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AEW Rampage live results: TNT title match, Hook in action


The special Christmas night Holiday Bash edition of AEW Rampage will feature a TNT title match, the second match for popular top prospect Hook and more.

Sammy Guevara will look for the fifth defense of his TNT Championship as he defends against former champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes came out two weeks ago on Dynamite and answered Guevara's open challenge. He is coming off a win over Andrade El Idolo on the December 1st Dynamite.

After making his pro debut in a win over Fuego Del Sol on Rampage two weeks ago, Hook will return to singles action as he faces one half of Bear Country, Bear Bronson.

In singles action, Kris Statlander will take on Leyla Hirsch while Jungle Boy faces Isiah Kassidy of Private Party. 

This week's matches were taped Wednesday after Dynamite in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Our live coverage begins at a special start time of 9 PM Eastern.


Hosts are Taz, Excalibur, and Ricky Starks. 

Merry Christmas! I’m watching this at my parents’ house so my dad can watch it instead of being subjected to another Hallmark movie.

Jungle Boy (w/ Christian Cage & Luchasaurus) defeated Isiah Kassidy (w/ Matt Hardy & the HFO) (8:54)

Jungle Boy’s ribs and thigh were wrapped up with more tape than I used to wrap Christmas presents last night, and I use a significant amount of tape. Jungle Boy hit a great looking dropkick early, but Kassidy came back with a springboard cutter which sent Jungle Boy to the floor. Kassidy followed up with a tornio out of the ring, and springboard senton back in the ring for a one count. Kassidy choked Jungle Boy against the ropes, and then Matt Hardy caught Jungle Boy with a cheap shot. Kassidy remained dominant and the show went to a commercial. 

Back from break, Kassidy walked into a back elbow from Jungle Boy. Boy hit a stiff rebound lariat and a fisherman’s falcon arrow to get a near fall. Kassidy came back with an enziguri and a poison rana for a near fall. Jungle Boy hit a belly to belly suplex in the corner, then a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Jungle Boy dumped Kassidy to the floor and hit a tope suicidia. Marq Quen and Jora Johl tried to interfere, but Luchasaurus and Christian Cage disposed of them. Matt Hardy ate a spear from Cage on the floor. Back in the ring, Jungle Boy locked in the snare trap for the submission.

-- Another Miro promo in all white aired. He will return with no flaws and will not be kept from his hot, flexible wife, he said. “Redemption doesn’t come with a smile. It comes with a price!” Miro is awesome.

Hook defeated Bear Bronson (3:06)

Before the match, Taz and Starks gave a rundown of their issues with Dante Martin. Powerhouse Hobbs was with the commentators to watch Hook's match. 

Hook got a huge ovation from the crowd. Bronson caught him with a back elbow and an eye rake. Bronson hit a sit-out tombstone...that Hook no sold. He was immediately back on his feet. Hook hit a tremendous clothesline and northern lights suplex. He stopped to soak in the cheers from the crowd and then hit a fantastic head and arm trap suplex. Hook locked in the Redrum (the former katahajime) and Bronson tapped out quickly to remain undefeated at 2-0.

- Recap of the Daniel Garcia/Eddie Kingston feud. Kingston/Santana/Ortiz v. Garcia/2point0 is set for Dynamite on Wednesday. 

Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Leyla Hirsch (6:23) 

Statlander got a near fall after a powerslam. She followed up with a long delayed vertical suplex for another near fall. Hirsch escaped a cobra clutch and came back with a cross-arm breaker, but Statlander powered up. Hirsch hit a gamingiri and a middle rope moonsault for a near fall. Hirsch slapped Statlander, and Statlander hit a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Hirsch with a German suplex for another near fall. Statlander caught Hirsch with an elbow, a big boot, and locked in a spider crab to get Hirsch to tap out. Good back and forth action. 

After the match, Statlander tried to shake Hirsch’s hand (like they did before the match started), but Hirsch swatted it away.

Main Event Promo Time: Mark Henry asked how Cody can focus on this match when he’s got one foot out the door (because of all his outside projects). Arn Anderson is disrespectful to Guevara, and Guevara thinks this match is a bigger match for Cody than for himself. “It’s TIME for the MAIN EVENT!”

Cody Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship (15:08) 

This match opened the first episode of Dynamite. Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson came out with Arn & Cod to the stage, but went to the back. This match hit the ring with about 20 minutes left in the show. 

David Crockett was at ringside to present the championship to the winner. 

Cody got a somewhat mixed reaction from the fans, while Guevara was solidly cheered. Also, Cody wasn’t wearing his trademark weight belt. Guevara started out fast early on, stealing Cody’s trademark drop-down uppercut. Guevara sent Cody to the floor with a dropkick and Cody went into the crowd to stall. 

Back in the ring, Cody slowed the match down with a side headlock. Dueling “Let’s go Cody/Cody SUCKS!” chant. Cody went for the Flair flop, and Guevara caught him and hip tossed him back in the ring. Guevara went for a disaster kick, but Cody ducked and hit a springboard cutter. The fight went to the floor, and Guevara sent Rhodes into the ringside stairs. Guevara went for a shooting star press, but Rhodes dodged it. Guevara landed on his feet, but Rhodes grabbed him by the arm and sent it into the steel barricade. Back in the ring, Rhodes worked over Guevara’s arm with a short-arm scissors. 

Rhodes dominated the match through  a picture-in-picture commercial break, continuing to work over Guevara’s arm. Rhodes dropped Guevara face-first out of a vertical suplex, but missed a moonsault. Guevara hit an enziguri and a double jump cutter for a near fall. Guevara hit the Cross Rhodes on Cody, but Rhodes rolled to the floor before Guevara could make a cover. Guevara hit a double jump 450 to the floor on Cody, which was pretty insane. Guevara went for a jumping hurricanrana, but Rhodes caught him and powerbomb Guevara into three “fans” in the front row. 

Back in the ring, Cody hit the disaster kick. Rhodes went for the Cross Rhodes, but Guevara countered. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on the second try, and it got a two count. Guevara was still out on his feet though. Rhodes went for a reverse superplex, but Guevara countered that into a GTH! But, Rhodes kicked out of that. 

Guevara went to the top for the 630 splash, but Rhodes got his knees up. Rhodes then hit Guevara with two Cross Rhodes and a Tiger Driver 98 to get the pin and his 3rd TNT Championship. Excellent match. 

The fans roundly booed the new champion, and the Nightmare Family came out to celebrate the new champion. David Crockett presented Cody with the championship while Guevara watched, slumped in corner. Rhodes held up the belt and celebrated and the crowd kept booing Rhodes’ celebration. 

Final Thoughts: 

I’m sure the internet reaction to Cody winning the TNT title again will be rational and measured. 

Kassidy looked really good in his match with Jungle Boy, and might be better off as a singles guy for a little bit. The young talent got a chance to shine on this show and all of them looked great tonight.