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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Matt Jackson vs. Nick Jackson

being the elite matt vs nick

BTE 200 opened with a compilation of the various intros the show has used over the years. 


Matt Jackson defeated Nick Jackson

The show itself began with Matt Jackson making his entrance on the tennis court in Nick Jackson's backyard. Matt remarked that it was just like Nick not to show up for their match. 

Just then, Nick hit a dive from a balcony to the tennis court and covered Matt for a near fall. "Now that was a house show dive," remarked Nick. 

The two brawled to the garage gym. Matt stood Nick on his head with a DDT and picked up a two count. They brawled close to Nick's house. Matt's kids were shown watching the brawl from inside. Mrs. Matt closed the blinds. 

Back outside, Matt hit five consecutive northern lights suplexes for a series of near falls. Nick answered with a swing DDT. They foreshadowed a water bump by brawling near a swimming pool. 

Nick hit Matt with a pair of superkicks, then laid him across a table. Nick hit a swanton bomb off the roof of a picnic area. There may have been a cleverly hidden crash pad. If not, that was a profoundly stupid bump to take. 

Again they brawled near the pool. Nick dunked Matt's head in the water. Matt fired up and superkicked Nick on to a diving board. Matt hit a destroyer off the diving board into the pool. The ref jumped in after and counted a near fall in the pool. 

Nick asked Matt if he wanted to see some magic. Nick snapped his fingers and the two were transported to a barber shop window set. Nick was dressed as Shawn Michaels, Matt as Marty Jannetty. Nick sent Matt through the barber shop window. 

Matt awoke from the dream sequence on a raised platform on a hill on the property. Nick hit Matt with a shovel. Nick hit a powerbomb on the platform for a two count. Matt sold his back. 

Nick teased throwing Matt off the platform. Matt blocked and hit a tombstone for a near fall. 

Matt put on a shoe covered in thumb tacks. He hit a superkick to Nick. Nick was shown bleeding. They spoofed the Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair "I'm sorry, I love you" spot.

Matt hit a second superkick and Nick took a bump off the platform onto some boxes and foam padding. 

Matt followed with an elbow drop off the platform. He then covered Nick for the finish. 


After their match, the brothers sat on the platform and talked about their journey over the last four years. Nick said he's not back to full health yet, but he needed to do the match today for the fans. 

The Bucks then threw to a montage of moments from the first 199 BTE episodes.


The show finished with The Bucks in a car. 

"Where to next?" Nick asked. 

"For the first time ever, I don't know," said Matt. 

"Well, actually Matt, there is that one thing we still need to do," Nick said. Matt agreed. 


The final scene showed Nick closing his computer. Rather than the usual closing credits, there was just a fade to black.

The ending left open the possibility that the show could go on hiatus, but there was nothing definitive.