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Impact Wrestling live results: Bound for Glory go-home show


Mickie James vs. Savannah Evans headlines the Bound for Glory go-home episode of Impact Wrestling that will also see the challengers for Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers decided.

Evans will face James after Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo chose her as James' opponent as part of a "Pick Your Poison" stipulation. James will challenge Purrazzo this Saturday for the title.

The war between Bullet Club and FinJuice is still raging and will continue Thursday when Chris Bey and Hikuleo face the tag duo of Juice Robinson and David Finlay. The winning team will earn the title shot against Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson Saturday.

Ahead of his X-Division title match at Bound For Glory, Trey Miguel will face Alex Zayne in a singles match born out of their three-way qualifying match several weeks ago.

The BTI pre-show match will feature two of the largest competitors in the company as W. Morrissey takes on Jake Something.


W. Morrissey defeated Jake Something on the BTI pre-show


The opening video was a recap of the build up to the X-Division triple threat match, the Call Your Shot gauntlet, and the Christian Cage-Josh Alexander Impact World title match, all taking place at Saturday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. 

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) ended with a double pin in a no. 1 contenders match

These two teams were competing for a shot at the Good Brothers for the Tag Team titles Saturday.

FinJuice started strong against Bey, but as soon as Hikuleo came in, Finlay was cut off. The heat segment didn’t last long as both Robinson and Hikuleo got involved and ended up accidentally taking out the referee.

The match continued with a second referee, but it was now Hikuleo and Robinson who tagged under the new referee’s supervision. The match came down to all men in the ring, but as both referees got in the ring, they had different people in mind as the legal men. When both teams got the pin, each referee counted three. 

All the wrestlers and referees discussed what happened on their way to the back, trying to figure out who the winner was. Scott D’Amore said he’d review the action and have a decision done for tonight.

-- We got a video package about Josh Alexander, his childhood, his start in wrestling as Jay Fenix, his neck injury, about winning the X-Division title and his upcoming challenge to the World title. This was a fantastically done package.

John Skyler & Tenille Dashwood defeated Crazzy Steve & Chelsea Green and Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh in a three-way tag team match

These six will be competing at Countdown to Glory to crown the inaugural Digital Media Champion. Each of them qualified by winning singles matches broadcast on Impact’s digital media channels. 

It started with some comedy with Bahh and Steve with the latter biting his opponents, but the match eventually came down to Grace in the ring, who took down Dashwood, and later paired up with Skyler, who she took down with an elbow and Vader bomb for the early pin attempt.

Bahh tagged in and splashed everyone in the corner. He tried to hit a banzai drop on Dashwood, but Skyler was there to save her. Steve jumped in and knocked out Skyler and hit Deep Impact on Bahh, but Dashwood jumped in, took out Steve and hit the Spotlight kick on Bahh for the pin.

Rhino and Heath

Rhino came out to the ring to address the upcoming challenge by Heath to Violent By Design and whether Heath will be able to convince Rhino to join him against them at Bound For Glory. Before he could talk, Heath came out.

Heath about their past and that he knew that this wasn’t the real Rhino. He knew it was all Eric Young’s doing, but he and Rhino needed to communicate and work things out. Heath told Rhino he loved him which prompted the fans to chant "Uncle Rhino" which finally got a smile out of Rhino. 

Violent By Design came out to confront Rhino and Heath. Young told Rhino that VBD is forever and one does not simply walk away. Heath and EY went back and forth trying to get to Rhino and have him decide who he would side with. Eventually, Deaner and Doering had enough and started beating up Heath as Rhino watched, but it wasn’t long before Rhino pulled Deaner off Heath. 

Rhino set up the Gore on Heath, but instead, he rolled out of the ring and left through the crowd. Heath tried to attack Deaner, but Doering took him down easily. EY broke the VBD flag pole on Heath, but Rhino never came back.

-- We got another vignette for Minoru Suzuki’s debut. It wasn't announced, but he will debut at this weekend's TV tapings.

Mickie James defeated Savannah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz) in a Pick Your Poison challenge

Evans was Deonna Purrazzo’s choice for James’ pick your poison challenge as the build to Bound For Glory continues. James chose Masha Slamovich for Purrazzo’s challenge. This is also the first time that James had wrestled in an Impact ring in about six years.

The story of the match was that Evans is one of the most powerful women in the promotion, so she easily overpowered James. While Evans would easily bring down James every time she got her hands on James, she lacked the experience and resilience that James had and that she used to keep coming back. 

When James had managed to gain some early momentum, Steelz tripped her to make sure that Evans could cut her off again. It would come down to a bearhug from Evans that allowed James to get close enough to strike and bite Evans and hurt her enough to get a small breather. 

James went after Evans’ leg and followed with a top rope takedown for a near fall, but suddenly Deonna Purrazzo came out to the ramp. The distraction was enough for Evans to recover, take down James, and deliver her full Nelson slam for a near fall.

James tricked Evans into the ring post, followed by a couple of roundhouse kicks and the Mickie-DT for the win. First loss for Evans, but she did a lot of damage to Mickie James of all people.

After the match, Purrazzo got face to face with James and pushed her to attack her, but it was all a distraction for Matthew Rehwoldt to sneak up behind James and attack her. Purrazzo and Rehwoldt posed over James’ fallen body.

Gia MIller tried to interview Purrazzo about breaking the no contact clause. Purrazzo said it wasn’t her who attacked James, it was Rehwoldt. D’Amore confronted them and said that technically, there had been contact and she should lose the title now, but instead, he will wait for James to take the title at BFG and that Rehwoldt will be banned from ringside.

-- We got a skit of Brian Myers and his Learning Tree, where Myers berated the failure of his students. Myers fired Lemons and told him to expect a garbage bag with his stuff in the mail. Myers also fired Sam Beale from the team. VSK and Zicky Dice left with Myers. Beale looked really heartbroken.

-- Scott D’Amore proceeded over the Knockouts Tag Team match contract signing. R.D. Evans was there representing The Inspiration, while Decay magically appeared in the office. Rosemary was wearing the greatest white suit that would suit her. Decay made an issue that the contract wasn’t being signed in blood.

Trey Miguel defeated Alex Zayne

Zayne made his debut a couple of weeks ago in a triple threat contenders match for the vacant X Division title, a match that Trey Miguel won. Last week, these two got into a verbal dispute about who was really the better of the two, ending with a challenge made for this match.

This was a great match. It started with both men measuring each other, with some chain wrestling and a couple of counters and reversals, with both men showing off. 

As the pace picked up, Miguel started to gain some momentum, but Zayne kept coming back. Miguel started to look for a head submission, but had a lot of trouble keeping Zayne down, who punched his way back to his feet, only to follow a front-flip rana for a near fall. Miguel would come back with a running knee for a two count himself.

Zayne went for a superplex, Miguel tried to counter with a powerbomb, but after being blocked, he turned it into cheeky nandos, the Trey19, and the Meteora for the win.

After the match, Steve Maclin jumped Miguel and attacked him, hit Mayhem for all, and left him laying. ELP and the Bullet Club all attacked Maclin. ELP took out both Maclin with the loaded superkick and Miguel with the low punch. 

-- D’lo Brown and Josh Matthews ran down the final card of Bound For Glory and the rest of Wrestle Week. Confirmed for BFG, both the Bullet Club and FinJuice will challenge for the tag titles in a three-way.

Christian Cage and Josh Alexander promo

Alexander came down to the ring. He talked about being two days away from challenging for the title, and while everyone thought this was too much of a risk, it wasn't a risk for him after having come back to wrestling from injury and after clawing his way to this one shot. The one risk he will not take is letting his children down.

Christian Cage came out and joined him in the ring. Cage told Alexander that he knew what he was feeling, because he’s been on the biggest stages, wrestled for the top titles, and had the biggest matches in the industry. He said the difference between them is that he thrives under pressure, but Alexander had failed to show that he had ‘it’ in him. 

Alexander said that he has heard it all from the critics, calling him a tag team guy, and just like Cage had a chip on his shoulder, he now had to show he wasn’t just a tag team guy. Alexander said that Cage will never be the face of Impact while he keeps cashing checks from the other company, so he will take the title and become the face of Impact, and make sure that anyone who steps through Impact’s door knows that  they have to deal with him. 

They continued back and forth until they came to blows, for the big pull-apart after security and the locker room ran down to separate them. Show ended with both men taunting each other in opposing corners. 

This one angle really helped to heat up this match, which had been about friendly competition until now.