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Impact Wrestling live results: Against All Odds go-home show


Preview by Josh Nason

The fate of Saturday's Against All Odds main event will be decided on tonight's Impact Wrestling.

After defeating no. 1 contender Moose by DQ last week, Impact GM Scott D'Amore suggested to Don Callis that Sami Callihan be added to Saturday's title match with Impact World Champion Kenny Omega and Moose.

Callis said Tony Khan would never agree to that, but D'Amore said he had already called him, leading to tonight's Impact/AEW summit to discuss things.

Another title match on Saturday could change depending on the outcome of tonight's Havok vs. Rosemary match. If Havok wins, the three-way title match between Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Rosemary will become a three-way instead.

Ahead of his match against Rich Swann Saturday, W. Morrissey takes on Swann's friend Willie Mack in a no DQ match. Mack came out to defend Swann last week as Morrissey jumped him before a match that never got started.

The show will also feature Joe Doering vs. Eddie Edwards; Tasha Steelz vs. Kimber Lee; and Rohi Raju and Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel and Petey Williams while the BTI pre-show will see Deaner vs. Crazzy Steve in a preview of Saturday's Tag Team title match.

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Crazy Steve (w/Decay) defeated Deaner (w/Violent By Design) on BTI

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- Opening video was a recap of the TJP vs Alexander 60 minute ironman match. Also, last week’s main event where Sami Callihan earned his way into the Against All Odds main event, if Tony Khan, Don Callis, and Scott D’Amore can come to an agreement. 

- Show opened with D’Amore inviting AEW’s Tony Khan to the ring. They were barely starting to talk about the Against All Odds match when Don Callis inserted himself into the talk. 

Callis tried to make the argument that Kenny Omega and Moose are amazing athletes, champions and contenders respectively, but Sami Callihan was another thing, he was banned in many companies and a wild card.

D’Amore argued that Callihan is only in the talks because the Good Brothers happen to be involved every time Callihan is chasing the title. 

D’Amore and Khan accepted Moose vs Omega in a singles match, but it will happen at AEW’s Daily’s Place. However, the compromise is that the winner takes on Sami Callihan at Slammiversary. We seem to have ourselves a Slammiversary main event.

If Khan wants to be an on-screen persona, he’s gonna have to learn to play along with people like D’Amore and Callis.

- D’lo Brown & Josh Matthews ran down tonight’s card.

- Backstage, Callis, Omega, and the Good Brothers complained about having to deal with Callihan. Callis told Anderson and Gallows to do what they do best and deal with Callihan. D’Amore heard them and confronted Callis, so he jumped ahead and booked the Good Brothers vs CAllihan and a mystery partner in a street fight, making sure that the Good Brothers nor Callihan are near the Omega vs Moose match in Jacksonville.

- We got another installment of Brian Myers teaching Sam Beale to be a professional wrestler. They worked on Beale’s promo skills. It was all comedy.

- Callihan complained to D’Amore that he was put on a match with the Good Brothers knowing that no one teams with him, but he’ll be happy to go against them 2-on-1. Tommy Dreamer walked up and told him that they have enemies in common, so he wants to tag with Callihan to take on Anderson and Gallows. Tommy Dreamer, the wild card for every match.

Dreamer and D’Amore had some disagreement after the latter told Dreamer to not mess with an EVP, while Dreamer insisted that Don Callis is the enemy here.

Rosemary defeated Havok

Stipulation of the match was that if Havok could defeat Rosemary, she’d be added to the Against All Odds Deonna Purrazzo vs Rosemary title match for the Knockouts Championship.

Rosemary started strong, hitting two spears on Havok, but she was only able to get a near fall before Havok got her footing right and got control of the match. Havok dominated Rosemary completely, going after her head and back, but she couldn’t get the 3 count. 

Rosemary managed to get some space from Havok and land another pair of spears for the win. 

Havok is out of the title match, and Rosemary gains a strong win heading into the title match.

After the match, Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan all jumped Havok and Rosemary. Purrazzo locked Venus de Milo on Rosemary, while Lee and Susan kept Havok at bay. Susan got a microphone and called out Tasha Steelz for her match with Kimber Lee.

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) defeated Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo & Susan) 

Fire ‘n Flava will defend the Knockouts tag titles against Kimber Lee and Susan at Against All Odds after D’Amore granted Steelz and Hogan a match against a team that they had never faced before. This may be the first time that Hogan and Steelz have to work the babyface side.

Match saw Kimber Lee dominate from the start, it was mostly strikes and tossing Steelz around from corner to corner, getting a couple of 2-counts in the process. At one point Lee landed a 3 amigos with a delayed vertical in the end for a near fall.

Match eventually turned around when Lee went for her swanton bomb, but Steelz got the knees up. Lee blocked a crucifix pin and a cutter, but Steelz got Lee with a falcon arrow for the win.

Lee mostly worked the back, so it could become a factor in their Against All Odds match. 

After the match, the women started to brawl until Rosemary and Havok returned for revenge, clearing the ring. Havok chokeslammed Lee, while Rosemary hit as above so below on Purrazzo. Finally, they hit a double chokeslam on Hogan. I can see this building to a Rosemary and Havok tag title win at Slammiversary.

- We got a promo from Steve McClin talking about being what I imagine was war. He called himself Mr. Mayhem, so that may be his nickname going forward.

- Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander, who was sporting a black eye from the 60 minute ironman match. He said that he felt fantastic and happy for taking part in that match. He said he wanted competition and was ready to take on whoever wins the #1 contendership 5-way match at Against All Odds. 

Ace Austin walked up to him and told Alexander that he didn’t need to watch the 5-way match because it was obvious that Austin was winning.

Trey Miguel & Petey Williams defeated Rojit Raju & Chris Bey

These four men, plus Ace Austin, will face off at Against All Odds in a 5-way #1 contendership match for Josh Alexander’s X Division championship. All men have been going back and forward for months for the title, Raju and Bey being the only ones in the last calendar year to actually hold the title.

Match started with an ok pair up between Williams and Raju, but followed by a great counter and reversal sequence from Bey and Miguel. 

Raju and Bey cut off Williams and worked on him for some time, a lot of quick tags between Raju and Bey, but it was until they tried to do double team moves that they didn’t have the experience together and Williams was able to escape them and tag in Miguel. 

Miguel and Williams ran wild, with the latter taking out Bey. Back in the ring, Miguel locked in a figure 4 and armbar combo for the submission win.

After the match, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton ran down and attacked everyone. Josh Alexander came down and almost got taken out by Fulton and Austin, but the rest of the wrestlers recovered and ganged up on Fulton while Alexander choked out Austin outside the ring. Williams hit a top rope destroyer on Fulton, with help of Bey, Miguel, and Raju. It looked impressive.

- Miller interviewed Willie Mack and Rich Swann about Mack’s match with W. Morrissey. He said that this was a no DQs match, so he was going to have a chance to hurt Morrissey. Swann said he’d be there with him, but Mack told him that he gets his chance on Saturday, but tonight is Mack’s night.

- We got a new episode of Tenille Dashwood’s show All About Me. The special guest interviewer was Rachael Ellering. Jordynne Grace also dropped by and made things awkward for a while. Dashwood gave herself a gift. Ellering tried to make it clear that Grace was her tag team partner and Dashwood’s issues were disrespectful. Ellering challenged Dashwood to a match if she had issues, but Grace jumped in and said that if there was anyone that should be getting in the ring with her, it should be Grace. Dashwood is amazing at what she does.

- We got a promo from Violent By Design. EY said that Against All Odds, Deaner and Rhino will and must retain the tag team titles. Also mentioned that tonight, Joe Doering will stop the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling -- Eddie Edwards, and on Saturday, he’ll destroy Kojima.

Eddie Edwards defeated Joe Doering (w/Violent By Design) by DQ

Last week, Violent By Design ganged up on Kojima until Edwards came down for the save, and thus we have this match. Edwards has feuded with VBD before, but never faced Doering himself.

Edwards started the match with some offense, but Doering quickly cut him off and controlled the match. Doering punished Edwards with strikes and slams, he clobbered him left and right, but out of desperation, Edwards countered a suplex into one of his own. As Edwards was about to go for a dive, Deaner jumped in and held Edwards’ leg for the DQ.

After the match, VBD attacked Edwards, but Kojima ran down for the save. Kojima and Doering started exchanging strikes, ending with Kojima clearing the ring with a lariat. Doering wanted more, but VBD held him back.

- We got a video package for Moose vs Omega, with Moose talking about how the Impact Championship is something that has dodged him his whole career. He talked about losing the title vs title match at Sacrifice, but considered that if it had been him at Rebellion, he’d be both the Impact and AEW champion by now. 

- Brown and Matthews ran down the Against All Odds card, including the newly added Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood and Good Brothers vs Callihan and Dreamer.

W. Morrissey defeated Willie Mack in a No DQ match.

Morrissey defeated Mack on his first night, later again at Under Siege. As Morrissey prepares to face Rich Swann at Against All Odds, he gets to warm up against Mack again, in a NO DQs match.

Match started in the ring with Morrissey in control, Mack tried to break off the momentum, but Morrissey kept recovering from every attack from Mack. 

The match eventually spilled down to the floor, where Mack finally managed to catch Morrissey’s knee and get an opening to attack Morrissey with a chain and a chair. 

Back in the ring, Mack seemed to be starting some momentum, but once again, Morrissey cut him off with a big boot. It was Morrissey now that had the chain and chair, which he used to punish Mack. Morrissey set up Mack draped on the top rope and gave him a couple of chair shots. 

Mack had one last hope spot with his slam and moonsault combo, but Morrissey kicked out. Mack followed up with more chair shots and the frog splash attempt, only for Morrissey to move out of the way. Mack tried to attack Morrissey with the chair, but instead got a big boot for his efforts and Morrissey got the pin. 

After the match, Morrissey went to finish Mack, but Swann ran down for the save. Security for the pull-apart, but Morrissey easily broke out and took down Swann, who managed to recover and hit Morrissey with a chair before the show went off the air.