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Impact Turning Point live results: Full Metal Mayhem World title match


Impact Wrestling returns to Las Vegas Saturday for Turning Point, headlined by a Full Metal Mayhem match between World Champion Moose and Eddie Edwards.

Edwards earned the shot by winning a three-way on a recent Impact Wrestling while this will be Moose's first title defense since winning the title at last month's Bound for Glory.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James will defend against Mercedes Martinez. Like Moose, James won the title at Bound for Glory while Martinez earned the opportunity by winning the Knockouts Knockdown tournament this fall.

Another new set of champions from Bound for Glory will defend as Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration will face former titleholders in Decay's Rosemary and Havok while men's Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers will defend against Chris Bey and Hikuleo of Bullet Club.

New X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will defend against Steve Maclin and Laredo Kid in a three-way while Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace will defend against Chelsea Green on the pre-show.

The rest of the card will feature Ace Austin vs. Chris Sabin; Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey; Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers; Violent by Design's Eric Young and Joe Doering vs. Heath and Rhino; and FinJuice vs. Decay's Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus on the pre-show.

Our live coverage begins at 9:30 PM Eastern.


David Finlay and Juice Robinson defeated Raj Singh and Rohit Raju

This was a fine opening match.

The match opened with Raju and Finlay going back and forth with light offence and groundwork. After Robinson tagged in, FinJuice began to take control, but this was short-lived. 

A distracted referee allowed Raju and Singh to steal back momentum. Finally fell victim to multiple underhanded attacks, fostering desperation for a tag. Once Robinson was tagged in, he ran through both of his opponents. Robinson and Finlay fought off another dirty coup attempt and delivered an electric-chair-lariat to close the match. 

Impact Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Chelsea Green to retain

Green and Grace worked the match following the opening bell. Green caught Grace, gaining control early in the match; this ended when Grace overpowered Green. A press slam from Grace resulted in a near fall. 

Grace threw Green shoulder first into the ring post. Grace followed up with a double knee and elbow drop that set up for the Vader bomb. Green avoided the bomb and connected with a curb stomp moments later. A near fall favouring Green acted as a match reset. 

Grace connected with a nasty piledriver resulting in a convincing near fall. To follow up, Grace set Green atop the ropes and pulled her into position for a muscle buster. Green escaped, landing a facebuster. 

Grace regained momentum soon after and connected with another piledriver. Grace then pinned Green to retain her title.

Chris Sabin defeated Ace Austin

This match did absolutely nothing for me. 

Sabin used grappling to gain an early lead over Austin. As the match spilt to the outside, Sabin maintained his control. 

Sabin tried for a springboard, but Austin caught him on the ropes. After reversing the move, Austin was in a strong position. After an offensive sequence, Austin worked Sabin into the corner, where Sabin connected with a DDT from the second rope. Sabin landed heavy offence that ended after a double-single-leg dropkick left both men laying. 

An enziguri opened Sabin up for a curb stomp; Sabin kicked out. Austin climbed to the top to hit a leg drop; Sabin kicked out. Austin, now desperate, climbed to the top once more. Sabin interrupted Austin, landing a superplex. Sabin then overcame a distraction from Fulton (who accompanied Austin to the ring) and connected with a stomp. Fulton tried to interfere again, but again, Sabin fought through. Sabin hit the cradle shock and pinned Austin to close the match.

Violent by Design (Eric Young and Joe Doering) defeated Rhino and Heath

Not good. 

Doering and Rhino opened the match, but both tagged out mere moments into the contest. Deaner, VBD’s outside support, tried providing a distraction but was immediately ejected. Young and Doering then took turns beating down Heath as if the setback was meaningless. 

Doering apparently missed an elbow drop, but it just looked like he fell. This gave Heath enough time to tag in Rhino, who immediately took control from his opponents. The match then broke down as all four men hit the ring. In the chaos, Young hit Rhino with his hockey mask and pinned him. 

Rich Swann defeated VSK

This was an enjoyable match. It felt much more fluid compared to everything prior. VSK was the sub for Brian Myers who wasn't medically cleared to participate.

Swann started the match hot with a barrage of strikes leading missed dive to the outside. VSK slammed Swann into anything around the ring to punish his mistake with particular attention paid to the back; back in the ring, this continued. 

Swann had a few short-lived rallies, but a springboard cutter allowed for his first stint of significant offence. Swann hit a phoenix splash after the cutter and pinned VSK to win the match. 

W. Morrissey defeated Matt Cardona 

If you enjoy Matt Cardona being destroyed, this might be for you. 

Cardona opened the match with early control. Cardona sent Morrissey to the outside. On the outside, Morrissey gained an advantage by throwing Cardona into the ring steps. The pair re-entered the ropes only for a big boot to send Cardona back to the outside. The absolute beating continued for some time after.

Cardona connected with double knees to ground Morrissey; this led to an offensive rally favouring Cardona. Cardon connected with radio silence, but only after a scuffle knocked down the referee. With a visible pin on Morrissey, Cardona was interrupted by Moose. For whatever reason, the Impact champion hit the ring and flattened Cardona with a spear. Morrissey then pinned Cardona for the win. 

Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay) defeated Havok and Rosemary to retain

Decay attacked the champions immediately following the bell. As the match exited the ropes, Decay maintained control. 

Mckay and Lee were able to gain a footing once the match worked its way back in the ring. Lee tried her hand at isolating Havok, and she did for some time due to an overlooked tag. After Rosemary successfully tagged in, she overtook all of The IInspiration. 

The IInspiration retreated to the outside long enough to take back some control. A powerbomb to the floor left Rosemary laid out. Back in the ring, Havok was waiting. Havok connected with heavy offense for some time before The IInspiration used their newfound numbers advantage to overwhelm Havok. Havok was rolled up in a dirty pin, leading to The IInspiration retaining. 

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated Steve Maclin and Laredo Kid in a three-way to retain

This had its moments, but the strange finish definitely acted as a hindrance. 

A fast opening sequence led the match outside. Kid hit a dive, Maclin hit a dive, and Miguel hit a dive early. Back in the ring, Maclin used his power to slam Miguel into the mat and Kid against the apron. Maclin was in control. 

After Kid and Miguel were driven into one another, they teamed up long enough to subdue Maclin. Kid and Miguel traded moves, fighting up to the top. Kid connected with a one-man Spanish fly from the top, leading to a pin that Maclin was forced to break up. 

Kid now turned his attention to Maclin. Kid attempted a 450 that Maclin blocked. Maclin then slammed Kid and tried for a pin; Maclin then tried for a pin that Miguel interrupted with a meteora. Miguel then pinned both men simultaneously; Maclin kicked out, but Kid did not, leading to an awkward close. 

Knockouts Champion Mickie James defeated Mercedes Martinez to retain

The match opened and soon found its way to the mat. Martinez ended the mat segment with a strong strike that didn’t yield control as much as it changed the flow of the match. James landed some heavy offence of her own, but in this back fourth, Mercedes proved prevalent. 

A fisherman’s buster left Martinez with control over the champion. Martinez tried for Razor’s Edge, but James freed herself, only to be hit with a half-and-half suplex. Martinez then set James up on the top rope where she hit a German suplex. 

Martinez tried to close the match with a dragon sleeper, but James fraught free. The separation that followed allowed James to land a DDT that sealed the match. 

Immediately after the match, Deonna Purrazzo hit the ring, attacked James, and challenged James for the belt at Hard to Kill. 

Scott D'Amore confirmed the match for Hard to Kill and also announced the show would play host to the first women's Ultimate X match. 

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) defeated Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Hikuleo) to retain

I wasn’t a fan of this one. 

Bey got the best of Anderson in the opening sequence. Bey also maintained control over Gallows, at least for some time. 

Gallows threw Bey to the mat, using his size to his advantage. Soon after Anderson tagged back in, the match fell outside the ropes. Gallows, for whatever reason, was not involved in the outside scuffle and the Bullet Club regained control. 

An Anderson spinebuster from left field set up for a double tag. Gallows and Hikuleo traded big moves that very quickly left both men down. Bey and Anderson were forced back into legality, and again, Bey took control. Bey set up for the finish, but Gallows interrupted Bey to save Anderson. Anderson folded up Bey for a quick pin. 

Josh Alexander decided he would walk to the ring and cut a promo. Alexander said he was angry and wanted a title match. Alexander was then interrupted by Jonah (formerly Bronson Reed), who destroyed him. Jonah also beat down any security that dared to interrupt his attack. Alexander was left lying, blood pouring from his mouth. 

Impact World Champion Moose defeated Eddie Edwards in a Full Metal Mayhem match to retain

This was an oversaturated, borderline messy match with tons of brutality. It wasn’t good, but it was hard to look away. 

The match opened with both men trading strikes. After minutes of back-and-forth arms, Edwards sent a charging Moose over the top rope and through a table. Edwards then grabbed a trash can that he used to hit the champion. Edwards set up for a dive that Moose interrupted with a metal pan to the dome; Edwards dove regardless. Edwards then took his turn at smashing metal pans over Moose’s head. 

Moose caught Edwards before brutally powerbombing Edwards into the ramp. Moose tried putting Edwards through a table, but Edwards resisted long enough to hit a death valley driver onto the ring apron. Edwards tried to hit Moose with a table, but was interrupted by a boot and powerbomb onto the ring apron. A powerbomb through a table followed—brutal. 

Back in the ring, Moose set up a ladder contraption. Moose placed a chair over the neck of Edwards before driving him into the ring post. Moose, with a chair in hand, draped Edwards over his ladder construct. Moose missed his chair strike, allowing Edwards to grab a trash can’s lid to beat over Moose’s head. Edwards then placed Moose on his own ladder set up before climbing up the thing. Moose met him at the top, and the pair began to struggle. Edwards won out, landing a sunset flip from the top of a ladder through another. Moose kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. 

Edwards went to the outside and grabbed a chain and a roll of tape. Edwards wrapped his knee with the chain and tapped it in place. Edwards tried for a strike with the knee, but Moose caught him with a uranage, resetting the match.

Moose tried for a spear, but Edwards stuffed it with a knee. Edwards then connected with multiple knee strikes and a tiger driver only for Moose to immediately counter with a powerbomb into a ladder. Edwards bounced out of the powerbomb with another knee strike; both men were left lying. 

Edwards and Moose grabbed kendo sticks from opposite sides of the ring before meeting in the middle. The pair then started trading strikes with the sticks. Enter W. Morrissey. Morrissey hits Edwards with a boot leading to a near fall. Enter Matt Cardona. Cardona and Morrissey fight outside the ring, leaving the match almost as it was. 

Edwards then began to cut the ring apron, exposing the boards underneath. Edwards and Moose try for and block multiple moves that would hit the exposed wood before Moose lands a low blow; a uranage onto the exposed portion followed. Moose hit the spear and pinned Edwards to retain,