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AEW Rampage live results: Cole & Fish vs. Jurassic Express


Friday's AEW Rampage will see former Undisputed Era members Adam Cole and Bobby Fish reunite as they take on Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus of Jurassic Express.

The match was made on Wednesday's Dynamite as Cole tries to get revenge on behalf of the SuperKliq following their falls count anywhere loss to Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. The Young Bucks weren't cleared to compete so Cole recruited his old NXT teammate to take up the fight on their behalf.

Another quarterfinal of the TBS title tournament will be part of the show as Jade Cargill takes on rival Red Velvet. Velvet advanced with a win over The Bunny in the first round while the undefeated Cargill earned a bye.

In an interesting clash of styles, Darby Allin will look to rebound from his Full Gear loss to MJF as he battles Billy Gunn, leader of the Gunn Club.

This week's show was taped Wednesday in Norfolk, Virginia.


Darby Allin (w/ Sting) defeated  Billy Gunn (w/ Austin & Colten Gunn) (8:32)

Billy Gunn wrestling? This isn’t Dark. 

Allin's ribs were taped and he was selling sore ribs from his match with MJF. Billy Gunn offered a test of strength to Allin, and Allin slapped him. Billy responded by ignoring a dropkick and backdropping Allin. Billy tossed Allin around the ringside area and stared at Sting. And Allin sold.  Billy dodged Allin’s suicide dive and Allin wiped out on the floor. Billy Gunn did nothing at all and Allin bumped all over the place to try and make the match interesting. It’s didn't work. 

Back from the picture-in-picture break, Allin hit the coffin drop on the floor on both Austin and Colten. Then Billy Gunn tossed Allin around some more. BIlly missed his version of the Stinger splash, and Allin hit the flip stunner and a sloppy code red. Allin hit the coffin drop and Billy kicked out after one. Allin hit a second coffin drop and finally got the pinfall. 

I hated this. Allin only got offense in the last 30 seconds of the match. The rest was Allin bumping for Gunn. This was not a good way to open the show. 

After the match, the Gunn sons attacked Allin, and Sting made the save. Billy Gunn laid out Sting, and the Gunn Club stood tall over Sting and Allin. 

- In a backstage interview with Tony Schiavone, QT Marshall challenged CM Punk to a match for Dynamite in Chicago. 

- In a pretaped interview, Chris Jericho talked up The Inner Circle's victory at Full Gear.  The Men of the Year responded in their own pretaped interview and promised American Top Team would be back. 

TBS Tournament Quarterfinal: Jade Cargill (w/ Smart Mark Sterling) defeated Red Velvet (6:08 aired) 

After an initial back and forth, Cargill muscled Velvet over with a fallaway slam. Cargill followed with a pumphandle slam, dumping Velvet face first on the mat. Velvet came back with a leg lariat that sent Cargill to the floor. Velvet went for a tope, but Cargill caught her with a palm strike. Cargill dropped Velvet with an uranage on the ring apron and the show went to a break. 

After the break, Cargill beeled Velvet across the ring and did some pushups. Velvet came back with clotheslines and a bulldog. Cargill dodged Velvet with a leapfrog, then leveled her with a pump kick. Cargill went for the jaded, but Velvet kicked off the ropes and got a near fall with a cradle. Velvet hit a spear for another near fall. Velvet went for the final slice, but Cargill countered into the jaded slam to get the win. 

Some timing issues aside, this wasn’t a bad match. 

- Thunder Rosa cut a promo on Jamie Hayter. The Rosa/Hayter TBS Title Tournament Quarterfinal match is Wednesday night. 

- Tony Schiavone interviewed CM Punk. Punk/Marshall is official for the Wednesday night as well. "We'll see who the turkey is." 

Announced for “Black Friday Rampage” next week is Daniel Garcia v. Eddie Kingston.  The “Winter is Coming” episode of Dynamite is official for Garland, Texas on December 15th. 

Face to Face interview. The Young Bucks ranted about the beating they took on Saturday. Jungle Boy got the burn of the night, “When I saw my first Bobby Fish match, I won.” Adam Cole and his very good friend Bobby Fish didn’t have much to say after that. Mark Henry asked Christian if he was worried about interference from the Bucks, and Christian held up a steel chair. "It's time for the main event!" 

Jurassic Express defeated Adam Cole & Bobby Fish (15:26) 

Adam Cole and Junge Boy started the match. Fish got the tag and hit a slingshot senton on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy came back with an armdrag and a dropkick, then made the tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus won a kick exchange with Fish, and Jungle Boy came in with a top rope senton to get a near fall. Cole caught Jungle Boy with a knee and a gamengiri from the apron. The heels took over on Jungle Boy as the show went to a picture in picture break.

After the break, Fish had Jungle Boy in a chinlock. Jungle Boy escaped and hit the rebound lariat. Tags were made on both sides, and Luchasaurus dominated both Cole and Fish. The crowd was firmly behind Luchasaurus as he floored his oppoents with a double clothesline. Luchasaurus tried for a double goozle, but Cole escaped and caught Luchasaurus with a pump kick. Jungle Boy got the tag and Jurassic Express got a double team cutter on Cole for a near fall. A pair of kicks took out Luchasaurus, and Cole and Fish hit a brainbuster/head kick combo  on Jungle Boy. Fish hit a tope on Luchasaurus on the floor as Cole got the near fall on Jungle Boy. 

This left Jungle Boy and Cole one on one for a nice exchange. Jungle Boy went for the snare trap, but Cole escaped and both men hit superkicks. Cole went for the Panama sunrise, but Luchasaurus came in and powerbombed Cole. Jungle Boy hit an elbow to the back of Cole’s head for a pin attempt that Fish broke up. Fish got the tag from Cole and worked over Jungle Boy’s leg with kicks and a dragon screw leg whip. Fish charged, but Jungle Boy suplexed Fish into the corner. 

The still-not-cleared Young Bucks came out to distract Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. This brought out Christian with a steel chair to chase the Bucks and Cole away from the ring. Fish tried to get win with a roll up, but Jungle Boy countered into the snare trap, and after a bit of a struggle, Fish submitted. This is the second time in as many weeks that Cole has left Fish for dead. 

Final Thoughts: 

The main event saved the show, but I was really turned off by Billy Gunn dominating Allin. The story between the Gunns and Sting/Allin does not look like it’s over. Even if it’s only a two week program, that’s two weeks too long for me.