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Figure Four Weekly 1/11/16: A look back at one of the most gruesome in ring injuries ever


This week is the 15th anniversary of one of the most infamous moments in televised wrestling history: Sid Vicious (Sid Eudy) breaking his leg at the WCW Sin pay-per-view event on January 14, 2001. While everyone remembers seeing the injury, which happened when Sid tried a jumping big boot off the second rope, it didn't actually air live, as the ring wasn't being focused on at the moment. Instead, WCW repeatedly aired the injury the next night on Nitro. That became an issue when Sid sued WCW, or rather the Universal Wrestling Corporation after WCW's assets were sold to WWE.

In the complaint, Sid says he "developed a degree of notoriety for his skills and characters" and that he "performed well and always exhibited a great work ethic and went above and beyond others in maintaining his character and physicality for the betterment of himself and [WCW]." He also stipulates that per his contract, "Mr. Eudy was required to follow the directions of Defendants and their employees." He claimed that he had been asked to return early from an injury (during which his pay was cut in half) after "[WCW] employees and agents told [him] that his appearances ware necessary for the survival of the company whose ratings were low."

Then this happens:

[John Laurinaitis/Johnny Ace] constantly insisted that Mr Eudy leap from the top ropes of the ring and land on his opponents. Mr. Eudy refused to perform this move stating that he had 'ring rust,' e.g. was not yet accustomed to being back in the wrestling ring, and that he did not think that a man of his size should perform such a stunt. Mr. Ace continued to insist, even though Mr. Eudy had not completely healed from his prior injury and was forced to get an early release from the hospital. Mr. Eudy did not agree jumping from the ropes surrounding the ring was particularly safe in light of his size, six feet, nine inches and weight two hundred ninety-five pounds. Mx.Eudy tried to refuse to perform this move. Mr.Ace and others who were employees and agents of [WCW] insisted that Mr.Eudy performed this move citing his contract, and his duty to help the company which needed better ratings.

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