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AEW Rampage live results: Tag Team title eliminator finals


The next challengers to AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks will be decided on Friday's Rampage as the Lucha Brothers take on Jurassic Express in the finals of the Tag Team title eliminator tournament.

The winners will face the Bucks in a steel cage match at next Sunday's All Out for the titles. The stipulation was added prior to the four-team tournament as Tony Khan was tired of the Bucks winning matches thanks to outside interference.

Rampage will also see AEW World Champion Kenny Omega team with Brandon Cutler against Impact World Champion Christian Cage and Frankie Kazarian coming out of an in-ring promo Wednesday that resulted in a brawl. Omega will defend the title against Cage at All Out.

In a match featuring two of the competitors in the women's Casino Battle Royale, Tay Conti will put her long winning streak on the line against The Bunny.

CM Punk and Darby Allin will also do promos ahead of their match at the pay-per-view.


Chris Jericho is back on commentary for this show, along with Taz, Mark Henry and Excalibur. 

Tag Team title eliminator tournament final: Lucha Brothers (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (w/ Marko Stunt) (13:00) 

Of course, the Young Bucks and their stooge Brandon Cutler were watching from the entrance.

There is no way I’m going to be able to describe all of this action, but I will do my best. NBA champion and Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo is shown in the crowd. Fenix and Jungle Boy started out with a very technical exchange. The shake hands after their exchange, and tag in their partners so we get Luchasaurus and Penta. Penta took off the glove and teased tossing it to Marko Stunt, but tossed it to Alex Abrahantes instead. Soon, all four guys were in the ring and everyone hit everyone else with some version of a hook kick or a superkick. 

Back from a break, and Jungle Boy got a near fall on Fenix off of a rollup. Then, both men hit tope suicidias on the opponents on the floor. Back in the ring, Luchasaurus and Penta got the tags, and Luchasaurus got a German suplex on Penta, then hit both his opponents with a clothesline. Luchasaurus hit the tail hip on Penta, chokeslammed Fenix on top of Penta, then hit a standing moonsault on Penta for a two count. Penta evaded another chokeslam attempt and got the tag to Fenix. Luchasaurus missed a charge in the corner and Fenix hit him with a spinning hook kick. Fenix followed that up with a big frog splash for a two count.

After a big headbutt, Luchasaurus got the tag to Jungle Boy, and Perry floored Fenix with a lariat and a poisoned rana for two. Jungle Boy followed that up with a tiger bomb and the snare trap, but Penta broke that up with a kick to Jungle Boy’s head. 

Penta then got the tag and hit a massive backbreaker on Jungle Boy, and hit the Made in Japan for the closest two count I’ve ever seen. Penta and Fenix went for the fear factor, but Jungle Boy escaped. Jungle Boy went for something off the middle rope onto the floor, but Fenix caught him by walking across the ropes, then snapping off a beautiful top rope hurricanrana onto Jungle Boy, who was caught by a pile of guys on the floor. Penta got Jungle Boy back in the ring for two. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus went for the Thoracic Express but Penta broke that up. 

The fight went onto the apron, and Penta hit a Canadian destroyer on the apron on Jungle Boy. Fenix then came off the top rope and hit a Canadian destroyer on Luchasaurus and barely got a one count. Penta and Fenix then hit a bunch of superkicks on Luchasaurus, then finished him off with the double team piledriver to get the win. 

Lucha Bros versus the Young Bucks in the cage is official for All Out. 

After the match, The Young Bucks attacked Penta and Fenix, but Abrahantes and Marko Stunt ran them off. 


CM Punk and Darby Allin

A great video aired of the return of CM Punk to wrestling in AEW, and Punk calling out Darby Allin. This was a great preview of the  Punk v. Allin main event for All Out. 

Miro promo

Miro threw Fuego del Sol out of the entryway and kicked him down to the ring. In the ring, Miro pulled off del Sol’s mask and kicked him in the face. This brought  out Eddie Kingston with a mic, but Kingston dropped the might and decided to go after Miro. Kingston got the advantage on Miro, hitting him with an exploder suplex, before the refs came in to break it up. I think you can pencil a Miro/Kingston TNT title match in for All Out.


Bunny (w/ the Blade) defeated Tay Conti (4:30) 

Bunny jumped Conti before the bell. She hit Conti with a sliding elbow in the corner and got a near fall. Bunny and Conti started exchanging chops in the corner, but Conti got the better of that exchange. So Bunny raked her eyes and choked her. Conti dominated the offense in the match and as a result it wasn’t very good. Bunny hit a flying clothesline for a near fall. Conti came back with a trifecta of judo throws and a face buster. She followed up with a spinning uranage and three pump kicks in the corner. Conti hit the TayKO as Penelope Ford came to the ring, which distracted Tay and kept her from hitting her DDT finish. Ford got on the apron to distract Conti and the ref, which allowed Blade to sneak Bunny the brass knucks, which she used to knock out Conti. Conti got the pin. 

Ford and Conti stood together in victory after the match, teasing a partnership for the Women's Casino Battle Royal. 


A run-down of future shows:

The big news here is Miro v. Eddie Kingston for the TNT title is now official for All Out. Also added to All Out is Lucha Bros vs. The Young Bucks in the Steel Cage for the World Tag Team Titles. Now added to Wendesday's Dynamite is the Lucha Bros & Jurassic Express versus The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers. And next Friday on Rampage, Danny Garcia takes on Darby Allin. All of these matches are coming from Chicago. 

Face to Face: 

Mark Henry moderates an interview between Kenny Omega and Don Callis (with Brandon Cutler) and Christian Cage and Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian made a point of asking Kenny to make sure that he tags in for the match. 


IMPACT Champion Christian Cage & Frankie Kazarian defeated AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & Brandon Cutler (w/ Michael Nakazawa & Don Callis) (8:35) 

The crowd chanted “piece of s***” at Callis. Kazarian and Cutler started out and Kazarian pounded Cutler down in the corner. After a pretty severe opening beating, Kenny tagged in. Nakazawa tripped Kazarian, and Omega used that distraction to attack. Kazarian came back with a running legsweep, and Kazarian got the tag to Cage. Omega immediately tagged out to Cutler, wanting no parts of Cage.  

Cage went right to Cutler’s nose with a punch. Kazarian got the tag and suplexed Cutler onto the top rope, then kicked him out of the ring. The fight went to the floor, and Nakazawa hit Kazarian with his laptop, which Kazarian didn’t sell. Cage came around and dumped Nakazawa into the crowd, but Omega used the distraction to nail Kazarian with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Omega hit the “You can’t escape!” sequence on Kazarian for two. 

Omega hit Kazarian with a very intense pie face. Cutler got the tag and started dropping dancing elbows on Kazarian. The third elbow drop missed, and Kazarian got the tag to Cage. Cutler tried to get the tag to Omega, but Omega dropped down and left Kazarian to get slaughtered by Cage. Omega tried to sneak in and hit a One Winged Angel on Christian, but Christian escaped and beat on both Cutler and Omega with punches in the corner. Cage hit a pair of reverse DDTs, but Omega crotched Christian against the post. Christian was able to come back, and when he went for the Killswitch on Omega, Omega slid out of the ring and left Cutler for dead. Christian hit Cutler with the spear and the killswitch to get the pin. 

Final Thoughts: 

Great opening match. The rest of the show flew by. Rampage is 3-for-3 in great episodes.