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Figure Four Weekly (11/16/15): Rey Mysterio vs. Low-Ki and The Anatomy of a Dream Match


Several weeks before it was announced, I heard that Jersey All-Pro Wrestling's 19th anniversary show was going to be headlined by Rey Mysterio vs. Low-Ki. I knew I had to go. I heard some skepticism since Low-Ki is no longer a full-time pro wrestler (he hadn't wrestled between his last TNA appearance in June and his Mexican tour last week) and he can occasionally be...well, Low-Ki, but that didn't lower my expectations. Yes, he's done some weird things and stories of his ego were legendary at one point, but if there's one thing that has always been a constant with him, it's that he was always respectful of guys he considered his inspirations in pro wrestling. He always had great matches with those guys, whether big names like Eddy Guerrero or someone like Tony Kozina. In the case of Kozina, Low-Ki actually volunteered to do a clean submission job to the northwest indie veteran at a JAPW show back in 2002, right in the middle of his huge push as the face of Ring of Honor.

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