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Impact Wrestling live results: Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns II

Josh Alexander will take on Madman Fulton on Thursday's show as well.

Bullet Club's Chris Bey and Jay White will rematch the Motor City Machine Guns on Thursday's Impact Wrestling.

Last week, White claimed that he actually broke up the pin in their first match and his team shouldn't have lost. He challenged Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin's honor in demanding they do the rematch.

Josh Alexander will look to keep momentum going ahead of his challenge of Impact World Champion Moose at April's Rebellion when he takes on Madman Fulton.

Reigning Ring of Honor Champion Jonathan Gresham will take on Honor No More's Kenny King in a non-title match after Gresham returned last week.

A new number one contender for the Knockouts title will be determined as ten women (Jordynne Grace, Havok, Alisha, Gisele Shaw, The IInspiration, Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Influence, Rosemary and Savannah Evans) will compete in a battle royal.

Johnny Swinger will also debut his Chump-Chump Challenge alongside Zicky Dice while the BTI pre-show will see Deaner battle Black Taurus.

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Black Taurus (with Decay) defeated Deaner (with Violent By Design) on BTI

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Opening video was a recap of last week's brawl with Moose and Josh Alexander, which led to Moose attacking Alexander’s wife Jade at an indie show during the weekend.

Alexander opened the show being told by D’Amore that Moose was sent home, with threats of firing Moose. Alexander had enough of D’Amore’s excuses and wanted to fight Moose as much as he wanted the title.

- Prior to his match, Gresham took a microphone to talk about why he had come to Impact Wrestling. He talked about sharing the essence of Ring of Honor to the world, but unfortunately, the people of Honor No More had followed him. He talked about Edwards not being part of the core of what ROH represented. Kenny King of Honor No More interrupted Gresham to tell him that he was an idiot to allow ROH to use him like they were all used before becoming Honor No More.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Kenny King in a non-title match

Last week, Gresham returned and went after Eddie Edwards of Honor No More, after it was revealed that Edwards had been the person that took out Gresham during the build to Sacrifice.

Early in the match, Gresham tried to pull King into his style of match, and while King kept trying to do the same and pull Gresham into a brawl, Gresham kept his cool and kept tying up King until the latter raked Gresham’s eyes and finally dropped him with a tornillo to the floor.

King worked over Gresham with strikes and slams outside the ring for a minute before getting back to the ring.

Gresham made a comeback by dodging and chopping King, hitting a dragon screw to take out King’s legs, but before he could follow up, King also dodged Gresham’s top rope attack. Gresham also hurt his leg during that failed attempt.

Both Gresham and King worked on each other’s legs, trading near falls on the go. They traded roll ups, while Gresham tried to lock up King’s leg, only to get reversed by King either striking or slamming Gresham.

King hit a Tiger Driver for a near fall, but wasn’t able to follow up after his leg gave up and Gresham locked in a Figure Four, which he leaned over and pinned King for the win.

After the match, Eddie Edwards ran down and jumped Gresham from behind. King and Edwards teamed up on each other. Edwards was about to hit the BKP, but Rocky Romero ran down for the save and between the two, managed to send HNM packing.

- Gia Miller interviewed The Motor City Machine Guns about their previous win over White and Bey. Shelley addressed the controversy from the last match, but it was clear they had the pin for 3 seconds.

- Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about defending her championships against both Shaw and Frost in the same match. Purrazzo said that she was there to push the limits and was ready to take on anyone tomorrow at the Multiverse of Matches.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Recently, Dice has joined Swinger’s Dungeon, which Swinger believes is a wrestling school. This is a match that Swinger wanted to test out Dice’s improvements in the last couple of weeks. They made an open challenge to two chumps in the back that were willing to take them on. Those to answer were the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, who are surely angry that they were not able to recapture the Impact tag titles last week against Violent By Design.

Match was a squash. Gallows worked over Dice to start the match, ran him over with a fallaway slam and a big boot. Tagged in Anderson for a magic killer and the one, two, three.

Backstage, Miller asked the Brothers why they answered the challenge. They said that they wanted to show that they were there to beat up people and that towards Rebellion, they will beat the whole tag division and win the Impact tag titles. But also, they are going for the ROH tag titles tomorrow against the Briscoes at the Multiverse of Matches.

Afterwards, we saw PCO calling out JONAH in the parking lot, who eventually attacked PCO from behind. They brawled and JONAH slammed PCO on some metal. JONAH attacked PCO with a sledgehammer, breaking a plate of concrete on PCO, who just kept coming back for more. PCO slammed JONAH with a truck door, and once down, PCO started burying JONAH under asphalt. 

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin)

This match was booked last week after Fulton and Alexander had a little altercation after Fulton stopped Alexander from throwing Moose off the balcony. Commentary sold it as Fulton having to take on a furious Alexander tonight.

This was mostly back and forth with Alexander going for constant slams and Fulton coming back with strikes. Soon after the start, Alexander dropped Fulton with a powerbomb and locked in the ankle lock for the submission. Short, but effective.
After the match, Alexander wouldn’t let go of the ankle lock. Austin tried to save his friend, but as soon as Alexander put his eyes on Austin, he backed down. Alexander went back to Fulton with the ankle lock and snapped the ankle.

- Backstage, Trey Miguel approached Mike Bailey, who wanted to know what was his relation with Ace Austin. Miguel tried to show Bailey that Austin was not someone to trust. Bailey said he was ready for anything.

- We saw an interview from last week with Mickie James addressing being betrayed by Chelsea Green. She called her and Cardona a sell out. She acknowledged that Cardona and Aldis have had their problems, but she hoped that her relationship with Green could be different. She told Cardona that Aldis is coming for him at the Multiverse of Matches.

- Miller tried to interview the Cardonas. Cardona was mad that he wasn’t being asked about his legendary title reign as the Digital Media champion. Green said that last week, James kept asking her to not help out, so she did as such. Together, they made fun of James and Aldis and said they’re the strongest power couple.

Rosemary won the Knockouts World Championship number one contendership battle royale

This is a Knockouts world title number one contendership battle royale, with the winner challenging at Rebellion. Tasha Steelz recently retained her championship against Mickie James, and thus doesn’t have a challenger.

Decay started the match dominating a bit, eliminating Alisha Edwards first. Havok was the second eliminated after the whole field teamed up against her.

Dashwood and McKay paired up and both battled to the apron, where McKay eliminated Dashwood, but as Rayne went to eliminate McKay, she landed on Kaleb, who saved her as Rayne got eliminated. McKay was later eliminated by Evans, but the damage done to the Kaleb and Influence relationship was already done.

Evans and Grace paired up for a hoss strike exchange, but in the end, it was Evans who got the better of Grace. Shaw, Frost, and Rosemary all teamed to eliminate Evans.

Final three were Shaw, Frost, and Rosemary. Frost was almost eliminated by Shaw when Frost went for a top rope moonsault. Likewise, Rosemary went for the upside down, but managed to save herself from elimination.

At the end, all women fought on the apron, but Rosemary managed to eliminate them both as she held on by the ropes.

It’ll be Rosemary versus Tasha Steelz at Rebellion for the Knockouts championship.

- We got a promo by Violent By Design, addressing their win over the Good Brothers last week. EY talked about having to take out the whole roster come Rebellion. Young also addressed Deaner’s loss to Black Taurus on BTI, but that they will soon recover that little bit of control that Deaner lost for them.

Brian Myers joined in with his commentary table for the upcoming match.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Aiden Prince

Prince is making his return to Impact after many months. Gujjar however, is on a winning streak since his debut.

Match wasn’t a squash, but it was a dominant performance by Gujjar, who had the size and power advantage. After some offense, Prince tried to walk out of the match, but Gujjar brought him back the hard way, chopping him around ringside.

Back in the ring, Gujjar dropped Prince with a powerslam for a near fall. Prince caught Gujjar with a pick and a series of strikes and stomps, but Gujjar came back with a Slingblade and another powerslam for another two count.

Prince hit a brainbuster, but failed to land the 450, only to take Gujjar’s corner spear for the pin.

After the match, Myers walked to the back, where he was surprised by W. Morrissey from behind, who has been stalking Myers for weeks. Morrissey and Myers brawled for a bit, but when Morrissey finally tried to powerbomb Myers on the table, Myers got away and thus, Morrissey powerbombed Prince through the table. One they’ll pay this off and Myers will go through that table.

Masha Slamovich defeated Abby Jane

Just another squash for Slamovich. She pinned Jane after a dragon suplex, a kick to the head, and the snowplow driver.

- Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down tomorrow’s Multiverse of Matches card. For next week, we’re getting a new episode of IPWF, the retro Impact universe. 

Bullet Club (Jay White & Chris Bey) defeated Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

This is a rematch from a couple of weeks ago, when the MCMG defeated White and Bey, after they pinned Bey and White wasn’t able to break the pin on time. White complained that he had indeed broken up the pin and thus was screwed out of the win.

Sabin and White started the match, with the latter being heated, but failing to take control against Sabin’s speed. White had to rely on raking Sabin’s eyes in order to get some offense, but the MCMG were a step ahead and double teamed him and Bey.

Shelley and Sabin kept double teaming White when the latter finally managed to get Shelley off the apron and allow Bey to come in with the assist to cut off Sabin.

Bullet Club took control of the match by isolating Sabin; they had a similar game plan as the Guns, with constant tags, but also taking advantage of the referee's distractions to get cheap shots in.

Sabin eventually found the space to dodge both Bey and White’s offense, tagging in Shelley, who quickly dropped Bey and locked in a Motor City Stretch. Machine Guns double teamed Bey again, but White was there to take out Sabin and allow Bey to cut off Shelley, going back to the same plan of keeping Shelley away from Sabin.

Bullet Club’s plan failed when Shelley tricked Bey into diving into White, followed by a senton by Sabin. In the ring, Sabin hit a missile dropkick on Bey and hit the hesitation dropkick on him. MCMG hit Thunder Express for a near fall on Bey.

White stopped the ACSC Rush, set up both Machine Guns for a dive by Bey, and in the ring, got a near fall with a big Bey plancha, but Shelley broke it off. White complained that it was three, but it only helped to distract the referee from Sabin pinning Bey.

Sabin hit a cutter on Bey, and along with Shelley, hit Skulls and Bones, but Bey kicked out at the last second. Shelley and White had a counter exchange, as they both went for Bladerunner, but Sabin joined in and took out White along with Shelley. They hit tandem kicks on Bey, went for Made in Detroit, but Bey blocked it.

Sabin dodged the Art of Finesse, but after a half-and-half by White, Bey hit it again and pinned Sabin for the win. Great main event.