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GFW Impact results: Drake & Adonis vs. Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards


Previously: Eli Drake captured the GFW Global Championship by winning a Gauntlet for the Gold battle royal.

Tonight: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis take on the team of Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact in the main event.

Show Recap --

- Earlier today, Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert, and American Top Team arrived. Lambert and Jeff Jarrett argued as Earl Hebner tried to get involved.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis made their way to the ring to celebrate Drake’s championship win. He discussed his title victory and that it took him 14 years to get to where he is.

Johnny Impact interrupted the new champ and made his way to the ring. Impact mentioned that he’s the AAA Mega World Champion, but he said that he wants Drake’s title too. This brought out former World Champion Eddie Edwards.

Edwards respects Impact being AAA Champion, but this is GFW. Edwards said he wants a shot at the championship as well. Jim Cornette came out and announced the tag team main event. Whoever scores the pin in the main event gets a future title shot. If Drake or Adonis gets the win, Drake doesn’t have to defend the title against either guy.

- In the back, Allie introduced herself to Taryn Terrell. Allie wanted to know why Terrell was so mean to Gail Kim last week. Terrell asked Allie to give Kim a message and beat her down.

OVE defeated Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

OVE controlled the early part of the match by keeping Bokara on their side of the ring. The heels had the brief advantage, but OVE made a quick comeback to win the match. During the match, LAX was shown watching in the back.

- In Cornette’s office, Cornette warned Moose that he might run into Bobby Lashley at AAA’s Triplemania. Ethan Carter III came in and was upset that he’s not on Triplemania. Cornette and Moose did Road Dogg’s “Oh you didn't know?” quote to end the segment.

Petey Williams defeated Caleb Konley (w/ Trevor Lee)

Konley jumped Williams to start things off. Williams gained the advantage, then Lee distracted him and allowed Konley to take over. Williams took out Lee with a hurricanrana to the floor and hit the Canadian Destroyer on Konley for the win. Lee jumped Williams, but Sonjay Dutt ran out for the save.

Kongo Kong defeated Richard Justice

Kong destroyed Justice and beat him easily with a splash off the top. Kong continued to attack Justice after it was over until Mahabali Shera came out for the save.

Low Ki (w/ LAX) defeated James Storm

Low Ki was in control until Storm made a fiery comeback and scored several near falls. Low Ki attempted the Warrior’s Way, but Storm moved and hit the Eye of the Storm for a close near fall.

Storm connected with the Last Call, but Konnan had the referee distracted. Ortiz nailed Storm with the tag team title belt and Low Ki connected with the Warrior’s Way for the victory.

- In the back, Allie nursed her injury from Taryn Terrell’s attack earlier. She was explaining to Braxton Sutter what happened when Garza Jr. approached to see if she’s okay. Sutter got upset at Garza Jr. and told him to leave.

- Joseph Park helped Grado and Laurel Van Ness plan their wedding. Grado and Park were shocked to find out that Van Ness is Canadian.

- Pagano is on his way to GFW and will be debuting soon.

- Taya Valkyrie makes her GFW debut next week.

- Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert, and ATT were interviewed in the back. Lashley said he wants to do both pro wrestling and MMA. Lambert wanted him to focus on MMA and accused Jeff Jarrett of disrespecting him, his team, and the entire sport of MMA.

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeated Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards

The faces were in control early as Edwards hit a suicide dive to Drake and Impact dove onto Adonis. The heels then took over and isolated Impact on their side of the ring.

Edwards got the tag and took on both heels. He climbed to the top, but Adonis held his leg and Drake caught him with a slam for a near fall. The heels worked over Edwards and cut him off from tagging Impact.

Impact finally got the hot tag and ran wild. He connected with the Thursday Night Delight for a two count. Edwards got the blind tag, but  Drake hit the Gravy Train for the win.

- After the match, Dan Lambert, Lashley, and ATT came to the ring. Jim Cornette came out and told Lashley that if he or ATT enters the ring, Lashley will lose his match at Triplemania. Cornette then announced Matt Sydal challenging GFW Champion Eli Drake next week.

Next Week: GFW Champion Eli Drake defends against Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt teams with Petey Williams against Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley, and Sienna & Taryn Terrell take on Allie & Gail Kim.