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GFW Impact results: LAX adds a new member


Previously: Alberto El Patron defeated LAX in a gauntlet match.

Tonight: Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras, and El Hijo de Dos Caras take on LAX. Plus, GFW Grand Champion Moose defends against Ethan Carter III.

Show Recap --

- At the LAX Clubhouse, Konnan announced that tonight they'll finally reveal their newest member.

Dezmond Xavier defeated Drago in the semifinals of the Super X Cup

Xavier hit a series of shots and a cutter for a close near fall. Drago hit a sick looking hangmen’s DDT using the top rope, but Xavier responded with the X19 and Final Flash for the win. Dezmond Xavier is going to the finals of the Super X Cup at Destination X.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Ethan Carter III. He said he has to overcome Moose and the corrupt judge Bruce Prichard. He promised to win because he’s a Carter and this company needs him.

- Backstage, Mitchell interviewed Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras, and El Hijo de Dos Caras. El Patron doesn’t trust his brother because of his past friendship with Konnan. El Patron suspects he might be LAX’s newest member.

Bruce Prichard and Karen Jarrett broke up an argument between them. After, Prichard asked to speak to Jarrett.

Mumbai Cat defeated Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee still has the X Division title he stole from Sonjay Dutt, with Dutt having been banned from the Impact Zone. Jeremy Borash pointed out that it’s odd that Prichard is siding with Lee.

Lee dominated Mumbai Cat #1 and sent him to the floor until the Mumbai Cat switched with Mumbai Cat #2 under the ring. Mumbai Cat #2 dominated Lee and won the match. He removed his mask to reveal Sonjay Dutt. Dutt challenged Lee to a ladder match at Destination X.

- Members of American Top Team were interviewed in a video package. Some feel that Bobby Lashley needs to pick between MMA and pro wrestling, though King Mo thinks he should do both.

Eli Drake (w/ Chris Adonis) vs. Eddie Edwards never happened

Edwards didn’t come out when his music played. They cut to the back and Kongo Kong attacked Edwards and left him on the floor.

- After the commercial, Kong’s rampage continued backstage. He attacked Richard Justice.

Ethan Carter III defeated Moose to win the GFW Grand Championship

Moose was in control early but missed a splash and crashed into the steps at ringside. EC3 took over and won round one. EC3 had the advantage until Moose made a comeback, hitting the hesitation dropkick to win the second round.

EC3 hit a TK3 for a close near fall. Moose came back with a pop-up powerbomb and a senton for a two count. He followed up with the Go 2 Hell for another near fall. Moose went for the Game Changer, but EC3 countered into the One Percenter.

The match went to the judges for a decision, with EC3 winning on a split decision. Both Dutch Mantell and Scott D’Amore scored round three a draw, but Prichard gave the round to EC3.

- A new team or stable known as OVE will debut at Destination X.

- Prichard and Mantell were separately interviewed. Mantell noted that Prichard still hasn’t told him why he wasn’t at Slammiversary.

Grado, Suicide & Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie) defeated KM, Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh

The faces started dancing and the heels attacked them, then the faces cleared the ring with Sutter and Suicide hitting dives. Grado climbed to the top until Bokara shoved him off. Sutter nailed KM with a kick and Grado rolled him up for the win.

After the match, Grado called out Laurel Van Ness for an answer to his proposal. Joseph Park brought Van Ness to the ring, but Kongo Kong came out immediately and beat down Grado. Allie tried to get Sutter to help, but he walked away. Van Ness stopped Kong from splashing Grado.

- Mitchell interviewed LAX in the back and Konnan called her “random white girl number five.” Konnan told El Patron it’s a mistake to trust his partners.

- In the back, Sutter explained that he didn’t help Grado because he didn’t want to put himself or Allie in danger. Allie kept saying they should’ve helped, but Sutter ignored her.

- EC3 came back out to celebrate winning the Grand Championship earlier. He told the belt that he loves it.

Homicide, Santana & Ortiz (w/ Konnan and Diamante) defeated Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras

Dos Caras and Homicide started the match as the faces took over and isolated Homicide in their corner. LAX gained control and cut off El Hijo de Dos Caras from his corner before El Patron got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit the double foot stomp on Santana, but Ortiz ran into the referee.

El Hijo de Dos Caras came in with a chair and teased attacking El Patron but instead went after LAX. El Patron locked on the cross armbreaker on Santana, then Low Ki appeared out of nowhere and hit the Warrior's Way on El Patron. Santana pinned El Patron to win the match. Low Ki is the newest member of LAX.

Next Week: Taiji Ishimori faces ACH in the semifinals of the Super X Cup.