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Figure Four Weekly 12/14/2015: Hogan sex tape police report released


Gawker has, to the surprise of nobody, the release of the police report in the original theft of the Hulk Hogan sex videos is being used by Gawker in both of the relevant lawsuits at the moment. As described here over the past several months, Gawker:

* Sued the FBI to get the records of their investigation into Hogan being extorted with the videos.

* Effectively won the FBI lawsuit.

* Has had to fight the FBI to get everything released (and in the most complete form possible).

* Filed much of the materials in Hogan’s lawsuit in Pinellas County Court as exhibits, where the judge sealed everything.

* Has unsuccessfully been working to get them unsealed.

Various major mainstream media companies have also filed motions to unseal a lot of the documents (and more than just the FBI stuff is sealed), but have not been successful.

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