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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Against All Odds


Preview by Josh Nason

The future of Sami Callihan in Impact Wrestling and his World title shot at Slammiversary are expected to be decided on tonight's show.

At last Saturday's Against All Odds, the former World Champion was fired in storyline by Don Callis after he attacked Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks after Omega defended the title against Moose. Callihan was scheduled to challenge Omega at next month's pay-per-view before the storyline executive fired him. 

On tonight's show, fellow Impact VP Scott D'Amore will address the situation with Callis.

The lineup will also include Satoshi Kojima vs. Violent by Design's Deaner with a future Tag Team title shot for Kojima and Eddie Edwards on the line; the promotional debut of Steve Maclin, X-Division Champion Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton in a non-title match; Rachael Ellering vs. Tenille Dashwood; Black Taurus vs. TJP, and a confrontation between Moose and Chris Sabin.

The BTI pre-show match is Daivari vs. Jake Something.


A recap of the Kenny Omega-Don Callis saga aired to begin the show. The recap showed moments of the Against All Odds main event between Kenny and Moose. 

Moose was shown backstage banging Scott D’Amore’s door down. Moose demanded a rematch against Omega after the Young Bucks interfered in the Impact World Championship match at Against All Odds.  


TJP defeated Black Taurus via pinfall

TJP was his usual self in this match, keeping a fast and exciting pace with Taurus. Taurus was able to keep up most of the way through the first portion of the match before he began to work on the back of TJP. 

Taurus had some more offense before TJP turned the momentum back up and nailed his opponent with a tornado DDT. 

TJP wasted no time afterwards and hit his signature frog splash for the win.

Moose Hijacks Impact

Moose came out and attacked TJP after the bell. Moose then said he was hijacking Impact until he got Scott D’Amore in the ring with him.

Chris Sabin made his return after Moose’s attack from a few weeks ago. Sabin sent Moose reeling to the back with a top rope dropkick. He also offered to have a match with Moose, but he seemingly refused. 

After a commercial break, Sabin challenged Moose to a match at Slammiversary. 


Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) 

Fulton manhandled Alexander early on, tossing him around like it was no feat. Alexander would try to dodge and pick his spots but didn’t have any success doing so. Fulton would continue manhandling him into a commercial break. 

The broadcast returned to show Fulton hammering the X-Division Champion with hammer fists, continuing his dominance. Austin got involved a few times too when the referee’s back was turned. 

Alexander finally got some momentum on his side when he dropped Fulton on his head with a delayed vertical suplex. Alexander ended up planting Fulton with a hook piledriver for the win.

After the match, Austin jumped Alexander. Petey Williams sprinted out to the ring and was going to hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Rohit Raju came and stopped him. Trey Miguel made an appearance as well. 

Mahabali Shera made his return and cleared the ring of everyone but Raju and Austin. Shera stood tall with Raju, Austin and Fulton. 


Deonna Purrazzo chewed out Susan and Kimber Lee backstage. Susan yelled at Purrazzo and claimed she wouldn't be Knockouts Champion without them. Purrazzo walked off, signaling a break-up between the three.

W. Morrissey was interviewed backstage. Morrissey cut a promo basically saying he doesn’t need friends, and that everyone in Impact is under a “spell”. A spell that tricks them into thinking friends can get them to the top of the card. 


Steve Maclin defeated Jason Page

Maclin’s entrance is cool. He came to the ring wearing a trench coat and with a sweet theme song. This is his official Impact debut.

This match was exactly what you would expect it to be.  Maclin mowed over Page with a vicious shotgun elbow within the first few seconds. 

Page got a very small amount of offense in, but he never had a chance. Maclin had some really good offensive moments, and eventually won with a Falcon Arrow. 


Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering continued their heated drama backstage. Ellering tried to make amends with Grace, but she wasn't having any of it.

Don Callis was interviewed backstage. Callis compared his relationship with D’Amore to siblings, and siblings fight sometimes.  Callis claimed D’Amore is too nice and said he caters to the talent too much. He also claimed he wasn’t afraid of the Anthem rep coming to Impact tonight. 


Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb) defeated Rachael Ellering 

Grace was not out at ringside for Ellering’s match. 

This was a very standard match. Ellering worked on Dashwood’s arm for the first half of the match. Commentary wasn’t even interested, they were talking about the Sami Callihan situation.

Anytime Dashwood tried to get back in the match, Ellering would find a way to halt her momentum. The contest swung in Dashwood’s favor after Kaleb distracted Ellering. 

Both women spent some time out of the ring, which resulted in Ellering being thrown into the steel guardrails after another Kaleb distraction. 

After both competitors found their way back in the ring, the match picked up. Dashwood slapped Ellering which sent her into a rage and caused a distraction, allowing a Dashwood roll up pin for the victory. 


TJP and Fallah Bahh were seen knocking on Scott D’Amore’s door backstage. Decay approached them and Bahh challenged them to a tag team match. Decay seemingly accepted. 

Fire N’ Flava are shown backstage. They harassed a few janitors asking them who the best Impact Knockouts Tag Team in history is, before Rosemary and Jessica Havok attacked them and threw them in the dumpster. Tasha Steelz pulled a trash bag out of the Dumpster with the name “Mickie” taped on the side. 


Kojima (w/ Eddie Edwards) defeated Rhino (w/ Violent By Design)

If Kojima wins, he will earn himself and Eddie Edwards a Impact Tag Team Championship match. 

Kojima and Rhino meshed together well early on, trading forearms and irish whips. Kojima always lays his stuff in and he’s a joy to watch.

The match had a slow, manipulative pace. Rhino kept Kojima down and out of everything for the middle portion of the match, before Kojima hit a lariat followed by a cutter. Edwards rallied Kojima at ringside which gave him momentum to hit Rhino with the Cozy Lariat for the three count and the win.


Sami Callihan speaks 

Callihan was surrounded by five security guards when Scott D’Amore came to the ring. D’Amore told Callihan to calm down and that he would resolve the issues that are present.

The Arena went dark and Callihan disappeared. Don Callis came out and ran down Callihan some more, and told D’Amore to man up. D’Amore accused Callis of firing Callihan for Kenny Omega. 

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring and claimed he is the person Anthem Sports sent. Dreamer reinstated Sami Callihan first off, and then fired Don Callis from his VP role. Callis was enraged and called Dreamer a “Bruce Pritchard stooge” before walking off the set to end the show.