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Figure Four Weekly 3/7/2016: Understanding Gawker's defense in the Hogan lawsuit


The day this issue hits the website (March 7th, 2016), the trial in Hulk Hogan’s civil lawsuit against Gawker kicks off with opening arguments in Pinellas County Court in St. Petersburg, Florida. To a person, the one aspect of the case that it seems like everyone has had the hardest time wrapping their heads around is Gawker’s defense. What it comes down to is that Gawker is saying that the video of Hogan and Heather Cole having sex was a matter of “public concern” because Hogan had not only made his sex life and sexuality a major part of his public persona, but had denied having sex with Cole. Usually, everyone hearing this just laughs it off. Hell, when the case was being outlined to the potential jurors last week, there was audible scoffing in the courtroom when Gawker’s defense was explained.

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