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Lance Archer talks GFW and Killer Elite Squad

The following is from a third party:

Global Force Wrestling announced their roster recently and one name that jumped out amongst the highly esteemed roster was Lance Hoyt who was Vance Archer in the WWE. The former TNA star and current co-holder of the GHC and NWA World Tag Team Titles in New Japan Pro Wrestling . We have interviewed Hoyt twice prior to this and always thought that with his size, talent, and professional approach to the media, he'd be a great name to draw to in the United States. With Global Force Wrestling, he seems to be realizing that opinion recently appearing on Fox Sports along with WWE Legend "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and GFW founder and legend in his own right, Jeff Jarrett. This time, it is one on one time with Lance Hoyt for an excellent interview that really shows his passion for the industry. A great read. But, a better listen.

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Here is a text overview of some of the key points discussed:

On ROH, TNA, Lucha Underground, & NXT all airing on a packed Wednesday night:

"It definitely is an interesting time for wrestling. I think it is a great time for wrestling! WCW was always Women's Crush Wednesday. I'm calling it "Wrestling Crush Wednesday. You have a chance to watch 4 different products with 4 different styles. If you're a fan, this is a great time!"

On the inception of Global Force Wrestling:

"I think the good thing and is his (Jeff Jarrett) willingness and want to use different talents from different places at different times which is maybe not what people are used to. People are used to a crew of guys that they see on a consistent basis. That's good, but what this (GFW) is going to provide is a new flavor all the time. I think that is sometimes what is missing... Not that the guys and girls are stale but sometimes the product, with the turnaround, makes it feel stale." He remarks on the fact that some of the upcoming Grand Slam tour shows prior to the Vegas TV tapings will also see a mix of talent, some main-stay GFW guys while there will also be a local talent feel as well. He goes on to say, "The mix of talent that you're going to see is what is going to make Global Force Wrestling different and exciting because you don't know what you're going to get."

On if there is any reservations about holding the tour in baseballs tadiums after TNA's shockingly low turn-out for baseball stadium shows in later 2013:

"I think it is always a cocnerning factor. The one thing it does have in its corner is got that buzz going around it and it has had that buzz for a while now. There is a curiosity factor of "Well, lets see what this is all about" " Hoyt says that there is getting to be a buzz around all wrestling at the moment citing ROH, TNA, and of course, WWE, but also with New Japan having their show on AXXSTV. He cites that he worked a Main Event Wrestling independent event in Carthage, Texas that drew over 1,000 fans. He says, "I think that is what is going to be on GFW's side. Because it is an outside venue, It is a starting off process, it is a growing process. People are excited about GFW and they should be!

On June 12th and June 13th, you've got the "Bullet Club" Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows who are one of the longest reigning IWGP Tag Team Champions for one of the most respected companies in wrestling, NJPW. You're going to get to see PJ Black, formerly Justin Gabriel. You're going to get to see Chris Adonnis, formerly Chris Masters and I think he's underrated . I've had some amazing matches with that dude. People don't understand how good he actually is!" Hoyt goes on to say that they don't expect to sell out the stadiums and that it will be difficult because the stadiums are so big that even a thousand or two thousand fans might look like a smaller crowd, they'd be very happy with a thousand fans at each show. He also says Jeff Jarrett is working tirelessly to get the word out about the shows.

On the state of TNA, a place he worked from 2004-2009:

"I really hope they (TNA) work out whatever situation they have going with Destination America and keep going because they have a lot of great talent there." He hypes the Dirty Heels and the Wolves' matches, "And I'm a tag team guy and I'm putting this over." He goes on to say that if or when the company does disapear from American TV and if and when it disapears from international TV, there would be a lot of very talented guys trying to find a new place to work.

On where TNA took a "wrong turn":

"I don't know where they took a wrong turn. They've been trying a lot of things that they were told they had to do... You know, "You've got to get out of Orlando. You've got to get out of Orlando!" Well, they attempted that. Whether they attempted it the right way, I don't know. I wasn't there and I wasn't a part of the company. But, they DID try it. I don't think the Monday Night Wars scenario was a good one. This is a DVR age - They don't have to choose to watch one or the other. It is a very different era in that sense. I think it was a combination of different things.

Whether it was that or that they got away from being what it was supposed to be, Total Nonstop Action, I think it is all hearsay. I think if you watch the product now, it is very strong with a lot of great talent. But, they're fighting an uphill battle to maintain their spot in the business and I think that is kind of sad because they've been around for so long. I get mad sometimes when the fans get real negative about the wrestling and things that are happening. I've gotten into Twitter arguments saying that if something bad were to happen (to TNA), in a sense, it is their fault for not choosing to support it."

On WWE developmental from when he was there (FCW) to the current NXT product:

"It is a VERY different process", Hoyt says. He goes on to say that FCW was a trud developmental territory while NXT is a very polished show that is pushing the main WWE show to be better to compete with their "developmental" product. He praises NXT and says, "I personally think Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) has the best entrance in professional wrestling right now." He also praises Triple H for finding talent and providing a platform for the talent to show what they may not have known they had before. Hoyt thinks NXT is a great thing for the WWE and the wrestling business.

On teaming with Davey Boy Smith Jr in the "Killer Elite Squad":

"We work very hard to make sure that KES is what they see, notice, and want to see more of every time we step in the ring." He jokes that usually in tag teams, he plays the Diesel role to a Shawn Michaels type guy but in this case, he's only a few inches taller than Davey. He also jokes that Davey is only in his late 20's, adding, "Damn it!" He says they are capable of singles success but are working hard to keep the KES as strong as possible. They are, at the time of this interview, the GHC and NWA World Tag Team Champions. They defend the tag belts at an upcoming NJPW event, "We are Suziki Gun" available on NJPW World.