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Figure Four Weekly 2/1/2016: Weekly Hogan/Gawker update


With the Hulk Hogan/Gawker civil trial just five weeks away, everything is starting to fall into plac as both sides gear up.

On January 21st, a redacted version of Gawker's motion for an additional screening of the DVDs of both the three "sex tapes" as well as the FBI sting operation (which as noted last week, was granted), was added to the case's public docket. Since this was argued in court a few weeks ago, some of what's in there is already known, but there's some new information as well,

The big one is this:

Bubba Clem testified at his deposition that Bollea did not know about the cameras in his house and that Bollea did not know he was being filmed with Heather Clem. But, Mr. Clem told the FBI the opposite, stating to FBI agents that Bollea knew about his cameras and knew he was being filmed during his sexual encounter with Ms. Clem. Ex. G at GAWKER-1180 (FBI Form FD-302 memorializing interview with B. Clem).

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