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Figure Four Weekly 2/29/2016: Examining the test that influenced Daniel Bryan's retirement decision


The retirement of Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson three weeks ago was the biggest story in pro wrestling so far in 2016, and, thinking long-term, has the potential to be the biggest of the entire calendar year. If you're reading this, you likely know the basic framework of the story: After Danielson suffered his tenth documented concussion last year, WWE medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon shelved him indefinitely and ostensibly had no plans of ever letting him wrestle again. Danielson got a clean bill of health from two notable neurologists, but Maroon/WWE wouldn't budge. He had confided in Maroon that he had seizures in the past after concussions, but the last one was in 2012 and they're common enough concussion symptoms that it doesn't necessarily seem like that's “the reason” he was sidelined, especially if they'd long since stopped. He wasn't retired, and he wanted out of WWE if at all possible because Maroon was the only doctor telling him he wasn't OK.

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