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Feb 1, 1988 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The first Royal Rumble up against Bunkhouse Stampede finals

The Battle of January 24th has come and gone and for the most part from a television standpoint it was a stalemate. I wouldn't categorize either Jim Crockett's Bunkhouse Stampede finals from the Nassau Coliseum or Vince McMahon's Royal Rumble from the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ont. as two of the best cards I've ever seen. From the viewpoint of a TV viewer as opposed to one who attended the live show, both cards were about what could be expected. Neither had a strong overall line-up, and neither delivered,a super show. Titan's show had some of the glitz of its usual productions, but not in as great a quantity, perhaps because without post-production, they can't dub in crowd noise and reactions and the like. The three-hour show had too many replays and looked like it may have dragged in spots if you were there live. Now as I write this, I haven't talked to anyone who was in Hamilton....

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