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AEW Rampage live results: PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo


Friday's AEW Rampage from Cincinnati, Ohio, will see PAC take on Andrade El Idolo in a highly anticipated match

The match was originally slated for last Sunday's All Out, but was moved due to what AEW called "travel issues." They attempted to explain it in storyline that El Idolo's team messed with PAC's travel. This will be El Idolo's second AEW match as he defeated Matt Sydal in his early-July debut.

Friday's taped show will also see hometown favorite Brian Pillman Jr. of the Varsity Blonds vs. Max Caster of The Acclaimed. The two teams were feuding on Dark and Dark: Elevation and building toward a tag team match before Caster disappeared without explanation following a controversial pre-match rap.

An six-woman tag team team match will see AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Reba against no. 1 contender Ruby Soho, former Women's Champion Riho and Kris Statlander, set into motion following the events of Wednesday's Dynamite.

Darby Allin and Sting will do a promo ahead of Allin's Wednesday match against Shawn Spears. Sting will also address Tully Blanchard's Wednesday comments about a future fight between the two.


Andrade El Idolo (w/ Chavo) defeated PAC (15:45 w/ ad break) 

Both guys were  already in the ring at the start of the show for introductions from Justin Roberts. After a staredown, both men exchange forearms. El Idolo won the exchange and tried a side headlock, but PAC broke free. El Idolo caught PAC with a shotgun dropkick and did the “El Tranquilo” taunt. 

The crowd got behind PAC with a “Let’s Go PAC!” chant, and PAC caught El Idolo with an arm drag and a rana. El Idolo dropped to the floor and PAC nailed a tope con hilo. PAC whipped El Idolo in the barricades a couple of times, then tossed him back into the ring. PAC worked over El Idolo with hard chops in the corner and a chinlock on the mat. 

El Idolo worked his way out of the chinlock and caught PAC with a boot against the ropes. El Idolo then did a springboard over the ropes and grabbed PAC’s head into a DDT on the ring apron. PAC fell to the floor and El Idolo followed up with a springboard plancha. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” and they were right. 

Both guys battled up to the top rope, and PAC fell back, hanging from his knee on the top rope. El Idolo jumped off the top rope with a double stomp into PAC’s chest, and with both men on the floro the show went to a quick ad break. 

Back from the break, El Idolo hit a springboard moonsault (almost like a RVD-style split leg moonsault, but way more sudden)  for a two count. El Idolo positioned PAC on the middle rope to set up an electric chair drop, but PAC countered into a super rana. PAC then came in with a massive pump kick, but El Idolo responded with a clothesline. PAC returned with a superkick and both guys were down. El Idolo got outside to the ring apron, where he and PAC exchanged forearms. 

PAC went for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, but  El Idolo flipped out of it and landed on his feet. PAC hit him with a superkick. PAC wound up hung on the top rope again by his legs, and El Idolo went for the double stomp again. But this time, PAC avoided it and hit a top rope moonsault to the floor. 

After both guys sold on the floor for a bit, PAC threw El Idolo back into the ring,  then came off the top with a 450 splash. PAC went for the cover, but El Idolo got to the ropes to break the pin count. PAC drug El Idolo into the corner and went to the top to set up the Black Arrow, but El Idolo got away. PAC hit a Pele kick and went for his hammerlock DDT, but PAC countered and hit a german suplex. PAC went for a springboard, El Idolo caught him in a fireman’s carry, but PAC countered into the Brutalizer.  Jose jumped on the apron with a taser, so the Lucha Bros ran in and pulled Jose down. But this distracted the ref, and Chavo ran in to hit PAC with his iPad. El Idolo rolled up PAC for the pin. 

Excellent match.

After the match, Jose told El Idolo that Chavo interfered, so El Idolo decked Chavo and left him laying in the entrance. The Lucha Bros hit Chavo with a double superkick, then threw Chavo back in the ring for PAC to torture him with the Brutalizer. 


Sting and Darby Allin Interview w/ Tony Schiavone

Schiavone interviewed Sting and Allin in the ring. Allin called out Spears and said Spears would be nothing without Tully Blanchard. Sting then grabbed the mic and said  Blanchard rode the coattails of Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Sting called out Blanchard, and Blanchard responded from the stage. While Blanchard distracted Sting from the entrance, Shawn Spears snuck in from behind and pulled Allin out of the ring and hit him with a Death Valley Driver. 

Adam Cole & Bryan Danielson segment. 

In pre-taped comments from backstage, Adam Cole explained why he joined the Elite: he trusts the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, and they trust him. Cole seemed to have his sights set on Bryan Danielson. 

Bryan Danielson responds in his own pre-taped comments, but he’s looking for his first match in AEW to be with Kenny Omega. But if Omega doesn’t respond to Danielson's challenge,  he’s sure some other hungry AEW wrestler will. 


Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander & Riho defeated Dr. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter & Rebel (6:30 aired) 

Baker and Riho started out, but Statlander quickly got the tag. Statlander got a near fall after a powerslam. Riho and Hayter tagged in.  Rebel kneed Riho from the ring apron as Riho ran the ropes. While the heels worked over Riho, the show went to break. 

Back from the break, Soho got the hot tag from Riho and worked over Hayter with forearms and a superkick. A takedown got Soho a near fall. Statlander and Soho tried to double-team Hayter, but she fought out of it and got a near fall on Statlander after a backbreaker. Rebel tagged in and she and Hayter tried to double-suplex Statlander, but Statlander countered and suplexed both of her opponents instead. Statlander tried to pin Rebel with a rollup, but Baker came in with a meteoria to break up the cover. Statlander caught Baker with a suplex. Riho climb onto Statlander’s shoulders, looking to hit a move on Baker, but Rebel threw herself onto Baker to save her! So, Riho came off of Statlander’s shoulders with a double stop on Rebel. Baker rolled to the floor, and Soho hit her finisher on Rebel to get  the pin. 

The crew ran down all the upcoming matches scheduled for the next two weeks on Dynamite. 

Mark Henry conducted a face to face interview with Max Caster and Brian Pillman Jr. Caster will bring Anthony Bowens with him to ringside, but Pillman will go out there alone. 


Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) (6:36) 

Even though it’s nearly 11pm on cable, Caster still can’t say what he thinks Skyline chili looks like in his pre-match rap. “You’re on thin ice, Max!” 

Pillman wore Bengals-themed trunks and ran in to attack Caster before the bell. After an initial flurry from Pillman, Caster took control. Caster got a near fall after a knee drop. He worked a cravat, but Pillman worked his way out of the hold. Bowens distracted Pillman and Caster caught him with a back suplex. Caster tossed Pillman to the floor and Bowens worked over Pillman while Caster distracted referee Aubrey Edwards. 

Back in the ring, Caster charged Pillman in the corner, and Pillman caught him with a boot. Pillman followed up with a flying forearm and a clothesline. Caster tried to cover up in the corner, but Pillman whipped him into the other corner and followed him in with a clothesline. Pillman tried to go for a top rope move, but Bowens distracted him. Pillman hit Bowens with a top rope crossbody. As Pillman came back in, Caster caught him with a dropkick. 

Caster tossed Pillman back into the ring and went for his Mic Drop top rope elbow, but Pillman got out of the way. Pillman then hit Caster with the Air Pillman springboard clothesline and got the pinfall. Babyfaces winning in their home town? What is this? 

Pillman briefly celebrated with his family in the front row, but Bowens jumped Pillman again. Both members of the Acclaimed tried to attack Pillman with their boombox, but Jon Moxley ran in and made the save. The hometown boys celebrated to the cheers of the crowd as the show closed. 

Final Thoughts:

Andrade and PAC was a fantastic match. Brian Pillman Jr. getting a win in front of his hometown fans was a great moment. Rampage is the best hour of wrestling every week.