an epic, instead opting for a G1-style all-out sprint. The crowd was really hot all the way through.

They had an aggressive tie-up before blistering each other with chops. Omega sent Page to the outside with a snap hurricanrana and went for Rise of the Terminator, but was met with a big boot and a fallaway slam. Page cut off an Omega dive by springing up with a second-rope suplex. 

Omega took a beating on the outside, being sent into the barricade multiple times. Page went for one too many and Omega leapt off the retaining wall for a moonsault. 

Back in the ring, Omega hit the Kotaro Crusher for two before they traded more chops. Omega hit You Can't Escape, but appeared to tweak his knee before the moonsault. Page fired up with more chops and hit a springboard clothesline, sending Omega to the floor. Page missed a pescado and was met with a baseball slide on his way back to the ring, buying Omega enough time to hit Rise of the Terminator.

A springboard dropkick gave Omega a near fall. Page fought out of the One-Winged Angel, but was crushed with a V-Trigger on a slingshot dive. Page caught Omega in Deadeye position, but Omega fought out before being flattened with a powerbomb on the ramp. A second powerbomb in the ring gave Page a near fall.

They exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring. Page starched Omega with a rolling elbow but was met with a Tiger Driver '98 for two. There was a ridiculous sequence where Page avoided a V-Trigger, Omega jumped out of a German suplex and hit a snap dragon, but Page fired up and hit the Deadeye for a great near fall.

Omega avoided the Buckshot Lariat and cradled Page with the Okada cradle for a super close near fall. He hit a dragon screw and a V-Trigger through the ropes, avoided another Buckshot, and hit two more V-Triggers before setting up for the One-Winged Angel. Page fought and fought, but Omega nailed it for the win.

Orange Cassidy defeated John "4" Silver

After some comedy at the start, this led to a decent match with absolutely no story. The majority of the match was just these two trading big moves.

Neither wrestler had backup out there. Silver posed in front of Cassidy and implored him to not put his hands in his pockets, which Cassidy ignored. Cassidy toyed with Silver at the start and hit his barely-there kicks before a real dropkick and a kip-up.

Silver slammed Cassidy and tore the pockets out of Cassidy's pants before putting them in his mouth and discarding them. Cassidy was sent across the ring with a series of biels. He fired up and attempted a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Silver powered out and leveled him. Silver maintained the advantage with a long beatdown. 

Cassidy made a comeback by driving Silver into the turnbuckles before hitting a diving crossbody and the tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Silver went for a superplex, but instead opted to take Cassidy off the top rope with a single-leg press. He went for a spin doctor but Cassidy countered it into a hurricanrana and hit a Michinoku Driver for a good near fall.

Silver fought out of the Beach Break and downed Cassidy with strikes, but Cassidy kipped up. They exchanged cradles, Silver hit a series of kicks, but Cassidy turned a suplex into a stunner. Silver hit the Spin Doctor for two. 

In a reference to Mr. Brodie Lee, Silver went for the discus forearm, but Cassidy countered it with the Orange Punch and the Beach Break for the victory.

Post-match, the Best Friends arrived and joined Cassidy for their hug.

TNT Championship: Darby Allin defeated Cody Rhodes (c) (w/ Arn Anderson)

The in-ring work in this match was excellent. I was a bit puzzled by some of the booking, like Cody grabbing the weight belt, but this was a star-making performance from Allin. The near falls at the end had the crowd going crazy.

Yes, Cody is now Cody Rhodes. Justin Roberts made a point to emphasize that during the ring introductions. The Nightmare Family, including recent additions Billy and Austin Gunn as well as Lee Johnson, joined Cody for the entrance. Cody being surrounded by over a half-dozen people was a great contrast to the solitary, brooding Allin, who made his entrance with a custom car.

Cody established the size and strength advantage early on, as he worked like a total heel for this match. He acted cocky and taunted Allin. Cody attempted some mat takedowns but Allin fought out and slapped him, leading to Cody leaving the ring and talking things out with Arn.

Back in, Allin nearly pinned Cody with La Magistral, before feinting on a dive and hitting it when Cody had his back turned. Cody made his way back in and just catapulted Allin onto the ring apron from a hammerlock lift. Cody kept up the offense by targeting Allin's arm.

After a long beatdown, Allin went for his springboard arm drag, but Cody turned it into a wristlock submission. Cody took too long to keep up the offense after Allin reached the ropes, so Arn berated him from the outside. Cody hit an avalanche hammerlock powerslam for two before applying a cross armbreaker, forcing Allin to reach the ropes.

Allin evaded Cody's moonsault and went for the Coffin Drop, but Cody caught him. He fought out with strikes and hit a yoshi tonic for two. Allin pulled off the turnbuckle pad and sent Cody into it before rolling him up for a near fall. 

Cody cut off a dive attempt and bit Allin's arm, which the announcers completely missed. With both men up top, Cody hit an avalanche Cross Rhodes, but Allin's arm was underneath the ropes. The implication was that Cody would have gotten the win if the pinfall had been in the middle of the ring.

Allin jumped onto Cody's back and attempted a sleeper, but he couldn't lock it in. Cody made his way up to the top rope and took a back bump with Allin still on his back, Allin was sent outside, but made it back in at the count of nine.

Cody hit fundamental offense and told Allin to stay down. A gorilla press got a two count. Cody grabbed his weight belt, but Allin tripped him with it and gave Cody a jackknife cradle for a good near fall. Allin turned the Disaster Kick into the Last Supper for a fantastic near fall and followed it up with a stunner. The Coffin Drop looked to finish it, but Cody kicked out.

Cody went for Cross Rhodes, but Allin turned it into a cradle. They exchanged more cradles before one was finally enough to give Allin his first title victory in AEW.

After the match, Cody was frustrated, but he knelt and handed the championship over to an emotional Allin.

Taz came out and told Allin to act like he's been there before. It was a distraction for Brian Cage and Ricky Starks to come out and beat down both Allin and Cody. Cage carried Allin to the concrete ringside area. Cody ran out to make the save, but the numbers advantage was too much. Cage threw Allin through some staging before they tried to slam his arm into his car door, but Will Hobbs ran out to make the save. 


The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) were interviewed about their brawl with Butcher and Blade, but Marshall said that the real problem was the Bunny. Rhodes fired up as they announced a Bunkhouse Match between the two teams for this Wednesday's Dynamite.

AEW Women's Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) defeated Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

For the second straight match, the very good in-ring work was slightly hindered by a very mild build and some inconsistent booking, like Guerrero's interference not being a disqualification. Rose was clearly very tired by the end but they both made it work. That sounds like a lot of criticisms, but in reality this was one of the better AEW women's matches of the year.

Shida exploded out of the gate with strikes. She hit a series of dropkicks and a shining wizard and kept up the offense with more strikes. With Rose dangling out of the ring, Shida hit a running knee lift and then drove her into the barricade. She set up for a chair-assisted move, but Rose cut her off with a lariat.

Rose tried to bring out weapons, but the official wouldn't let her use them. Shida hit the chair-assisted jumping knee, sending Rose through the barricade, but when the official checked on Rose, Guerrero hit Shida with a kendo stick.

Using the ring frame as an assist, Rose dismantled Shida's knee. Back in the ring, Rose kept up the targeted attack. Rose climbed the turnbuckle, but Shida cut her off. Rose tossed Shida off the ropes but missed a senton, allowing Shida to make a comeback. 

Shida set up for a suplex. Rose tried to fight out, but Shida was able to hit it in a cool spot. Shida went for the Tamashii, but Rose countered it by attacking the knee and followed up with a press slam for two. Rose made her way up top and hit a diving knee drop to Shida's knee for a near fall.

Rose tried for another dive, but Shida cut her off again and hit a missile dropkick on the ramp as well as one in the ring for two. Rose hit a powerbomb, but cockily picked Shida up before the three count. She hit Shida's finisher, the Tamashii, but Shida kicked out at one and backdropped Rose.

Shida hit a ridiculous avalanche falcon arrow and returned the favor by picking Rose up at the two count. She went for the Tamashii, but Guerrero cut her off and Rose capitalized on the distraction. They set up for a kendo stick attack, but the official took the stick and Shida sent Rose into the barricade.

Back in, Shida hit a falcon arrow for two before following it up with the Tamashii, but Rose kicked out. Shida hit a Tamashii to the back and hit repeated knee strikes to get the hard-fought win.

After the match, Guerrero berated Rose and slapped her. 

AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) (c)

You need to watch this match. Easily FTR's best match since joining AEW, this was a half-hour long all-out war of attrition with multiple stories being told throughout. It's a broken record at this point, but anyone who says the Young Bucks have no ring psychology needs to be dismissed without a care.

The story of this match was tag team appreciation. A half-dozen of the greatest teams of all time were referenced in this match with big spots. I think that layout was genius after a completely baffling build, as this allowed the match to be standalone greatness. It needs some time to set in, but my immediate reaction was that this was on the level of the Bucks vs. Omega & Page.

Tully Blanchard was banned from ringside, and if the Young Bucks lose, they can never challenge for the tag titles again. Matt and Wheeler started off and Wheeler immediately targeted the ankle, but Matt out-wrestled him and FTR regrouped. Both of FTR entered the ring but they were cut off by the Bucks, so Nick and Harwood tagged in. 

Just like before, the Buck out-wrestled the FTR member as Nick gained the advantage on Harwood. Wheeler tagged in, but he was met with an arm drag and the Bucks tried some tandem offense. FTR took advantage, but Nick backflipped out to avoid some big moves before hitting dropkicks. The Bucks hit stereo hurricanranas and then their headscissor dropkick combination. 

On the outside, Matt avoided a right hand from Harwood, who ended up punching the ring post. That appeared to be a planned spot but Harwood actually seemed to hit it really hard, as his hand was bloodied afterwards. Matt kept up the offense, but FTR used the numbers advantage to catch him off guard. Matt went for a moonsault and aggravated his injured leg in the process.

Wheeler attacked Matt's leg on the outside as Doc Sampson bandaged up Harwood's hand. Back in the ring, FTR picked up the pace, making frequent tags and beating Matt down. Nick tried to get involved, but he would always get cut off. Matt fought out, but Harwood was able to make the tag and continue the beatdown.

Matt finally made his comeback by sending Harwood into the ring post, but Wheeler fought Nick to the point that he wasn't there to make the tag. Harwood hit the first half of the Powerplex, but Matt got his knees up on the splash. Matt backdropped Wheeler to the floor and hit a DDT on Harwood, finally buying him enough time for the hot tag.

Nick ran wild on FTR with big right hands. Harwood avoided the moonsault to the floor, but Nick hit his bulldog clothesline combination. Wheeler rolled through on a diving crossbody and reached Harwood for the tag and the Hart Attack. 

Matt made a blind tag and floored Wheeler with a spear before his brother hit a shining wizard for two. He tried for a powerbomb, but his knee buckled under the weight. FTR hit an electric chair bulldog (a reference to the Steiner Brothers) for two as Wheeler speared Nick out of the ring. Nick cut off more double team moves with superkicks and they hit a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb combination for two.

Harwood hit a rebound powerbomb, but Matt cradled him with a crucifix pin for a great near fall. Matt peppered him with strikes as we hit the 20-minute time call. He went for a superkick, but Harwood met it with a right hand, playing off of both men's injuries. Harwood leveled Matt with a lariat and FTR hit (mentioned by name on commentary) #DIY's finisher for two. 

The Bucks hit a catapult into a gamenguiri and Nick dispatched Wheeler with a cannonball. Matt applied the Sharpshooter. Harwood reached the ropes, but Nick superkicked Harwood's injured hand off the ropes. Nick locked on the Sharpshooter on Wheeler and FTR locked hands, but it wasn't enough to break the hold. Eventually, the pressure was too much, and Matt was forced to break.

Harwood fought out of More Bang For Your Buck, so Matt stomped on the injured hand and did the finger break spot. The BTE Trigger looked to finish it, but Wheeler came out of nowhere to break up the pin. Nick hit an escalara plancha onto Wheeler on the outside as Matt brought a chair into the equation. Harwood, ever the strategist, begged Matt to hit him with the chair, but Nick convinced him not to. Wheeler powerbombed Nick through a table, and FTR hit the Mind Breaker, but Matt's leg touched the bottom rope.

FTR went back to the well with more of a beatdown on Matt's knee. Harwood applied an Indian deathlock, but Nick broke it up with a 450 splash. Wheeler leveled Nick with a superkick. He flipped Matt the bird and killed him with a buzzsaw kick before missing a springboard 450. Matt hit a superkick, which was enough for the Young Bucks to win the championships for the first time.

Kenny Omega celebrated with the Bucks after the match as Hangman Page lingered in the entrance ramp.

Elite Deletion: Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara

For the first few minutes it was a nice comedown change-of-pace. But this was way too long, getting more time than Page vs. Omega and even if the participants were consenting and it was tongue-in-cheek, the references to very real, very frightening injuries felt entirely tasteless. I never want to see these two wrestle again.

This was a cinematic match. Hardy was on the phone with someone asking for them to be ready in case he needed back up. Guevara pulled up at night in a golf cart and was addressed by NEO, the drone, who played a message from Hardy.

Hardy appeared in a monster truck and flattened Guevara's golf cart. "That was orgasmic!" is a direct quote from Hardy. A referee appeared as Guevara hit a moonsault off the truck and attacked Hardy with a trash can before throwing him into a tree.

All of a sudden, Excalibur's voice arose as the commentators began talking. Hardy suplexed Guevara and threw him into more objects as they fought on the front lawn. They fought over to a fountain, where Guevara attempted to drown Hardy. Hardy fought back with the Scepter of Mephistopheles, of all things. 

They continued their brawl over to a ring that was set up outside. In the ring, Hardy caught a Guevara springboard and hit a Side Effect before introducing a table into the mix. He powerbombed Guevara through the it and attempted a cover, but Santana and Ortiz arrived to break it up. 

Hardy grabbed a walkie talkie and relayed that he needed help, as Private Party were revealed to be on the other end of the line. Quen and Kassidy showed up to stop the Inner Circle's beatdown and even the odds. Hardy grabbed fireworks and lit it, using it as a projectile and dispatching Santana and Ortiz. Guevara got one of his own and they had a firework duel. 

Back in the ring, Private Party sent Santana and Ortiz packing with an assisted dive. Hardy visibly hit Guevara with firework projectiles, as Guevara was forced to roll around in the mud. He tried to throw Guevara into the water, but a masked man appeared holding Hurricane Helms hostage. The man unmasked and revealed himself to be Gangrel, but he was taken out by Private Party.

Hardy and Helms talked, with Hardy making a tongue-in-cheek reference to "long-term storytelling." Some guy showed up trying to interview Guevara and ask if their feud was cursed. 

Back to the ring, all the various parties brawled. Santana attacked Hardy with a bat. There was a long time with just camera cuts to various people brawling, without much developing. Hardy and Guevara brawled to the Dome of Deletion, and NEO shut the doors, meaning it was just Guevara, Hardy, and the referee. 

Guevara avoided a chair strike as cinematic music began to play. There was already a ladder and a table set up in the ring. Guevara untied the bottom rope and attacked Hardy with its hook. He choked Hardy with the rope but he wouldn't tap, so Guevara gave up and put him on the table.

The ladder had to be 10 feet tall. Guevara climbed up and hit a swanton bomb on Hardy through the table, but Hardy kicked out at two. Hardy speared Guevara through a table on the outside, and when the camera cut to it, Guevara had been busted open. That was almost identical to what happened at All Out. Hardy followed it up by throwing a chair at Guevara's face, again referencing how Guevara had bloodied Hardy with that in the past.

Hardy picked up a chair, crushed the back of Guevara's head with it on the floor, and got the three count. "It's over!" Hardy called Private Party over, and they all locked Guevara in a trash can. They put Guevara in the back of a pickup truck, and Señor Benjamin drove it away.

Hardy, Reby, Private Party, and Hurricane Helms celebrated as fireworks went off to end it.


Lance Archer was beating up some guy outside while Jake Roberts continued his narrating. Roberts needs Archer to get what he wants. Archer spoke and said he was coming for Eddie Kingston and everyone else in the Family.

MJF defeated Chris Jericho to join the Inner Circle

This was a good match with a unique story, but the crowd was tired after the tag match and the Elite Deletion. The match's story was that it was the first high-profile heel vs. heel match in the company's history, with Jericho doing illegal things in the ring but playing babyface to the live crowd.

Before the match, the lights went out, and what looked to be Jericho appeared on the ramp with his classic light-up jacket. The lights came back on, and it was MJF.

MJF offered a handshake at the bell, but Jericho slapped him away. They traded chops before MJF fired back with a lariat. He gouged at Jericho's face before they traded more strikes. MJF sent Jericho to the outside and set up for a dive, but it was a ruse for a taunt. That angered Jericho, who beat him down on the outside. Jericho grabbed the ringside broadcast camera and flipped MJF off.

Jericho attempted a Judas Effect, but MJF avoided it, and Jericho's elbow hit the ring post. MJF maintained the advantage back in the ring and countered a Jericho dive by attacking the arm. He bit Jericho's fingers, but Jericho grabbed MJF's hand and bit it. MJF continued the beatdown by sending Jericho into bronco buster position across the corner.

It looked like Jericho would make his comeback with a top-rope frankensteiner, but MJF cut him off with a throat chop and a suplex. MJF went up top again and hit a diving stomp on Jericho's arm before wrenching him over with a strong arm drag.

Jericho finally made his comeback with chops, but MJF cut him off and applied the Salt of the Earth. Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho. After a long battle, MJF made the ropes. MJF went for the Heatseeker, but changed his mind and hit a Codebreaker. He followed that up with the Heatseeker for two.

MJF attempted a Lionsault, but Jericho turned it into a Codebreaker. MJF locked on an inside cradle for a good near fall and caught a Judas Effect, turning it into the Salt of the Earth. Jericho reached the ropes, so MJF called for Wardlow to come out with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Wardlow distracted the official, but someone tossed Jericho his bat, so MJF flipped him off and played possum. Jericho argued with the official and MJF rolled him up with a handful of the tights for the win.

After the match, MJF extended a hand. Jericho hesitated, but took it and smiled, welcoming MJF (and Wardlow) to the Inner Circle.


Dasha Gonzalez interviewed Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends. She asked for Cassidy's thoughts on his win, but he said he had no thoughts. Miro, Kip Sabian, and Penelope Ford came out and demanded an apology. Cassidy did apologize, but Sabian said that wasn't good enough and slapped him. The Best Friends were hot, but Cassidy calmed them down, and they walked away.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated Eddie Kingston in an "I Quit" match

Opinions will vary on this match, but as a deathmatch fan, I loved it. It was brutal and bloody but didn't overstay its welcome. The crowd was very tired over three and a half hours into the show, but the subdued noise level led to a surreal atmosphere.

They brawled right away and traded big shots. Moxley picked Kingston's ankle but Kingston bit Moxley's ear. They broke up and traded stiff strikes from the stand-up position before Kingston hit a belly-to-belly. Kingston sent Moxley back into the ring and looked for a weapon, but Moxley laid him out with a tope suicida.

Moxley threw a chair at Kingston, who blocked it with his hand. From there, Moxley targeted Kingston's hand. They brawled over to the staging area and Moxley hit a suplex onto the concrete. Moxley went for the Bulldog Choke but had to settle for a simple chinlock. Kingston bit his way out of it.

After more brawling, they began to add weapons to the equation. Kingston set up chairs in the ring as Moxley juiced underneath. Moxley appeared with a barbed wire baseball bat and beat Kingston with it. After that beatdown, Eddie was bleeding from his mouth and forehead.

Moxley set up for a big swing with the bat, but Kingston countered it into two Saito suplexes. They traded strikes from a seated position before Kingston snapped with a clubbing blow and chokes. They tried to send Moxley into the bat on the mat, but he didn't come close to it. 

Kingston removed the barbed wire from the bat, wrapping it around his bare hand. He mounted Moxley and laid in ground and pound with the barbed wire before hitting the spinning backfist and applying a double wristlock. Moxley looked to be in trouble, but escaped by biting.

Moxley turned around a suplex and put Kingston through a set up chair, but Kingston fired up and downed him with a clothesline. Kingston introduced a bag of thumbtacks into the mix. Before he could use them, they traded suplexes, and Moxley won the exchange with a huge clothesline. Moxley set up for the Paradigm Shift, but Kingston escaped and drove him into the tacks. Dozens of tacks were visibly stuck in Moxley's back.

Kingston moved over to the timekeeper's table and grabbed Doc Sampson's isopropyl alcohol. He hit repeated low blows on Moxley, stomping his groin, but Moxley raised a defiant middle finger. Kingston unscrewed the alcohol and poured it over Moxley's lacerated back. I'm reasonably certain it was actually water, but they both did a good job acting for that spot.

After throwing more tacks in Moxley's face, Kingston applied the Bulldog Choke. He paused to hit crossface strikes and knees, but Moxley turned it into a sleeper and a Gotch-style piledriver, referencing Minoru Suzuki. Moxley followed it up with the Paradigm Shift.

Moxley grabbed the barbed wire and wrapped it around his forearm to lock on the Bulldog Choke. With barbed wire being driven into his throat, Kingston was forced to quit.

Kenny Omega came out afterwards, and he and Moxley exchanged a few words. Omega departed and Moxley celebrated alone in the ring as Full Gear ended.