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Impact Wrestling live results: Christopher Daniels returns


Christopher Daniels will have his first Impact match in over seven years when he takes on Madman Fulton on Thursday's Impact Wrestling.

One of the "TNA originals", Daniels made his return to the promotion last Thursday, saving World Champion Christian Cage and Josh Alexander from an Fulton and Ace Austin-led attack.

Following Alexander vacating the title, a tournament to crown a new X-Division champion begins tonight with Alez Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid. The tournament will feature three three-way matches, with the winners going on to another three-way match at October's Bound For Glory to crown the new champion.

A new pair of number one contenders for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship will emerge when The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) take on Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. The winner will get their shot at champions Havok and Rosemary at this month's Knockouts Knockdown.

Eddie Edwards can't seem to rid himself of W. Morrissey as the two find themselves in another match, this time in& a street fight.

The BTI pre-show will see Raj Singh take on Matt Cardona. Singh made his Impact return last Thursday, marking his first appearance in the company since November 2019. 

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Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green) defeated Raj Singh (with Rohit Raju) on BTI

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Opening video recapped Josh Alexander’s challenge to Christian Cage for a title match at Bound For Glory. In addition, last week’s Alexander vs Ace Austin main event, which led to the return of Christopher Daniels to Impact after 7 years. 

Trey Miguel defeated Alex Zayne & Laredo Kid in an X Division Championship match qualifier

After the X Division title was vacated by Josh Alexander, D’Amore booked a tournament to crown a new champion at Bound For Glory. Each week will feature a 3-way qualifier match to set up the participants of the BFG match. Alex Zayne is making his Impact debut in this match.

First couple of minutes saw all three men pair up in different combinations for a couple of fast paced sequences of counters and reversals, ending with Miguel dropping Kid with a rana from the apron to the floor, followed by a moonsault by Zayne. 

Back in the ring, they did a couple of 3-person spots, mostly showcasing Zayne’s ability, but constantly trading momentum between the three men. Kid at one point hit a springboard rana on Miguel and a springboard cutter later on for a near fall. Finish eventually saw Zayne take out Kid, but Miguel ran in, removed Zayne from the ring and hit the meteora to win and advance to Bound For Glory.

During the match, we saw footage of Matthew Rehwoldt watching the match. Commentary mentioned that he seemed to be interested in Laredo Kid. After the match, Matthew Rehwoldt cut a promo on Laredo Kid, saying he and Kid were similar, because both of them were misunderstood by the world, and so he wanted to challenge Kid to a match.

- We got footage of Callihan being checked in by doctors after Morrissey and Moose broke his ankle. This is the story to write off Callihan.

Eddie Edwards cut a promo about knowing that he and Callihan were getting into it when they went to war with Moose and Morrissey. He told the latter that Morrissey had always been taken care of, but on Impact, he faces reality. 

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) (with Kaleb)  defeated Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering in a  Knockouts Tag Team Championship #1 contenders match.

Grace and Ellering have their history with Dashwood, but have never faced the team of Dashwood and Rayne, which recently came together a couple of weeks ago. This match was booked by Gail Kim after The Influence made the intentions to go after the tag team titles at Knockouts Knockdown, the all women show coming up on October 8th.

Match started with Ellering and Dashwood, with the former dominating the ring and the lock exchange. The Influence were able to take control of the match when Kaleb tripped Ellering, causing her and Grace to change their focus and allowing Dashwood and Rayne to attack them from behind.

The Influence’s control didn’t last long, as Ellering was able to overpower Dashwood and it was now her that found herself cut off from her corner, as Grace and Ellering worked over Dashwood’s lower back. Rayne would eventually get a cheap shot on Grace to allow Dashwood to tag out. Dashwood and Rayne worked over Grace before she powered out of their control and tagged in Ellering for the hot tag.

Ellering came in with a TKO on Dashwood and a spinebuster on Rayne. They followed with some double team moves before setting up a Vader Bomb from Grace on Rayne, but Kaleb was there to place Rayne’s foot on the ropes for the near fall.

Finish saw Grace and Ellering once again get distracted by Kaleb, allowing The Influence to hit their new signature move for the win over Ellering. 

It will be The Influence vs Decay for the tag team titles.

- Gia Miller interviewed Christopher Daniels about returning to Impact. Daniels said that he didn’t need to knock on the forbidden door of the house he built. Josh Alexander and Christian Cage walked up and thanked Daniels for the help last week, but Cage and Alexander quickly got on each other’s nerves.

- We got a skit with Brian Myers training his Learning Tree, with VSK over showing everyone and making everyone jealous. 

- The Good Brothers cut a promo from their vacation house, talking about beating up people. They promoted Impact’s YouTube subscription service, talked trash about some of the tag teams on Impact, and realized that they need opponents for Bound For Glory, so they proposed FinJuice vs Bullet Club in a #1 contender match. 

 - We then got a video of Deonna Purrazzo arriving at Mickie James’ ranch. Purrazzo found James and attacked her in a barn. They brawled for some minutes and at one point, Purrazzo tried to use a rake to attack James, who ended up spraying water on Purrazzo, which worked for some reason, but soon after, Purrazzo recovered and finally took out James.

- FinJuice cut a promo about being attacked by the Bullet Club last week, and always being outnumbered. Chris Sabin joined them and agreed to take on the Bullet Club next week. Robinson’s hair is something special.

Christopher Daniels defeated Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin)

Daniels returned last week and confronted Austin and Fulton as they attacked Alexander and Cage. This is his first Impact match in about 7 years. 

Story of the match was that Fulton had the power advantage and dominated Daniels when he got a hold of him, so Daniels had to rely on his speed to run and dodge around, to get offense on Fulton. After running wild for a bit, Fulton was able to cut off Daniels with a big slam from the second rope, he mostly tried to choke and hurt Daniels’ head.

Daniels made a comeback, but was cut off by Austin’s interference, so Josh Alexander ran down for the save and brawled with Austin to the back. In the ring, Fulton kicked out of the Angel’s wings, but fell to the BME.  

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, Swinger prepared himself to meet with Scott D’Amore about cancelling the Vegas tapings. D’Amore obviously didn’t take him seriously and shut down Swinger’s Palace permanently. I think we’re done.

- Madman Fulton and Ace Austin went to D’Amore and demanded that he do something about all the men getting involved in his matches. D’Amore booked Austin and Fulton vs Alexander and Cage for next week.

- Violent By Design came down to the ring for Rhino’s answer after Eric Young gave him an ultimatum on whether he was with VBD, or against them. Rhino walked out to the ring and after the fans chanted for a Gore, Rhino was surrounded by Doering, Deaner, and EY. At that point, Heath made his long awaited return from injury and went straight to brawl with Deaner and Doering. Heath cleared the ring, but Rhino never joined in, he neither attacked VBD, nor he attacked Heath.

- We got a commercial for a new title Impact is introducing, the ‘Digital Media’ Champion. There will be a tournament to crown a champion at Bound For Glory. First matches Are Zicky Dice vs John Skyler and Hernandez vs Crazzy Steve.

Also next week, Black Taurus vs Maclin vs Petey Williams in another X Division qualifier match, FinJuice & Sabin vs Bullet Club, and Austin & Fulton vs Cage & Alexander.

Eddie Edwards defeated W. Morrissey in a Street Fight

These two have been feuding for months now, they've already clashed in weapon matches, but this is somewhat more personal after Morrissey powerbombed Alisha Edwards at Victory Road. Morrissey and Moose also took out Edwards’ ally in this war, Sami Callihan. 

Even with a weapon in hand, Edwards was early on taken down by Morrissey, who straight up broke a wet sign on Edwards’ head, but he was able to comeback with a tope suicida and a belt shot to bring Morrissey down. The brawl continued with Morrissey ramming Edwards around into the guardrail and steel steps, including a chokeslam onto those steps. 

Back in the ring, the table got filled with a table, chairs, garbage cans, and other weapons. Morrissey stayed in control, but Edwards slowly made a comeback attacking Morrissey with some of the weapons, ending with a weak blue thunder bomb on the garbage can.

Edwards brought out a barbed wire wrapped chair, but failed to use it on Morrissey, and instead took a couple of chair shots himself. Morrissey tried to slam Edwards onto a bed of chairs, but Alisha ran down for the save and attacked Morrissey with a kendo stick, allowing Edwards to slip out and powerbomb Morrissey on the chairs, but he only got a count of 1 before the kick out. 

Edwards attacked Morrissey with the kendo stick, followed by a Boston knee party to the barbed wire chair and Edwards finally got the pin. 

After the match, Moose attacked both Edwards and Alisha, spearing Edwards through the table in the ring. Alisha checked on Edwards, when Moose and Morrissey grabbed her and made her watch as Moose attacked Edwards’ neck with several chair shots. The chair wrapped around Edwards ended up all bent. Good little post match angle.