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Impact Against All Odds live results: Kenny Omega vs. Moose


Preview by Josh Nason

Impact World Champion Kenny Omega will defend the title against no. 1 contender Moose in the Against All Odds main event -- except the match will be in Jacksonville, Florida, instead of the Impact Zone.

The match was moved this past Thursday in order to preserve fairness and to have no interference from the Good Brothers. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson will be busy as they take on Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer in a street fight. Callihan gets the winner of Omega vs. Moose at July's Slammiversary.

Other title matches include Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defending against Rosemary; Violent By Design invoking the Freebird rule as Deaner and Rhino will defend the Tag Team titles against Decay's Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve while Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flava will defend against Kimber Lee and Susan.

The show will also feature Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey; a five-way to determine the next challenger to X-Division Champion Josh Alexander; Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood and Satoshi Kojima vs. Joe Doering in a clash of old rivals.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Opening video was a recap of Omega’s reign, starting from the AEW Championship win, to the Impact Championship win, and on to Moose’s rise to become the challenger, the strongest one in Omega’s reign.

Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer defeated The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) in a street fight

This match was booked as a means of making sure that the Good Brothers and Sami Callihan would be far away from the Moose vs Omega match later tonight, as they are happening not only in different venues, but different cities. In addition, it was the Good Brothers that cost Callihan all the opportunities he had to go after Omega, as it is believed that Don Callis is trying to keep Callihan away from Omega.

This became a weapons match immediately, after realizing that locking up made little sense, both teams started brawling outside the ring, bringing out the chairs and bats and ringbells. Dreamer and Callihan brought out the garbage cans, cooking sheets, chains, and pool sticks. Throughout all of this, Dreamer and Callihan had managed to maintain dominance over the Brothers, but as the match went on, the match started going back and forth, more and more. 

The rest of the match eventually became spot after spot, trading near falls. Anderson got a strong one with a spinebuster on Dreamer, who would recover only to take a magic killer through a table for another strong near fall, thanks to Callihan breaking the pin.

Callihan took out both men with a baseball bat and pinned Anderson for the win. 

Callihan is the #1 contender for Slammiversary, so he needed a win here for sure. With this match taking place early, there’s now time for either party to get a flight and try to make it to Jacksonville ASAP.

Joe Doering (w/ Violent By Design) defeated Satoshi Kojima (w/ Eddie Edwards) 

Not a lot of story unless you’re ready to read a full column of both men’s work in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Here on Impact, after Eric Young said that they were targeting Mexico and Japan as they had targeted Impact, it was Kojima who came out to confront them and straight up challenged Joe Doering to a match. Ever since, they’ve had a couple of confrontations, but it all climaxes here with Kojima and Doering, in a match between the former Japanese champions.

They skipped all the feeling out start and quickly went to Doering cutting off Kojima and getting heat over him, working the back mostly. Doering slammed Kojima, whipped him around, even locked in a Boston crab at one point. 

Kojima eventually managed to dodge DOering and get him with the machine gun chops, falling elbow, but failed to hit the lariat when Doering hit a huge spinebuster. Rhino got involved, but Kojima took care of him by himself.

Flying crossbody by Doering for the near fall. Kojima blocked the powerbomb, landed a lariat to the back, Koji cutter. Kojima went for the lariat, but Doering countered with a DVD and spinning powerbomb for the win. 

Interesting that they would book Kojima to put over Doering, I have to imagine that NJPW cleared this decision.

- Decay cut a promo about winning all the gold tonight.

Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey fought to a no contest in a 5-way X Division no. 1 contender's match

All of these men have been chasing the X Division for months on several different feuds. After Alexander was finally done with TJP in their 60 minute ironman match, Alexander is open for new challengers and thus we have this match. Last episode of Impact, all the participants of the match took out Madman Fulton, and thus he is not out there with Ace Austin tonight.

Match started with Miguel and Austin pairing up outside the ring, and after some three-way spots inside the ring, Raju was taken out and we got a great sequence with Williams and Austin. Austin and Miguel took out everyone and took control of the ring to continue working together. We got a sequence with everyone sans Raju getting into a big submission among each other, only for Raju to come back and break everything up.

Raju ran wild for a bit of time and came close to getting the win with a falcon arrow on Bey and a falling elbow on Miguel, but both pins were broken up. Raju and Miguel stayed together with Raju once again getting the upper hand, until Bey came in and took down Raju, followed by Austined taking out Bey.

Williams came back with a codebreaker and Russian leg sweep on Austin for a near fall. Williams chased the destroyer, but was blocked. Austin went for a superplex, but it was turned into a top rope destroyer for a near fall when Miguel broke off the pin.

Miguel went for meteora, but Fulton reappeared, took out Miguel, took out Williams, took out Bey and Raju. All men ganged up on Fulton, but he straight up slammed them all at the same time. Fulton dragged Austin on top of the competitors, but the referee was taking no bs from Fulton and Austin and called it for a no contest due to Fulton’s interference. They made Fulton look like a total monster. I respect that no contest, No DQs is a crutch, but this was a good way around it.

Fulton chased off the referee, but now we don’t have a challenger.

W. Morrissey defeated Rich Swann

This one escalated quickly. It was at Rebellion that Morrissey debuted and took out Willie Mack in their match. At Under Siege, Morrissey destroyed Mack, and after he went to continue the punishment, Rich Swann made his return to aid his friend. Ever since, Morrissey and Swann have been trading shots, but they finally get in the ring tonight.

This was a speed vs power match. Swann had some offense early on as he kept running laps around Morrissey, hit and run, dives, and whatnot, but sooner or later, it was a matter of Morrissey landing one hit to take down Swann and turn the match around.

Morrissey started getting cocky and it allowed Swann to make a strong comeback, landing a 450 outside the ring, one inside the ring, but as he went for the phoenix splash, Morrissey caught him and hit an F-5. 

Morrissey went for the chokeslam kill, but Swann escaped and went for the cutter, only for Morrissey to hit a big boot to the back, hit two powerbombs, and in reply to Swann giving him the finger, Morrissey landed a third bomb for the win. This was a big win for Morrissey. As a match, it wasn’t anything special, but it was a productive one to build Morrissey.

- Gia Miller interviewed Purrazzo, Lee, and Susan about walking out of Against All Odds holding all the Knockouts gold. 

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) defeated Jordynne Grace (w/ Rachael Ellering) 

It’s been some weeks that Dashwood has been trying to convince Ellering to ditch Grace and tag team with her instead. Grace has been having some confidence issues, and Dashwood hit when the iron was hot, but Grace is not to be disrespected and has challenged Dashwood to a singles match.

This was the basic Dashwood match, with Grace dominating early on until Kaleb comes in with the distraction and assist, allowing Dashwood to cut off Grace and control the match. Grace eventually made a comeback using her strength advantage, punched and slammed Dashwood around, hit the double knee and sliding elbow combo, hit the Vader bomb, but she still wasn’t able to pin Dashwood.

They went back and forth towards the end, but out of nowhere, Grace locked in a great rear naked choke on Dashwood. As she was about to win, Kaleb interfered, distracting the referee, Ellering took him out, and instead of following up, Grace let go of the choke and started screaming at Ellering to not help her out, allowing Dashwood to recover, roll up Grace, and get the win.

After the match, Grace and Ellering got into a discussion on the ramp that ended with Grace hitting a Michinoku Driver on Kaleb after she finally snapped.

- Brian Myers and Sam Beale talked about studying the show. Jake Something walked by and told Beale that he shouldn’t take advice from Myers, who talked trash to Something. 

Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) defeated Susan & Kimber Lee to retain

The story between these two is short. These two teams had some dissension a couple of weeks back when they teamed together in a 10-woman match. Nothing came out of it, but when Hogan and Steelz asked D’Amore for new contenders, it happened that Susan and Lee had already requested a match against the champs, and so D’Amore made it official.

This was a heel team versus heel team, but it did force Steelz and Hogan to work a slight babyface game, as it was Steelz that got cut off from her corner and worked on by Lee and Susan. After a couple of minutes, Hogan got the hot tag against Susan. In a matter of a minute or so, the match went all tornado tag, with all women in the ring at the same time, trading near falls. Susan got a near fall after a Lee swanton bomb, Steelz got a near fall after a superplex. At the end, it came down to Steelz hitting a frog splash on Susan for the win. Ok match.

The amount of trash talk that happened in this match was something else, we didn’t need commentary with how much the wrestlers were shouting.

Hogan and Steelz have defeated yet another team, they don’t have many teams left in the roster.

Tag Team Champions Violent By Design (Rhino & Deaner) (w/EY) defeated Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) to retain

Right after winning the titles, VBD were targeted by Decay, with the story that Steve and Deaner are both students of Eric Young, and so Steve made the argument that he was a better student, yet EY chose Deaner for his group. For the sake of sending a message, EY invoked the Freebird Rule and called for Rhino and Deaner to wrestle Decay and defend the titles.

Story of the match was that Steve was getting into Deaner’s head, and even with EY pushing and pushing, Deaner was the weaker of the two. So every time that Rhino went in, VBD would gain control over the match, at one point cutting off Taurus, but as Deaner would return to the ring, Decay would slowly regain control of the match. 

The match eventually came down to Deaner and Crazzy Steve, who got close to submitting Deaner with a crossface, but Deaner made the ropes. Steve got another near fall with what looked like a tornado pedigree, but Deaner kept kicking out, probably out of fear of EY. 

Black Taurus tagged in, hit the pop-up Samoan drop and a senton from Steve for a enar fall. Taurus and Rhino took each other out, again leaving Steve and Deaner, but Rhino recovered, took out Steve, Deaner hit a Deaner DDT and picked up the win. This may have been Deaner’s biggest win since joining VBD.

- We got a promo from Steve McClin, talking about how time is torture and how’s he has had a lot of time.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rosemary to retain

Rosemary earned this show by pinning Purrazzo a couple of weeks back in a 5-on-5 Knockouts match. Rosemary also managed to defend her right to have a singles match, by pinning Havok in the last Impact episode, who had wager that if she could defeat Rosemary, she’d be added to the match.

Rosemary started this match with control and a lot of offense, a couple of minutes in, she dropped Purrazzo with a exploder on the ramp, but Rosemary made the mistake of giving Purrazzo time to recover, who tricked Rosemary to come at her, only to get her hand bent between the ringpost metal and kicked. 

From there on, the match was a Purrazzo title match, with her working an arm thoroughly, but stretching or slamming the arm over and over again. Rosemary would try to break away and chase the as above so below, but Purrazzo would quickly bring her down again. 

After a collision in the middle of the ring, Rosemary managed to make a small comeback. Locking in a one handed last chancery, but as soon as Purrazzo got a hold of the injured arm, she broke it off. 

Rosemary got a guillotine and tried to turn it into as above so below, but Purrazzo blocked, countered, locked in Venus de Milo, but Rosemary made the ropes. Purrazzo stomped on Rosemary’s bad knee, removed her knee brace. Rosemary hit a desperation spear for a near fall, but when she tried to follow with the red wedding, her knee buckled, and it allowed Purrazzo to hit Cosa Nostra for the win. Match got really good towards the end.

Impact World Champion Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) defeated Moose to retain

Moose has had an issue with Omega ever since he won the Impact Championship, nothing personal, but he did become another obstacle in Moose’s path to the championship. Moose won the Under Siege 6-person #1 contendership match to earn this shot at Omega. On the go-home show for Against All Odds, it was decided by Scott D’Amore and Tony Khan that the match would take place in Jacksonville, at Daily’s Place, giving Omega the home advantage for the first time since his Impact Championship win.

Commentary team was Tony Schiavone, Scott D’Amore, and Don Callis.

Early on, the story of the match was that Moose had the power advantage, Omega couldn’t even move Moose. He managed to hurt Moose with a dive, but back in the ring, Moose was again blocking Omega, dodging moonsaults with kip ups, and hitting standing moonsaults of his own. 

Moose continued his dominance outside the ring, whipping Omega left and right, but it wasn’t until Moose went for a dive that Omega dodged and Moose went crashing and burning into the sitting area, and just like that Omega had a chance to turn the match around. 

Omega worked over Moose’s arm, that he sold injured after the missed dive on the floor. Moose made a comeback and got a near fall with a go to hell, but that woke up Omega and he started going for v-triggers and dragon suplexes.

They started a striking exchange, but as Moose gained momentum, Omega went for the arm and hit a tiger bomb for a near fall. Omega followed up with v-triggers to the injured arm. He called for the OWA, but had trouble getting Moose up and keeping him there. 

AEW’s doctor came in to check on Moose's arm, but Moose pushed him away, he wanted to keep on going, and actually managed to power up and hit a top rope Spanish fly out of nowhere. 

Moose went for the lights out on Omega, but Omega pulled the referee in, who took most of the hit. Suddenly, the Young Bucks ran down and superkicked Moose over and over and hit the BTW Trigger. They helped Omega hit the OWA, leading to Omega picking up the win.

This was a fantastic match with really good pacing and escalation. The finish definitely protects Moose for another title match down the line where he can be a full-blown babyface.

After they were celebrating, the lights went out and Sami Callihan appeared with a bat in hand. He took out the Bucks and Omega before Callis confronted him. Callihan teased doing to Omega what he did to Eddie Edwards a couple of years back with the bat and the eye. Instead, Callis reacted and fired Callihan. D’Amore confronted Callis as they went to the back and the show went off the air.