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Impact No Surrender live results: Swann vs. Dreamer title match


Preview by Josh Nason

On his 50th birthday, Tommy Dreamer will get a shot at becoming Impact World Champion as he faces Rich Swann in the main event of No Surrender on Impact Plus.

Swann offered his friend the opportunity because of his birthday, but at the contract signing last Tuesday, the spectre of Moose loomed large as the next challenger made it clear he will beat whoever comes out of Saturday as the champion.

The Tag Team titles will also be on the line in a three-way as the Good Brothers will defend against both Private Party and Chris Sabin & James Storm following the events of Tuesday. The AEW roster members (along with Matt Hardy) purposefully interfered in a Good Brothers vs. Sabin & Storm title match, causing a DQ and resulting in Scott D'Amore making it a three-way for tonight.

The nine match card will also feature X-Division champion TJP vs. Rohit Raju; Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire and Flava vs. Havok and Nevaeh in an Texas tornado, no DQ match; a first-ever triple threat revolver match for an X-Division title shot, and more.

Our live coverage starts at 8 PM Eastern.

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Show opened with a nice career retrospective of Tommy Dreamer. He talked about started and all he’s done and given to wrestling. He said he’d be wearing the same boots he wore when he won his first world title. He knows this is likely his last shot, and he is going to try his hardest.

Decay (Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, and Black Taurus) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D), & Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) 

Rosemary has been making a lot of enemies as of late. Rosemary and Dashwood have been feuding for a couple of weeks after the latter started bullying Rosemary about being left behind by Taya. In addition, Larry D and Acey Romero blame Rosemary for D being framed for the murder of John E. Bravo. XXXL and Dashwood joined forces as they shared a common enemy, and so Rosemary had to recruit his former Decay friend, Crazzy Steve, and the new member of Decay, AAA's Black Taurus.

Match started with Decay having the upper hand on all accounts, it would  take for Kaleb to interfere and trip Crazzy Steve, so that XXXL could finally cut him off. XXXL got heat on him for a couple of minutes before Steve managed to escape and tag in Taurus for a great sequence. 

Taurus ran wild for a bit before Kaleb once again interfered because Dashwood wanted to take pictures as a matador. After Taurus and D traded dives, everyone started brawling outside the ring, where Romero powerbombed Dashwood over everyone, causing her to leave the team. Finish then saw Rosemary take out Romero with the green mist, allowing Taurus to pin D after a spinning Michinoku driver.

Aside from the matador spot, this was a good opener. Taurus vs D was quite good.

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card.

Brian Myers & Hernandez defeated Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona

Myers and Edwards have been feuding after Myers started calling Edwards a backyard wrestler. Myers recluted Hernandez to take out Edwards, but much to Myer's surprise, it was Matt Cardona of all men that came down and saved Edwards from a 2-on-1 beat down. Myers is wrestling with an eyepatch after a couple of 'accidents' versus Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards.

Match saw Eddie become the babyface in peril early on after he failed to notice the blind tag from Hernandez, and the surprise clothesline after Edwards chased Myers around. Hernandez and Myers focused on Edwards’ mid-section. It wasn’t until Edwards managed to cut off Hernandez on the top turnbuckle and drop him with a superplex, that Edwards got the tag to Cardona, who came in hot. After things broke down, it came down to Cardona and Myers, with the latter dropping Cardona on the exposed turnbuckle and hit a lariat for the win. This was good, arguably the better I've seen of Hernandez and Cardona in a while.

The match really sold Hernandez as a super powerhouse, he was at points taking down both Edwards and Cardona with the same move, he was tearing off turnbuckle pads, and even blocked a dive from Edwards at one point.

- We got a promo by Matt Hardy and Private Party. Hardy hyped them by saying that the thing they had over the other two teams, was Hardy himself. Hardy said that once Private Party wins the titles, they're never coming back to Impact, they'll need to send someone to get them back.

Jake Something defeated Deaner (with Violent By Design) 

Something is debuting a new look and new theme. 

Something was a total powerhouse, if not for the interference of EY and Doering, this would have been a squash match. After being attacked by EY, Deaner got some heat on Something, going after his neck, as they had been teasing throughout the feud, either by EY’s piledriver or the Pillmanizer  tease from last week. Every time that Something showed any sign of getting back up, Deaner would send Something outside, where Doering and EY roamed. As the match went on, Something got more and more angry until he hulked up and overpowered Deaner for a comeback. 

Last couple of minutes saw both men trade some near falls. At one point, Something tried to superplex Deaner to the floor, but Deaner managed to escape and hit a powerbomb for a 2 count. Finish finally saw Something take out EY and Doering with a dive and hit a blackhole slam for the win.

After the match, EY and Doering jumped Something. Doering hit a short distance lariat and with the help of Deaner and EY, hit a top rope powerbomb through a table. This was quite good, interference and all.

- We saw Eddie and Alisha Edwards giving a gift to Dreamer for his birthday and thanking him for always having his and Alisha's back. 

Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton), Trey Miguel, Blake Christian, Daivari, Willie Mack, Suicide, and Chris Bey in a Triple Threat Revolver Match to become the X Division title #1 Contender
Rules of the match are that we will always have a 3-way match, but as soon as someone gets eliminated by pinfall or submission, another man in the gauntlet fills in the spot, and so on until the final three men are left and it becomes sudden death. The winner of the match will become the #1 contender for the X Division Championship, either TJP or Rohit Raju.

Suicide, Trey Miguel, and Blake Christian were the firs to enter. Match started with all three men getting some spots in on 1-on-2 situations, including a really great close call spot with Suicide and Miguel dodging moonsaults on each other by a hairline. Suicide was the first eliminated after MIguel tapped him out with the hour glass submission.

Chris Bey entered next, who is also celebrating his birthday. Bey came in strong, taking out both Miguel and Christan, but after a couple of minutes, Christian made a comeback with a double rana, hit a Spanish fly on the floor on Miguel, but when he went to hit a springboard 450 on Bey, he caught Bey’s knees and got pinned after Bey’s vertebreaker. 

Daivari entered 5th. With Miguel still out on the floor, Daivari beat up Bey in the ring alone, using his power advantage, he tossed Bey from corner to corner and struck him out, but as he got more and more cocky, Miguel caught him by surprise with a meteora for the pin. 

Josh Alexander entered next. He was all business and started suplexing Miguel and Bey left to right. Miguel tried to lock in a sleeper, but even with him in the back, Alexander dropped Bey with a deadlift suplex! After exchanging some spots with Bey, Alexander dropped Bey with a Torture Rock into a bomb and locked in the ankle lock for the submission elimination.

Next up, came Willie Mack. He came in with a couple of lariats and his signature spots. These three had a tower of doom spot with Mack powerbombing Alexander, who superplexed Miguel, but Mack just couldn’t keep either down for the pin. At the end, Mack went for a fallaway slam on Alexander, but again, Miguel caught him with another meteora out of nowhere and pinned Mack. 

Ace Austin is the final man in and sudden death. He has easy picks and Fulton is with him, but Miguel and Alexander quickly recovered and started fighting for who got their hands first on Austin. Each man had a small run hitting big moves on each other. This last 3-way felt like an 2000’s X Division ring, with different styles clashing and tons of big showy spots. 

At the end, Trey Miguel ran wild, took out both Alexander outside the ring and set up the meteora, but was caught off by Alexander, who came in, took out Miguel, took out Fulton, and destroyed Austin for the win. Awesome match and awesome match dynamic. Triple Threat gauntlets are a fantastic concept and work out perfectly. 

Josh Alexander awaits the winner of TJP vs Rohit Raju.

Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) defeated Havok and Neveah in Texas Tornado No DQs Match to retain the titles.

Fire 'N Flava defeated Havok and Nevaeh at Hard To Kill to win the Knockouts tag team titles. Ever since, Havok and Nevaeh kept coming after Hogan and Steelz, looking for a rematch, which they finally earned after defeating them in singles matches respectively.

With the tornado rule in place, Hogan and Steelz lost the tag team dynamic that makes them stand out, instead, they had to try and take out either Havok and Nevaeh in order to double team someone, and it was sometimes weird seeing them dominate the much stronger Havok. 

Since this match was no DQs, Steelz eventually brought in a chair to try and level out the playing field, but was caught by Havok and instead the chair ended up wedged in the corner. Hogan eventually got her hands on a kendo stick and managed to get Havok down. Nevaeh had to fight off against both women. 

Last couple of minutes saw all women take turns running wild, Havok single handedly dominated the ring for a while until she went head first into that one wedged chair in the corner. Afterwards, Hogan and Steelz double teamed Nevaeh, with Steelz dropping her with a cutter for the win. This was much better than I expected, the tornado tag rules helped this match a lot. Hogan and Steelz are a great team.

After the match, Havok and Nevaeh looked frustrated with each other. 

- Gia Miller interviewed Impact World Champion Rich Swann. He talked about being ready for Dreamer and confirmed that Moose is banned from interfering or suffering repercussions. Swann said he had a second gift for Dreamer after tonight, a new set of teeth, because he was gonna knock them down. 

X Division Champion TJP defeated Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera) to retain the title

This feud goes a long way back. TJP and Raju have been trading wins and loses, and the X title for that matter. TJP originally came to win the championship from Raju after masking himself as Manik in order to challenge for the title. As a counter, Raju decided to call back his old Desi Hit Squad stablemate Mahabali Shera to come and aid him back to title gold.

Raju attacked TJP before the start of the match, he managed to take down TJP and get a pin, but the referee didn't count because he hadn’t officially started the match. Referee instead of starting the match, just allowed both men to brawl around the ring and behind the guardrail, going back and forward slamming each other. 

Once they made it to the ring for a second time, Hebner finally rang the bell. The story told was that these two have been feuding for so long, that they now know each other perfectly, and so they went back and forward, constantly reversing and countering each other’s moves. 

As the match went on, Raju started getting frustrated he couldn’t keep TJP down, and so he started to rely on Shera to attack TJP, started targeting TJP’s left arm. On the other hand, TJP was too hurt, and when he tried to hit the mamba splash or go for a pin, Raju was able to dodge and kick out for some ease. The match came down to both men exchanging submissions, Raju caught the mamba splash into a triangle hold, reversed into a kneebar, countered into a crossface for some great near falls. Raju hit the Mumbai drive-by for another near fall, but at the end, TJP hit a third mamba splash to finally retain! This was freaking awesome!

- Gia Miller interviewed Tommy Dreamer about the main event. Dreamer was teary eyed, talking about his father taking him to his first wrestling show, and taking his girlfriend to watch Demolition. He knows his body is breaking down and all he wants is to give the fans the best he can.

Jazz, Jordynne Grace & ODB defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee & Susan

The story between Grace and Purrazzo goes all the way back to Purrazzo's debut, but as of late, Grace and Jazz happened to cross paths with Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. After Purrazzo turned Su Yung into Susan, thanks to the powers of James Mitchell, ODB  made her return to the promotion to back up Grace and Jazz.

Match saw the babyfaces start with the advantage, even taking turns hitting dives to the outside on the heels, but after some heel trickery, Purrazzo and company got to separate Grace from her corner and cut the ring in half on her. 

After being worked on for a couple of minutes, ODB got the hot tag and ran wild over Susan. The match broke down and everyone got in the ring to hit their big moves, coming down to Jazz and Susan at the end. Susan raked Jazz’s eyes, who then accidentally took out Grace. Lee took out everyone outside, leaving Jazz along with Susan, who she locked in with an STF for the win. Ok match, Susan is great in this gimmick, her wrestling looks great like this. 

After this win, Jazz could be finally setting her eyes on the KOs title.

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (with Matt Hardy) and Beer Guns (Chris Sabin & James Storm) to retain the titles

The Good Brothers were originally scheduled to defend the titles against AEW's Private Party, who won a #1 contendership match with the aid of Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan. When Storm and Sabin had their chance to win the titles last week, Private Party interfered and cost them the match, and thus, in order to avoid more interference, everyone is now involved in the match, making it a 3-way dance.

Match started with the usual pair ups and some teams going for double team moves. Early on, we saw an interesting dynamic with Sabin telling Kassidy that his wrestling was good and that he didn’t need Hardy, after Hardy had been harshly criticizing Kassidy’s work. 

Private Party went from cutting off Sabin, to Quen being cut off by the Good Brothers, with these two targeting Quen’s left arm. Eventually, Quen fell into the opposite corner and Storm tagged in, so we got a good hot tag with Storm and Sabin running wild over the Good Brothers. Private Party had one final run with double teams before everything broke down and everyone started hitting their signature moves. At the end, it came down to Quen and Storm, but after  some interference from Hardy, Anderson blind tagged himself in, waited for Quen to hit an SSP on Storm, and rushed in to steal the pin for the win. 

Hardy was furious with Private Party after the match.

Impact World Champion Rich Swann defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the title

Tommy Dreamer is celebrating his 50th birthday by challenging for the Impact World Championship, after the champion himself offered him the match as a gift. While it seemed to be just another match for Swann, Dreamer is taking this quite seriously, he knows chances like this don't come often for him. Happy birthday Tommy Dreamer!

Story of the match was that Dreamer is old and broken, but this was likely the last time he’d be getting a shot at world title gold, and so he had an unparalleled determination to win and he’d stop at nothing, even reinjuring Swann in order to do it.

At one point early on, Dreamer caught Swann off the apron and dropped him with a DVD, but they played it out that Dreamer had dislocated his pinkie finger. The doctor came down to see him, but Dreamer wasn’t gonna let this stop him and snapped the finger back in. Nice little spot to sell Dreamer’s determination tonight.

Just like Dreamer had told Swann that he was going to target on Swann’s bad leg, Swann started to work over Dreamer’s recently fixed hand. The dynamic of the match was interesting, because even after trying to chain wrestle at the beginning, as the match went on, Swann’s technique was crisp, while Dreamer started to go for high risk car-crash wrestling, just hitting moves that looked ugly, but that Swann couldn’t counter. 

At the end, Swann started hitting all his signatures, but Dreamer kept kicking out or countering. Dreamer hit his last saving grace, the Spicolli Driver, but it just wasn’t enough. Swann hit the Phoenix Splash and got the win. The wrestling wasn’t amazing, but it told a nice story.

After the match, Moose attacked Swann, hit uranage after uranage and slammed Swann's knee over and over. Moose hit the lights out on Dreamer. Moose posed with both the TNA and Impact titles as the show went off the air.

After the show closed, we saw a vignette for NJPW's FinJuice, Juice Robinson and David Finlay are coming to Impact!