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AEW Full Gear live results: Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page


A year after they first clashed at Full Gear with a title shot on the line, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page will square off once again at this year's Full Gear with Omega's World title on the line.

Page earned the opportunity by winning a Casino Ladder Match and will be looking to end the champion's near year-long reign. He defeated Jon Moxley for the title at last December's Winter is Coming edition of Dynamite -- a title shot earned with his win over Page.

The match is one of three title bouts on the show as the Lucha Bros will defend the AEW Tag Team titles against former champions FTR, and Women's Champion Britt Baker defends against Tay Conti.

In another set of highly anticipated singles matches, CM Punk will take on Eddie Kingston, Bryan Danielson will look to earn his own World title shot as he faces Miro in the finals of the World title eliminator tournament, and MJF battles Darby Allin.

Several more tag team matches were be part of the pay-per-view as the SuperKliq (Adam Cole and The Young Bucks) will face Jurassic Express and Christian Cage in a falls count anywhere match; the Inner Circle takes on American Top Team and Men of the Year in a street fight; and Cody Rhodes teams with PAC against Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black.

The Buy-In pre-show will have Nyla Rose and Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa. That match starts at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time.


The Buy In

- Tony Schiavone interviewed Dante Martin in the ring about the offer he got to join Team Taz. Team Taz was watching  up in a skybox. Before Martin  could answer, The Acclaimed interrupted to make an offer to Martin to join the Acclaimed, since “Lio Rush will soon be in his 15th retirement” and Team Taz "are the only guys on TV less than" The Acclaimed. Martin rejected their offer by knocking Bowens off the ring apron and hitting a springboard tope con hilo on the Acclaimed. Nice way to open the live show and get the hugely popular hometown hero in front of the crowd.

Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida defeated. Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter (w/ Vickie Guerrero) (12:03)

Thunder Rosa got a pair of nearfalls on Nyla Rose early on. The crowd was very into the babyfaces. Rosa and Shida tried to suplex Rose, but she countered and suplexed both her opponents at once. Rosa wound up taking a beating in the heel corner. Rosa dodged a charge from Hayetr in the corner and got the tag to Shida, who hit a dropkick off the middle rope on Hayter. Rosa low-bridged Shida to send her to the floor, in front of Serena Deeb who was in the crowd. 

In the ring, Hayter worked over Shida with a chinlock. This heat segment on Shida seemed to go on forever and wasn’t very interesting, but the commentators used the lull in the action to run down the main card. Shida caught Hayter with a suplex, but Heyter came back with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Shida hit an axe kick, but Heyter countered with a German suplex. Tags were made on both sides, and Thunder Rosa was en fuego, getting a near fall on Rose after a basement shotgun dropkick. 

Shida hit a crossbody off the middle ropes on to the floor on Nyla, and Rosa came off the top to the floor with a crossbody on Hayter. Deeb distracted Shida, and Guerrero hit Shida in the previously injured knee. Back in the ring, Heyter hit a superplex on Shida, and Rose followed up with a frog splash for a near fall (the first of many tributes to Eddie Guerrero tonight), broken up by Rosa. Rose went to finish Shida with the Beast Bomb, but Shida rolled through with a jackknife cradle to get the pin. Hot opener. 

- Tony Schiavone interviewed Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends. Signed for Wednesday is the Butcher and The Blade against Orange Cassidy and a partner of his choosing. Since Cassidy and the Best Friends just joined Chaos, Cassidy "asked Jeeves" who was in Chaos, and one of them will be his partner on Wednesday. 

Full Gear

MJF defeated Darby Allin (22:00)

The crowd was chanting for Darby before he came out. A black-and-white video of Darby crashing a car that had the word “loser” painted on it played before the match. Allin then torched the car with a molotov cocktail. 

Fantastic matwork from both guys early on, as they exchanged a ton of nearfalls. After both men exchanged deep arm drags and kip ups, the fans gave both wrestlers a standing ovation and chanted “AEW!” MJF landed a sucker punch and dumped Allin to the floor. MJF hit a clothesline and tossed Allin back in the ring, but got distracted by a fan and Allin launched himself like a missile through the ropes at MJF to regain control. Allin set up MJF for a coffin drop on the apron, but MJF avoided the move and Allin bounced off the apron, onto the floor. 

Back in the ring, Friedman dropped an elbow and got a nearfall with a spinning over the shoulder backbreaker. MJF slowed down the base with a pair of cross-corner whips. Allin reversed a third cross corner whip and sent MJF into the turnbuckles, but MJF came back with a pair of high impact backbreakers, tweaking his knee on the second one. This established the long-term story of the match: Allin had a bad back, and MJF had a bad knee. MJF set up Allin for a superplex, but Allin hit his over the shoulder stunner from the middle rope. Awesome. 

Allin came back with slams and a headbutt to MJF’s jaw. Allin set up a second attempt at the coffin drop, but MJF rolled out of the way. MJF counted a rana attempt with a sick backbreaker out of a powerbomb position for another near fall.  Allin went for a code red, but MJF countered that into a powerbomb for another nearfall. MJF locked in a scorpion deathlock, but Allin countered by attacking MJF’s previously injured knee. Allin followed up with a chop block to the knee. MJF went after Allin’s arm, but Allin kept up attacking MJF’s knee and locked in the figure-four leglock. MJF turned over the pressure, but Allin got to the ropes to break the hold. Both men rolled to the apron. 

They struggled to their feet and began exchanging punches. Allin tried to suplex MJF, but MJF countered that with a jumping tombstone on the apron. But, MJF hurt his knee on the move. MJF made it back into the ring, and Allin barely beat the ten count. MJF sold his injured leg like crazy. Allin countered a suplex attempt with a small package, and both guys countered each other's pin attempts for like twenty near falls.  Allin hit a code red for two that got a huge pop from the crowd. Allin went for the coffin drop again, but this time MJF rolled to the floor. So Allin hit the coffin drop on MJF on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Allin went for the coffin drop again, but MJF raised his knees and both guys were down; MJF because of his knee and Allin because of his back. Wardlow and Shawn Spears tried to interfere, but Sting destroyed them both with his bat. The crowd chanted “Fight Forever!” and I agree, this match is phenomenal. 

Back in the ring, MJF went for Allin’s skateboard. He slid the skateboard over to Allin and offered him a free shot, trying to provoke a dq. Allin didn’t take the shot and as the referee removed the skateboard, MJF reached into his tights for the diamond ring. Behind the ref's back, MJF used the ring to knock out Allin.  Friedman then took Allin down with a side headlock, and got the pin. 

Tremendous opener, excellent match.

The Lucha Bros defeated FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship (19:00) 

The action in this match was insane. The Lucha Bros piled up both members of FTR in the corner, then Penta monkey-flipped Fenix into them. Penta got caught in the FTR corner and hot-shotted against the top rope for a near fall. Wheeler tied Penta’s mask to the bottom rope, and Dax Hardwood kicked him in the head until the referee freed Penta. 

The match slowed down with FTR working over Penta. Penta and Harwood took each other down with clotheslines. Penta backdropped Harwood out of a piledriver attempt, then hit him with a DDT.  He got the tag to Fenix, and Fenix hit both members of FTR with a cutter to get a nearfall on Harwood. Fenix hit a top rope knee strike on Harwood for another near fall. 

Wheeler hit Fenix with the AAA title belt, and Harwood hit the brainbuster, but this time Fenix kicked out at two. Harwood and Wheeler combined for an assisted backdrop suplex for another near fall. FTR went for the Big Rig, but Fenix made a blind tag to Penta. Tully Blanchard tripped of Penta, and the distraction set up Harwood to hit the three amigos on Penta. But Penta countered the third suplex, and Penta hit the three amigos on Harwood. Fenix came in with a frog splash for a fantastic near fall as the crowd chanted “Eddie!” 

Fenix hit the rebound hook kick on Wheeler. The Lucha Bros went for fear factor, but Wheeler broke it up, and FTR hit the spike piledriver on Fenix for another near fall. Crowd is solidly behind the Lucha Bros. Fenix countered an assisted brainbuster with a small package for two. Penta and Fenix went for the fear factor, and Fenix sprung over Penta and onto Harwood with a crossbody and both FTR members were down for another two count. 

Wheeler (the illegal man) came back in the ring wearing the Ranas mask from the tag title switch a few weeks ago. Wheeler tried to get a pin with his feet on the ropes, but the ref broke that up. Lucha Bros hit their version of the stuff piledriver on Wheeler, and Penta got the pin. The pin was on the wrong man, but it didn’t matter, and the Lucha Bros retain. Another fantastic match, and this felt like a chapter in the story, not the end of it.

Bryan Danielson defeated Miro in the World Title Eliminator Tournament Final (20:00) 

Danielson delivered probably ten good shots to Miro, but one shot from Miro to Danielson sent him to the floor. Danielson was sporting the remnants of a black eye before the match, and Miro had his right hamstring taped up. Danielson went for a tornado DDT, which Miro avoided and hit a hard shoulder tackle. Danielson came back with a flying clothesline and dropkicked Miro to the floor. Danielson went for a plancha, but Miro caught him with a forearm, then suplexed Danielson on the floor. Miro tossed Danielson into the ringside barricade and the ring steps. 

Back in the ring, Miro hit a pair of suplexes for a near fall. Danielson mounted a comeback with kicks and chops, until Miro caught him with a fallaway slam for a near fall. The fight went to the floor, where Danielson sent Miro into the ringpost, then came off the apron with a running knee. 

Back in the ring, Danielson hit a shotgun dropkick off the top. The crowd chanted “Let’s go Miro! Miro sucks!” and Danielson battered Miro with kicks. Miro blocked the last kick, but Danielson turned that into a sunset flip for a near fall, then rolled into a kneebar. Miro almost tapped out twice, but eventually was able to power out and into a deadlift German suplex. Miro followed up with a proper release German suplex, but came up selling his knee. 

Danielson flipped out of a back suplex attempt and caught Miro with a kick, then laid into Miro’s head and ribs with knees. Danielson trapped Miro’s arms and stomped a mudhole in him. Danielson went for the flying knee, but Miro countered into a powerbomb for a near fall. Miro locked in the game over, and after Danielson teased the tap out, Danielson made it to the ropes. 

Miro went for the Game over a second time, but Danielson flipped through and locked in the LeBelle Lock. Miro powered out and leveled Danielson with forearms. But Danielson counted that with the triangle choke and reigned down with elbows. Miro broke the hold by gouging Danielson’s eyes. 

Danielson went after Miro with forearms, but Miro absorbed them all and leveled Danielson with one shot. Miro then offered Danielson a few free kicks, and Miro again leveled him with one shot. Miro carried Danielson to the top rope, but Danielson fought back with elbows and forearms. Danielson caught Miro with a spinning DDT off the top rope, then locked in a guillotine, and the ref ruled that Miro was knocked out. 

Bryan Danielson is the new number one contender for the AEW World title, and this show is three for three in excellent matches. All a different style, all fantastic.

Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy defeated Adam Cole & The Young Bucks (w/ Brandon Cutler & Michael Nakazawa) in a Falls Count Anywhere match (22:20) 

Jungle Boy’s team is dressed for a fight in a nice touch. In another nice touch, there are three referees to count any pinfalls. 

When the Young Bucks took Jungle Boy out with a double clothesline, Luchasaurus took out both the Young Bucks with a double clothesline. Cole took out Luchasaurus with a chair. Jungle Boy went to powerbomb Cole on the chair, but the Young Bucks saved him. When Cole went for his signature taunt, Cage caught him with an inverted DDT on the chair. Luchasaurus german suplexed both Young Bucks at once, and for a Falls Count anywhere match most of the action has been in the ring. And just like that, Jungle Boy nailed a pair of dives on Cole to the outside. 

With the fight on the floor,  Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy sent Cole headfirst into a chair. Cole came up bloody as the fight went back into the ring. Christian Cage and Nick Jackson brawled to the back. Luchasaurus went for a crucifix powerbomb on Cole, but he slid out and hit a superkick. Everyone superkicked everyone else. Jungle Boy caught Cole with a hurricanrana over the ropes and to the floor, sending Cole through a table. Matt Jackson then dropped an elbow off the top onto Luchasaurus through a table. With everyone at ringside out, let’s follow the fight to the back. 

Christian Cage and Nick brawled into the crowd. Brandon Cutler tried to use the spray on Cage, but of course he missed. This set up a crazy dive from Cage off of a balcony and onto Nick. Nick and Cage brawled back to the ring through the crowd. There, Cole used a wheelbarrow suplex to send Jungle Boy into the edge of the ring. The Bucks found thumbtacks, and stuffed them into Jungle Boy’s mouth. Cole and the Bucks did the camel clutch/superkick spot with the tacks in Jungle Boy’s mouth for a near fall.

Christian looked like he might have really hurt himself when he got his leg caught in the ladder propped up in the ring while trying a spinning DDT. Cole took an electric chair drop from Luchasaurus into the ladder. Luchasaurus chokeslammed Nick into the ladder for a near fall. Matt broke up that pinfall attempt by smacking Luchasaurus with a trashcan. 

Luchasaurus chased Matt Jackdson up the ramp, where Junge Boy caught him and locked in the snare trap. Cole broke that up. With the fight now on the ramp, Christian went for a Killswitch, but the Bucks broke that up. Several bumps off the top of the ramp were teased. Christian went for a spear, but Cole caught him with a superkick. 

Cole hit Jungle Boy with a panama sunrise on the entrance ramp, jumping off the entrance tunnel. Cole pulled out thumbtack-enhanced knee pads for all the members of the Superkliq. They hit a three way BTE trigger with the thumbtack kneepads on Luchasaurus, but Jungle Boy broke up the pinfall attempt. 

Somehow, Luchasaurus recovered and chokeslammed Nick Jackson off the stage and onto the stooges on the floor, then came off the entrance stage with a shooting star press onto the pile. Christian set up Matt Jackson for the conchairto, and then handed the other chair for Jungle Boy to finish the job. Jungle Boy got the pin. This one went a little too long for my taste but was otherwise a very good, crazy brawl. 

Cody Rhodes & PAC (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo (w/ Jose) (16:50) 

Cody and PAC teased dissension early in the match. Black and El Idolo got along a little better. Cody was solidly booed by the crowd early in the match. The first big offensive move of the match was a powerslam by Cody on El Idolo, which the crowd booed. 

PAC got worked over in the heel corner by Black and El Idolo, but they didn’t really get along. Cody got the tag and hit the cutter on Black. Rhodes teased a Tiger Driver “or something else,” but got floored with a spin kick from Black. But, PAC was the legal man and hit an Asai moonsault on Black and El Idolo on the floor. 

With everyone out of it, Jose decided to get into it with Arn Anderson at ringside. Anderson punched Jose and “chased” him to the back. 

Back in the ring, the heels took control on PAC. El Idolo hit a spinning crossbody to the floor on PAC. Rhodes was still on the floor selling the spin kick, and the match was essentially two-on-one. El Idolo hit a split leg moonsault for a near fall. PAC caught El Idolo on the rebound with a German suplex. PAC went for the tag, but Rhodes was still selling on the floor. El Idolo charged PAC with a boot, then hit a slingshot DDT to the apron for another nearfall. 

Pac caught Black with a superkick, and Rhodes was finally in the corner for the tag. Rhodes got the tag and hit El Idolo with the flip flop and fly, then hit a disaster kick on Black. Rhodes hit a reverse superplex on El Idolo for another near fall, and that move popped the crowd. Rhodes hit a lariat on Black on the floor. 

Back in the ring, El Idolo went for a figure-four, but Rhodes countered and locked in his own figure-four. PAC tagged in and hit a 450 splash on El Idolo, but it only got a two count. PAC went for a plancha on the floor on Black, but Black pulled Cody in the way and he took the move from his partner. Rhodes suplexed Black to the floor, and Black booted him over the barricade. This took both of them out of the match. 

Back in the ring, El Idolo went for the hammerlock DDT, but PAC countered and suplexed El Idolo into the turnbuckles. PAC then hit a poisoned rana and the black arrow on El Idolo and got the win for his team. Good old school tag match, although the teased dissension between the partners sometimes got in the way.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter) defeated Tay Conti to retain the AEW Women’s World Title (15:13) 

Both women had special entrances for this match. Conti was draped in the Brazilian flag and Baker was played to the ring by the guitarist from Fozzy. 

Baker frustrated Conti with a pair of nearfalls early. Conti came back to work a surfboard and teased the DDTay, but Baker easily escaped. Conti caught Baker with judo throws. Conti went for the juji gatami in the ropes, but Baker countered the move. Baker caught Conti with a double underhook suplex to take control. 

Baker slowed down the pace of the match. She got a near fall with a fisherman’s neckbreaker and went for the lockjaw, but Conti escaped by hammering on Baker’s still-injured hand. Conti hit a knee strike and a pair of clotheslines to fire up the crowd. Conti hit trifecta of pump kicks in the corner (charging at Britt from every corner, one of her trademark spots), then came off the top with a crossbody for a near fall. 

Conti hit a leaping kick and a release German suplex for another near fall. Baker hit a hangman’s neckbreaker, then rolled through a suplex attempt and hit a curb stomp. Baker got the glove for the lockjaw, but Conti hit a cutter for another near fall. Conti continued to be frustrated by Baker’s kick outs. 

Conti and Baker brawled out to the apron. Conti went for a Gotch style piledriver, but Baker countered into the air raid crash on the apron. Back in the ring, Baker went for the lockjaw, but Conti made the ropes. Conti hit TayKO for another near fall, and the Gotch Style piledriver for another near fall. 

While Rebel distracted the ref, Jamie Hayter pulled Conti out of the ring. Baker hit the curb stomp off the apron onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Baker went for the lockjaw, but Conti countered and they wound up in the ropes. Conti hit a pump kick that sent Baker to the floor. 

Conti took out Rebel and Hayter out with a top rope moonsault to the floor, then dropped Baker with a spinning throw. Back in the ring, Conti hit the DDTay for two. Conti went for the DDTay again, but Baker countered into a lockjaw attempt. Conti reversed that into a cradle, but Baker reversed that into a cradle of her own and held down Conti for a three. This was a struggle and a bit disappointing.

CM Punk defeated Eddie Kingston (11:09)

Punk wore UFC style trunks. 

Before the start of the match, Kingston nailed Punk with the spinning backfist, nearly knocking him out. Kingston laughed and Punk flipped him off. The bell rang to officially start the bout. 

After a brief fight on the floor, the match got going in the ring. Punk hit the charging knee in the corner, but Kingston came back with an exploder suplex. Punk came back with a middle rope clothesline. The crowd booed Punk as he punched Kingston from the mount position. Punk hit kicks to the chest, and Kingston countered with a poke to the eye. 

They fought out to the apron, and Punk caught Kingston with an enziguri. The fans went nuts, cheering and booing both men. Finally the crowd settled into a “Both these guys!” chant, and Kingston sent Punk into the ringpost. Punk got busted open, so naturally Kingston wiped Punk’s blood on his face. Kingston went for a piledriver on the floor, but Punk escaped with a backdrop. Punk hit Kingston with a flying clothesline from the apron. 

Back in the ring, Punk hit a Cena-style back suplex and teased “you can’t see me,” but flipped off Kingston instead. This got amazing heat. Punk hit the three amigos on Kingston and the crowd applauded. Punk went to the top, but Kingston caught him up there. Kingston battered Punk with punches and delivered a superplex. 

Both guys pulled themselves up in opposite corners, then charged into the center of the ring to exchange punches. Kingston caught Punk with a boot and an enziguri. Kingston signaled  he would go  for the GTS, but Punk caught Kingston with it instead. Punk was too out of it to go for the cover though, and both guys were out against the ropes. Kingston went for the spinning backfist again, but Punk dodged it. Punk elbowed and kneed Punk, and the crowd booed. Punk hit a second GTS and got the pinfall. An absolute war. Excellent.

After the match, Punk extended his hand to Kingston. But, Kingston walked away without shaking his hand. Punk didn’t get booed after the win, but didn’t really get a big babyface pop for the win either. 

-AWA and Minneapolis legend Baron Von Raschke was shown at ringside. 

Chris Jericho, Champion Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz & Jake Hager defeated Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page) & American Top Team (Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski & Dan Lambert) in a Minneapolis street fight (19:36) 

Despite being a “street fight” this started out as a regular tag match with Guevara and Scorpio Sky. Sky took a beating from Guevara, Santana and Ortiz in the opening minutes. Santana and Hager did an impressive suplex handoff of Sky. Arlovski got the tag and brawled with Hager. Dos Santos and Jerico got tags and Dos Santos powerslammed and suplexed Jericho. Dos Santos hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. 

With Jericho down, Lambert got the tag. Of course, Lambert overplayed his hand and soon all the members of both teams were in the ring brawling. Jericho chased Lambert around the ring, where Ethan page hit him with a hockey stick. Guevara hit a spinning tope on Page. Santana and Ortiz followed with dives of their own, and then Hager did a crazy dive onto a pile of everybody on the floor to a huge pop. 

Excalibur clarified what makes this a “Minneapolis” street fight, that all the plunder around ringside is from Minnesota. Like the Prince symbol that Jericho used to batter Scorpio Sky with. And now the match has broken down into a crazy brawl with everyone brawling around ringside. Or the toaster Arlovski used to beat Jake Hager. 

In the ring, the Men of the Year paired off with Santana and Ortiz. Page wound up with a trash can on his head, and Santana hit the can with a hockey stick. Santana and Ortiz tied up Page and Scorpio in submission holds, and Guevara came in and threw a football and Sky’s chest. That was funny. 

Arlovski helped Page beat on Ortiz, but Hager ran in with and beat on both guys with a toaster. Jericho came in and hit both the Men of the Year with a ski or a snowboard. Lambert pulled Jericho out of the ring before he could do more damage. Guevara hit a springboard cutter on both Men of the Year. While Dos Santos sent Jericho into the steps on the floor, Guevara hit a senton atomic on Sky for a near fall. 

Hager started beating on guys with a bundt cake pan while Tony Schiavone gives us a history lesson on the bundt cake. Santana and Ortiz hit a double superplex on Dos Santos. Guevara comes off the top of a ridiculously high ladder to put Scorpio Sky through a table on the floor. Page launched Ortiz to the floor with a crucifix powerbomb.  Page gets into it with a fan (who might have been Jake Hager’s wife) at ringside next to Baron Von Raschke, who puts him in the claw! Santana then dumps Page into the crowd. 

This leaves Lambert in the ring alone… with Jericho. Jericho went for the Linosault, but Dos Santos caught him with a shot and Lambert got a near fall. Jericho found a kendo stick and took Lambert to the woodshed. Jericho then found a stapler and hit Lambert in the crotch. Jericho then came off the top with a frogsplash in another tribute to Eddie Guerrero and got the pin. Very fun match.

Matches for Wednesday’s Dynamite: 

  • Orange Cassidy and Tomohiro Ishii versus The Butcher & The Blade. 
  • The Acclaimed versus Lio Rush & Dante Martin 
  • TBS Championship tournament quarterfinals: Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose

- Tony Schiavone brought out AEW’s newest signee, Jay Lethal, who declared he was #allelite. Lethal challenged Sammy Guevara for the TNT title, and Guevara came out to accept the challenge for Wednesday night.

Adam Page  defeated Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) to win the AEW World Heavyweight Championship (25:00) 

The nearly three year storyline that began at the first AEW press conference culiminated with Adam Page as the new AEW World Champion. 

Page and Omega exchanged hard chops early. Omega got an advantage after Callis tripped Omega up. While Omega distracted the referee, Callis choked Page against the middle rope. Page came back with a springboard lariat on the apron, then a plancha onto Omega on the floor. 

On the floor, Omega rammed Page’s back into the ring barricade and the ring apron. Page came back with a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Page came off the top with a crossbody for a one count. Omega caught Page with a thumb to the eye, and pie faced the Hangman for a one count. 

Omega dumped Page to the floor where Callis attacked him. Omega teased going for the buckshot lariat. Page came back, but Omega caught him with a rana that sent Page to the floor. Omega followed him out with the terminator dive. 

Back in the ring, Omega went for “you can’t escape,” and while Page didn’t escape, he did get his boots up into Omega’s chest. Omega charged Page and ran into a high boot. Page hit more chops and sent Omega to the floor with a fallaway slam.  Page followed him out with a suicide dive, then came off the top with a top rope moonsault to the floor. This got a huge pop from the crowd, who chanted “Cowboy Sh!t” for Page. 

Back in the ring, Page hit a brainbuster for a near fall. Page took Omega to the top for a superplex, but Omega fought out of it, then hit Page with a springboard top rope powerbomb. Omega hit a pair of  snapdragon suplexes. Omega delivered a third snapdragon suplex on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Omega hit the V-trigger. Omega set up the one-winged angel, but Page countered with a victory roll for a near fall. Page caught Omega with a German suplex, but Omega came back with a Tiger Driver for a near fall. 

The crowd chanted for Hangman again while Omega punched down from a mount position and bit Page’s forehead. Omega went to the top, but Page crotched him, then bit Omega’s forehead. Page hit a blockbuster slam from the top rope for two. 

Omega rolled out to the floor, and Page came off the top of the ringpost (not the top rope, the top of the ringpost, Page pulled off that little camera on the post) with a lariat, sending them both through a table. Page tossed Omega back into the ring. Page went for the buckshot, but Omega dropped out of the way. Page went for a V-trigger, but Omega ducked it. Page came back with a pop-up powerbomb and went for the buckshot lariat, but Omega pulled the referee in the way. 

WIth the referee out, Callis tried to attack Page with the belt. Page took Callis out. Omega tried to hit Page with the belt, but Page ducked and hit the dead eye. Aubrey Edwards ran down to the ring for the count, but it was only a nearfall. Page teased using the belt, but dropped it. 

Page and Omega began exchanging punches and forearms. Omega got the advantage and went for a V-trigger, but Page blocked the move. Omega hit the V-trigger on a second try, but Page came back with a rolling forearm. Omega hit a series of kicks to Page’s head, but he popped up and floored Omega with a lariat. 

WIth both men down, the Young Bucks slowly made their way out to the ring. Omega hit a backdrop driver on Page, but Page came back with one of his own. Page went for the buckshot, but Omega caught him with a V-trigger. Omega went for the one-winged angel, but Page countered with one of his own for two. In front of the Bucks, Page hit the buckshot lariat to the back of Omega's head. Page then went to the other side of the ring, where Matt Jackson was now standing. Matt gave Page a nod, and Page hit Omega with another buckshot lariat and got the pinfall. 

After the match, the Dark Order came out to celebrate with Page. The show ended with AEW's new World Champion on the shoulders of the Dark Order, soaking in the adulation of the fans. 

Excellent finish to an excellent show. 

Final Thoughts: 

This show was fantastic. Nearly every match overdelivered and this may have been AEW's best ppv.