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GFW Impact results: The final build to Destination X


Previously: Low Ki was revealed as the newest member of LAX.

Tonight: Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt take on Bobby Lashley, Trevor Lee & Low Ki in a six-man tag team main event.

Show Recap --

In the back, LAX and VOW were already brawling as Impact went on the air. The two teams will compete later tonight.

- In the Impact Zone, Sienna sat in the middle of the ring. She demanded to know who her opponent is for Destination X next week. Karen Jarrett came out and introduced Gail Kim, with Kim promising to leave Destination X with the belt. They ended up brawling and it took several referees to break them up.

Backstage, Joseph Park tried to pump up Grado for their match later.

El Hijo De Fantasma & Naomichi Marufuji defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Laredo Kid took out Marufuji with a crossbody to the floor, but Fantasma scored a close near fall with a frog splash. Fantasma and Laredo Kid knocked each other with a kick to the head. Marufuji hit the Slice Bread #2 on Garza Jr. to score the win.

- A new stable known as OVE (Ohio vs. Everything) debuts next week.

Kongo Kong defeated Joseph Park & Grado

Park and Grado were both terrified of Kong, but they worked together to gain the brief advantage. Kong chokeslammed Grado and hit a cannonball in the corner on Park for the win.

After the match, Kong attempted to splash Grado and Park from the top until Laurel Van Ness stopped him. Kong picked up Van Ness when Tyrus interrupted. Tyrus and Kong had a staredown until Van Ness dragged Kong away.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Trevor Lee, Low Ki, and Bobby Lashley in the back. Lashley pointed out that they’re not friends and said to stay out of his way.

- A video of Jeff Jarrett at the American Top Team gym aired. Jarrett gave his opinion on Dan Lambert wanting Bobby Lashley to give up wrestling and focus on MMA.

Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell

Earlier today, Mantell interviewed Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley face to face. Lashley was upset about X Division guys trying to step up to heavyweight, which led to a brief altercation.

- Last week, cameras caught Karen Jarrett and Bruce Prichard arguing. Prichard will make an announcement that will change GFW next week.

GFW Unified Tag Team Champions LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide, Low Ki, and Diamante) defeated VOW in a street fight to retain their titles

Before the match, Konnan thanked GFW for making the match a street fight and promised chaos.

LAX and VOW brawled around ringside to start it off before VOW took over and introduced two tables to the match. VOW put Ortiz through a table, but Homicide pulled out the referee to stop the count.

Mayweather gave Homicide a sloppy looking powerbomb into the steps. Low Ki handcuffed Mayweather to the corner, and LAX sent Wilcox head-first into a chair in the corner and put him through a table to win the match.

Taiji Ishimori defeated ACH in a Super X Cup semifinal match

Ishimori gained the advantage and took control. ACH made a brief comeback, but Ishimori took over again. ACH scored a close near fall with a clothesline. He attempted a tombstone, but Ishimori countered with a pair of knees. Ishimori then hit a 450 splash to score the win. It will be Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier in the Super X Cup finals next week. 

- In the back, Mantell discussed Prichard and Karen Jarrett arguing.

Bobby Lashley, Trevor Lee & Low Ki defeated Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt

El Patron attacked Low Ki to start the match, which led to Dutt and Sydal both hitting standing moonsaults on the heels. The heels were able to take over and isolated Sydal in their corner until Dutt came in and ran wild on Lee. Dutt had Lee pinned, but Lashley broke up the count by picking up Dutt and giving him a dominator.

El Patron got the hot tag and took out the heels. In a crazy spot, Sydal gave Lee a hurricanrana off of Dutt’s shoulders as he was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Lashley caught Dutt and hit a powerslam, and Low Ki hit the Warrior’s Way on Dutt to win the match.

Next Week: It's Destination X. The lineup features:

  • GFW Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron defending against Low Ki
  • Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier in the Super X Cup finals
  • GFW Knockout’s Champion Sienna defending against Gail Kim
  • X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt defending against Trevor Lee in a ladder match
  • Matt Sydal vs. Bobby Lashley
  • Plus, Bruce Prichard makes a major announcement that will shock GFW