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Impact Wrestling live results: Bullet Club vs. Violent By Design trios match

Jay White will lead the Bullet Club on Thursday's No Surrender go-home show.

Thursday marks the final stop for Impact Wrestling before Saturday's live No Surrender as Bullet Club takes on Violent By Design in a trios match.

Jay White and Guerrillas of Destiny will face Eric Young, Deaner and Doering ahead of White's singles match with Young and G.O.D.'s challenge of Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers on Saturday.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James will team with Chelsea Green against Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans ahead of Steelz challenging for the title Saturday.

Chris Sabin of Team Impact will take on Kenny King of Honor No More ahead of the five-on-five match between their two factions Saturday.

In a triple threat match with future X-Division title implications on the line, Laredo Kid will take on Blake Christian and former X-Division champion Ace Austin.

New Knockouts division member Gisele Shaw will make her promotional debut against Lady Frost while the BTI pre-show will see Big Kon (formerly Konnor of The Ascension) return to battle former World Champion Eddie Edwards.

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Eddie Edwards defeated Big Kon on BTI

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Opening video recapped Josh Alexander’s suspension after he complained to D’Amore he wanted his title rematch. Also, last week’s no DQ main event where Morrissey beat Brian Myers, only to get jumped by Moose from behind.

- Moose opened the show for the official contract signing for the No Surrender Impact World Championship match. Moose said that he wasn’t expecting Morrissey to make it to No Surrender after what he did last week. D’Amore said that while Morrissey wasn’t there today, he still had two days to recover and sign the contract.

Moose signed the contract and threatened D’Amore that after No Surrender, he was going to lose another top wrestler, in reference to losing Josh Alexander.

As Moose walked to the back, Morrissey came out, took out Moose by chokeslamming him off the stage. Morrissey signed the contract and the match is official.

- Gia Miller interviewed the Bullet Club about their six man tag match tonight. Chris Bey first addressed their matches at No Surrender, where he will become the X Division number one contender, G.O.D. go after the tag titles, and White takes on Eric Young.

White cut a promo that they were willing to accept EY as their young boy if he really wanted to be in the Bullet Club. Also said that tonight, they give Violent By Design a taste of what Bullet Club is all about.

Masha Slamovich defeated Kiah Dream

This was another of Slamovich’s squashes. She allowed Dream to get some strikes in first, hit the hammer, but broke her own pin to hit the Russian Death Device and the pin.

We’re getting to the point we need to see her get some bigger competition.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeated Blake Christian and Laredo Kid

This is a qualifier match to join Jake Something, Mike Bailey, and Chris Bey at No Surrender’s X Division number one contendership match, where the winner gets a shot against Trey Miguel at a future date.

Match started with Austin getting taken out and letting Kid and Blake have a great little opening exchange with reversals. Austin eventually returned to pair up with Kid, sending him to the floor, and later with Blake, who managed to hit a foot stomp on Austin, but failed to dive on him when Fulton blocked and protected Austin with his back. Kid came back with a dive and took down Fulton, allowing Blake to hit a shotgun dropkick on Austin on the apron.

During the commercial break, Blake and Kid paired up, until Austin dragged Blake to the floor and managed to control the ring, keeping Kid down and Blake outside. Austin got a couple of near falls, but Kid eventually recovered, dropping Austin with a scoop slam and a bottom rope twisting moonsault.

Blake came back with a handspring kick on Kid, a German on Austin, and a split-legged moonsault on Kid for the near fall. Blake followed with a diving moonsault into a double reverse DDT on the floor. Blake tried to follow with a top rope move on Austin, but Fulton pulled Austin out of the ring, only to get taken out with a suicide dive on both Austin and Fulton.

Blake turned his attention on Kid, but took a Poisonrana instead. Kid followed with a frog splash for a two count.

Austin kicked Kid, but Blake got him with a running Spanish Fly for a near fall. Blake and Austin exchanged strikes on the top rope, with Blake getting the upper hand and hitting a 450 foot stomp on Kid, but Austin jumped in with the Fold out of nowhere and pinned Blake to advance to No Surrender. Really good match, lots of action.

- We got a promo from Decay. Rosemary said they were tired that JONAH called himself a monster when they were just there. Crazzy Steve said his match was just research, for when Black Taurus gets his hands on him at No Surrender.

- Backstage, Kaleb was approached by the IInspiration and thanked him about the photos he took of them last week, praised him for the quality of those photos, and got in his head, saying that he was being wasted by The Influence.

Gisele Shaw defeated Lady Frost

Shaw made her debut last week after Frost’s BTI match. As retaliation for the interruption, Frost took the opportunity to be Shaw’s first match.

Match started with some back and forth action where Frost got to out wrestle Shaw thanks to her athleticism, even getting an early near fall on her, but it wasn’t long before Shaw caught Frost with a spinning kick to the back of the neck, followed by a reverse draping DDT for a near fall herself.

Shaw managed to dodge most of Frost’s strikes and land a big forearm on her, followed with a running knee, but only for a two count.

Frost came back and hit the Temperature Drop moonsault, but Shaw kicked out. Frost chased a second one, but Shaw cut her off, dropped her with a top rope Spanish Fly, but now it was Frost that kicked out.

Shaw hit the corkscrew Vader bomb for the win. Great debut, it took them a minute to get the gear going, but at the end, Shaw looked great.

- Miller interviewed Honor No More about their match at No Surrender. She brought up that people are accusing them for taking out Gresham last week. Taven denied any allegation and turned to Kenny King, who addressed Chris Sabin, his challenge for tonight.

- Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo if she was going to continue offering open challenges going forward. Purrazzo said that yes and the next will be at No Surrender, because while Mickie James is the champ, she is the double champ.

Chris Sabin (with Team Impact) defeated Kenny King (with Honor No More)

This is the final of the build up matches between Team Impact and Honor No More, two teams scheduled to face off at No Surrender, where HNM is fighting for a chance to stay on Impact, while Team Impact looks to rid the promotion of the ROH rogue team.

Match started with both men teasing each other, as King got a small upper hand and went and celebrated with his team, so Sabin returned the treatment. Sabin would keep that upper hand until he distracted himself with Taven outside the ring, and King was quick to cut him off.

King worked over Sabin’s head, using his speed advantage to keep Sabin down as much as possible every time Sabin found an opening for a comeback.

Sabin and King did some mirror spots where both men ended up hitting clotheslines on each other, finally allowing Sabin to get the upper hand on King. Sabin landed a big tornado DDT for a two count.

Sabin chased Cradle Shock, but King escaped and hit a spinebuster. He tried to follow with a Tornillo, but Sabin dodged and instead kicked King down, followed with a crossbody, only to get reversed into a nearfall.

King hit a Tiger Driver for a two count, went for the Royal Flush, but Sbain escaped into a roll up and got the win.

After the match, Maria cut a promo claiming that when things come down at No Surrender, they’re a more cohesive unit than Team Impact. She brought up that Maclin wasn’t even out there with them and it likely was him that took out Gresham last week. Maria is still fantastic on the mic.

- Backstage, Team Impact reunited and debated about Maclin until the latter walked up and said that it was all Maria’s mind games. Maclin made the case for himself or else Team Impact would have to go and find another partner. Everyone agreed at the end.

Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans defeated Mickie James & Chelsea Green

Tasha Steelz and Mickie James have been feuding heading into No Surrender, but with Evans always present to help Steelz, Chelsea Green joined James as backup. This match comes after last week, Steelz and Evans interfered in James and Greens’ match, costing James the match after they attacked Green.

Evans and Green started the match with a speed versus power exchange, where Green was able to use Evans' size against herself. James tagged in for the double team move and first pin attempt. Quickly after the pin attempt, Evans overpowered James and cut her off.

Steelz tagged in and went back and forth with James for a couple of minutes before Green tagged in again, also managed to keep Steelz down until Green distracted herself with Evans, and after dealing with both women, Evans finally cut her off by tossing her off the top rope.

Now in control, Steelz and Evans worked over Green with constant double teams. Green attempted some roll ups, but couldn’t keep Steelz down for the count. Steelz and Evans did a great job at keeping James out of the match.

James finally got the hot tag, took down Evans with dropkicks, took down Steelz with clotheslines, and a spin kick for a two count.

James hit MickieDT on Evans, but Steelz got her with a Crucifix pin and got the win. Steelz has pinned the champion.

- We got a final chapter of Myers’ Learning Tree. He berated both Dice and VSK for losing the match last week against Morrissey. Myers said the Learning Tree is done and walked out on them.

- Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the card for No Surrender, including Deonna Purrazzo’s open challenge, the X Division 4-way number one contendership match. Also, Matt Cardona vs Jordynne Grace for the DM title, Black Taurus vs JONAH, Eric Young vs Jay White, G.O.D. vs The Good Brothers for the tag titles, Mickie James vs Tasha Steelz for the Knockouts title, Team Impact vs Honor No More, and in the main event, Moose vs Morrissey for the Impact World title.

Bullet Club (Jay White, Tama Tonga, & Tanga Loa) defeated Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, & Deaner)

After VBD decided to help the Good Brothers against the Bullet Club, a rivalry between EY and White started, leading to this six way match, a preview of this Saturday’s singles match between both team’s leaders.

White and EY started the match, going back and forth with strikes and chops until White caught EY with a backdrop. G.O.D. tagged in and double teamed Deaner, but when Doering came in, he easily overpowered all three Bullet Club men. Eventually the speed and numbers allowed the Bullet Club to clear the ring.

Once the referee got things under control, Doering cut off Tama Tonga. VBD worked over him with constant tags, but eventually, Tonga managed to fall off Doering’s shoulders and into his corner to tag in Loa.

Doering and Loa had a short hoss exchange with shoulder tackles, where both men ended up taking each other out.

White and EY tagged in with the former getting the upper hand with chops. White set up the Bladerunner, but Doering made the save. Guerrillas jumped in to hit the Magic Killer on Doering and Deaner, but EY blocked the latter. White went for the Bladerunner on Deaner, but got cut off by EY with a right hand, and a top rope elbow for a near fall.

EY went for the piledriver, but White escaped. They teased their signature moves but when White got the upper hand, Deaner tagged in, only to take a 3D, two top rope planchas, and the pin at the hands of White.

After the match, the Good Brothers came out for the staredown with the Bullet Club.