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AEW Rampage live results: Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole Texas Death Match

Friday will also see the fully realized Blackpool Combat Club in trios action.

Friday's AEW Rampage will feature AEW World Champion Hangman Page defending against rival Adam Cole in a Texas Death Match at a special start time of 7 PM Eastern.

Their first singles match in an AEW ring took place at February's Revolution that Page won. Cole has disputed that win and been relentless in demanding a rematch. Page eventually relented, but added his special stipulation.

The Blackpool Combat Club of Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and new member Wheeler Yuta will team for the first time against the Gunn Club who are undefeated in trios action.

Yuta got the nod to join the group after his performance against Moxley on last week's Rampage, getting the acceptance from group leader Lord Regal.

In another Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifier, Ruby Soho will face Dark and Dark: Elevation regular Robyn Renegade.

Friday's show emanates from Garland, Texas, with Saturday's Battle of the Belts II show being taped afterward.


We are live in Garland, Texas with Excalibur, Taz and Ricky Starks on commentary as Championship Week continues!

Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta (w/ William Regal) defeated The Gunn Club (9:04)

Regal came out with Yuta but immediately went to the commentary table. Everyone in the Blackpool Combat Club made separate entrances, while The Gunn Club was introduced as "already being in the ring" just in case anyone out there thought they had a chance.

Yuta started with Austin and the crowd was immediately chanting for Yuta. When Austin got a bit of an advantage, the crowd chanted “A$$ Boys!” throwing him off his game. Colton got the tag, and Yuta avoided his dropkick attempt and locked in an Indian Death Lock. Danielson got the tag and continued working over Colton’s leg, twisting it in inhumane ways, then locking Colton in the Romero Special. Danielson adjusted his grip on Colton and landed some solid forearms on Colton’s face. Colton escaped and tagged his father, Billy Gunn. Danielson avoided Billy’s splash in the corner, then laid in some kicks and a running dropkick in the corner. Billy came out of the corner with a back elbow and the show went to a break. (It always seems like when the heels get the edge, they throw the show to a commercial).

Back from break, Colton hit a pretty bad dropkick on Danielson. Austin got the tag and charged into a stepover toehold that sent Austin headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Moxley got the hot tag and destroyed everyone. He dropped Colton with a half and half suplex and took out Austin with a back elbow. Moxley with a superplex on Colton, then DDT’d both the younger Gunns at once. Billy got the tag in and ate the King Kong lariat (with a 360 sell from Billy). Yuta tagged in and hit a top crossbody for a near fall. Busaiku knee took out Colton, but Billy Gunn took out Danielson and Moxley with a double clothesline.

This left Billy alone with Yuta. Billy hit a cobra clutch slam on Yuta, but it only got two. Billy set up the Famouser, but Yuta dodged it and rolled up Billy with an O’Connor Roll and bridge to get the three count. 

Fun opener and the absolute right decision to continue Yuta's push to the upper card. 

– Shawn Spears was on commentary for the next match.

The Butcher defeated Baron Brown(???) (0:49)

Butcher destroyed his opponent (whose name couldn't be heard over commentary, but that's my best guess) in an unadvertised match. Butcher’s opponent came off the top with a dropkick and Butcher didn’t sell it. Butcher then destroyed the guy with a powerbomb to get the pin in 49 seconds.

– Dustin Rhodes had a promo backstage. He knows the feud isn’t Lance Archer isn’t over. But, Rhodes had other business. He challenged CM Punk for a match next week in a match that's on Rhodes "bucket list."  The crowd booed because the challenge was made for Dynamite, but Rhodes recovered nicely in his promo.

Ruby Soho defeated Robyn Renegade in an Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifying Match (8:24)

Soho tried a handstand in a corner while locking Renegade in a  headscissors, but Renegade escaped and kicked Soho in the head. Renegade had a reverse chinlock locked in and the show went to another split-screen break with Renegade in control.

Soho hit a backdrop suplex on Renegade and a clothesline. The crowd was behind Soho, and Soho caught Renegade with the headscissors in the corner again, this time sending Robyn headfirst into the middle buckle. Robyn thumbed Soho in the eye and dropped to the floor, and while the referee tended to Soho’s eye, Roby’s twin sister Charlette snuck in the ring to replace her! Soho went for a senton, but Charlette lifted her knees. Soho managed a comeback and hit the No Future on Charlette, but then she rolled out of the ring and Robyn snuck back in on the other side. Robyn caught Soho from behind with a cradle for a near fall. Soho hit the original sister with a neckbreaker (kind of like a cross between the Cross Rhodes and the Sister Abigal) for the pin. 

CM Punk v. Dustin Rhodes is official for Dynamite on Wednesday. For Rampage next Friday, Daniel Garcia v. Eddie Kingston and for the TBS Championship, Jade Cargill defends against Marina Shafir. 

Adam Page defeated Adam Cole in a Texas Death Match for the AEW World Championship (20:07)

Mark Henry called this the biggest match in Rampage history during the Main Event Promo, and he’s not wrong. Ring announcer Justin Roberts clarified that the rules are knock-out or submission. Cole and Page both wore jeans instead of trunks.

Page threw chairs in the ring before the match started. Both guys started with chairs and took wild swings at each other before Page landed a shot on Cole’s back. The fight went to the floor where Cole got a chair, but Page booted the chair in Cole’s head. The crowd was hugely behind Page, who brawled with Cole around ringside. They brawled into the crowd and Page continued to dominate. Page got a beer from a fan (which was in a sealed aluminum bottle), hit Page in the head with it, then took a drink.

Cole went back to the ring and Page stayed on top of his opponent. Page went to the top with a chair and hit a moonsault onto Cole while holding the chair (it looked like Cole was supposed to kick the chair into Page’s face in a mis-timed spot, but I think it was actually intentional because Page hit the moonsault on the second try). Page then sent Cole headfirst into a chair wedged in between the buckles. Cole was bloodied and on the floor., but made it to his feet before the 10 count. Page dropped to the floor and continued to dominate and the show took another split-screen break. 

In the split-screen break, Cole countered a suplex on the floor and finally started to get a bit of an edge. Cole sent Page headfirst into the stairs. The fight went back into the ring, and Cole lowered the boom on Page.

Cole hooked up a chain to the top rope, and used it to literally clothesline Page. Cole set up a pair of chairs, but Cole was thrown into the tops of the chairs back first out of fireman’s carry. Page dropped to the floor and threw more chairs into the ring. Cole caught Page with a boot and went for the Panama Sunrise, but Page countered into a Deadeye. Cole got to his feet at nine by rolling to the floor. Page went for the moonsault off the top to the floor, but Cole hit a superkick. Cole demanded the count from the referee, but Page got to his feet at seven. Back in the ring, Cole hit the Panama Sunrise and Page landed in the pile of chairs. Page beat the count at nine.

Cole took Page to the top and looked like he was setting up a super Panama Sunrise, but Page fought out of that and took Page down with a fallaway slam from the top rope into the pile of chairs. Page bled from his chin and Cole beat the count. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” Page sat Cole in a chair to go for the Buckshot, but Cole kept grabbing his jeans to keep him in the ring. Page then sat down across from Cole in his own chair and they started exchanging blows. They were soon out of their chairs exchanging boots and superkicks. Page jumped out to set up the Buckshot, but Page hit a superkick. Cole screamed at Page, “You will never be me! You will never be Kenny Omega! You are joke!”  Page responded by  absolutely unloading on Cole with a Buckshot Lariat.

Page used his belt to tie Page to the top rope. Page then found a chair with barbed wire under the ring. He threatened to use the chair, but then put the chair down and untied Cole, who then low-blowed him! Cole ran the ropes and Page leveled him with another lariat. Page pulled some of the barbed wire off the chair and wrapped it around his arm. Cole hit a superkick and Page rolled out to the apron. Cole went for a Panama Sunrise on the apron, but Page struck back with a barbed wire lariat. Page put the barbed wire on Cole’s head, then put Cole through a table on the floor with the Dead Eye. This was enough to put Cole away for the ten count.

Adam Page got a huge pop for the win. This was a very good main event. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you missed this because of the time change, go watch it now. Opener and main event are both worth watching.