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Figure Four Weekly (9/28/15): Update On WWE Concussion Lawsuits & More


There have been a few new developments in the various legal entanglements currently relating to WWE and pro wrestling in general.

In the McCullough v. WWE concussion lawsuit, one of many interconnected cases with plaintiffs represented by Konstantine Kyros, an amended complaint was filed. As noted previously, one of the reasons WWE had moved for sanctions against Kyros had to do with the complaint, how it was written, etc. Statements by Stephanie McMahon were taken out of context, WWE argued the complaints were written for media consumption as opposed t legal merit, and so on. In the wrongful death suit he filed for the widow of Nelson “Mabel” Frazier, he had even included a list of every WWF television match Frazier ever had. Why? Because it was claimed that Frazier suffered a brain injury in all of them.

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